SEO: Optimizing Blog Posts For People

SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a word that has become almost an obsession to many. Bloggers form a special group of this obsessed kind. No matter what they write, or even if they deliver value or something new, most bloggers don’t fail to do one thing: SEO their blog posts.

I totally agree that SEO should not be under estimated. It should not be ignored. With so much competition and the ever changing algorithms with search engines, it is highly necessary that every blogger keeps himself/herself educated on the subject.

Bloggers need an extra dose of it, no matter what. Otherwise they will be totally lost in the vibrant community of competing entrepreneurs. For the same reason, bloggers are ready to spend a lot of money on SEO services (and without doubt, most of them are fake in the market).

Apart from this, bloggers put in a lot of time to learn how to optimize blog posts for search engines – there are quite some “rules” on the topic like

1. Use your main keyword in the title
2. Use it for at least x number of times in your content
3. Use it in your meta description
4. Use it in your post tag
5. Blah, blah, blah

Bloggers should educate themselves on the topic, explore their competition, see their potential keywords, research for profitable keywords, find out how to out perform their competition by building backlinks and all that stuff!

But there is a problem. Bloggers (some of them) take SEO too seriously and get obsessed by it. The result?

1. Checking out stats and rankings 24/7
2. Abusing guest posting for building backlinks
3. Abusing blog commenting for building backlinks by leaving spam comments all over the place
4. Keyword stuffing blog posts!

Now the 4th point is what I’m too concerned about (although I’m concerned about all these points pretty much). I keep on seeing lots of blog posts that are written merely for bots (the so called SEO).

Now why that? The answer is simple. Bloggers who are obsessed with SEO, take it to a level where they simply want bots to find their blogs as soon as possible for a keyword they are targeting, index their blog and hence they want to get a boost in their search engine rankings for that keyword.

Now the “idea” is great, but the way that the bloggers implement the idea is really terrible and pathetic. As a result, blogs now run for bots and not for people!

Bloggers who make it this way ultimately end up in writing something that looks as if it is written for bots (that’s for sure) and by bots! They usually try to strictly follow the SEO “rules” (the ones I mentioned above and much more) regarding optimizing their blog posts for search engines.

And there are quite some plugins out there to make your task easy this way. Scribe SEO, SEO Pressor, Easy WP SEO and many more. I too use a plugin (Easy WP SEO) and optimize my posts by following “rules”. Well… sort of.

OK so why am I talking about this topic at all, if that’s what I’m doing? There’s a right way and wrong way to do this. Let me tell you the right way (and my way too!) and you can go and figure out if you’re doing it right or wrong.

I use Easy WP SEO, an awesome plugin that not only helps you to optimize your blog posts but the entire page. Plus it assures that you write an optimized post that is “readable” by performing a readability test and giving you a score.

See below the SEO score of this very post, as I am writing :)

Easy WP SEO Readability

Typically the plugin implements all the “rules” of any SEO plugin plus a LOT more (kinda tough) to gear up your posts optimization level. Apart from this I can SEO my post for two keywords as you can see in the image – a primary and a secondary keyword.

Yet I am able to write posts that are people friendly and yet bot friendly.

I write first!

Well this is the key. I conceive the idea, do the research and then write the post. Just-write-it, I mean. I don’t edit, I don’t spell check, I don’t chat and I don’t tweet! I don’t SEO. I don’t do anything else (except going off to browsing if I needed some more supportive information/data).

It is very important to not to try and edit or interrupt the flow of writing by doing anything else. And if you are using a SEO plugin you are being in control of some piece of software which teaches you how to write your stuff. And with all the SEO “rules” you know what you’ll get as a result.

For this reason, I simply don’t write my blog posts at WordPress Editor. I have this SEOplugin installed and I will be tempted to follow its recommendations.

Hence, I write the post usually offline and when I think that its ready, I simply copy paste it (remove any formatting) and then start to SEO it.

Using software for SEO writing … A big Nah!

Of course it goes without saying that you should not use “software” to write blog posts! I hear you asking “Will someone do it?”. My answer is “Yes many are doing it!”.

Even if you’re spinning articles for mass article submissions I wouldn’t recommend using software. You may at least outsource this task so that “real people” spin it for you. Coz no matter how many promises these softwares make, they’re still software and all they can do is just replace words with synonyms and shuffle your content!

The end result is most likely for bots (even bots hate them) and not for people.

OK so I was telling you how I do it. You may do one important thing – indeed you could use it effectively. You can write blog posts based on well researched keywords.

