Write Killer Content: How To Structure Your Killer Post


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Welcome to the seventh post in the series “Write Killer Content.

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In this post I will discuss about structuring your killer blog post.

This is one of the advanced stages of writing a killer post. Therefore I assume that you already have identified your killer idea and the killer angle for your post.

Now let’s see the part about writing.

Although you can simply write a killer post in the way you would write any post, if you pay some special attention to your writing style you would equip your post with some additional spice so that it can easily become a killer AND win your readers heart.

In the second, and the fourth posts in this series, I discussed about the characteristics of killer post and what topics become killers.

So make sure that your post has all those characteristics before you dive in.

The problem

Your post does have a core problem doesn’t it? OK it might not be a “problem” always but there should be a core idea around which your killer post could be developed.

Make sure that you clearly understand the core problem in the first place. Also do extensive research to make sure that you know your stuff.

I insist this again because, there would be nothing more embarrassing than you providing incorrect details and facts/figures in your (killer) post; it all spoils the game!

Moving on.

Your killer post should be structured in such a way that it clearly tells people what problem or the core idea you are talking about.

If that is not clear in the first place then your killer post would miss the mark and will fail to grab the initial attention of the reader – this is very crucial.

Instead of simply and plainly telling the readers that you are going to discuss the problem “XYZ” in the post, you should explain the following things in the post:

(i) the acuteness of the problem (how fast a solution is needed)

(ii) the severity of the problem (how important is it to find a solution)

(iii) the symptoms of the problem (how bad it affects the reader’s progress)

Such an introduction to the problem you are going to discuss will “hook” the reader on to your post by creating the necessary interest and curiosity.

Provide the meat

Yes, just provide the meat as much as you can. Meat should be the major part of your post – don’t even think about beating around the bush.

Deliver as much as you can to make the post comprehensive, complete and make sure it highlights the missing piece.

Your post won’t be a killer without the “meat” in it – there’s no doubt. So just over-deliver.

Over-deliver in terms of value, not the length. If you have wrong notions about what the length of a killer post should be, I strongly recommend you to read this post.

So make your post as long as it should be, by delivering pure value.

Provide practical stuff

Theory posts don’t do well as killers. That’s totally understandable.

After you have provided the “meat” of the problem (which is the solution) your post certainly should provide practical applicable steps for the readers to go and implement right away.

I mean, even if you have told them the solution straightforwardly it is still great to tell them how exactly they can do it.

It is not a hard thing to do. Just give them an action plan, screenshots, practical steps etc. to make your readers go out and actually try your solution.

If you tell then exactly how they can do things to get the promised results (or get rid of a problem) that will add the extra spice to your post.


So here is the structure of a killer post at a glance –

State clearly what problem you are going to talk about, but in an indirect way. For instance talk about the symptoms and the acuteness of the problem. This will create a curiosity and interest in the reader to continue reading your post.

Provide the meat of the post in as much detail as it needs. Provide the solution or an in-depth discussion. This is the crucial part of your post, so don’t disappoint your readers.

Give your readers practical ways to implement the solution or the strategy you discussed in the post. Give them simple, straightforward ways to apply what they’ve learned from your post.

That’s it really. Killer posts don’t have a very complicated structure. There is no need.

In fact, the simpler it is, the easier it will be for the readers to grasp your content.

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  1. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says


    Thanks for one more awesome post on Killer Content, here’s question for you. I write what I love and know, and trying my best to write more better. Though I don’t know English and Grammar very well. But write my content extremely easy to understand. Some of my blog readers appreciate my content.

    But I don’t know, that Is my content Killer?? So, I want you to check my blog content that How is it? Please Don’t think that am promoting my site, but it’s a question, a very important question for me.. Try to answer properly..

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Mairaj, I checked out your blog. Yes you need to work on your English; otherwise your content is fine. But having a blog with proper English is mandatory to get your rankings.

  2. David says

    Very nice instructions into writing a quality blog post. My rule is to break down the copy with headings, images and bullet points, so that I can capture the attention of the reader as much as possible. Of course the originality and relevance is implied.
    David recently posted..Gold InvestmentMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes David, if the post is easier to consume by the readers, then it is quite certain that the post will be a killer (provided the quality and originality is there already).

  3. kevinkevin says

    I think you need to make the post aesthetically pleasing to the reader as well, by highlighting key points you are wanting to make and breaking it up into smaller content chunks your more likely to keep the audiences attention.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      I agree on that Williams. After all the content is going to be consumed by your readers and if the content isn’t delivering what they want, there is no point!

  4. Kris Costin says

    Great write up Jane. Though I am not into writing and missed your previous 6 posts but after reading your this post i felt that almost all good bloggers (whom i follow) write or structure their post exactly the same way, you have explained above. and now i am bound to read all the previous post.

