How To Stand Out Among 989756329 Bloggers With Your Writing

fish that stands out

Blogging has become so competitive; whether it is for business or fun, every blogger wants to attract attention.

There are leads to capture, there are friends/following to be acquired and of course, there are bills to be paid.

When an internet marketer realizes that the competition is tough and at the same time he/she needs to feed and survive, it all gets a lot worse. He/She is literally forced into a situation where they need to put in lots of effort to stay afloat and compete with the giants.

And when success gets delayed only frustration remains.

However, it is really surprising that all the impatient internet marketers who start and quit at a fast pace forget one crucial aspect to succeed in today’s online world among the tough competition.

It is no secret. In fact it is just common sense and needs no extra practice!

Curious? OK, let me put forth a question: Can you find another person in the whole of universe just like you? I mean, just like you – appearance, characteristics, genes etc. – everything just like you?

Here’s the answer.

You can NEVER ever find another person just like you. And that’s key to your survival online.

Just be you and you can stand out from the crowd.

You still need tips to implement this key idea, don’t you? Here are some tips.

Identify your blogging voice

You’ve probably heard it many times before. But how can you identify your blogging voice? You can do it by just blogging casually (don’t mistake it for not being careful, though).

Well what I mean here is, blog just like you. If you are unable to find your blogging voice clearly, start writing some private blog posts. Do not publish them but review those posts on a weekend (have about 5 posts).

Find out a common pattern in these posts. For sure there will be something in common because all those posts were written by you and you only.

Identify that secret sauce.

However, it is not necessary that you should follow the same style or pattern. In fact, for many bloggers writing at varying styles and patterns are their trademark!

Be everywhere

This one is a cool advice from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. When you manage to be present everywhere people can’t miss you. They’d be left with no choice but to notice you.

By being everywhere, I don’t mean just showing up. That won’t make you different from the other 989756329 bloggers who strive to get attention but put forth no value.

The point is to put your valuable meaty stuff out there, everywhere. You can do this by various means.

1. Standing out with your meaty stuff at your own blog. I’m sure you promote your blog posts and this means your meaty blog posts are at various places to be seen by your hungry readers.

2. Providing value in social media. Instead of posting links to your own blog posts all the time, you need to be willing to share meaty posts of other bloggers which you found useful. If a particular blog post was useful to you, chances are that they will be useful to your readers/followers as well. So make sure you share awesome stuff. And, not just links to blog posts but you can also consider sharing useful tips, or blurbs of content as appropriate.

3. Guest posting, by far, is one of the best ways to be everywhere. It helps to gain attention in a very effective way! Not to mention the additional SEO benefits you can reap out of guest posting.

Standing out using guest blogging

In my opinion and from my personal experience (in writing 240+ guest posts) I find that guest blogging is one of the easiest (don’t get me wrong here) ways to stand out.

When I said guest blogging is one of the easiest ways, I meant the benefits, not how it is done. The benefits in terms of standing out, gaining traffic, becoming an expert and gaining SEO benefits – guest blogging is one of the easiest ways to get all these in a quicker manner.

But it is not a very easy task to do, mind you. Although I don’t intend to scare you here, I want you to be realistic. You cannot simply attract attention by guest posting everywhere.

You need a strategy; you need a plan; you need to pick up the right blogs and you need to be writing the right stuff (that people want).

My friend Danny is willing to teach you exactly HOW to win using guest blogging. With the number and quality of guest posts he has written, and the reputation he has built, I’m sure this one will be a steal.


Blogging used to be all about creating useful content. But it is not just that anymore. Since the blogosphere is over crowded, successful blogging is also (more) about standing out from the crowd.

Go check out what Danny’s got for you in this regard. And don’t forget to sign up for your FREE e-course “Write Killer Content” by yours truly.

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    • Jane Sheeba says

      Steve, to be honest, I’m starting to use the “being everywhere” strategy very recently. And the results I see are already amazing :) So go ahead. This stuff works!

    • SamuelSamuel says

      I want a shout-out too! :)

      People start to take notice when you are basically “everywhere”. Also means you are very active in the community.

      Jane says it works.

  1. MargaritaMargarita says

    Jane, great information about blogging. The essence is to become the right person in order to stand out. I attended many courses and webinars, but how you are going to become the leader, the authority in your niche, if you don’t feel like it. To me, success is an inside job. Then the manifestation of it will follow. Thank you for bringing the point.

  2. Harleena Singh says

    Great tips Jane!

