Home Based Business Blogging Survival Tips

Home Based Business Blogging Survival Tips

Starting a business from home is both a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong here – I know it feels really great to start a home based business – it gives total freedom both financially and for life.

However, since the business is “home based” there are some risks associated with it. Well, not technically “risks” – that’s not a good word – but still, if you’re not aware of what you’re into, you might run into some trouble.

You know, surviving a solopreneurship or even being an entrepreneur with a team while you work at home is not always as you expect in the beginning. Let me put out some of the challenges you might face in this respect.

Problem #1: People taking you for granted

Yes, now that you’re working from “home” people perceive you as always “available” – and that’s not good.

I’ve had this many times. People usually expect me to come over for shopping or join a meeting or help them out with something urgent and they give me notice only at the last moment.

And if I tell them that I’m occupied or busy, they just give me a weird look – like “What? You’re busy? You are at home always, right?”

This might sound like a very little problem. But over the due course, if you don’t make it clear to everyone about what you are doing and the nature of your work, you will soon run into trouble – the kind of trouble where you could ruin relationship with people. And that’s not good.

So here are the possible solutions to survive this issue.

And one more thing before I dive into offering you solutions – When I say “people” that includes both outsiders and your family, of course. Yes, unless and until you put things straight, even your family will have some problems adjusting with yourself.

Solution #1: Have a working place, schedule and let your family know about it

This is probably one of the first and one of the most important things you should take care when you plan with starting an online business; in particular, a home based business! As I said earlier, since you work from home, it is most likely that people from your family will take you for granted.

Hence you should make sure that you keep them informed of whatever is needed for the proper functioning of your business. Otherwise you will not only ruin your business but might also ruin your relationship with your family members.

Make sure you have a dedicated work place at home, even if it is a small room. This will make it easier for you to intimate them about your working hours.

For instance if you are working, you can close the door and let your family know that it’s your working time and you don’t want to be disturbed. Over the time, your family will start to realize your working routine – this is very important.

Also conduct a brief meeting weekly or bi-weekly with your family and let them know about your appointments or meetings that require your time and commitment. But don’t make the meeting just to announce your appointments, of course, rather make it a quality time with your family.

Solution #2: Don’t hesitate to say NO

Learn to say No and this will solve more than 70% of your problems [Click to tweet this!]

Whenever people (doesn’t matter your family or friends from outside), ask you for help or for your time and if you find that you cannot give your time for that, just say NO. Don’t even think or hesitate.

You might think that you are being rude or that you are denying helping your friends – but if you say yes and then if you cannot give your 100% to your friends they are not going to be happy!

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Problem #2: You become financially stressed

You become financially stressed

Most bloggers stress them out with finances when they start a home based business. Some start a business by devoting their time fully; and some others do it as a part time business while they work in a regular job.

Whatever be the case, it is highly important that you make it clear to yourself and your family (if they depend on you for financial support) that it will take time to make money with blogging.

Let’s see how you can fix this.

Here are some solutions

1. Save as much as you can when you start earning any small amount of money.

2. Be conscious about spending.  Do not over spend, ever. It is very important that that you think again and again before you buy anything for your business. You won’t always need that extra software, or that “yet another” e-book.

3. Set aside money for taxes right from the beginning or else you’d be shockingly and unpleasantly surprised when you have to pay your taxes.

4. When you are outsourcing any task for your business, it is important that you do your research and find the cheap and best option – don’t compromise on the quality of the work, but at the same time you don’t have to pay that much always.

5. Tell your family that it will take X months to start seeing consistent income. Otherwise they might start expecting income from your source too early and this will lead to stress.

6. Also let your family know that there are certain costs involved in running your business.

If you follow these tips I’m sure you’ll be a lot relaxed on the financial front and you can be more focussed on developing your business for good!

And, I have to stress again – please don’t take any of these things lightly and don’t postpone with setting these straight right from the beginning.

Problem #3: The problem with staying focused

Yes, working from home becomes almost a curse with this one issue. Since it is a house where you and your family perform the regular rituals, it cannot be a perfect or a suitable place for you to do business.

There are all sorts of distractions like the TV, screaming kids, the washing machine that calls your attention, the microwave that beeps, people who call you because they think you are available at home kinda “always”, the countless online distractions and so on.

In the middle of all these distractions it is highly challenging to focus on your business. At the same time it is very important that you give enough “serious” working hours every week/day for your business to grow.

Here are a few tips to solve this issue

Solution #1: Get clarity with your goals

If you get clarity with your blogging goals, it will be much easier for you to focus on what’s needed to be done. This is why goals are important. If you have a clear goal in place, you know for sure what you have to work for. You clearly know what is needed in terms of the efforts that are required to achieve success with your business.

