Quality Content Coupled With Consistency – A Rule Every Blogger Must Follow

Quality Content Coupled With Consistency

It’s been barely 9 months since I started blogging and I have learned a lot about blogging. It does not mean I am an authority. I have just begun the gorgeous journey which I hope will be a pleasant one.

Whether it be so or not, there’s no looking back. OK. Let me not beat about the bush. Coming to the point…

Most bloggers want to share their personal achievements and setbacks in blogging as they march through (blogging) life. In this article, I would like to share with you the things I have learnt as a blogger.

OK. What have I learnt?

Well, now, I understand that blogging is not all about writing and publishing a post in my blog. Many things go into it.

I have heard many bloggers say ‘Content is King‘. Yes, they are right! But what type of content is considered worthy? Let’s discuss that phrase ‘Content is King‘; that’s the first thing I wanted to discuss with you all.

Quality Content is King:

(Please don’t ask me about ‘Queen’!)

What is quality content? When it comes to writing quality content, you need to think of unique and interesting content produced with your unique writing style. You may wonder how you can do such thing. Here is how…

To write something like that, you need to research into the topic you have chosen, spend time on analyzing the information you have gathered and present to your audience after adding the touch of your own style.

In a way, there is a need for you to entertain your audience with your presentation skills. It’s because they visit your blog expecting some guidance or information. But if you can do that with spiced up content, your blog will be a hit! And you can become An Influential Blogger!

I know you have a question now.

How can I acquire such skill?

Though such skill is referred to as an innate ability that only a few people possess, I personally believe that it has nothing to do with that. One can develop such skill with a little effort combined with dedication.

If you had the habit of reading books in your childhood, you might have already acquired such skill of presenting your thoughts in a unique and fun way. As Sir Francis Bacon, the essayist said, ‘Reading maketh a full man‘, it’s important that you read a lot.

Moreover, as a blogger, you should read the writings of other bloggers in your niche. I don’t ask you to copy their way of writing.

What I mean to say is, by doing that, you will realize what you need to have to entertain your audience besides presenting the information they seek. Thus, you develop your own style of writing which makes you stand out!

Coming to the second point…


The Japanese believe in ‘CANEI’. It’s very powerful! The moment I recall this simple word, it reminds me that everything I do helps in my improvement. By the way, what is this CANEI? Let me tell you that.


A And




Isn’t that a powerful acronym? I know you agree. What you need to understand is that the constant and little improvement you achieve every day adds up. One day, it will be a huge improvement.

Feel it is off the topic? Let me clarify. “CANEI is to ‘make progress’ in general whereas the same CANEI is to ‘have consistency’ with your blog posting.” You need to maintain consistency. (This is one of the big lessons I have learnt.)

You need not publish something every day. It can be once a week, twice a week or anything. But make sure you stick to whatever you follow. That way, you don’t force yourself to publish an article in a hurry, which is of no use to your audience. Let your readers leave your blog with a smile on their face, of course after bookmarking, if they are new to your blog.

Hence, it goes to prove that Quality Content coupled with Consistency will pay dividends to you in the long run. Happy Blogging! Share your insightful thoughts.

MNB Achari is a founder of My New Blogbook where he writes about blogging. He is a teacher by profession but his interest in technology and blogging made him a blogger. He writes about technology, blogging, SEO, Learning and Self-Improvement @ Ready Info Here  .

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  1. Zion Amal Rafeeq says

    Well put Achari.
    To be frank, seeing you on the BlogoSphere for the first time and I’m pretty sure it was not because of your absence.
    I should have really missed some well thrown articles by you.

    Good work on telling your readers that Quality Content is the king and I really give you a thumbs up for recommending bloggers to read from other blogs on the same niche.
    I really liked the part where you came up with “CANEI”.
    Thanks a lot man. Cheers.

  2. RobertRobert says

    I think your article has stated the exact 2 main elements to provide a useful and popular blog in a niche.

    At first, I tried to run into lucrative niches such as weight loss or work out. Of course, without any passions but money, I easily fell into a trap of bored habits. I didn’t feel like researching nor writing consistent content. That blog got around 10 visitors for a month. Then I quit.

    After that, I chose to follow my passion, WordPress themes. Even though my blog isn’t big as others in the same niche now. I am happy with it, I love to write, love to share and can provide regular content to the website.

    As many people have said: Follow your passion :) and you will be pleasant provide quality content and keep up with it for such a long time.

  3. JohnJohn says

    Bear in mind that building trust with quality website content is highly dependent upon the kind of website you’re managing. If yours is a news site, make sure your news is trustworthy and reliable.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      You are absolutely right, John. Yes, it varies from site to site but the fact that you need to be consistent, remains. As you said, a news site can’t be posting news twice a week or so. Thanks for the comment.

  4. SamSam says

    If you have quality only then other people will follow you and when you will work with unique ideas only then you can get better position in online marketing.

  5. Ruchi says

    You talked about some very basic yet quite nice tips. I know consistency is also one of the main factor but somehow I am still figuring out why this parameter is so important.

  6. khadeer says

    Hi MNB Achari. Yes, i agree with you, Good content is most important for the blog and If we make quality content for visitors then only they get interest to read…!