    You are absolutely right about mentioning the ways to really stand out, and if they come from you- they are sure tested and tried :)

    I loved the picture of the green fish standing real out and creating an identity of it’s own- so apt for the post!

    The blogosphere is indeed overcrowded with so many bloggers and blogs all over, and it does get tough to stand out or get noticed. I guess guest blogging does help a great deal, as it’s something I have read all over, though still need to get started with it myself.

    Having your own voice is also what does wonders, though not many are able to achieve this. But yes, with time, patience and practice, it works well- and it’s something that I have learnt to do. And I guess showing up everywhere is a great idea, though I guess you could do that with your meaty posts or meaty comments :)

    Thanks so much for these wonderful tips :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Steps to Resolve Family ConflictMy Profile

  3. SamuelSamuel says

    Wow, that is a huge number! :)

    I don’t think they are that many, but that isn’t the point anyways! The point is that I learned from this article is that to stand out is one-hell of a job to do.

    Be everywhere is probably one of the best ways to get known. If you can’t, always get help. Help is out there!

    Awesome article, Jane! 😉

  4. MarkMark says

    “Blogging has become so competitive; whether it is for business or fun, every blogger wants to attract attention.”-I definitely agree, each and every blog is an attention seeker, seeking apprival from Google. So the best thing to do to stnad out is create good and quality content that interest a vast number of audience. Make content fresh all the time and be creative.

      • LindaLinda says

        It’s true Danny has achieved much – but I think he would be the first to say that this only came after a concerted effort over time to study the game; formulate the plan; and carefully implement it. There’s no such thing as a quick fix and we need to keep in mind that research and preparation can’t be done overnight – well, they can, but the results won’t be meteoric!

  5. Alex says

    Jane recently I have been thinking about the same that we have a lot of copy writing on the web and what our auditory need in reality is something unique and we have to show what identifies us so clearly from another bloggers. Personality is what we need. All the other points are just some hardwork.

  6. Sylviane Nuccio says

    Very good post, Jane.

    Finding your voice is a must. The blog sphere is definitely over crowded and finding one’s voice as a blogger will make us stand out.

    Guest blogging, there is nothing like it. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of rewards as well.

  7. Dzulhelmee says

    Hi Jane

    I appreciate your advise and I will surely implement the being everywhere and guest posting strategy. One more thing, how do you come out with the quantity of 989756329 bloggers?

  8. Suresh KhanalSuresh Khanal says

    Awesome! Its important to realize that you have your own DNA! That’s true Jane, be everywhere 😉

    Though you are not flying high, its very important that you keep going. I’d read some time back in Ileane’s blog, somebody wrote if you are in a niche for more than 3 years, certainly you are one of the authority as the flakes are already extinct by then. But it needs great patience and consistent hard work to succeed.

  9. Kenny FabreKenny Fabre says


    being everywhere and making a voice for our blog is super important, driving traffic to the blog, and putting the purpose of the blog into action

  10. Joseph MillsJoseph Mills says

    Hi Jane, :) When youre true to yourself, readers can sense what you are trying to communicate. And that’s one quality of a real blogger. And the more you are trying to communicate to them, good relationship develop.

  11. Khabza says

    This is a very useful article, I still a new in blogging still fighting for my recognition in South Africa and the world. I an very inspired by this words

  12. JaemiJaemi says

    Finding your own voice is not easy, but once you find it, it’ll be a great tool to represent your brand.

  13. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    You showed great point on how to stand out of the crowd here, Jane, I agree with you that guest blogging can help blogger stand out from others, and that’s exactly way that Bamidele Onubalusi from has done.

  14. Rizwan SultanRizwan Sultan says

    Hey Jane!!!

    Nice post I agree that the people mostly attracted towards blogging and it increase 989756329.But the specific niche and identity with quality content give superirity among these crowd.Visitor attract towards quality content no doubt guest posting help you too make your identity common for visitors and also helpful for SEO point of view.

  15. BindhuraniBindhurani says

    Great tips. Really going to follow your tips. But I am not sure, how I can make a guest post…I am still taking baby steps. Thanks for sharing great tips

  16. abhinavabhinav says

    Really great post you share with us. Your tips are very helpful for my blog. thank you so much for sharing this post.

  17. PrakashPrakash says

    this is nice to have such a great words, yes we can’t find another person just like us. there is lot of competition not only in this blogging but all the fields…….

