SEO Is Scary And Networking Takes Time: What Should A Blogger Do?

search engine optimization components

This post is the continuation of Part 1, where I opened up the discussion on how scaring SEO is and how tiring and tedious networking is.

I also shared some tips on how to do networking without getting tired.

Before you start to read this post, I strongly suggest you to read the part 1 of this post:

SEO Is Scaring And Networking Takes Time

In this post let me continue my talk on how to face SEO without fear.

On to search engine optimization

This is scary stuff for most newbie bloggers and even established ones, as I said already. But if you want to build an online business you cannot be ignorant about this and neither can you skip this.

I know that statement gives you enough pressure and makes you pull your hair out, right?

But I have good news for you. SEO is simple. The basics are always the same.

Get to know about the basics and you’re above safe. The basics include:

Find out the right keywords (Keyword research – I use Market Samurai for this)

On page optimization

Optimizing your post for search engines at the same time make it readable by people).

Keyword research comes first. But don’t base your content too much on keyword. That will not make the post human friendly.

If in doubt, read this post: SEO: Optimizing blog posts for people and I use Easy WP SEO plugin to help me with this.

Here is my full review of the plugin and backend feel + settings and stuff

Easy WP SEO Review: Your Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin

You might also want to read

Simple SEO tips for bloggers that make a difference

And this free report from Copyblogger is really useful: SEO Copywriting made simple

How to optimize URLs for search engine and people

Off page optimization

You know, building links and this comes as a nightmare – that’s true. And here’s where the rules change a LOT, every often. Build more links, build less links, build links so that they look natural…. oh wait, actually Google love natural links.

What does that mean? Your content needs to be kick-ass so that people automatically link to your blog posts. Yep that happens for sure when you write awesome blog posts.

But that also takes time. For instance, if you’re a newbie, even if you write awesome content, the biggies won’t be link to you unless they know you.

And here’s where networking comes into picture!

When people know you AND you have awesome stuff, this can easily happen.

But wait, there’s one more important missing piece. You gotta give first in order to receive. Link out to others in order to be linked.

And there comes…..

Blog commenting

Kill three birds in one stone

  • get good quality backlinks,
  • promote your blog posts (if you manage to comment on Commentluv enabled blogs),
  • network with the host blogger and other commenters.

Read this post to know how you can comment on blogs without killing yourself – Blog commenting: Build high quality backlinks effectively without killing yourself.

Do it right, and you can reap a lot of benefits.

Whatever you do, don’t just comment for a link.

Guest blogging

The power of guest blogging

From my experience of writing more than 280 guest posts as of now, I can say this – guest blogging rocks.

You can kill five birds with one stone in this case –

  • get very high quality, authority backlinks
  • become a better writer
  • get loads of targeted traffic
  • become an authority in your niche
  • promote your blog/business/service (almost) free!

Not convinced yet? Read this: Top 5 benefits of guest blogging in popular blogs

Don’t know where to start and how to proceed with guest blogging? Grab my guest blogging guide which will teach you all about guest blogging inside out – Guest Blogging Champion.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the list of guest posts I’ve written.

Think that your writing is not top notch? Grab my FREE course that will teach you how to write killer posts – Write Killer Content.

Got any more excuses?

Bulk social bookmarking

OK let me put my hands up in the air and say this – links from social bookmarking sites are not of high quality. BUT they help you get indexed faster in search engines.

That’s from my personal experience.

Now, when it comes to bulk social bookmarking, it is surely a tedious job. So you may want to outsource it. Simple!

Social sharing

This is another aspect – different from social bookmarking. Share your blog post links gently in your social media profiles.

For this, I assume that you also do share a lot of other useful (relevant) stuff.

If you post only your own blog’s links in your social profile, you cannot expect anything to happen – except for a bunch of links.

Bottom line: What should a blogger do?

Yes SEO is scary. But a blogger should never get tired of learning new things. And remember, the basics never change.

Just play safe. Don’t over optimize your blog posts or pages.

And don’t build links in an un-natural way.

Networking is fun. Do it casually and effectively.

Don’t network with a “selling” thought in mind. That’s not networking.

Set aside a fixed amount of time every day or in a week for networking. The more contacts you build – they’re your assets.

Be nice to people and help them out.

I’m out of words right now; but I wanted to talk in detail on this topic since I get a lot of emails from bloggers complaining about these two aspects of blogging!