Placing your blog post on keyword research

Well with every idea that I conceive, I do keyword research and find out one or more potential keywords. I then use Market Samurai to find out a handful of potential keywords (including long tail keywords).

Sometimes each of those keywords can form as a base for each blog post idea; each of those keywords could be developed into a blog post.

In other cases, you could find a handful of keywords (a combination of short and long ones) and spread them evenly throughout your blog post. You have to do it in such a way that it doesn’t hurt your readers.

SEO blog posts: Takeaway

This is my way of doing it! Conceive the idea – Do keyword research – Base your post either on one or more of the keywords you choose – Write your post based on one keyword – SEO it after you finish writing (after you have conveyed your point completely).

So what’s your way of SEO ing your blog posts?

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  1. AniketAniket says

    hi…nice share..i use SEO pressor for my wordpress sites ..though it is a costly plugin :(:( ….the on page optimization is really necessary for SEO….but two much keyword stuffing makes it spammy…initially i was two much concerned about keyword density etc but soon realized that a post must be like a post and not a bot attractor…


  2. UmairUmair says

    Well, Jane I assure you that the way SEO is evolving I think I must say that the way Google is evolving we will interpret SEO totally differently. The way search results are varying from country to country and even from computer to computer have left no GLOBAL SEO rather than now we can only target local market.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Umair, that’s a big statement. But if I understood correctly, yes, you cannot use the same technique from 5 years back to work for you today. And you cannot use the same technique to target US audience and to target your local city audience (if you’re running an offline brick mortar business and want to promote it online)!

  3. MartinMartin says

    Enjoyed the article. Gave me an insight on optimizing my posts for SEO, plus a few plugins I could use along the way. I personally do not optimize my posts for SEO, NOT because I dont want to, but because I dont know how to. This post helped fairly in introducing the concept but alongside it I am planning to use SEOMOZ to learn a tonne about SEO. Nevertheless, great article as always :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Martin, yes not everyone knows and wants to do SEO :) And that’s OK. As long as you have the interest to learn about SEO and implement and experiment things, you could already be seeing results.

  4. MichaelMichael says

    Doing SEO for every blog post are totally useful. But there are times that it could also eat up much of your time by just simply doing keyword research to optimize your post. Despite of that, the benefits that you can get from it is far beyond to those blog posts without any SEO. I’ve read lots of positive feedback with the SEO plugins available especially SEOpressor, but it’s a bit costly to others so they rather choose free wp plugin in optimizing each of their post.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Michael, yes SEO is time consuming, but only when it is being obsessed. I don’t think that I spend more than 5-10 minutes on SEOing my posts (after I write the post and title). May be with time, it all gets easier!

  5. Claire says

    Pretty good looking plugin, i have to admit i’m tired of plugins like SEO Ultimate that only have dozens of modules from which half of them i have no idea what they do.
    Keep it clean and simple, that’s my motto.
    And i see Easy WP SEO is free for 60 day, can’t miss the opportunity.
    Claire recently posted..Mold vs MildewMy Profile

  6. ClaraClara says

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you for sharing your SEO knowledge here. As we all know that SEO is the main thing that must be considered to improve the position of our blog in the SERP.
    Apart from this, I still wonder, where the most important “website traffic” or “website page rank”?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Website traffic is what tells you how popular your website is among people Clara. And page rank is one among hundreds of metrics which tell you if your site is popular among people and bots. But page rank is just a metric, and it is only updated a few times in a year. So there’s no point in being obsessed over it. But both traffic count and page rank count for advertising benefits.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ray, spending time on Keyword Research is worth. But I won’t suggest doing it everyday. You can do it once in a fortnight and save those potential keywords to get blog post ideas around them!

  7. satrap says

    Hi Jane, right on the mark. I think sometimes we become too obsess with seo that we forget that there is an audience who is going to read these posts.
    I have never heard of Easy WP SEO plugin. it does seem interesting to say the least. I may give it a go just out of curiosity. Thanks for the heads up.
    satrap recently posted..Make Money on eBayMy Profile

  8. LalitLalit says

    Jane, I never thought so many factors the WP SEO plugin (which I never heard) is showing and I am not aware about many there and I do agree that tthe post must be written for the viewers and not for bots. Excellent article.

  9. Preston LivingstonPreston Livingston says

    Thanks for this great post. It really helped me because I’m a starter blogger. I just started a blog like 2 weeks ago and I still learning the new stuff. Your tips will come really handy in the future.

