SEO PowerSuite Review: Jump Ahead Of Your SEO Competition

SEO involves improving the visibility of a website in search results. The process is completed through several means such as optimization of on-page elements or link building.

It is necessary to maintain a record of all actions performed both on and off the website.

The results need to be checked on a regular basis. It may be possible to achieve all this manually but using software speeds up and simplifies the process.

And if you’re the one who thinks SEO is scary, you’re not alone! I’m with you.

Read these two posts to console yourself (and pick up some useful tips) –

SEO is scary and networking takes time

SEO is scary and networking takes time: What should a blogger do?

But this is where internet marketing tools come into picture to lend us a helping hand. And it boils down to the very basic question: time or money?

If you are willing to spend months and years trying to figure out things, you will keep trying and may be eventually you will get to it. But by that time many others would already have got there.

If you want to cut off the wandering and get there quite soon, you must be willing to invest in the right internet marketing tools.

I am here to introduce one such tool that will save you lot of your time and will help you figure out what’s going on with your competition (that’s golden, from my experience).

Here you go – SEO PowerSuite Review :)


More powerful light bulb: Do you see yourself there?

Purpose of the software

A collection of four different tools, SEO PowerSuite proves it to be the best SEO software aids the webmaster in various ways from auditing web pages to routinely checking rankings for specific keywords, carrying out research on rival websites or monitoring link building efforts.

The suite is made up of the following tools:

  • Link Assistant
  • Website Auditor
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO SpyGlass

Each of the tools is available individually or bundled together in the SEO PowerSuite software.

Website Auditor: Optimize Websites Onpage

It is necessary to make sure that the on-page factors of a website are completely optimized prior to considering external measures to enhance the ranking of the website in the search engines.

Website Auditor 1

On-page factors include the title, links, headings or any other HTML objects that have some kind of impact on site rankings.

Website Auditor is able to examine factors for just one page or even many pages belonging to the same domain. Initially, it checks for pages that are available and linked from the particular root domain prior to offering to run the analysis for individual pages.

Website Auditor 2


Analysis comprises of checking for errors related to CSS and HTML validation, the overall number of links on a page, the title of the page, the keywords and meta description, and the PR of a page.

The program can also be used to keep track of broken links, check domain statistics, social activity, and complete distribution of PR and statistics of links.

Links are displayed in a tabular form which makes the data a whole lot more accessible. It is possible to generate reports at any given time, which is helpful if analysis is being done on behalf of a client.

The generated reports of web pages highlight the elements which are missing in the page together with errors or other factors that are able to influence the ranking of a page in the search engines.

Rank Tracker: Spy on Search Engine Rankings

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker

Monitoring the rankings of the website in online search engines is one of the major tasks of a webmaster since it helps to establish the failure or success of optimization. The tool is programmed to react as soon as considerable changes are noticed in the rankings.

Being a profile driven tool, the Rank Tracker has a domain name and more than five other rival domain names, the ranks of which can be tracked.

Most of the important and several minor search engines can be chosen in order to be monitored. The majority of users tend to opt for the big three, but many more can be selected.

Rank Tracker 1

The rankings records are kept over time by the Rank Tracker, which are then displayed in the form of a graph in the primary interface. Apart from this feature, Rank Tracker offers webmasters the ability to monitor the visits, KEI as well as keyword suggestions.

Rank Tracker 2

Large range of options allow for a lot of customization. The power to equip programs with proxy servers is among the most essential ones. These proxies help prevent search engines from blocking results on a temporary basis.

The ability to include search engine API keys in the option helps put a check on the number of maximum lookups but avoids blocking the user.

Rank Tracker 3

Schedulers are present to perform automatic ranking checks. Options for export are available.

SEO SpyGlass: Research the Competition

The purpose of the SEO SpyGlass is two-fold – it may be used to locate new pages that can provide backlinks for the project and can examine the backlink structure of a website.

