3 Sneaky Ways To Convert Casual Readers To Loyal Readers

develop relationship with blog readers

Driving traffic to your blog and making those people to read your content is one side of the story. That is a BIG side of the story, indeed!

Traffic generation is one of the all-time challenging tasks to any blogger/internet marketer – just like losing weight lol.

Anyway, even if you manage to drive traffic (I mean lots of traffic) to your website/blog, it is not an easy thing to retain that traffic.

You not only need new visitors for your blog, but repeat visitors or loyal visitors.

Both new visitors and loyal visitors are equally important.

And if you manage to convert every new visitor into a loyal visitor (and hence a potential lead and then a customer) how would you feel?

 In my honest opinion, one of the most vital keys to building a successful business through your blog is to convert every new visitor to a loyal visitor by building real relationship [Click to tweet this!].

I will share 3 simple yet sneaky things I do on my blog that are well received by my blog readers. I get a lot of appreciation mails each day by the new visitors about the ways I use to connect with them.

Everyone seems to like it. And I’m being constantly asked what plugin/code I use to do those.

So instead of writing repeated emails, I thought that I could put up a post so that I can refer my readers to this post when asked about the same.

Moreover, it is not a secret. I want all bloggers to make use of the methods I’m using.

Redirect first time commenters to a “Thank You” page

I have a “Thank You for commenting” page. Whenever someone comments on my blog for the very first time, I redirect those first time commenters to that page.

You can take a look at that page here – http://www.probloggingsuccess.com/thank-you-for-commenting/

As you can see, there are a few factors in that page that need to be noticed.

(i) First of all I thank the first time commenters, and appreciate them for not being a silent reader. Honestly, that’s a great thing indeed. Not everyone who visits my blog leaves a comment!

(ii) Second, I highlight the perk they get from commenting on my blog – I highlight that I use premium commentluv plugin on my blog and that they get do-follow keyword-anchored backlinks.

(iii) I invite them to join my mailing list so that I can stay in touch with them even after they leave my blog.

(iv) I then softly introduce three things – (a) the page where I list all the internet marketing tools I use (many readers of my blog repeatedly ask me about this) (b) my ebooks and (c) my free e-course.

(v) I then provide links to popular blog posts so that they can do some more useful reading before they leave.

I use the Comment Redirect plugin by Yoast to redirect first time commenters to the above mentioned “Thank You” page.

Send a “Thank You” email for first time commenters

Whenever someone comments on my blog for the very first time, I send them an automated email, thanking them.

Of course, I won’t be able to do this manually when each time a new commenter stops by and leaves a comment on my blog.

Two plugins I know are having this little cool feature available. (i) Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet and (ii) Immediate List Building Pro.

I prefer using Immediate List Building Pro since it bundles many cool features into one!

Read my detailed review of Immediate List Building Pro here.

Whatever plugin you use, make sure you keep your email short and to the point.

At the same time don’t forget to extend an invitation to join your email list. Here’s how my email to first time commenters look:

Subject: I appreciate your comment


Hi {Commentator’s name},

I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and posting a comment. I genuinely appreciate comments like yours on my blog and I hope you will stick with me :)

If you liked my content and want to read more, I highly recommend you to subscribe to my newsletter. Not just that, you will get 2 free ebooks to help you start your journey as a Problogger. Visit the following link to subscribe:


Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere.

Take care!

Jane Sheeba


This little email gives me another chance to connect with my blog’s visitors/commenters even after they leave my blog.

But I don’t do it annoyingly – I don’t contact them more than once and I don’t write pages of email!

Interact in social media

First things first. Interaction in social media doesn’t mean posting your blog’s links!

By interaction, I mean REAL interaction. Of course, you cannot be spending a big chunk of your time on interacting with people on social media, since we all know that social media is a big distraction and a time killer.

However, we must also face the fact that social media is one of the top places where your crowd gathers. So you ought to be there.

While it is true that you should login to your social sites to post your blog’s links, you may not expect “conversions” or think about building REAL relationship with your readers/followers if you merely post links (I mean your own links).

I find it great when I participate in informal conversations in social media. To me, Facebook works great. For you, it could be something else.

But the point is: Building relationships.

You could do it in various ways – participate in informal and off-marketing discussions, share funny/entertaining stuff, participate in discussions where people are seeking solutions to a problem (if you could help), find out whoever is liking and sharing your stuff and give them some love back and so on.

The possibilities are actually endless.

By being a casual person (and not merely an internet marketer who dies to promote his/her blog), I get attention quite easily.

When I share my blog’s links, they are well received!

But make no mistake. I don’t “pretend” to be a casual person and this is not a marketing tactic. I am like that and fortunately that works for my business as well.


Here you go – 3 cool ways to connect with your readers. These 3 ways are my favorites and they always work!

And, as you can see the first two tips are actual “set up once and forget” kinda stuff, which is very cool. You don’t have to put in a lot of energy to keep up.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just read this post and leave. Take action and see the results for yourself.

I’d appreciate if you could do a bit of social sharing if you liked this post (I’m sure you liked it ;)). Thank you.

Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Hey Jane,

    Until very recently, after people left a comment I would redirect them to my opt-In, now I’m surprised many more bloggers are not doing this. The amount of subscribers were increasing all the time.

    Now you’d want to restrict this to new commenters, as it can enjoy returning visitors. I find communicating with people on Facebook to work quite well.

  2. PrakashPrakash says

    Yes its really works when we redirect the commentators to the thank you page. It increases the no. of subscriber as well as loyal traffic.

  3. NizamNizam says

    Thanking first time commenters by landing them on “thank you for commenting” page after posting comment is really a good strategy. Thanks Jane for this useful post and for the link to comment redirect plugin.

  4. Ehsan says

    Hey Jane,

    I like your idea of using “Thanks for commenting” page and redirecting the first time commentators to that page, I was doing it but now I removed that page because in my opinion It’s useless. It’s useless because if someone read your post and made a mind that he will share the post by social sharing buttons you’re using after leaving a comment.

    But when they left a comment and redirected to “Thanks for commenting” page. They aren’t going back to share that post because they don’t have time and they have to visit other blogs also.

    Sending “Thank You” email to first time commentators is also good, but only to first time commentators not to those who leaves comment to your post daily because It will annoy them if they received that email every time they leave comment on your blog.

    BTW, Thanks for the useful post.

    Ehsan U.
    Ehsan recently posted..BlueHost Review – 10 Reasons To Choose BlueHost ServiceMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ehsan I get your point. But not all visitors share the post after leaving a comment. For instance, I personally share the post first and then leave a comment; I understand that this won’t be the case with all the readers.

      Nevertheless, by redirecting your readers to a thank you page, you can also provide them with links to pillar posts. This means, they will not read and share 1 post of yours but will have the opportunity to read (and probably share many post of yours).

      And above all, you have a brilliant chance of getting them on your list – with which you can stay connected with them for a very long time. In my opinion, if I think “reading and sharing one post and leave” vs “reading many posts and getting on your list” – the latter is much better :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • EhsanEhsan says

        Yeah, I agree with you Jane but as you said, Not all visitors share the post before leaving a comment, I always share a post after leaving a comment, but now I think I need to change my habit 😛

        That is great if you provide them with links to pillar posts and give them option to subscribe to your blog to stay connected other than only thanking them for their comment.

        You must be agree with what I said about sending Thanks you email?

  5. hirahira says

    hi jane
    this is the amazing tips to increase the traffic and comments. i think i should buy Immediate List Building Pro plugin for my little blog. thank for sharing this great post.

  6. Mike HowgMike Howg says

    This is a great article. I will probably add the thank you page for first time commenters. It seems like such a smart idea.

  7. Gary says

    Social Media is a big one for me, and should be for everyone. That is a chance to really connect with people and build relationships as you said. If you are not doing this, then you are really missing out. This is also a great way to butter people up for guests posts and things in the future as well.
    Gary recently posted..High PR Forums ListMy Profile

  8. erwinerwin says

    I am very happy to get new insights every time I visit your blog. I also love it if I have many loyal readers, so I’ll try the suggestions that you shared

  9. CordellCordell says

    Hey Jane this blog is pretty great! Nothing was an outstanding new idea- but all just, “oh, yeah thats right” It’s great that you’re able to point out tips w/o any drastic changes needing to be made. Thanks!

  10. Theodore.NTheodore.N says

    Hi Jane, I realy love what i just read, Its a no brainier. l’m going to try all the things your recommended right away.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ubaid, if they are the first time visitors you can direct them to a “Thank you for commenting page” as I’ve explained in this post. But still, you need to deal with a lot of people who are blind about things happening around.

  11. BeccaBecca says

    I have learned so much by reading your blog. It always amazes me how much there is to learn. For a newbie like me having a resource like you is a God send.

  12. Erik EmanuelliErik Emanuelli says

    Very interesting tips, Jane.
    I already have a redirecting page when someone comments in my blog.
    But I do not send a “thank you” email.
    Don’t you this is too obsessive?
    I do agree, that interacting in social media is very important!

  13. Anne says

    These are great tips to remember Jane. Another way to do this is to create a quick video to thank your first time visitors after commenting on your posts. This will be another way to give a personalized approach in getting their attention and connecting with them.

  14. richaricha says

    Great post, Jane. Retaining traffic is indeed more important than just getting traffic. I love the tips that you have shared in the post. A thank you mail surely has an effect. Social media is a great platform to create and maintain relationships and i completely agree with you that being a casual person surely can help get easy attention.

  15. Adeline YubocoAdeline Yuboco says

    Thanks for the suggestions here, Jane. I’ve started with the Thank You email first for those that have visited and left a comment on my blog for the first time. Now, it’s just a matter of seeing how that will pan out for my blog.

  16. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    This is great post for getting pure and better traffic on your blog and you can spreed your massage to every one in the world but one thing which I need to know that should we send an email to those persons who give some comments not according to the subjects.

