How To Prepare Your Facebook Page For The Holidays

How To Prepare Your Facebook Page For The Holidays

On the fast-moving track to 2014, we see that Halloween is now in the rearview mirror, with a few other major holidays coming up quickly on the horizon. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and Christmas (or the cultural, religious equivalent) is close behind. Then, before you know it, the New Year is upon us. Before you wake up January 2nd with regrets, you might want to think about decking out your Facebook page for the holidays.

A Facebook holiday promotion is a fantastic way to attract a lot of new attention, and even to revitalize an existing base, and it doesn’t even take a lot of effort on your part. Above all, you just have to show a little holiday spirit, Scrooge.

Preparatory Tips for the Holiday Rush on Facebook

1: Create Individual Themes

The main way to approach a Facebook holiday theme page is to actually play to the theme. You don’t simply throw up a green and red “Happy Holidays” banner mid October and expect people to think you’re in the holiday spirit. You want to change your theme depending on the holiday. Try something equivalent to:

  • A Turkey or Pilgrim-themed cover photo for Thanksgiving
  • Santa, elves and some extras for Christmas
  • If you’re catering to Chanukah or Kwanzaa audiences, keep things “Christmassy” in color, but make your theme more innocuous

You get the idea here. Create a themed page for the specific holiday you’re promoting.

2: Blend the Niche, Don’t Abandon It

Some Facebook marketers make the mistake of advertising for a holiday so broadly that they abandon their original niche. What happens is their content becomes geared toward only a holiday market and they give up on catering to their initial market.

What were once posts solving problems and informing a loyal niche end up becoming scatter-shot holiday posts that read as unabashed advertisements.

You cannot abandon the niche. For your content, you want to include the holiday theme on top of your existing approach. This way, you show your existing base some holiday spirit, while simultaneously extending your reach to include others who show up specific to the holiday. You keep your existing base, reinvigorate the brand, and pick up some extra attention.

3: Make it a Branding Thing

Though this content is dealing specifically with holiday themes on Facebook, you still want your entire brand to adopt the approach. Brand consistency is important to your overall marketing, no matter what time of year it is.

If your fans see your main site, Twitter, Instagram and other sites are not the same, it sends a mixed message. Are you really promoting a holiday theme, or are you just trying to milk Facebook? Fans are smarter than marketers give them credit for.

Advertise the holidays as a brand by:

  • Using Twitter to promote holiday-themed hashtags
  • Transforming your main website slightly to reflect the Facebook promotions
  • Sending out email blasts and mobile messages which are geared toward the holiday
  • Include a simple holiday message in your “about” content across your platform
  • Sprinkle in some holiday photos on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Advertise your Facebook promotion on every outlet you have

4: Appropriate Applications

Creating a custom Facebook app to run a promotion is a great idea for any holiday. Remember to keep the app specific to the holiday you’re promoting, and always make sure that you’re using the app and operating the promotion in concordance with Facebook’s guidelines.

Some of the many different uses of a holiday-themed app on Facebook include:

  • Offering discounts to customers for holiday shopping
  • Hosting a holiday-themed contest to entice entries
  • Creating a charitable donation app to bring attention to a worthy cause and your brand
  • Creating fun, engaging games (puzzles, mazes, photo editors, etc) based on the holiday
  • Creating simple polls and quizzes to go along with more sophisticated apps

Your options are vast here. From holding a contest and offering deep discounts to providing games and drawing attention to the less fortunate, a holiday-themed app can boost your brand while helping others.

5: Make Great Use of Ads

If you have a quality third-party ad-management app, you can make tremendous use of ads over the holiday season. Whether it’s a Sponsored Story that draws more attention to your holiday theme or a Promoted Post that extends the life and reach of a popular promotional post from the past, the right ad app gives you many options.

You can:

  • Plan a future release of ads
  • Easily create different creatives and options for ads
  • Test the effectiveness of ads based on a variety of elements
  • Retain control over which ads ultimately get used
  • Control your costs, which leads to cutting costs and/or increasing ROI
  • Target specific demographics to reach new depths with your advertising

A holiday promotion isn’t exactly a rarity on Facebook. Many brands decide to adopt the holiday spirit this time of year. However, with smart marketing principles and the right approach to theme-specific holiday promotions, you can stand out and attract a large, interested audience.

Simon Campbell is a writer from a Facebook ad campaign tool – Qwaya. He loves to write different topics about social media and participates in some communities and forums.

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  1. Sagar RaiSagar Rai says


    Great post thanks. I have an online Yoga store and was thinking about using FB to try and drive gift card sales this holiday season. Any tips on the best way to do that?

  2. Stuart Davidson says

    I think you hit the nail on the head Simon with this sentence: “What were once posts solving problems and informing a loyal niche end up becoming scatter-shot holiday posts that read as unabashed advertisements.”

    Marketers get drawn in to the increase in demand and attention for products around seasonal periods and over-compensate for advertising-type content, rather than sticking to what works.

    I enjoyed reading this – kudos!

  3. Josh MayJosh May says

    An excellent post with some very valuable information.

    I’m a relatively new blogger myself, and this is actually the second post I’ve ran across with ideas for how to maximize the upcoming holidays for your blog. I will definitely need to implement some of these strategies in my social media use to try and increase traffic a bit.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Josh May

  4. Tharun says

    Hello Jane Madam,
    Thanks for your awesome post. Yes, we need to get ready for upcoming year 2014. Facebook is rapidly increasing today and surely this is must a tough job. But thanks madam for your suggestion on how to get ready with facebook fan page for holidays.

    Now theme really attract users. Your suggestions on conducting contests would be better. Thanks again for your tips on facebook page for holidays

  5. Babanature says

    Hello Jane,
    This post is indeed amazing. To tell i don’t prepare my fb page for holiday occasions but with what you just said, it is 100% useful and can help you with your audience. I’ll sure implement these steps..
    Thanks and do have a wonderful weekend

  6. Tony NguyenTony Nguyen says

    I love this post. really useful for me. It is getting closer to Christmas and we need to make something really impressive to welcome this holiday. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  7. Ashish says


    Informative post indeed, The idea for preparing the facebook page for holidays is really unique and something new which i haven’t heard of. I’ll surely follow your tips.

    Thanks for the share.

  8. raj says

    Nice information jane mam. Preparing your facebook page for some holiday occasion seems to be a great idea in driving a significant amount of traffic into your blog. It would definitely attract new entrants into your Blog. I am definitely gonna give these things a try in the coming holiday season of christmas.

  9. NaveenNaveen says

    The Idea is really out of the box. Maintaining a FB page in holidays is crucial to get more traffic and improve FB likes.

  10. Irfan ElahiIrfan Elahi says

    Really great tips. Social media is definitely meant for engagement & community building and eves like holiday season are a great way to foster this. We’ve also hosted multitude of contests on Facebook and we found wishpond & shortstack to be the best options. Though paid but quite good. Shortstack in particularly offers a variety of contests options including coupons etc. Would recommend all to try that out.
    And I really like your content Jane Sheeba. I tweeted that too and looking forward to learn more from your blog :)

  11. Martha Preston says

    There are so many things a person can do to get into the holiday spirit I never thought of redecorating the blog itself I might try that! Usaully I just hold themed contest and see where that takes me.thanks for the tip

  12. Jim KansasJim Kansas says

    I know it’s late into the season, but I know these helpful hints will work out great for me regardless of which holiday it is. Thank you so much for the article.

  13. Jeremy NortonJeremy Norton says

    Thanks for these tips Jane. I have a page for job postings and I am still starting to develop it so I guess I still have a lot of changes to make.

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