On the other hand, when you don’t have clarity with your business, you will just be wandering on (unwanted) tasks pointlessly. You will not be able to track your progress, since you have not yet defined your “success” – in other words, when you don’t know what you want, you won’t know if you have achieved it or not (hence, success is undefined!).

Solution #2: Have a regular working schedule

Just as you would get dressed, prepare yourself and go to a workplace if you had a regular 9-5 job, you have to have a strict working schedule with a home based business too. This works two ways –

(i) Your family members will clearly know about your working time and they will not interrupt you – this saves you many unwanted discussions and misunderstandings.

(ii) Your mind and body will adapt to your working schedule and you won’t have difficulties in tuning in.

I wake up at 5 am or 6 am in the morning (some days at 5 and some days at 6) and work for about an hour – since this is my golden hour, I get some of the major work done during this time.

Then, I prepare myself physically (take a shower, dress up informally, tie my hair) and sit down at 10 am in the morning at my table after I send off my hubby to office and the kid to school. I work until 11:15 am and there will be a 15 mins tea break. And then I work from 11:30 am until 1 pm.

After lunch, I take a nap from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm and then my kid gets back from school at 4 pm. I give him some personal time, get him eat some snacks, etc. I work on and off during this time until 8 pm. After dinner I get some minor work done and get to bed at 10:30 pm (by all means).

This is my schedule – both my family and my mind/body know this schedule (and now, you know it too :)). So unless for some very important reason my family doesn’t interrupt me during this time!

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Solution #3: Allow enough breaks

Allow enough breaks

If you work at an office, you meet people, you socialize, you commute – there are quite some “non-work” kind of tasks. But when you work from home, there could be only “work” related work and “home” related work – if you are currently working from home, you’ll understand what I mean.

And at times, you will really become fed up with the “all work and no play” schedule. So make sure you allow enough breaks in your work schedule so that you allow time for some fresh air, time to pamper yourself, family time, time to do things you love and so on – in short, you should live your life!

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Solution #4: Be disciplined and have will power to follow your dreams

It can be challenging to stick to a schedule! It can be stressful to work hard on your business. It can be quite challenging to make all the ends meet. It could be hard and boring to wake up early every day. It could be hard to focus on writing your blog post while your friends are hanging out on Facebook.

All you need is discipline and will power.

Make sure you have clarity with what you want to achieve with your business. And make sure you remind yourself often about this goal.

Analyze your progress on your business every week and plan your next week. Analyze and see if you are spending your time on stuff that really matters and that really promotes your business. If you find that you are working or in fact, wasting time on unnecessary tasks you should cut back and stay focused.

It doesn’t matter how many time management and organizational tools you use – it all depends on your self-discipline and your will power to make things work for good. [Click to tweet this!]

Home based business blogging survival tips – a recap

There is no way I can cover all those aspects that are needed to run a successful home based small business – but I have covered some of the most basics in this post; more importantly, I’ve talked about the aspects with the big picture in mind – I’ve not gone into the very details of it.

So here’s what I covered in this post in a nutshell! Following are the major issues and possible solutions to them summarized below:

Problem #1: People taking you for granted!Solutions:(i) Have a working place, working schedule and let your family know about it.(ii) Don’t hesitate to say NO

Problem #2: You become financially stressed


(i) Save.

(ii) Do not over spend.

(iii) Set aside money for taxes.

(iv) Outsource wisely and efficiently.

(v) Let your family know about your income.

(vi) Let your family know about your business expenses.

Problem #3: The problem with staying focused


(i) Have a regular working schedule.

(ii) Allow enough breaks.

(iii) Be disciplined and have will power to follow your dreams.

Hope I helped you with this big picture. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    I SO agree with ALL that you’ve written :)

    I guess being a professional writer and blogger, and a full time Mom working from home, I can relate to it. I agree, that if you don’t have your schedule set up for yourself, things don’t work!

    You DO need to chalk out your work time from your family time, and have a very focused and well planned out routine to get things done. Your routine sounds so much like mine, except that I cannot get up earlier than the usual 5.30a.m than I currently do, but with grow-up kids I do find the same one hour slot early morning to get a lot done, though my most productive time is when the house is all to myself – peaceful time to work :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day ahead :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      “With grown up kids” you are so blessed Harleena lol :) I wish mine grows up faster – just kidding 😉

      Love the mischievous kid and all his noisy acts but when he is asleep I get a lot more done and that’s why I prefer getting up earlier! Some people find that staying up late will work for them – in fact for me, staying up late used to work before the kid was born. Now he stays awake even until 12:30 am and waits for me – he will just go to bed when I go to bed and accompany him – such a sweet act, right?

      • Harleena Singh says

        The grass always seems greener on the other side Jane…lol…even with grown up kids, you have a separate set of issues. But yes, as compared to the younger ones, elder ones tend to understand things because they know you are working.

