How To Be An Un-Annoying Blogger (You Don’t Have To Please Everyone)

How To Be An Un-Annoying Blogger

There’s this thing about cooking for the family. It’s one of the most confusing tasks that I handle every day.

Whenever I cast this question, “What shall I make for dinner (or breakfast or lunch)?” I always get different answers from the members of my family.

No, don’t think that my family is too big. Its just the four of us – Me, my hubby, my son and my hubby’s cousin.

Between the four of us, it is really so hard (and its getting harder every day) to fix a dish for dinner.

And there you go – think about your blog! You have hundreds or thousands of readers.

You think you can please all of them? No, don’t even think about it!

You can never please all of your readers. The more you try, the more time you waste – it is that simple. And I am totally against that thought: Trying to please all of my readers.

So, apparently this post is not about pleasing all your readers. I am just like you and I haven’t found a way for it, lol.

OK lets get to the meat of this post – straight to the point!

Remove the banners and annoying ads

There’s always the itch to fill your blog with banners all over the place. Yes, I understand – as a blogger you want to make money from your blog, right?

That’s right; there’s nothing wrong in having that thought. But you need to understand that you can never make money from your blog if you are annoying your readers.

And at the same time I am not saying that you should please all your readers in order to make money – that’ll never happen.

But use your common sense and of course, some stats of your blog to stay far away from being an annoying blogger.

See, your readers come to your blog for two reasons (mainly) –

1. They want to consume information (to improve their knowledge on a subject, say for instance, SEO)2. They want a solution to a problem

And if you manage to help them, you’re golden. Everything else will naturally follow.

I recommend these two reads:

How to get your readers emotionally engaged with your posts (for better conversions without the annoying stuff!)

3 Sneaky ways to convert casual readers to loyal readers

Send newsletters at the right frequency

The second most annoying things that bloggers do is treat their email list as a money printing machine. The saying “Money is in the list” is simply over-rated.

Let your readers develop trust in you. How do you think this can be made possible? Will your readers trust you if you just keep sending ONLY sales-pitched emails to them from the day they joined your list?

Also if you send 5 emails a day and then nothing for a month you’ll either annoy your readers or they’ll totally forget you.

I know, one size doesn’t fit all – but you gotta find out the right frequency that keeps YOUR subscribers happy. Even though you cannot keep everyone in peace, when 20 people unsubscribe a day while 4 people subscribe, you gotta think!

They say sending emails once a week is good. It sounds like a good frequency. But don’t settle down just because an A-lister is saying. Try for yourself and see which works better.

Don’t beg around (punching on reader’s faces)

guy begging

Yes, again, I totally understand that you need to be making money from your blog – I mean, that’s your strongest wish. But –

Don’t be too salesy.

Its OK to promote your own products/services and affiliate products, but being salesy won’t cut it.

Just deliver value and be smart at marketing –

SMART marketers sell without selling and more importantly, they resist the “urge” to sell [Click to tweet this!].

I’m not telling that you should be a Charity Inc. as a blogger. You put your sweat and blood into your blogging business and you deserve to earn from it.

But you cannot earn from your blog if you annoy your precious readers. They’re your assets.

Here is a 3 step simple strategy to sell without selling (and to sell more); and this strategy applies to promoting your own products or affiliate products – it doesn’t matter:

Step 1: Find out your target readers’ problems (I assume you already know YOUR target readers/audience/leads – coz that’s where most bloggers fail miserably).

Step 2: Create great content that gives your target readers the solution to their problems. Not the theory about problems. Not the “What” and “Why” but the “How” – remember they need a solution and not your lecture.

Step 3: Create premium products (e-books, e-courses, membership content, software, etc.) that goes well with fixing or helping your target audience with their problems. Also do find out affiliate products that go well with this stream.

Include a call-to-action in your content by seamlessly integrating the same with the purpose of your content – not the “buy my stuff” kind .

That’s it. Nothing complicated here. Although this three step strategy is simple, it is mostly ignored.

Why? Because there is an irresistible urge to just sell and make more money. But my friend, the more you do it, the more you fail.

Hard selling or punching the readers on their faces might have worked a decade ago. But it doesn’t work any more. There is already loads of marketers who are annoying the heck out of your readers. So don’t join the bandwagon.

Remember, the more your competitors are trying to sell stuff, the easier it is for you to stand out by simply not selling their kind.

Sell without selling and let that be YOUR kind! That’s good for the mankind (aw, that rhymes well!).


Do you have this decent habit of spying your competitors? I bet!

Not the keyword, backlink and other nifty spying stuff to outrank them in Google.

Just spy on their content, see how they promote their products in their blog posts and in their email newsletters (it is good to follow your competitors on a feed reader and subscribe to their email newsletter).