  7. Atish says

    Content is king and SEO is queen :P. Nice post mate. Consistency is needed everywhere to get success. Reading regularly should be a habit in every blogger. :)

  8. Vijesh says

    Hi, Achari I too am a Teacher by profession, the way you presented the article is nice. Quality content is always King and I have been hearing it from many bloggers. Along with quality, style and uniqueness too matters, that’s what is makes a blogger unique. And you said few people have innate ability and there is nothing to do with that, I partially agree to that point because few people really does posses it as a Gift of God. Ability is inbuilt in them and they take very less effort to taste success. In a class a dull student some times works very hard but still can’t taste success but few children though they work for some time they easily surpass others.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      HI, Vijesh. Nice to see a teacher respond to this post here. You might be right to some extent. Again, I said “I personally believe’ because I have seen miraculous changes in some students who could realise their dormant abilities when motivated. Thanks for the comment.

  9. James says

    Excellent post. This is true that if you are keep on posting content then you will keep on building traffic and readership and one day you become a big brand !

  10. Narender ChopraNarender Chopra says

    Great post MNB Sir. I liked to read the paragraph about Unique Content. People copies the content and write in their own words, whom they calls Unique Content.

  11. AshutoshAshutosh says

    Hello Mr. Achari it’s an unique article.You mention that you are a teacher but i think you are more then that and i know that a teacher is a great person is in each society but after reading your article i realize you have a ability to motivate peoples.I don’t think all of us have such talent i really love your content and thank you for this kind of wonderful article.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      Hi, Ashutosh! I’m flattered! Thanks for the nice words. That’s not about talent or something but my experience as a teacher has certainly helped me.

  12. Maninder says

    Absolutely. Quality content will require lots of patience and research. This is because in todays time, there is no topic or info which is not already available on web. So, one needs to either something new to write or could also write to improve the info present in the existing one.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      Hello, Maninder. You are right. Most of the time you have to write about something that is already published. So, to survive, you have to put it in a better way. Thanks for the comment.

  13. SamuelSamuel says

    Quality is the only new rule today in the blogging industry!

    Filler content, or regular content just won’t cut it anymore.

    Quality content does have a large part for your blog, but never forget the promotion part of getting a good amount of eyes on your content.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      You are spot on, Samuel! Filler content has no place in blogging. Well, you need to make sure that a good number of eyes catch your content. Thanks for the comment.

  14. MattMatt says

    Hey MNB Achari !
    Nice tips. specially nice idea about quality contents with consistency. Moreover, This is true that people who have reading habit can better explain the ideas, one of my friend is just like that and he is the good writer indeed. Now i can understand what makes him different. Well nice post.

  15. Queeny robinsonQueeny robinson says

    I completely agree with the fact that content is king. I would also add another line and that is consumer is king too. We need to tailor content according to the consumers of the blog. Even Google and all other search engines want that of us. We need to follow our passion and focus on building a community.

    That is path which will enable us all to move higher and help our community.

  16. JohnJohn says

    This is an awesome post. You have shared a lot of great insights within this post with so many pointers. However, I wish you had also linked those resources you mentioned to make it easy for people to navigate through those resources and websites. But overall, a solid post. I picked up a few things from you today!

  17. harishharish says

    hey Mr.Achari .I read the whole article line by line and i really enjoyed it .this post is very helpful for new bloggers .thanks for sharing such a wonderful and helpful Post
    great Post

  18. Arbaz KhanArbaz Khan says

    Nice tips there.
    I agree with you that Quality content with consistency is the key to successful blogging. Wasn’t knowing about the ‘CANEI’ – thanks for letting us know about that as well.
    Great post man !!!
    Cheers :)

  19. Sarah ParkSarah Park says

    With so many sites of the same niche found everywhere online, having a consistent quality content can become your edge among the others.

  20. JoyJoy says

    CANEI. This is delightfully inspiring. This is not only useful in blogging, it us useful in life as well. I’ve been planning to create my own blog for a while now, so I’ll be sure to follow your tips.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      Hey, Joy! Thanks for stopping by. It’s useful not only in blogging but everything you do. All the best for your new blog!

  21. ClaudiaClaudia says

    I totally agree with this article, specially “Quality Content is King” point. Obviously content is king. Google panda just like good quality content. I understand there isn’t any value of duplicate content according to Google panda.

  22. RuchiRuchi says

    Absolutely, if you are consistent with keeping the quality and frequency of posting articles, it helps a lot in the long run. I have seen many sites which even without any on-page SEO things, still able to rank well and generate good traffic. That’s becoz the blogger has been writing consistently in a very natural manner.

  23. StaceyStacey says

    As an avid reader, I often do not care how long or how short what I am reading is, just as long as the content is good. Pretty good ideas you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  24. CalraCalra says

    Whenever you read about topics like this, writers push on content and how it is important to know what you’re writing and how to attract people to read your post. But more than that you should write for yourself, not just for them.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      Well, Calra, I couldn’t agree more! But the fact is that there are two sides again. If your blog is for people, write for them and if it is just something where you blog your ideas and thoughts, that is your personal blog. One should decide why they blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  25. BeccaBecca says

    For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. People will visit your blog to read new contents.

  26. Peter Doguly says


    Do you think nowadays writers are really focusing on what they writing .Certainly not .Most of them are writing on imagination ,even they are not exactly know what they are writing.I am not saying all writers are doing like that but 70-30 % of people doing like that.

    • MNB AchariMNB Achari says

      HI, Peter. Thanks for that. Imagination does work! What you need is to combine your imagination with the research you have made and it will certainly give you your dream post.

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