  18. BethBeth says

    Now that blogging has becoming more and more popular. It is important for every blogger to establish their identity in this industry. They need to create that unique image that can greatly attract other people.

  19. Peter Lee says

    I just started guest postings too and already noticed a little bit of the effect. People will just starting to pay attention to you and it’s a great feeling. Nevertheless, am still polishing my writing skills, I know I can do better.
    Peter Lee recently posted..Is Hacking an Inside Job?My Profile

  20. AmandaAmanda says

    This post is really very encouraging! And it inspired me to think over all this things, I do believe that it can bring many benefits

  21. rakesh kumarrakesh kumar says

    I never ever thought to check my own writing style like this. Though i think i have something special. Whenever i write some original review or article it attract a lots of attention. Thanks a lot Jane for this beautiful peace of blogging.

  22. BishwajeetBishwajeet says

    Yours and Ileane’s success in the blogging niche would inpire many to take up blogging niche. It would be a nice case study :)

  23. MelissaMelissa says

    As I’m absolutely new in this sphere, so I guess that this post can become an ideal tutorial for me! Thanks a lot for sharing

  24. mattmatt says

    All I can say, to stand out among other bloggers, all you have to do constant practice and be yourself.

  25. Balu says

    In my point of view blogging is very challenging role, Anybody can start a blog, but writing unique articles is the key to success in this field.

  26. jimcage290jimcage290 says

    Hi Jane,
    I started blogging in January 2012 and i think it is a very informative content for me. I truly appreciate your work and will try my best to focus more on my article.

  27. SebSeb says

    You have written 255 post and done 245 guest post. That is impressive! Am starting a new blog and you are my inspiration. For every blog post I will try to write a guest post. One for one.

  28. GaurangGaurang says

    As always, rocking tips Jane. I also think Social Media is one of the best way to keep in touch with your fellow bloggers and mark your presence.

  29. SuryaSurya says

    Well, writing skills are always important but these days Google Panda going mad and it already killed many big sites without any valid reason. So don’t you think blogging is becoming risky because of Google itself?

  30. GautamGautam says

    nice tips Jane in this blogging competition every bloggers want more ranking and more explorer in search engine and targeted visitors mind. but thinking some different make you unique.

  31. MichelleMichelle says

    After all, it’s still working crazy and smart above all :) I guess that all of the above are mandatory yet not enough when taken alone… I mean if you really lack talent or have problems with expressing yourself – cause you might have great ideas and find it impossible to speak them out loud – all the strategies in the world will make little difference.

  32. BellaisaBellaisa says

    Nice. I just finished reading the post on how frequently you should post on your blog, and this post even further nailed the idea that I need to slow it down and focus on getting people to my blog before writing a million articles.

    I do love guest posting, but I haven’t had time to do it because I’ve been so busy trying to write for MY blog – but I guess it’s time to get back out there and make a presence elsewhere!

  33. NeilNeil says

    Great post Jane. You have given some insightful information here that will yield results. I especially like the advice about finding your own voice.

  34. April AtkinsApril Atkins says

    Yeah, you should really be everywhere if you want to be successful in blogging. The one thing that most bloggers want everyday, much like to addiction, is traffic. You need traffic, and Google is not the only source of traffic that you should have. You should utilize social media, podcasts, and other search engines to drive immense traffic into your blog.

  35. Jacob says

    Great tips, the competition in the blogosphere is getting tighter day by day. In order to stand out of the crowd every blogger should consider trying out these golden points!

  36. Sandip BhagatSandip Bhagat says

    You really inspired me to continue my blogging. Hope i will find something different in me that makes me stand out in this diverse world.

  37. Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

    Jane, you’re the only blogger I know who has the energy to literally be EVERYWHERE. I don’t know how you manage, but it exhausts ME just watching! 😉

    • Jane Sheeba says

      I love being everywhere Holly, thanks for your support. But I do have two awesome buddies in-home to help me with many crucial things – my hubby and his cousin. Couldn’t do without those beings.

  38. Craig says

    Be everywhere and be yourself. That’s great advice! I’d add something I learned from performing in touring bands: Be yourself, only more so. Find that secret sauce and enhance it, work it, build a brand around it. I’ve yet to do a lot in guest blogging but this post is another push in that direction, as I can see it has definite benefits.
    Craig recently posted..Microphone BasicsMy Profile

  39. JoyJoy says

    Hi Jane! Thanks for this engaging and very informative article, I agree that blogging has become very competitive and it’s a must to stand out from the crowd by coming up with exceptionally written and educational content.