    Thanks for the enlightening post. Looking forward for your next post in the series.
    Kris Costin recently posted..Social Media and DiningMy Profile

  5. RahulRahul says

    Divide your content into titles and subheading beautifully and also add few images . Using simple grammer and simple words are the best way to make your post Killer !! :)

  6. BhushanBhushan says

    HI JANE!
    As similarly again i’ll take your side. Thank you for this disclosure.
    I appreciate your post.I will surely read this and share this to my other friends.
    Thank you so much for this! Waiting for another killer one.

  7. AtishAtish says

    I am not a great writer But I think The good post is that easily understandable for the readers. For this a simple and creative post structure is needed for sure.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Indeed Atish, there is no point in writing an extremely useful article which is very complicated for the reader to understand. Simplicity always wins. The post should be clear and simple enough to be useful.

  8. Yeremi Akpan says

    Thanks for the clear guide.
    A lot of writers jump into the writing process without having a structure in mind, and then they wonder why they toil endlessly trying the get the post come out right.

    Nobody builds a house without following a structure; why should writing be any different?

    A structured post is not just easy to write – it is easy to read also!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Very well said Yeremi :) It is very vital that we should have a structure in mind for every blog post before we start to write. That’s how we can make the post clearly understandable – also writing in a simple language is very important.

  9. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Hi Jane,

    We all need a little structure, it really helps keep our content standardized.
    Anything to make people read what we write is welcomed. Also a killer post for me would be something that helps people solve a problem.

    • BhushanBhushan says

      Hi Indra,
      You raise good point on this post.
      I appreciate. if you have also useful things out of this post then you should share with us.

  10. Scott DudleyScott Dudley says

    Hi Jane,

    I think you have covered this topic very well, and would say that your point about “The Problem” is the most important of the lot.

    A blogger should be primarily aiming at solving problems for the readers, by providing them with useful solutions and information. People are typing in questions all the time on the search engines, and if your solution solves their problem they are going to be more likely to check out the rest of your site as well :)

  11. PrakashPrakash says

    Hi Jane, Great tips for writing killer content, yes practical stuffs more killer than theoretical one. Thanks for sharing it…..

  12. MatthewMatthew says

    Thank you for elucidating the killer post structure. You should have the useful stuff and you can make all fancies around the stuff. All the decorations will not work without having a strong core (content).

  13. Debajyoti Banerjee says

    Hi Jane, I am the first time visitor to your site, got one of your interview published in another blog and your profile seems interesting to me and I clicked the link. BTW nice tips and especially “Provide practical stuff” one. Screenshots, opinions, supporting proofs, charts / graphs do well for “killer content”. Thank you and carry on with your good work.
    Debajyoti Banerjee recently posted..Be A More Productive Web Content WriterMy Profile

  14. Dawn KayDawn Kay says

    I like your idea about giving practical solutions. There are too many bloggers I think who just write theoretical posts with no real substance to them. Scott made an interesting point about people asking questions on search engines – a good place to start researching your killer post.


  15. Michelle GriffinMichelle Griffin says

    Each of us has our own strategy for content building, but this post really nails most of what I do to be able to generate good content. Thansk for sharing!

  16. Derek says

    Hi Jane,

    I think another thing that can take a post from good to “killer” is when it references other sources. Whenever I read a post that references other sources it just feels more authoritative and like the writer actually did their homework on a topic instead of just pulling something out of left field.

  17. Nathan Kash says

    Hey Jane,

    I’ve just seen your inteview on Sandeeps SeoBloggerTips and it was amazing!

    I use a similar post structure when crafting my posts because I find it easier.
    Once you have the overall outline of how the post should be, it’s all a matter filling in the blanks.
    It actually helps prevent writers block to some extent because the main ideas are already there! All you have to do is add the MEAT.

    Thanks for an amazing post!

  18. AmandaAmanda says

    i think that killer post should definitely evoke people to some actions, evoke their interest to try all the things you mentioned in practice

  19. Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

    Jane – Yes, I agree with you when you say “the simpler it is the better”. There is obviously no hard-rule of what a killer post should be structured as, it is upto one’s need and one’s writing whims. I am sure you have made your point very clear with this post.

  20. ScarletScarlet says

    Thank you for this post. I needed it. Now, I am practicing with structuring my post using your advice.

    How do you handle technical jargon? For example, should I use call out boxes or put the definition in parenthesis after the term, or list terms to know etc…

    Reason being, I am writing posts to solve a problem in a technical niche. The audience are lay people NOT industry-licensed. I want them to understand the idea without having to pull out a dictionary.

    I appreciate your time.

    I tried to write the jargon in simple forms, but sometimes it made the sentence seem wordy.

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