Learn from the biggies. If they manage to make money with the soft selling strategy, you should also be able to do the same!

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. NawazNawaz says

    Hello Jane
    For the most annoying thing is ads in between the articles that loose my concentration and throw me in the field of distraction.Some pop up lists are also very teasing for me.

  2. Simon DuckSimon Duck says

    Great tips Jane, it is very important to not annoy people with your blog, you are trying to get people to come back and visit again and having anything which is going to stop that, then you aren’t going to do well.

    I think most people, especially the blogs I go on seem to be well educated on adverts and regularity nowadays. The main item which annoys me is the fact that when you go on blogs you know get a lighbox type effect with a input box to join their email list. It may get the subscribers, but you are getting them in a way they feel it is the only way to get onto your website.

    Simon Duck

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Simon yes, most websites use pop ups in a more aggressive way. And the more those bloggers want people to sign up to their list via the pop up, the more people actually run away from their sites.

  3. SamuelSamuel says

    Once again, you have written a great post, Jane.

    You are annoying when you keep promoting products after products and not focusing on other creative content.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is OK to promote, but don’t overdo it.

  4. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    That`s very good way to sell products. thanks for sharing Jane.
    Your posts are helping me to improve my blog.


  5. SamSam says

    When you will write your every post according to niche of your customers then you can see how result will come out in your favor because there are many those kind of things which you should notice before post every new blog.

  6. AdityaAditya says

    Ads are the most annoying thing in a blog which i don’t like at all,specially the one which one has flash in it.They are just concentration breakers and nothing else.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Well said Aditya. I too don’t like flash ads. And also video and audio ads – that just start playing whenever you visit a site and scare everyone else around us, lol.

  7. RuchiRuchi says

    Dear Jane! You are right that many Bloggers face this type of problem so i think these points can help them. every blogger need to analyze the worth of the artical then promote their product.

  8. MariaMaria says

    I definitely don’t want see lots of ads on blogs. Yes, they need advertising to make money, but a lot of ads are annoying. If I stumbled across a website with many banners, I will leave immediately no matter how awesome the content is. Instead of generating more sales, a lot of ads keep people away from your website.

  9. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    I Think when a blogger subscribe, News letters and bloggers publish regularly or daily that really irritate a subscriber, and they he/she start thinking to unsubscribe your blog… its too difficult to make them happy… feed burner users already know it…

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Nishant, that is why it is advisable to use two lists – one for blog updates and one for the newsletter. If people don’t like the updates (or if they find them too much) they can simply unsubscribe from that list and stay on the newsletter list.

      • Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

        But that will create more problems, we have to use two forms for subscriptions, may be using premium service like aweber can help in this with single list multiple subscription options.

        • Jane Sheeba says

          Hey Nishant, yes one can use two lists via a service like Aweber. Or the blogger can offer the option to subscribe to blog updates by using Feedburner’s email subscription option. If you take a look at the third widget from top on my sidebar, its actually a blog update subscription option!

  10. PavanPavan says

    Quite an interesting article Jane. I simply hate popups. Apart from that, too much advertisements in between the articles annoys me a bit.

  11. hirahira says

    Hello Jane
    you are saying right in post that many of bloggers has problems. all points all mentioned in this post all very informative for me. thank you for sharing with us

  12. Vijayraj ReddyVijayraj Reddy says

    Hi Jane,

    This post is sensible and helpful. In order not to be annoying, you must keep your blog meaningful and not dump it with irrelevant articles and posts. It is often believed that, to increase the ratings of the blog many keep writing and posting at regular intervals. This in fact may lead the blog to losing credibility with its readers. Occasional posts which are sensible and mirroring the readers’ thoughts will carry the blog on their shoulders.


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Mirroring reader’s thoughts surely wins their hearts and it is easy to do un-obstructive promotion that way. But we should know (or at least be able to “smell”) our readers thoughts and needs for that!

  13. LindaLinda says

    Good morning, Jane.
    You’ve clearly written a post that strikes a cord!
    On a slightly different note to the ads issue, does anyone really make money – I don’t just mean the odd bit here and there, but real money – from their blogs?
    My understanding is that the big boys and girls of blogging collect their cash from the offline world and their blogs are primarily a means of promoting their presence and helping others – though maybe not in that order :)
    Kind regards,

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Linda you make a good point here. I’m sure the blog is just a medium or a funnel to help people to establish their online presence. At the same time, I know many biggies (who especially get LOADS of traffic) to reap a consistent amount of BIG cash from advertising.

      So yes advertising works for making money, but only the real biggies can make a good amount. For the others, advertising doesn’t make much sense!

