25 Quick Social Media Tricks And Ideas For Bloggers

Quick social media tricks

A lot of people are now admitting – however begrudgingly – the effectiveness of using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for online marketing and SEO purposes.

Even when it comes to blogging, these social media sites are still great tools for promoting your site and your latest posts and hence generating traffic!

So for all you bloggers out there, here are neat tricks for certain sites that you can use to raise the ratings of your blogs.


Tip 1: Sync with your Facebook and Twitter

On your account, click on the Settings button and press Sharing under Your Profile. This connects your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Foursquare profile where you can select what you want to publish to your followers or friends.

Tip 2: Use it like conventional social media

Since it was recently updated, it now features a newsfeed page for its users. Now, you can see the latest activities on the network and on others like Facebook and Twitter.

Tip 3: Create lists

Apart from adding “friends”, you can also organise a list of them on your profile and access them more easily. You can also group companies, places, events, restaurants, and whatever else you may like.

Tip 4: Use your brand as your account name

If you are blogging for SEO purposes, you may have to market the name of your company or your product. You can easily do that by using your brand as your display name.


Tip 5: Interact

A lot of marketers have been mystified by Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithms. But the general conclusion is that the more interaction you have on your posts, the more it will appear on the “Top” news feeds.

Tip 6: Use the “Ask Question” feature

You can post a controversial question and allow people to vote for their answers or opinions through your post. You can do subtle promotion here by means of including your product, niche, or company in the question or answers.

Tip 7: Download or backup your photos

Use Pick&Zip, a free online software application, to download images from your account into a single folder, zip, or PDF file. You can even automatically download tagged pictures of you or from your friends’ albums.

Tip 8: Delete spaces from image file names

When you post a link as a status, make sure that there are no spaces on the filename; otherwise, Facebook API will not show thumbnail options for images.

Tip 9: Create a contact list

Similar to Foursquare, you have the option of sorting and organising all your ‘friends’ into neat little groups that you can access easier.

Tip 10: Use the “View As” feature

Have you ever wondered how your profile appears to the public eye? Well, the ‘View As’ button allows you to do just that.


Tip 11: Utilise the Extensive Analytics

You can use it to see how many views you have on a video, how many subscribers you have to your channel, other demographics, and even your audience retention. This will help you determine what posts are effective and what needs a little more tweaking.

Tip 12: Include annotations

These are pop-ups that appear during video playback. You can give audiences links to your blog or have a funny quip without interrupting the video. This is basically a subtle promotion that is so easy to use.

Tip 13: Avoid re-uploads

Do this for the sake of generating more views. Otherwise, when you re-upload an old video, you will have to start from scratch with the number of views it will gain.

Tip14: Use the video editor tool

This recent addition by YouTube allows you to make minor changes or tweaks to a file before publishing it, such as rearranging images, tuning the audio, or reducing video length.


Tip 15: Use hashtags

You can use hashtags, a form of metadata tags, to locate similar images to the one you posted. This will also make it easier for you to promote your picture because people can easily find it.

Tip 16: Utilise Statigram

This analytics app is exclusively for Instagram users. It allows marketers to have access to accurate reports that indicate whether or not the website works for their blogs or business websites.


# 17 Obtain recommendations from customers

There is a section in the networking site marketers can use to get suggestions from their customers regarding their company or product. You can even get recommendations for your content from your readership base.

# 18 Use product tabs

You can create a personalised product page for your clients using their qualifications and personal information as your premise, such as the company they work for, their educational attainment, job position, and geographic location. These targeted product tabs are ideal if you want better interaction with your contacts.


# 19 Use keywords

Like in SEO, social media marketing also works by using strategically placed key terms and phrases. You can include these as captions or file names for images.

# 20 Double check your security and account settings

You have to make sure that your page will appear in search engine results. After all, your efforts at marketing your business through your blog should pay off by making it more visible on Google.


# 21 Do not be noisy

You may lose a number of your followers daily if they see that you are constantly tweeting about irrelevant random stuff. And if you post links or “scammy” updates as well, they may even block you.

# 22 Vary your tweets

Your followers may get bored if you talk about the same thing over and over again. So make sure you diversify your tweets to make them more interesting and worthy of attention.

# 23 Join topic trends

At the left side of your Home page, you will see a list of trending topics based on geographic location. For visibility purposes, you can join in on the conversation by including a hashtag of your topic in your post.

# 24 Follow back

Follow those who follow you; this is a very simple rule that will increase the visibility of your Twitter account and consequently any links to your blog that you include in your profile.

# 25 Stay updated

This actually works for all of your social media accounts. Log in everyday so you will be updated about the latest topics, controversies, and innovations in your particular field.


It is best if you use these social media sites correctly to increase the visibility of your blogs. And who knows? You will gain a significant readership after just three months of blogging. Good luck!