  17. AzamAzam says

    Hello Jane
    For good blogging it very necessary warmly welcome to first commentator to make him the part of the community.

    Jane you have written the core concepts of blogging in this post.

  18. Dan Parrington says

    Thank you for writing this warm, down to earth article. Tips like these are not only useful to the blogger, but add to the whole online experience for a reader. Your kind of attitude makes the internet better for us all.

  19. AaynaAayna says

    Loyal readers are one of the foremost prerequisite for a successful blog. Redirecting commentors to a thank you page is one of the most gratified way to extend a thank you note. I myself appreciated those blogs which lands me to a thank you page. The commentor feels nice that way and gets a boost to comment again in future, if he happens to read the blog. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips Jane.

  20. KristineKristine says

    It’s just recently that I have realized that more than being an online journal, blogging can be a lucrative career. I have seen some friends transform from being a hobby-blogger to probloggers and they get so much recognition and following just by writing and sharing their insights about their own personal interests which makes everything fun for them. This article is a nice organized guide to getting more followers! Loyal followers will always fuel bloggers to make every new read better than the previous! I shall keep these tips in mind for my personal blog! Thanks!

  21. Jie HaoJie Hao says

    Hi Jean, I’ve read a few of your articles and honestly, I’m very impressed with them. Your tips have given me a better understanding to Internet Marketing.Do you mind if you check out my blog @ moneyfastneasy.wordpress.com and review it? I’ve heard that you’re pretty good at Online Marketing and I’m currently hitting less than 20 a day. I purchased a Fiverr gig on backlinks 3 days ago and it worked for a bit but now it is not working anymore. :(


  22. JohnJohn says

    Hi Jean!Hey.Its really amazing information for get loyal readers. Everybody want to genuine traffic on their blog. Your tips are really useful. Thanks for sharing. I really like to keep in touch with your blog. Your blog is my, one stop for reading and updating my knowledge.

  23. Mike MooreMike Moore says

    I like the strategy of “highlighting the perks” a visitor gets. It seems obvious but I certainly have overlooked that tactic.

  24. GautamGautam says

    Hey Jane, this is a great post. convert first time reader to daily visitor is the main goal of the every site owners and this is the best tips for them. i really like thank you mail tips it’s cover email subscription with small gift for attract commentator.

  25. JanethJaneth says

    Seems like every time I get one thing done I find ten more I need to do.

    Thanks for the post, I will try and get this set up this morning.

  26. ShitijShitij says

    Hi Jane
    I was reading these tips with a grin on my face as it was so nice of you to disclose your relationship-building tips
    Thanks for sharing


  27. Chadrack says

    I actually do the first two you mentioned but I think I have to reword my thank you page again. I’ve been using that page for sometime now and since my blog has undergone some changes a couple of times, I think it is time to reword it! :)

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

  28. MattMatt says

    hey Jane ! really liked the three most important tips. i really found interesting the first point “Redirect first time commenters to a “Thank You” page”.
    i will definitely try all these. i think these would be helpful for me.

  29. Catherine says

    Thanks for the great ideas here. I use CommentLuv, but I have not thought of redirecting people to a thank you page after they leave a comment. I do this for subscribers, but not comments. This is a great idea, and I am definitely going to review my blog and look at the plugin you suggested :0)

  30. ruchi says

    Well, in my experience is otherwise. e.g. if you are using your blog to generate revenue out of advts like google adsense, then it is the new visitors that give you more clicks and hence the revenue coz the older ones or loyal readers may not do that and hence their contribution towards will be quite minimal. BTW, I didn’t see any google adsense on your blog. So that could be the reason that old/loyal readers are more significant for you.
    ruchi recently posted..Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump: Italian Magazine Chi Publish Pregnant Bikini PicsMy Profile

  31. Carl says

    Social media is not my strong point, building an email list seem like a good way to get visitors back to my site. So how many revisit when you have sent and email…?

  32. Rafaqat says

    hi Jane thanks for the awesome tips to get loyal readers,I have come across few points,that getting organic traffic is not a bad idea but weather these visitors will again visit to your blog…it is not sure,i think there should be some solid reason behind their return,just like two of them you have mentioned i.e thanking page,and send me two free books to become a successful blogger.
    Rafaqat recently posted..6 Steps to Convert your visitors into Loyal Blog ReadersMy Profile

  33. Anshul Sharma says

    Hey Jane , According to me Quality Content, proper SEO, and building relationship is the best way to get loyal reader for your blog. Any ways thanks !!!

    Anshul Sharma

  34. adeem janadeem jan says

    Great post, but there were a couple of things that REALLY resonated with me. First off, I’ve gradually settled into a very conversational tone on my blog and have become rather comfortable being myself, for better or worse. In fact, since I’ve changed it over into a personal blog (from a strictly entrepreneaurial site), my number one challenge has been finding a way to keep it about my readers. The major takeaway I got from this post, however, is the idea that you need to hold your readers hand and instruct them what to do next. That’s so subtle but brilliant all at once. How would you go about engaging with your audience in the context of a personal blog? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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