Is Writing Sabotaging Your Social Media?

Writing Sabotaging Your Social Media

You’re on Facebook, Twitter, and now you’re on Pinterest, too.

You tweet, share, like, +1, and more, until your clicking finger starts to feel numb.


Because you want to connect. You want to engage. You want to interact. You want people to come back to your blog, and actually read your stuff!

Except that usually, they aren’t. And when they do, they don’t stay, or come back.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, it might just be a problem with your writing…

How Fast Can Your Writing Grab Someone?

How long of a chance do you have to grab someone’s attention?

The answer might surprise you…

When someone clicks onto your site from social media, they’ll probably give you about 3 seconds to get their attention. They’re going to skim your headline and either keep reading or – more likely – they’ll leave.

That means a few things to you:

  1. Your headlines have to be good enough to make you stand out in a crowd of a dozen or more,
  2. The first line of the post needs to REALLY grab their attention, and
  3. Your post needs to be formatted so that “barely a glance” is all that’s needed to show how well organized, thorough and interesting you are with your topic.

And you’ve got to do it all in only 3 seconds. That’s not easy!

The good news is that you can actually expand that 3 second window into 5, 10 or even 20 seconds – and it’s much easier to grab someone’s attention in 20 seconds than it is in 3!

Much Easier When they’re Already Half Sold

If the first time a potential reader has ever heard of you is on that Tweet or Facebook update, then you’ve probably already lost. It’s really hard to grab interest in 3 seconds after all… especially if your name doesn’t ring a bell.

The answer to this is to build relationships with people before they ever make it to your blog.

You can do this in one of two ways: either through extensive commenting… or just one or two guest posts. Either way, you develop a relationship with a reader before they have to pick your headline of a timeline of Tweets from here to last Tuesday.

Now, comments can work, but you’re still drowning in a sea of other people, and you’ve got to do *a lot* of it just to get noticed. Guest posting is a whole different ball game.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself. You noticed a name on a few of the blogs that you read, and thought a particular post or two was good enough to connect with the author on Twitter. When you see them mentioned, or see one of their posts tweeted, do you click through? Yep, sometimes you do.

If your name is even just a little familiar to a new reader, and they recognize it as being associated with interesting content, then bingo bango, those 3 seconds just expanded to 5 or 10.

The more blogs and websites a social media contact has seen you and enjoyed your content on, the better this will work.

Good Writing Matters, Too!

There’s an added bonus to guest posting on all the hottest blogs – above and beyond the increased exposure to different audiences (and the associated clicks!). Of course, all of those fresh eyes are great, and can lead to really valuable, mutually beneficial relationships down the road, but another advantage.

See, the more you guest post, the more writing you’re going to have to do. And not just any writing, either – it’s got to be really solid writing. And the more of it that you do, the better you’re going to get at intuitively knowing how to “hook” readers from the start.

That’s what really makes guest posting really powerful.

It’s not just about traffic and reputation-building, it’s also about making you into a better writer. It’s the best kind of virtuous cycle, that brings credibility, relationships, increased traffic and, you guessed it – click-throughs from social media that don’t kill your bounce rate.

That’s why I created the Write Like Freddy training program, to teach people how to nurture the key writing skills that they need to be doing a lot of it – for your own blog, and for other blogs… quickly, easily, and producing content that leads to results.

Write Like Freddy

Danny Iny (@DannyIny) skyrocketed his industry-leading marketing blog to success by writing 80+ guest posts on major blogs in less than a year (earning him the nickname “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging”). Now he teaches others how to do the same in his Write Like Freddy blog writing training program.

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  1. Danny says

    Hey Jane, thank you so much for running my post today!

    I’ll hang around in the comments, so if anyone has questions, please ask, and I’ll do my best to answer. :)

  2. PinkyPinky says

    Firstly, thank you Jane for introducing Danny.

    Hey Danny.
    It was really a one of it ‘s kind of advice for a non-professional and
    a mediocre writer like me. I am glad that I found your piece of writing in this ocean of material on writing good blog posts.

    How Fast Can Your Writing Grab Someone? Here was were I was saying yes, yes,.. as I read every sentence. It’s really true and the quote ‘First impression is the best impression’ fits well in Blog world.

    Thank you.

  3. Kenny FabreKenny Fabre says


    I know my writing goes hand in hand with my social media, they compliment each other, when I just write a new blog post the first thing I do is share it to my social media profiles

  4. Rob RRob R says

    Ive just started getting into the world of guest posting. For me I only have about 4 hours in the late evenings to work on my stuff and I don’t want my regular blog to suffer. I also do try to do lots of commenting but it gets very tiring.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Rob, I understand that it is all tiring. As long as you have a plan, you should be fine. See that you only allocate limited time for guest blogging and blog commenting so that you don’t get burned out.