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  1. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Hi Emma,
    Good to see your post here.
    And I would like tell something about Twitter (these days am more on twitter ). using hash tags in VERY VERY important and very very easy way to get more followers of our niche.


    • SimmeonSimmeon says

      I need to give Twitter some more of my time, I seem to be always on Facebook. Really need to try getting some more followers for my niche.

      • EmmaEmma says

        Given that Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites these days, we can benefit greatly from it. If you wish to get more followers, tweeting about trending topics in your niche and using hashtags helps. 😉

  2. Anubhab says

    Hi Emma,

    Even though you have just briefly narrated the points it is really a exhaustive post about social media and should give bloggers like me a scope and direction to research further on the topic. Its a great compilation and you have come out of the same boring Facebook and twitter posts and covered the Foursquare. Would have been perfect if you could have also covered the pinterest. Anyhow, its a post worth reading and i have bookmarked it for future references. Happy Blogging!

  3. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    I have seen Pinterest now a days getting in very fast, I use facebook, twitter and other medias for organic traffic for the blogs, these are really very useful tips or advices you have given us, with these tips I think we can get more better traffic / visitors on our site.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks Mark. You are right, the social media sites you have mentioned have indeed gained traction nowadays. Having an account on these platforms can drive more traffic. Thanks for appreciating my post and for sharing your own insights. :)

    • EmmaEmma says

      Why not try other social networking sites and social media channels, right? This way, we can widen our online reach even more. Thanks for the comment, Bharat. :)

  4. SamSam says

    Today’s era doing lots believe on social media sites to gain and share knowledge about how you will get success in their life in online marketing. Beside that when you will do work on any famous social media site then you can see how result will come in your favor.

  5. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    Great Tips,
    I think stumbleupon is also a good option for social media traffic, I am using and really satisfied from stumbleupon.

  6. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Interacting separates the social media pretenders from the contenders. Engage. Chat. Ask questions. Provide answers. Build trust. Such a simple, powerful formula which successful bloggers use daily.

    Never post a link without checking a Facebook Group out, or status update. Chat and interact each time you share content, to expand your network at a breakneck pace and grow your readership. Generate more comments, boost your list numbers, increase your sales and have fun! Chat it up.

    Thanks Emma!


  7. Robert says

    Excellent post Emma, there some very sneaky ideas I hadn’t thought about before, thanks!

    And I do agree with Nishant, SU is great for generating traffic. Using it myself for half a year maybe and getting some good results :)

  8. AdityaAditya says

    Hi Emma,
    Your tricks can bring magic to the businesses using social media sites for promotion.Staying upto date can cover all the above points itself.I haven’t applied some of the points while promoting my site and i am doing to make it happen now.Twitter is the site from which i am getting less traffic may be this magic points will work.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks so much Aditya! I’m so flattered you said magic. But yes, that’s sort of how social media works, like magic! 😀

  9. Faissal AlhaithamiFaissal Alhaithami says

    Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it. However, participating at different popular social media is actually a lot of fun. No matter what niche you cater to, being at social media platforms can take your blog to the next level quickly. These tips are great.


  10. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    To me the most important tip on this list is that first one from Facebook: interact! It’s called social media for a reason. We need to utilize the resources we now have access to, and communicate with our readers/customers/whatever. We have unprecedented access to each other, and we should take full advantage of it.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Indeed Paul! Interaction is the best way to use social media as a marketing platform for your blog. I particularly like what you said, “We have unprecented access to each other, and we should take full advantage of it.” Wow. I might use that for my next post, with credit of course. 😀

  11. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hello Emma, Nice tips from you. I really enjoyed this post. I have never used foursquare and instagram yet. Ii’ great that you include both of them and give this post a fresh breath.


    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks Veer! I’m so glad you liked these tips. You should start with Foursquare and Instagram, especially the latter. It’s very fun.

  12. NawazNawaz says

    Nice Tips,today there is no alternative to Facebook. This social media is very useful to enhance the traffic and make the product viral.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks Ali! Let me introduce you to an old friend of mine, Facebook. 😀 You should explore FB and see what it holds in store for you.

  13. firdosh joyfirdosh joy says

    Hello Sheeba , All the above 25 tips are killer tips which will surely help all the bloggers & specially these tips are boon for all the new bloggers. Thanks sheeba for such great tips and tricks.

  14. Anton KoekemoerAnton Koekemoer says

    Hi Emma,

    Great post – I do agree. If your users use these networks it worth following through on these tips / steps. Personally and professionally, There is almost no value in targeting a community and or social media channel if the channel does not contribute any or enough value. When it comes to social media one needs to make sure that you use the networks that gives the best and or the highest ROI (return or Interest and or Investment) value in terms of exposure and or engagement – as not all these networks contribute the same value in terms of the mentioned.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks Anton! Indeed, it is in our best interests if we look for the social media platform that gives the most, as you call it, Return of Interest. Great suggestion! 😀

  15. NiteshNitesh says

    Social media becoming a great place for marketing day by day.These tips must be helpful for effective marketing in bursting community of Social media .