  14. zoyazoya says

    Hello Jane
    i do not want to see lots of advertisements on blog. we all know they need money but lots of advertisements are annoying. all points are mentioned in this post are very helpful to me. thank you for sharing jane

  15. ChadrackChadrack says

    I must agree with you that you have a great post here. And a good intro also. However, just as you said, you cannot and must not aim to please all of your readers. And so, I think you have rightly put this issue in its right perspective.

    I think not every blogger have a product of their own this is why most depend on affiliate and banner ads to make their own money.

    If in trying to please the readers such a blogger decides to remove their source of income because the readers will be annoyed with ads, then I pity that blogger. I think what should be done is provide good content, study your readers and put up the right ads (banner or affiliate links) without obstructing your content.

    Any readers who thinks all he wanted on your blog is to read good content every day without any regards to your welfare, is really not the type you need on your blog. If such a one leaves, let him go!

    I personally, believe that bloggers, especially the young ones who wants to earn even with Google adsense, should be encouraged. If they are giving away good content every day nothing stops you from time to time, clicking on the adsense ads to give him something back. But turning away because you think those ads are obstructing you is not a good thing.

    Most of us read news site every day and I’m surprised that none complain of the many ads featured on those sites. But when a blogger puts up 3 banners ads on his blog, everyone comes out with their own rules. I must say I have heard too much about this topic of annoying readers with your ads too much.

    I think every one should set his own rules if he really want to make sense of his blogging career!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Chadrack that’s a good twist and I can hear your voice. Yes every blogger deserves to monetize their blog coz they put in a lot of effort to create the content that they’re providing there for free.

      The point I’m trying to make here is simple: If the blogger wants people to click the ads, they have to first make the environment a pleasant one for those readers, so that they stay around and are willing to do so.

      That’s why we need to limit ourselves to less number of advertising options (and also use the un-obstructive ad modes, like avoiding popups, flash ads, audio ads that play automatically etc.) so that the ones we put up there get really clicked!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      • Chadrack says

        Thanks for the reply. I must say I understood every point you have raised right on your post. My comment is actually a way of passing across my point about this whole thing. I’ve even written on this issue a few weeks back after I have read so much about many blog readers coming plainly to say they hate ads on blogs.

        Well, it was a well debated post when I wrote about it and as much as everyone has their own ideas, I still believe as I pointed out in my comment above, that bloggers should be encouraged. Among all internet users there is none that is giving to the community like bloggers. I have been in the internet marketing circles and I know that they do not give as much as bloggers yet most of them make more money than bloggers. And one reason why this is so, is because bloggers have put too much restrictions in their own ways.

        He who gives is entitled to also receive.

  16. Jason Mathes says

    I definitely have ads on my site. Currently it is the way I get enough income to pay for itself. But…. its where I have them placed. Above the article – to the sidebar, and at the very bottom.

    This way they are unobtrusive and out of the way of what the reader is there for. THE CONTENT. I do a lot of testing though and my site is more tech/gaming based. So for me it makes sense.

    And for now I use my email list to just send out updates once a week. I don’t really ustilize it enough (nor can I justify) sending out more than that one email a week.

    This is an interesting article though – greatly appreciated. But remember each blog is different. And less is more when it comes to banners and advertising is definitely a good thing :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Oh yes Jason, that’s right – every blog is different and we cannot give one-size-fits-all solution with anything when it comes to blogging. Coz, each blogger has different goals and that’s where the differentiation comes in the first place!

      Nevertheless, if people see that we are not too much focused on money but are really willing to help them, we can easily make them buy from us. I love Pat from Smart Passive Income in this context. He just helps people out and with less monetization he is reaping great benefits. He is not using flash ads or anything to grab attention. Just the 125×125 casual affiliate banners in his sidebar earns 1000s of bucks every month consistently.

  17. Roberta Budvietas says

    2 questions – how long should a blog be?
    – why did you use black boxes – to me they make it look like ads?
    Jane, I learn heaps from you but I think layout is important and the layout of this blog, I found difficult to read. One thing I am learning on my blogging journey is the need for good layout. And that is hard given how different browsers can show things.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Roberta, actually there’s no rule as to how long a blog post should be. Here’s a post that will help you in this matter –

      Why do I use black boxes – I wanted to add variety to my content. Instead of writing a plain blog post, if I add elements like this the post will be much more visually engaging. But I’m hearing it for the first time that they look like ad boxes. May be I should use a different color?

      Thanks so much for the feedback Roberta!

  18. JessieJessie says

    Preserving your readers and offering something new is one thing that every blogger aims for. Many times what happens is blogger tend to get in a jinx of whether to give readers d priority or the ad network. In an ideal scenario both should be given equal importance rather then leaving your biggest asset, your target audience annoying!