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

    Sheeba – This is a wonderful sequel to your first part. I am all for commenting and guest blogging. I somehow lost touch of writing for other blogs these days, just tied up with my work and family.

    I need to come back and start concentrating on guest articles. I would love to have you over at mine if you would be interested. Do let me know.

    Good read. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Praveen, the excellent thing about blog commenting and guest posting is that they can handle both networking and SEO (link building) + they will help you build your authority.

  2. Brian Hawkins says

    Hi Jane, Nice SEO tasks but like your title says, it takes time. I’m working hard to limit my time on each task because I run out of day before I get everything finished.

    When you say bulk social bookmarking, what exactly are you referring to? Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon or are you looking at sites like Blog Engage?

  3. Harleena Singh says

    Informative post Jane!

    I loved the links within the post you shared, beside the content and information that makes a good read. You are absolutely right about SEO being scary, especially with the recent animal updates! They leave you thinking as to what’s actually the right keywords density one should use? Any suggestions about that. :)

    And yes, networking and social medias are time consuming, yet I think one really can’t do without them unless your blog reaches a good rank when you don’t really need much of these. I still need to get started with guest blogging, something that’s long overdue. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Harleena you’re a very good writer (and a great networker) and I don’t know why you’re hesitating to write guest posts :)

      Consider a max of 2% keyword density to be fine. But I would rather mix up short tail, long tail and semantic keywords on one keyword within one post :) That will make it more natural. Plus I don’t aim for serious SEO with keywords in blog posts. I consider keywords as a good motivation or seed for writing a post on a topic. That’s it. Everything else should naturally follow.

  4. vinodhvinodh says

    good write up. Thanks for the write killer content link.
    further when we do bulk bookmarking who will write the content.
    wont same content (that point to our site) in many places lead to duplicate content.
    also accept the samurai part. great tool.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Vinodh, bulk social bookmarking is nothing but submitting your published url to various social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious and the like. Google is intelligent enough to sense that it is a social bookmarking site. And as I say in the post, backlinks for bookmarking sites are not given much weight. However, they help you to get indexed quite soon (that’s from my experience).

      Also, social bookmarking sites do not publish your content as-is (most of them). They act as content curators. This is very much different from your same blog post being published on an auto blog or an article directory.

  5. AasmaAasma says

    Hi Jane,

    You’re totally right about SEO here. If you can acquire high quality links then your site can easily rank higher on search engine. Guest posting and press release submission are great way to get high authority links. Plus social media juice is also very crucial so one should never ignore it.

  6. Howard Harkness says

    I suspect that outsourcing bulk social bookmarking is something that used to work fairly well, but just doesn’t any more. I used it effectively a couple of years ago to build traffic to, and attracted several guest authors. However, the same tactics have flat-lined for getting traffic to, which was a surprise to me. I thought the latter would actually do better.

    Of course, I’m also doing blog commenting. That was also highly effective a couple of years ago, but does not seem to work for guestrelationshipsblog.

    One thing that I have not pursued is guest blogging. I run several blogs, and I have a hard time finding the time to write content for my own. Maybe I’m missing a bet, especially since (IMNSHO) I can write significantly better than most of the guest authors I seem to attract to guestdietblog (I had several of my own articles there, but I pulled them off because I just didn’t want my writing mixed in there).

    FYI, I ran into a problem with your post. I was unable to view it properly with Firefox. When I switched to the MS virus-magnet (IE), I was able to see it, but got a warning about content with an invalid security certificate.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Howard, thanks for pointing out the problem. It could be because of the DNS propagation since my sites are recently moved to a dedicated server.

      You should seriously start doing guest posting! Bulk social bookmarking does help for faster indexing; but nothing more than that!

  7. Jason Mathes says

    Sheeba this is some great advice! I really need to start working on Guest Posting and branching out there!

    One thing that is starting to become very important is the use of Social Media. Google and Bing are starting to look at Twitter and Facebook on how to rate your authority/trust within your niche. So the more shares you can get and interaction on these services it will help your overall PR.

    Of course back links and natural linking is still pretty high up on the list! Thanks again!

  8. Sanjib Kumar SahaSanjib Kumar Saha says

    Hi Jane,
    You picked up a very casual but very troubling issue of today. Many suffer through the well-discussed issues you put up. The bottom line was very helpful. It summed up all it could take to tackle any of the problems. SEO is an important field of concern, but as we know networking is easier. So better fill up your needs using an easier task rather to go for hectic ones. Thanks for the share. :). Your posts and blogs are refreshing!