SEO Spy Glass

Irrespective of the process, a backlinks list is obtained that can be further processes to acquire data like Alexa traffic rank, PR, anchor texts, IP address or the link source.

A thorough analysis of the competitor reveals details regarding the backlink profile of a web page. The details can offer an insight into the strategies involved in the process of link building along with the total strength of the site of the competitor.

The program comes in handy in many instances. The backlinks found can be instantly sorted out to locate links that possess much linking power.

The link structure of the competitors can also be replicated. Sites that maintain a link with the website of the competition may also be interested in linking to this website.

Link Assistant: Manage Links Effectively

It is possible to track and manage link building efforts with the help of the Link Assistant tool. Probable link partners can be searched for based on certain factors. The tool attempts to draw a contact email address from the web pages to ease the process of emailing webmasters.

Email template is supported by the program which can be used to customize or create link proposal messages. A build installed in the email client ensures that everything is handled from within the software.

A custom email address can be created for application in the program to catch just the related emails present in the application.

Note: I personally don’t use Link Assistant and don’t recommend you to use it as well. I personally find that this “system” could just send spam signals. But that’s my personal opinion. You are free to use it at your own will.


Combined together, these four tools are all that is required to begin. All of them support proxies and can be used to generate client reports.

They are even equipped with an impressive set of features which are not only ideal for professional webmasters but perfect for newbies too who require professional tools to complete the job.

The tool has a free limited edition (professional) and a paid full edition (enterprise). SEO PowerSuite comes at a very nominal price.

I’ve given a rating 4 because I don’t find Link Assistant to be useful (at least to me). The other 3 tools are quite useful! Click the banner below to try SEO PowerSuite risk free!

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  1. NarenderNarender says

    It was my personal experience of Using SEO Power Suite and I found it better then other competitive SEO tools like NH SEO, Scrapebox etc.Easy to use and no need of VPS .Its a must have SEO Tool .

  2. NarenderNarender says

    BTW Jane I forget to ask one query.Are you providing a discount over it.If yes then I would like it to get for my friends .

  3. Jens P. Berget says

    This looks very interesting. I am currently using SEO Moz, and I am very satisfied with the tools. It’s the most powerful SEO “system” I have tested, but the price is too high. I use it for my clients, so I need the best tools. Have you tried SEO Moz, and do you know if it’s much difference to SEO PowerSuite?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Jens, yes SEO Moz certainly has more features. But it is quite pricey. If you notice the difference in terms of pricing, SEO Moz is a recurring payment. But this one is one off payment.

  4. SamSam says

    So this is looking some easiest way to get all those things quickly for your site/blog which will directly improve your site/blog ranking in major search engines.

  5. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Well, very detailed description of all this software’s possibilities and opportunities. I guess that it can really save much time

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Reasons to Send Email Newsletter On a Regular Basis

  6. AasmaAasma says

    Hi Jane,

    I’m currently using only Rank Tracker (Free Version), it’s quite accurate and easy to use. Though I haven’t tried other tools because I actually didn’t know what are their usage.

    But now I would love to try other tools as well to check the link-building techniques of my competitors.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Aasma, yes I use Rank Tracker much more frequently than the others. If interested, you can buy the single components of the software separately. That is, you can buy Rank Tracker alone.

  7. SamuelSamuel says

    Hi Jane,

    What a great product to review since an seo product can definitely help you out with some work.

    I have used the PowerSuite and am currently using some features of it.

    It is really great especially the backlink checker. The best part.

  8. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Nice review Jane,
    How was your weekend? I have never used any SEO software since i started blogging for like eight months now, not that i don’t see them or that i don’t trust them.

    The main reason is because i always like trying things on my own so i will know the steps and will be able to show my readers how i did it.

    But i will go over and check out this one now to see if it will really worth the money.