  19. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says


    Yup, it’s a true… Making every reader happy with each and every article we write is never possible… We’ve to do things, that aren’t tried or have been performing well. If one does well with his/her email marketing strategies, I’m certain it’s no longer hard for him/her to sell without selling. Learning from biggies is only the thing can lead us to the success very soon than ever! One should, care of what subscribers ACTUALLY want. Not what the email marketer want. We can send subscribers material that pleases them, but knowing what they want is a bit difficult. For this, I’d;
    i) start a poll, asking ‘what they’re looking for’
    ii) conducting a survey
    iii) see which of my blog posts went well, i.e. received most comments, social shares and likes…
    Hopefully, you’d be agree… There is nothing hard, but learning from mistakes take some time and effort… Thanks Ms. Jane for those special yet unique tips.

  20. sureshsuresh says

    Hello Jane Sheeba, that’s very good way to sell products.Helpfull ways to increase your internet presence, without being annoying.Thank you so much.

  21. erwin says

    The ads are too much, annoying pop ups , bad navigation, the text is hard to read are some of the reasons that I think can make the visitors go away.

  22. JoeJoe says

    Although I currently don’t run any ads on my site, my goal is to have ad space up and runnig by the end of the year. When I do I promise to not be one of those sites that has a million pop-ups and flashing ads all over the place. I hate that.

    Thanks for the tips.

  23. Shane says

    Awesome post again Jane! The title is so catchy! You are right about the ads, they should totally be removed. I get so annoyed with senseless ads flashing through a blog they just don’t mean anything. Great tips you have here! Thank you for posting! :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Shane, it is not about removing the ads totally. As you know, bloggers put their sweat and blood into creating content and maintaining a blog. So they deserve some revenue from it – and ads are a great way to generate passive income. But using them in an un-annoying way is very important.

  24. Adrienne says

    Well that was spot on Jane.

    One of the most annoying things I find when I visit some blogs are the ads in the post itself. I’m trying to get around them and sometimes it takes me a few minutest to distinguish the post from the ads. When I find this too confusing, after I’ve visited that blog a few times I make up my mind that I’m not going back. I’m happy that they want to make money but they obviously will not be making it from me.

    I have also found that when bloggers aren’t being themselves and I find them too salesy then I’m not going to be hanging around them too long either. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this and you definitely have shared with us today the right way. I just hope that some of those bloggers who have found themselves making some of these mistakes will take what you’ve shared here to heart. They’ll have so much more success.

    I appreciate you sharing this with us today.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Adrienne I can relate when you say that you find a hard time distinguishing content from ads. I’ve experienced that many times myself and some of those sites even seem to have really good content. All the content is not given the right treatment!

      Have a great time :)

  25. AlexAlex says

    The most annoying part for me in the site is excessive dumping of ads and even more is popup ads, I just hate them a lot because most of the popup ads are generally takes to some spammy sites.

  26. SunilSunil says

    hi jane,
    good tips Jane, you have done good job viewing your tips and you have tried to get people to come back and visit again and having anything which is going to not stop reading others blog without any disturbing feature.

  27. NeilNeil says

    Nice post Jane, I abhor pop ups as they slow me down. I want the information immediately I don’t want to hang around until the pop ups go away.

  28. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Annoying ads often irritate me when I see them on a blog. I immediately close the site even if it has real good content. Because, the reading atmosphere should be good.
    This is really an awesome post, Jane.
    Thank You

  29. TanyaTanya says

    This is such a great list of idea’s but I don’t have enough of a following to really do much of these yet. Once I’ve got the followers and visitors up I will definitely be implementing some of these. thanks

  30. Tom GeorgeTom George says

    Thanks Jane for this valuable article. The main thing that irritates a reader is the ads and if the ads are placed correctly we would get more readers. Thanks for conveying a great message through your post.

  31. Naser says

    Nice set of tips Jane. The most annoying thing in any blog is pop up surveys which do not unlock the content unless the visitor visits one of the websites listed in the survey and does that task.

  32. RuchiRuchi says

    Well, absolutely true. And I think the tips which you talked about in your post are something you have been following on your blog as well.. That is really great. E.g. you are putting affiliate marketing within your content quite smartly without annoying the users. This is really a best practice.

  33. DragosDragos says

    Hey Jane! Thanks for sharing this nice and positive post- I try my best to improve my social presence and deliver interesting content for my readers and sometimes is good to read again what makes people come back at you!

  34. Utkarsh BhattUtkarsh Bhatt says

    Time to switch to my Annoying mood. Bloggers not being themselves is like a movie without story. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Gurwinder Singh BhinderGurwinder Singh Bhinder says

    Times have changed!! Now the readers want full knowledge without any sort of distraction or waste materials, so its better to know the taste of your readers and plan accordingly.

  36. Deepak MehraDeepak Mehra says

    Hi jane,

    I just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog and enjoyed your article.

    Thanks for share with me!!

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