  5. Harleena Singh says

    Loved the post Danny, and am glad you got him over Jane!

    It’s always wonderful to hear from you Danny, and a great learning experience coming across your posts, webinars, and videos!

    You are absolutely right about most of us deeply stuck in social media and hardly having the time for other things. And places like Pinterest surely do make things tough , as it’s so addictive!!

    I totally agree with you about the short time span visitors have when they visit your blog, and it’s that split of a second you have to make them stay longer- either through your connections or your content.

    I truly do believe in building your contacts and making relationships that last. And for doing that, you need to reach out and connect with people, which would bring them to your blog, without you having to do anything much.

    Commenting with all your heart and expressing what you feel about the post is what I believe in and follow. Guest posting however is something I have yet to start, though it does have many benefits and adds to your traffic and relationships with people.

    Yes, content of course is important, without which nothing works! Going over to check out ‘Write like Freddy’ now :)

    Thanks so much for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Can I Be a Better Parent?My Profile

    • Danny says

      Hey Harleena, it’s great to see you everywhere, too! 😉

      I really like your point about how important the *relationships* are, and just the content. We give more time and attention to our friends, that’s just how we’re wired.

      Seriously, though, both in terms of building those relationships, and building exposure, guest posting is where it’s at. Let me know if you have questions about Write Like Freddy! :)

  6. Jason M says

    I always joke by saying blogging seems to be 10% writing and 90% promotion! So I found myself furiously try and find readers through Twitter, Facebook, Bloglink sites… etc until your exhausted.

    Then you find out that 90% of your traffic is organic through Google. *sigh*. Thanks for your article – I realize that I need to not only change my writing habit but worry less about social media – because the people who visit the site and like it? They will do the marketing for me!
    Jason M recently posted..11 Essential Free Tools for the New BloggerMy Profile

  7. Roberta BudvietasRoberta Budvietas says

    Okay guys this guest blogging is great BUT…I have a challenge with it. Do I write blogs similar to what I write in my normal blogs or do I find places that I can write and do a bio that says I also write on…..xxxx….
    I have been struggling with the concept for a long time now. Dan, I have listened to many experts on this topic so you are kind of my last hope as to where I can guest blog. Where I want to guest blog seems to be want only techo stuff and what I write on is business support and systems and mindset. I am told I write well. I have lots of supposed tweet followers etc but…I don’t think I am going anywhere and I know that if I am as good and useful as some people say, that I am really just not getting the word out. Thanks Dan for any suggestions.

    • Danny says

      Hey Roberta, you should be writing related stuff, because you should only be posting on related sites, anyway. If you write about business support and systems and mindset, why would you be writing for a techie blog?

  8. Jens Berget says

    Hi Danny,

    I’ve finished reading your book and it was awesome. It’s very interesting what you’re saying about building relationships. I always read the posts of people I know, and I almost never stop reading until it’s finished, no matter how bad it is. That’s all because I know the author. If I don’t, I might stop reading after a few sentences, because then, quality is all that matters.

    Great post.

    • Danny says

      I’m the same way, Jens – if they’re friends, you want to give them every chance that you can… but hopefully it isn’t that bad! 😉

  9. AdamAdam says

    I am blogger too, i know how important are the social medias sites boost my blog post or my blog. and i am also in favor of guest posting. through guest posts other blogger know the worth of guest blogger.

  10. SmartySmarty says

    Hey Danny,
    Three seconds is really short period to grab the attention, I would say, the tittle should be perfect. Otherwise we are lost. I’ll better start to craft my tittles :)

  11. AmandaAmanda says

    Guest posting has already become very popular because of its number of benefits. I consider it as an excellent way of collaboration between different authors and bloggers

  12. MelissaMelissa says

    I’m just thinking about starting this kind of activity. Now I’m trying to get all information and to understand all the benefits, so thanks a lot for such a post

  13. PrakashPrakash says

    headlines are the main attraction of any post. and guest posting matters a lot.
    Thanks for sharing it………

  14. abhizabhiz says

    Hello Danny,
    Thanks for this great share, social networking is the best way for getting more clients. Me liked this article

  15. Nick StamoulisNick Stamoulis says

    In order to get social followers to click over to your blog, they need to be the right kind of follower. They need to actually be interested in your brand and what you have to offer. That’s why the quality of social followers is so much more important than the quantity of them.

  16. iPhone DeveloperiPhone Developer says

    Hi Danny,

    Right. People who call themselves “cheap washing machine” and only post comments like “great article. I bookmarked your site” or so will maybe get one or two links out of 10 but for sure no reputation..

    iPhone Developer.