  40. KristineKristine says

    I never really thought about the concept of identifying my blogging voice, this is such a great way to gauge my efficiency as a content writer. Thanks for this very informative post.

  41. AaynaAayna says

    A very straightforward yet engaging article. Blogging has indeed become very competitive, because of which it becomes necessary to stand out from the rest. The tips shared in this article can provide much relief to the issue of standing out. I agree that “be everywhere” can act as a major tool for people to notice the blog as well as the blogger. Thanks a lot Jane for sharing this helpful article.

  42. Erick Trejo says

    I started using guest poster and I have seen a significant improve in my blog but I would like to know how many guest post per week would be ideal to increase your traffic without finish tired about writing. What do you think guys? Should I write one guest post per day or maybe 2 or 3 per week? @guest post

  43. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Personally, I don’t keep a limit. I just write whatever that should be. Sometimes I get articles with more than 1000 words and at times, I get less than 600. For me, it all depends on the article. Rather, I try to engage with readers often

  44. EmiliaEmilia says

    While maintaining professionalism and credibility is important- never be boring! I enjoy using illustrative words to convey my points and I guess this is specifically why my readers are never too intimated to leave their comments and engage. Great Job Jane. Thanks!

  45. Joseph AdedijiJoseph Adediji says

    Awesome post Jane! I love being everywhere, but unfortunately have been kind of busy lately.
    thanks for sharing these tips with Us.

  46. RamitRamit says

    Hi Jane,
    Well you have come out with an useful blogging advice and that is Just be You.
    Followed it up with many implementation tips that are useful too.
    It has been a learning experience.
    Really Fantastic and memorable post.

  47. RekhaRekha says

    Hi Jane,
    I started blogging in January 2012 and i think it is a very informative content for me. I truly appreciate your work and will try my best to focus more on my article.

  48. Avnish GautamAvnish Gautam says

    To become perfect blogger and to be stand among top bloggers who should make some changes according to the needs and requirements of the current blogging techniques. You should focus on the readers need from your blog, do not focus to make money and putting more and more ads in single blog. Just do efforts to share maximum and useful information to your readers.

  49. RuanRuan says

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Jane!

    Funny though, as starting out reading this post, when I got to where you mentioned “one crucial aspect to succeed in today’s online world among the tough competition” I simply knew this was going to be your angle – being unique and standing out by finding AND using your voice in everything you put out there online…


    I’m a freelance writer. There are literally millions of freelance writers. There are only a handful good ones though. The good ones have all discovered their unique voices through experience.

    Why do I like them ALL and learn as much as I possibly can from them ALL?

    Exactly the fact that each of them has their own unique writing voice and style that resonates with me.

    I have plenty to learn and I honestly hope I never stop learning and improving BUT I think I’ve found my writing voice and now it’s time to put it into action. You know me; been guest posting for a while now and although I have not nearly done 240+ guest posts or got paid to do any of them – that’s all about to change.

    I am starting a new site soon and I wish I could give you the link already as it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever attempted as a freelance writer! I am busy on the design of the site but the aim of it all is for it to be a complete documentation of my freelance blogging journey from start to finish (whenever and IF that ever might be) with every little bit of detail in-between, including all successes and failures along my journey.

    Anyone who think it’s impossible to establish a successful freelance writing career with specializing in freelance blogging in today’s competitive market place or if you’d just like to follow me along on my journey (whether it will be successful remains to be seen 😉 ) is welcome to subscribe to my site at so we don’t lose contact and you will be the first to know when the site is launched and my journey started.

    Thanks again for this valuable and inspirational post, Jane! Of course you can see I only got hooked on the “standing out using guest posting” part which has given me MORE drive behind this butt to get things on their way!

    • JohnJohn says

      It really does come down to that most of the time doesn’t it, Donny?

      The phrase ‘content is King’ hasn’t stuck around for as long as it has for no reason. Webmasters and Bloggers across the globe can employ all of the tactics, strategies and link building technqiues they like but when all is said and done, if you’re going to be the one who stands out amongst the ‘989756329 Bloggers’ Jane mentioned, your content needs to be supreme!

  50. Sarah ParkSarah Park says


    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. It is really not easy to be in competition with millions of bloggers. This post surely does help a lot.