    Thanks for your honest review Jane.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Of course I like the paid version Glen. Since with the free version I cannot save my projects but can only view them on the screen. If I have to do a comparison of my ranking data (past to present) or the backlink data, I need to be able to save my projects.

  9. LuisLuis says

    SEO Powersuite sounds like a great bundle, I have colleagues and friends who have had success with it. I myself have never had experience with it. I have opted for BuzzStream to handle my link building campaigns and SEOMoz for everything else. I can highly recommend those two and taking into consideration the experiences I’ve been told of by friends, would recommend Powersuite as well.

  10. Joey DJoey D says


    SEO Powersuite is a awesome SEO software. I use it all the time (Free version). The only thing I think is that the software is pretty pricey. I guess you have to spend money to make money. Over all great software!!

  11. Alan says

    I have the SEO Power Suite. I also have experience with other SEO tools, SEOmoz etc. Just like with anything else, it has its pros and cons. Some of the tools in SEO Power Suite take forever to work. If you scan all of the search engines using Rank Tracker, it could take hours to finish. However, it is a very robust tool and is great for competitive analysis.

  12. Veer ModiVeer Modi says


    I have not tried any seo tool yet. SEO Powersuit looks promising. I think I should try this tool. Thanks Jane For detailed review.

  13. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Hi jane,

    Well i never tried any SEO softwares as the plugins are enough for me, But after reading the review of seo power suite im amazed to how much features a single tool has! The best thing in this tool i liked is it has collection of four tools which are very useful. Anyways thanks for the review.

  14. akhilendraakhilendra says

    i have tried their free version and used it quite extensively, it is quite good and if someone wants to purchase any individual application, then it’s quite economical also, thanks for sharing your review.

  15. PrakashPrakash says

    Seo is everything for a blog and at the same time it is nothing cause I don’t know the steps for doing SEO. All my traffic comes from search engine without doing much on seo, yes on page seo is somewhere in our hand and we can also make some backlinks also.
    But it’s difficult to understand google’s algo for SEO.
    Nice post Jane………….

  16. KristineKristine says

    Hi Jane! This is the first time I’ve encountered SEO PowerSuite, I have SEOmoz but I will definitely consider giving this a shot. Thanks and More Power!

  17. James Stuart says

    I have to admit that whilst one of my blogs uses SEO software, the latest one (okay it’s a 10 year old site) is going to use php scripting built in to actually reflect the keywords in the meta tag description. As for backlinks and off page SEO, have you tried Ahrefs?

    I have and am a fan of SEO spyglass. It’s a pretty solid solution.

  18. SarveshSarvesh says

    Hi Jane,

    Well first of all thanks for the amazing seo tool with awesome features. i must admit that its a great tool which we can operate it from desktop and the best part in this tool which i liked very much it has Rank Tracker, website auditor and etc.

    thanks for the informative review.

  19. Saon MenzSaon Menz says

    I am using seo power suite free version. Better and simple seo application. From the powersuite I often use rank tracker and seo spy.

  20. NormNorm says

    I think I need to cancel my SEOMoz subscription and get this software instead! I don’t think I am even using everything SEOMoz offers, and this is really about all I need. Thank you!

  21. Rajesh Namase says

    SEO Power Suite is very good SEO software, in the month of September they offered free 6months license for posting a good blog post about their 4 different software, I’m using same and happy with results. But Website Auditor took too much time to create SEO report.

  22. risteriste says

    I have to admit that whilst one of my blogs uses SEO software, the latest one (okay it’s a 10 year old site) is going to use php scripting built in to actually reflect the keywords in the meta tag description. As for backlinks and off page SEO, have you tried Ahrefs?

    Riste Kocev recently posted .. Jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 3 for iPhone 5

  23. Sawicka says

    Seo Power Suite is a great tools, but I think I don’t really need these tool too much. Well, it depends on how much we need it.
    Maybe I will refer this tools to my friend, who knows they need it more than me.
    Thanks for a great review Jane :)

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