        Sweet indeed, though he must be running short of sleep if he’s to be up early for school, or perhaps as yet the play-school timings might be a little late. I guess you’d have to get him used to sleeping earlier once he starts school early, which would again change your schedule. I agree, working early morning is the best indeed.

        Thanks once again :)

  2. Nirmala says

    I guess this post was written for me (lol).

    I work from home and an facing so many hurdles and it is tough to concentrate on my work.

    Moreover, my family members are not understanding me and saying that am spending too much of time online. I tried to clear the facts that am a learner and worker, so i need to spend some quality time to do blogging n all. But its hard for them to digest all and thinking that am simply wasting my time online.

    My another problem is home works. As you told, there are lot of distractions while doing my work. I have no maid and I need to carry each & every work at home. So I used to work at night time and again it is creating problem in waking up early.

    My third problem is still am not getting any monetary benefits with my new blog. This makes the family members and hubby to ask various questions to me. All over, it is really hard to handle the situation, but my passion in blogging still keeps me here.

    Even I have schedule to work, it is hard for me to follow. My working schedule is somewhat same like you and I have to take care of my daughter.

    Anyway, will try to follow the useful tips which you’ve listed here to do better blogging.

    Thanks for the useful post Jane :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Nirmala, I know and I can certainly relate to your current situation. I had been there once! But when I started to explain my family what it takes to run a business they understood.

      In most cases, we (especially women) expect the family to know it all :) And we shy from explaining them openly :) What do you say?

  3. Jeevan Jacob JohnJeevan Jacob John says

    Great Tips, Jane :)

    I think the one I had most problem with is #1 (mostly with my family). But, it has worked out over time (although it would have been nice to explain my schedule and everything at first, but I never bothered to do that, nor did I realize the importance at the time).

    Good see know that you are running a series on home based businesses. I am restarting my blogging career, and would certainly love some refreshers on the topic (and of course, tips from you :D).

    Thanks for the post, Jane!

  4. Palla Ramarao says

    Hi Jane :)
    I love the honest insights into your blogging career. The schedule you maintain with online work is very tough to keep up with.. You can easily be carried away while doing something important. Another significant thing is convincing your “surrounding” relatives like wife, parents on the amount of income you generate. Nobody in India, especially in AP, still don’t look at Blogging as a lucrative career. Yes, they may be right! But there are rags-to-riches stories which keep us motivated. I find this motivation hard-to-keep unless there is some financial return. I hope your “blog auditing” tips for my blogs help in my endeavors.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Palla, yes it is quite hard to convince people, especially in the southern part of India. Blogging is not perceived as a business here, yet. And as Nirmala mentioned in one of her comments, when we spend time online, most people think we’re “wasting” time. But it is our responsibility to explain it to the others so that we can fulfill our dreams!

  5. Jeremy NortonJeremy Norton says

    Since I started working home based, I usually have a specific schedule for work and for my family. I made them understand that whenever I am working, as much as possible, they should avoid disturbing me so that I could finish my quota for the and give the rest of the time to them.

  6. Jitendra Vaswani says

    First time landed on your blog and was amazed to see that Jane you are multi talented lady I had ever seen in Indian Blogging. Your blogging survival tips are really helpful for bloggers who are struggling to find time for themselves.

  7. hirenhiren says

    Hi Jane
    nice article i totally agree with your points and i learn many things after reading your post thanks for sharing blogging survival tips.

  8. Nikhil GavadeNikhil Gavade says

    I love the way that you have written this blog cause it feels really great when we start home business…and it’s very important which you mentioned about saving money and don’t over spend. I’ve huge experience of that stuff.

  9. saad says

    The grass always seems greener on the other side Jane…lol…even with grown up kids, you have a separate set of issues. But yes, as compared to the younger ones, elder ones tend to understand things because they know you are working.

    Sweet indeed, though he must be running short of sleep if he’s to be up early for school, or perhaps as yet the play-school timings might be a little late. I guess you’d have to get him used to sleeping earlier once he starts school early, which would again change your schedule.

  10. Reginald says

    Hey Jane,

    Thanks for sharing this. I think staying focus is very hard. Like when it comes to blogging, I have to balance blogging, guest posting etc. Time is definitely not on my side. Haha!

    Great solutions you provided and thanks for sharing that.

    Lovely. Will share it on social media too.

  11. April May T. RamosApril May T. Ramos says

    Hi Jane, it is great to know you are there, or shall we say were there where I am now! I am new to blogging and I am certainly home-based and I can truly relate with everything you say on this blog – but right now, I am at the ripe time since my two boys are bigger and easier to leave alone now – so I can concentrate better! Thank you for your guidance! :)

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