  9. Kulwant Nagi says

    First of all I would like to say thanks for bringing part 2 of this unique topic.

    SEO and Networking both are part of a reputed website. There are two types of websites, one which are for human and one which are for search engines. If you are targeting search engine for traffic then no doubt SEO can bring a huge exposure to your blog and you need not to spend time on networking. One example I would like to take is websites having hacking tricks or wallpapers.
    People just search the tricks and after implementing they never go back on the website and same happen with wallpaper site also. So these site need strong SEO because only interested people will come on your blog. As we cannot force wallpaper to a person who is looking for Tricks even we have done strong networking with the person.

    For any serious blogger who is concerned for delivering quality, SEO and Networking are most important. Because if he is wasting his time in doing SEO only then it is of no use. I would like to take simple example –
    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Because the Internet works the same way. If you have a website but no one knows it exists then it is of no use so SEO and Networking both have importance.

    In blogging we expend our circle that people know about us and I am 100% agree with the point that we can do this in well manner by doing guest blogging.
    Guest Blogging might become must do activity in future as they are launching Author Rank update.

    Becoming Authority in Niche might take some time but once we will be bale to achieve this then we can enjoy the real fruit of blogging.

    Thanks again for this article.

  10. Vivek | Google PandaVivek | Google Panda says

    I have just one word for this work : Awesome. !26 Guest posts, Great. So it means almost 100 plus dofollow quality backlinks. I usually never suggest guest blogging to any of my reader. But you inspired me. Thanks..

  11. Alan says

    Jane- This is an excellent post. I struggle with choosing website’s in my niche to do guest posts on. Your list of 5 benefits of guest blog posting really summed up what I thought the benefits of guest posting would be.

  12. SamuelSamuel says

    Great addition to the first part Jane!

    You hit the SEO heart with the best forms of techniques!

    Guest blogging and blog commenting is the gold form of SEO!

  13. Dhruv BhagatDhruv Bhagat says

    After the Google Algorithms, many bloggers can’t sleep. Making money from blogs is not an easy task anymore. You have to be very careful at each and every step!

    I have started fresh deleting all previous poor quality content. Now I am writing quality blog posts, regular blog commenting, guest posting etc. And, some of my links have started coming on 1st page which were previously coming on 5th – 6th page of Google..

    Thanks :)

  14. Reico says

    I like what you wrote about helping people out. If you can offer an answer to a perplexing question or even point them in the right direction I find that people really appreciate you saving them time so they come back to you in the future.

  15. Adeline Yuboco says

    SEO can be quite intimidating for many people starting out blogging, but once you start doing it for some time, you’d find that it’s not that scary at all. I found that optimizing my posts after I write them is much better since it makes it more natural. And yes! Market Samurai does help a lot.

  16. Jason CapshawJason Capshaw says

    280 guest posts! What sort of research do you do to find guest posting opps? Do you use myblogguest or another community?

  17. NavdeepNavdeep says

    A strong content for freshers really helpful guest posts really gives good crush profit to our site thanks for the stuff

  18. shailyshaily says

    Your article is very good ! u have shown all important points…i have health blog..what should i do for building backlinks

  19. NeilNeil says

    Two lovely posts Jane. SEO and blogging is simple, people do need to be consistent and patient though. That is where many people fall short in this game.

  20. GabrielGabriel says

    Hi Jane, this is a great list of tactics. Do you have any recommendation for outsourcing social bookmarking like you mentioned? Thanks

  21. SteveSteve says

    I think a blogger must be patient and try to build links naturally. This is really important because your 1 year work can be ruined in 1 week. Nice post Sheeba.

  22. KuldeepKuldeep says


    Well during this recent years SEO is becoming more scary as the number of blogs increasing and their competition too. And i would like to thanks you for this amazing post which contain complete information regarding SEO {in simple}.

    And next to get top in ranking we need more natural links which get be easily generated by either guest posting or blog commenting. And for referral traffic i prefer social sharing majorly facebook.


  23. Siddartha Thota says

    I accept with every word that you’ve stated in this post, as SEO has turned into any unreliable aspect which is forcing us to change our strategies regularly, while on the other hand Social Media is a tough job, but again if we form a small team in order to maintain Social Media it will work and I’ve experienced the decent growth.

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