    BTW Thanks for sharing.

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks Nitesh! You are absolutely right—social media is becoming better and better each day as a marketing platform! 😀

  16. BhushanBhushan says

    Here are all the information for bloggers which are not completely entered into this magical platform.It can give something extra which we are doing.

  17. hirahira says

    Hello Jane
    People watch YouTube videos because they are entertaining, educational or just plain funny. Viewers turn up to your Slideshare account and take the time to view a presentation because the content is compelling.

  18. Steve says

    Hi…Emma. I appreciate this quick Social Meida tricks for a blogger but well Social Media has became famouse & important way of Online Marketing. Keep update & senseful update always increase traffic on Sociam Meida & It help for a blog in lot of ways.

  19. SamuelSamuel says

    Social media is a great tool use for your promotion.

    These social media sites, Emma, are all great to use.

    Thanks for them!

  20. richaricha says

    Social media is unavoidable these days due to the huge benefits it offer. These are great tips to get the maximum of these platforms. Thanks for this great share,

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks a lot Richa! Social media is indeed unavoidable. But why should we even avoid it? Haha! It offers a lot of help for us marketers, so let’s all use it! 😀

  21. firdosh joyfirdosh joy says

    Hello Emma , Its very true that social media is very helpful for all the bloggers and webmasters but it depend upon us that how wisely we use that social media. You provided such a great tips & tricks for using social media wisely which can help us in out blogging

    • EmmaEmma says

      Thanks for appreciating my article Firdosh! Yes, using social media is not enough, we need to be wise in our decisions and prioritise our audiences above all costs. Great idea! 😀

    • Emma says

      Thanks Usam! As for your question: yes. Social media does help generate traffic for your site or blog, which is why social media marketing should be part of your SEO. 😀

  22. VivekVivek says

    “Delete spaces from image file names” : Actually I never cared it and never tried it.

    Then in pinterest you haven’t added #tags. I think pinterest uses it for direct search.

    And finally for twitter and LinkedIn, fantastic tips. Thanks a lot and I will make sure I follow them.

    • Emma says

      Hi Vivek! You should try “deleting spaces from image files”. Although it’s very basic, it may boost your pictures up on Google Image searches. As for Pinterest #tags, yes they are also useful for “highlighting” keywords. 😉

  23. surajsuraj says

    I am using Google Plus, twitter and Facebook but I never tried YouTube. Many Blogger using YouTube To derive traffic and make money.

  24. AaynaAayna says

    Hi Emma,
    Great set of tips and ideas!! Social media is doing wonders in the field of promoting the online business. Facebook is indeed a great social media tool. Thanks for highlighting these valuable tricks.

  25. KristineKristine says

    I’m currently leveraging several social networking platforms and I guess the primary key in ensuring success while undertaking this endeavor is consistency. I make it a point to update my followers on a regular basis while giving them an avenue to express their views and opinions. Thanks for sharing your own tips, I definitely picked u a good number of valuable pointers.

  26. JoyJoy says

    Thanks for the salutary share, social media has definitely revolutionized the way we engage in online marketing. Foursquare is another platform that I need to immerse my business in, it’s another great way to establish branding.

  27. LeeLee says

    Hi some great points here I especially liked the bit on Pinterest as I haven’t been on there yet and was wondering what was the best tactic to use. So for a great post and heads up on many points.

    Thanks lee

  28. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane since leaving a comment I have been using Pinterest as a marketing tool for my site. It looks like it has got huge potential early days but fingers crossed

    Great heads up lee

  29. JoeJoe says

    Hey Jane,
    Pinterest is really working for me. I have seen my traffic numbers rise since I signed up. Nothing major but 3 – 4 visits per day is nice. I just need to keep the numbers on the rise. Thanks for these tips.

  30. DishaDisha says

    Social media is a effective & helpful part of Online Marketing as well as Social media is performing well in Online Marketing. Every person not only but also Business is connected with Social Media ! Most social media sites have similar clauses, as do many of the content sites.

  31. DeepaDeepa says

    Hi Emma thanks for updating the tricks about popular social media sites, as a newbie this helps me a lot to proceed further…

  32. ManojManoj says

    If done properly pin interest,twitter and facebook can drive a lot of traffic to the site…but the conversion is not that great

  33. Jessica JohnsonJessica Johnson says

    These are some great tips. I have a bunch of Twitter followers but never used the hashtag until the other day and it did make a difference. Thanks for the write-up!

  34. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane you inspired me here to get into doing videos wasn’t over impressed with the idea to start with. Not really me but once you get into it and learn the process of uploading them it is actually great fun.

    So for that thanks lee

  35. RudraRudra says

    I dont Know much more about YouTube To derive traffic and make money.Thanks Jane for the great article to know much more about the power of social media impact.

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