    Preston Livingston recently posted.. Darth Vader in 3D

  10. Maninder says

    Good to see some different point of view on SEO. I agree, many people feel tempted to do SEO more mechanically which turns the articles into bot-friendly rather than people friendly. Have seen many people who have been writing in a more ‘natural’ way ultimately delivers the end-article being SEO friendly.

  11. MarkMark says

    I don’t like the bloggers who write for bots and not for visitors, readers etc. They are just obsessed by SEO tricks, to improve their website autority, but as you said, they are doing this things totaly wrong.
    Anyway, I used All in one SEO Pack but I didn’t liked it so much so I’ve migrated to Easy WP-SEO.
    It’s good, easy to use and liked by me.

    If you write for the people and in the same time you are doing some SEO Optimization, certainly your blog will be famous.

  12. Seattle AppraiserSeattle Appraiser says

    As a newcomer to the blogging world, I can appreciate the efforts of SEO. I’ve already seen it pay off and increase traffic and page-rank. Time consuming but worth it in the end.

  13. LindaLinda says

    Hi Jane,

    SEO… hmm, interesting concept. Nah – don’t think I’ll bother with it. Google will only change the boundaries of the playing field, so no point in worrying about trying to get posts SEO’d – good quality writing that attracts, holds and ensures return of readers is a better use of time.

    But I agree with you – every blogger should at least know what it is all about.

  14. Audrey FarrarAudrey Farrar says

    I think in searching for the keywords, you must go with the google insights tool. It really helps in deciding the keywords and the hot topics which will attract visitors for sure.

  15. ZeehsanZeehsan says

    Glad you shared your optimization tips can you share…
    And I guess guest posting is most effective SEO technique for blogs.

  16. Anne says

    This is truly a great article. What surprised me the most is that you point out the importance of planning to write a blog post or an article. I have read many tips and advices about blogging but honestly i like this way of thinking much much more. I ‘ve done some of this stuff, but not the sequence suggested here. I think it will work, so i give it a shoot!
    Ps Thanks for the ebooks!

  17. Debasis says

    Hi Jane,

    I personally recommend people to use Easy WP SEO as SEO processor comes is expensive and has few features only since Easy WP SEO can help us perform ON page optimization better….

    Talking about the post, then its worth reading. Yeah, I am delighted after reading your SEO tips, some great knowledge here and in future, if anyone ask me about SEO, I would surely recommend this post.

    Keep it up, Jane! :)
    Debasis recently posted..Tools For Creating An Attractive Facebook Fan Page For Your BlogMy Profile

  18. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hi Jane, This article is in real mean a guide to seo your post. Simply superb. Thanks for sharing your secret of seoing blog post.

  19. JonJon says

    Very useful guide. Quite agree with your comments on keyword stuffing, article spinners and abuse of blog commenting.

    Spun articles are easy to spot and many are simply impossible for any human to decipher. Contrary to anything Matt Cutts might say about quality content being what Google wants you’ll still find plenty of examples of spun garbage on page#1 for many keywords.

    My simple rule for posts is “it must be fit for human consumption” or in other words if it doesn’t encourage a human visitor to read to the end a click on links then publishing the post was simply time wasted. I also use anchor text in the post to link to 2-3 related posts to (a) give the reader more info on the topic, and (b) encourage them to stay on my site a bit longer.

    If that helps the bots then well and good but that’s a secondary consideration. In my experience bots don’t click on affiliate links and buy products but humans often do so it is humans you should be targeting in your posts.

    Wasn’t aware of the Easy WP SEO plugin but then I’m not a WSO fan either.

  20. Harleena Singh says

    Informative post Jane!

    I’ve been using Yoast for a while now and things are getting better, but it surely doesn’t have all that you mentioned here. I guess I need to visit and find out more about Easy WP Seo, as well as Market Samurai.

    Thanks for sharing & Happy Mother’s Day too :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Why Mothers are Special People?My Profile

  21. ZeeshanZeeshan says

    Recently Matt Cutts says that its not necessary that your posts have certain amount of keywords in order to rank higher. Actually we can see many top search results in Google with only keyword in the post.

  22. kaos olahragakaos olahraga says

    l have clickbump seo, very simple more than easy seo… but l hate google pinguin, my site killed by it… l dont like it

    please help me

  23. Mukesh says

    Hi Jane, I would like to thank you for the efforts that you have made in writing this article.This is exactly what I need,Thanks a lot.Keep blogging.