  17. LindaLinda says

    Aaagh! Twitter, Facebook – it sounds like I really have to go there, from what you say.

    I opened (is that the right term?) a Twitter account when I started my blog at Christmas, but have never been back since. I get messages saying people are following me (surely a case of the blind leading the blind – where do they think I’m going??), but I agree with Nick above – there’s no point in them following me if they aren’t interested in my niche. And they can’t possibly know what my niche is, as I haven’t told anyone!!

    So, now I’m off to have a go at being sociable (she says through gritted teeth and a Wallace and Grommit smile) and start making some relationships as you suggest. Surely my wit and charm will get them past the 3 seconds check out period……

  18. Rahul kuntalaRahul kuntala says

    I know you already Danny(I saw your ad at this blog few weeks back). I totally agree with you that, “Blogging = Writing”
    You’ve crafted this post really well. Guest posting is effective though but one should know few tips about it(when they’re completely new).

    I think blog commenting is more easy and effective than guest blogging(my opinion) and I’ll tell you my reasons. You can’t always get a chance of guest blogging on the A listed blogs, but you can always make insightful comments on those blogs. The same formula works for the remaining top blogs too.
    But, attention grabbing is more important. And that can be done by commenting effectively. The comments should be helpful for everyone(commentator, blog author, blog readers etc).

    But, when guest blogging is done in a right way, it can bring more traffic, links, authority and the list goes on :)
    I think I should consider joining your program soon and I recommend others if I get positive results(hope I can make it)..

    • Danny says

      Hi Rahul, thank you for the kind words.

      I understand what you mean, but I have to disagree; I played the “comment” game for a while, and really you don’t get a significant amount of traction or growth out of it, unless something is truly exceptional.

      And the truth is that almost everyone can get a guest post on a major blog, as long as they follow the right steps and do the right work.

      I hope I’ll see you in my program – I look forward to contributing to your success! :)

  19. Barry D.Barry D. says

    Great writing Danny. I am a subscriber to your web site and continue to learn every blog of yours I read. Thank You

  20. TeresaTeresa says

    Great post Danny. I am new to blogging and social media so this has been (and still is) a steep but fun learning curve for me. I had one offer to write a guest post when I first started but, at the time, I wasn’t ready because I wanted to blog regularly on my site first. I am now at a stage where I can think about guest posting because I have written a number of posts that are scheduled to be released over the next few weeks on my site. Your post has made me realise that I need to get on with it. I have recently started commenting on other people’s blog posts but I know I need to do more of that. Thanks for the gentle nudge! :)

  21. NeilNeil says

    Danny thanks for validating what I am doing. I can see that by following this and other advice, I am starting to get results.

  22. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says

    OMG! It’s Mr. Danny (I’m one of his greatest fans) here on Problogging Success (my favorite blog).
    Really, that makes me feel like I’m reading something really worth.
    Everyone, nowadays entering in this world of Guest Posting, but unhappily most doesn’t know the right strategy to make it more and more effective, how to get more out of it.
    If one does, know the right strategy of guest posting, it like a breeze then to get more out of guest blogging. I’ve just started with guest posting few days back, and did few guest posts on little big sites like iTechCode and Doncaprio, but now stopped because mine own blog doesn’t contains some awesome content for coming readers from my guest post.

    So, trying to write more and more that could be published on my own blog. Will be guest blogging again on but now the target would be big blogs, hope to get it done effectively.

    Thanks for all your tips! Much Appreciated.

  23. Chimezirim OdimbaChimezirim Odimba says

    It’s a fact that guest blogging will give you that recognition that you need to get more readers (to even check out what you have to write). However, I think that commenting is very important if you want to land guest blogging opportunities: It makes you a recognized contributor to the blogs you are trying to submit posts to (Every good blog owner takes note of those who make very useful comments). This increases your chances of having your guest posts published. Also, commenting on those blogs actually helps you with the research process for guest blogging opportunities: You can see recurring points. You can sense needs. You can tell questions that are left unanswered. You know what they (those blog readers) will like. This makes it easier for you to write a guest post that will be accepted and produce excellent results.

  24. everest9 says

    You are right but i keep saying this people rush into blogging without learning the basic tools and skills, i must say that writing quality and interesting content is not as easy as we think, there are other things that make up good writing.
    your title, how interesting and clear your text is, your content layout etc

  25. Giselle HaydenGiselle Hayden says

    Thanks for the great tips!! I am currently in the planing/researching/learning process toward launching my first blog and a big concern has been that once I am finally ready to start posting well-crafted, creative content, how will I get people to read it. Do you have any tips on how/where to get started with guest blogging?
    Thanks again!

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