  51. junjun says

    One of the most obvious reasons for online writers is to gain earnings from their work. The presence of the internet is really an advantage to this. The competition is tough and as an online writer, posting relevant, accurate, and factual information is a must. In the end this will benefit the site as I believe this will going to bring a lot of traffic and a lot of economical advantage

  52. Devagya UikeyDevagya Uikey says

    Hi, i’m new to blogging, my blog is 3 months old and i’m continuously on research to get some eyes on it. I would like to ask how can i start guest posting, i know there are several blogs which allows to write for’em even i do same, but what to do do when a author of new blog needs a platform to present his own work, does the popular blogs allow such newbie to write for’em ? do i have to put more contents in my blog before starting posting on others as of now my blog has 30 genuine articles .

  53. Neil ButterfieldNeil Butterfield says

    Great advice Jane. Even though there are so many bloggers, it is still possible to make your mark. Following your advice and being consistent is the best way to achieve this.

  54. Sue NealSue Neal says

    Hi Jane,

    This is such a great post – I think ‘getting out there’ and communicating with people by commenting on their blogs and chatting via social media is a marvellous way to establish your identity. That way, people will get to know your voice in a very natural way, quite informally, as well as through your posts.

    I think it’s also something that comes with confidence – I certainly feel more at ease writing as ‘myself’ than I used to. Your own unique voice develops, if you allow it to, the more you write – in a way, you can’t help it, because at the end of the day you can’t be anyone other than yourself, and little bits of you will almost certainly sneak out, whether you like it or not!

    Thanks very much for this – and for reminding me to pay more visits to Danny’s blog – I’d love to do one of his courses one day, when I have more time – can’t manage it at the moment, but it’s on my longer term ‘do’ list.


  55. jossefjossef says

    Another great post Jane, if i may add one more tip, i have noticed great increase with my tweets and likes when i started to share specific news and tools in my niche, i think people are more looking for news in the niche and updates and when a blogger can provide those he can easily stand out.

  56. shafeeqshafeeq says

    hi sheeba,

    my experience to standout from other million bloggers try to reach first page of google ( be a good search engine optimizer ).
    it means when we try to optimize our blog for google all things related our will become professional

  57. Rushikesh says

    Thanks for all the tips Jane. I look forward to implement all of these in my site.
    Never had any idea about guest blogging…but i am sure this method is one of the most useful and important ways of gaining traffic

  58. Mark KataviceMark Katavice says

    Hi ANE, Thanks for the inspiring and useful post. It is very useful to me because in blogging market i’m totally new. Post like this always inspires us.Keep it up and post more.

  59. ArafathArafath says

    Hello Sheeba,

    You have done a great job. I can feel how effective you are in blogging life. Each and every post in your blog seems professional, fresh and topics that are poeple love most. I am willing to get some blogging advice from you.

  60. Sohil Memon says

    I like your Guest Blogging point, with Guest Blogging we are engaging with many bloggers and stand a chance to learn many new things. As well as I am taking part in the Guest Blogging Contest now, hope to get more readers as well as more bloggers friends so that I can also stand out among them 😀 Thanks for sharing this awesome post.
    Sohil Memon.
    Sohil Memon recently posted..Must Know *Negative and Positive* Sides of Guest BloggingMy Profile

  61. JamesJames says

    So the best thing to do to stnad out is create good and quality content that interest a vast number of audience.

  62. Deepak MehraDeepak Mehra says

    Hi jane,

    I always impress with your style of blogging, there are all the tips really informative and much needed to me!!

    Thanks for share with me!!

  63. Tim ShirleyTim Shirley says

    Hey Jane,

    Just started reading your blog and I’m glad I started here. This will give me a lot to think about over the next few week as I try to discover my unique blogging voice.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  64. Dare says

    Hey Jane,

    I came across your blog less than a week and I must confess it is a must read for new bloggers and probloggers. Thank you for firing in me the right impetus to keep moving.

    I think it takes gut and lots of determination to really stand out.

  65. linda schrier says

    Hi Jane,

    I notice that these blog comments are old. With what you teach I think you should have more comments that are in the present. You’re writing is wonderful.

    I haven’t done any guest posting because I’m not ready. I’m more of a newbie. In time I will.

    I will keep trucking ahead because if one person can make it, then I can make it too, just like you.

    You have a gentle spirit and I can feel it in your writing. I know that in your heart, you really care about me and want me to succeed.

    You have an awesome weekend,


    p.s. are all your comments being marked as spam, because that is the message i’m getting and my writing about you is not spam.

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