  24. adivoladivol says

    Well thats a good article jane, I enjoyed reading your article. Best way to optimize the blog post is by using SEO plug in blogs, SEOpressor is good plug but since its not free and much expensive instead of that there are some free word-press plug that can be used.

  25. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Writing blog posts for people is quite an important thing than writing for search engines. Because it’s people, after all who use search engines and search for target keywords.
    I’m also thinking to get a Market Samurai license for my blog. I’m poor at SEO. My writings haven’t got noticed till date. Will be trying these now

  26. TeresaTeresa says

    Another really useful post Jane. I am new to blogging and social media. I would find it really difficult to write a heavily-loaded keyword post because I write best when it just flows out of me. That’s how I tend to write. This might not be the correct way but I then find relevant keywords. I might change my approach at some point but, at the moment, that’s how I am doing it.

  27. NeilNeil says

    Nice post Jane. At the en d of the day it is all about moderation and balance. Personally, I place a lot of stock in the content, that is what will bring fare paying customers your way at the end of the day.

  28. JasonJason says

    A properly optimized website for the search engines can be accomplished if you carry forth the right strategy. Thanks for your article as I found it very informative!

  29. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane the whole thing about promoting your site at the moment is scaring me . It seems everywhere I read I see someone saying don’t do this it will damage your site. So I presume you have to optimise your blog posts the way google wants you to. To play it safe.

    Thanks lee

  30. MikeMike says

    Hi Jaen.

    Excellent post. You are right that SEO is not a short term game. You have to be consistent and you have to make every thing right before it gives you results. If you are looking for results then you have to work on quality.

    Thank you

  31. alexstruassalexstruass says

    Hi Jane,
    Good to see you again, Am one of the follower of your articles..I seems the above article is so clarification sentences. The keywords stuffing is main thing in on-page SEO, many SEO’rs have doubt on this keyword stuffing, here the above post gives very much idea on that. Thanks to share this informative post.

  32. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    Hi jane,

    well said about seo and i like the sentence were you said “people take SEO too seriously and get obsessed by it”. We should take take of quality of the post not to write for search engines.

  33. janah says

    Some bloggers sometimes have the complexity to optimize their blogs, and so, after I read your post, I found your tips relevant. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  34. Ruan OosthuizenRuan Oosthuizen says

    Wouldn’t you know… Funny how one of the people I get along so well with in the blogging world uses the same software as I do, without ever knowing, don’t you think?

    Great minds think alike? 😉

    Love the idea of writing offline before the bot-pleasing thing does its thing, Jane. It’s imperative to write without end until you are completely done before editing, optimizing etc.

    I have even started implementing leaving my first draft for a couple of hours before I start editing it, which I found that as recommended; it does give you fresh perspective on your tone and overall message you want to portray.

    Heads-up: I’m halfway through your report with tons of notes – expect that review soon dear friend! :)

    P.S. I got a tip for you regarding making things easier for someone navigating your site; will mail it to you sometime! I just struggled with it and it could only help you should others perhaps struggle with it too :)

  35. KaufmanKaufman says

    For sure SEO is almost a backbone for Any website. No life without SEO! I deal with it almost for 5 years and I know from the personal experience how important it is! By the way, there are a lot of helpful plugins to make the SEO option more effective! Good luck to everyone!

  36. Abdul GhaffarAbdul Ghaffar says

    Jane! This is not first time I reached to your blog. I have subscription of your blog and I am getting News alert of any new comment on my comments or you are posting new Post in your blog.

    I just read this post and First time I learned about Easy WP SEO is WordPress Plugin that is helping to increase ranking, Keyword Density and Score of your web page. It is really interesting thing.

    Thanks for sharing useful post with us.


    Apart from all the tips you gave in this post, I got to learn much more from it, placement of proper links, interlinking. But I have just one question, I write about Entertainment, they keyword am targeting, when I search on Google, the sites which rank top have no content at all, but just the video. Then this “CONTENT is the KING” theory fails?

  38. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hey Jane,
    It’s a well put article again and like usual. I do agree that bloggers must educate themselves on this case. You are right.
    We must optimize the content for readers and give them priority other than for Search Engines. By hearted
    Thanks for sharing :)

  39. collins says

    Jane you are 100% right! the problem we are facing today is mainly contributed by wrong information and wrong plugins, as you stated above some SEO plugin has different rules but the question is, how to know the right one with the right rules, but with this EASY SEO PLUGIN we can do things in a right way, thanks for this wonderful post

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