Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?

You know blogger’s have this amazing “party” ALWAYS! The rules are simple: Everyone invited, bring your best posts, have a good time, leave no mess behind! And the best part, this is an all year round thing!

Yes, the holiday season has just gone by and what better than talking about being the perfect blogging guest. As a blogger who has loved guest posting and continues to be charmed by the prospects of guest posting, I am surprised by how easily some people take their guest posts.

Guest posting has amazing benefits; reaching to a newer audience, back links, publicity of your blog are just a few. But besides the skill of writing the best post, how to ensure it is one of the best GUEST POSTS!

Though I am no expert, these are some things I have learnt from after trying my hand at guest posts.

guest blogging

Bring in your best guest posts

Yes, you don’t go to someone’s place looking like you just got out of bed. Be prepared. Put on the best dress and it is blogging I am talking about. Try to make your best impression.

Work on your post, smooth edges and try your best. Check out the site to make sure you have an idea of what the blog is about.

Make sure your article is fresh and is not conveying something which has been talked about numerous times already! The best way to go about this is to talk to your host before giving in your post.

Trust your host

Probably the most important. The site where your post gets published is someone else’s baby, and they aren’t giving their baby to “strangers”. They might be critical, they might want changes but that’s okay to a certain point. They might have some guidelines, stick to them.

Don’t get offended, they just want the best. They might ask for a revision, be ready. Reach an understanding. Let’s take me, I am pretty bad with titles, and whenever I submit a guest post I ask the author of the site to take his/her pick of tiles which they think is most apt.

Jane’s note: You did great on the title for this post, Hajra :)

Be there “at all times”

Make sure you know when your post is published and try your best to be there. Yes, the audience will most likely comment and make sure you are there to respond. A late response might tick people off.

Make sure you respond to ALL, even if their comment says “Great Post”; be polite and say Thanks. Also, just a note, being there at all times for an actual party might not be very good with the hosts; make it a hard and fast rule but just for blogging!

Talk to them

Don’t be the nerd from school who held the glasses and lurked in the corners at parties. Remember, you are there to attract new readers, reach out to newer audience and how better to get to know people than conversation.

Start a conversation, ask questions, respond and see what they have to say! The best example of this is probably Bill Dorman’s guest post on Life, for Instance. That is one man who knows how to talk to people and he is pretty good at it!

Also, thanks to his “talking skills” his post garnered over 370 comments! Now who wouldn’t call Bill Dorman over for a party!

Leave no mess behind

There are many people who might not agree to what you have to say. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It isn’t your blog where you can just block them off and smirk. These people might be “good friends” with the host of the blog.

Your rudeness or any such negative behavior might not go down well with the readers, but most importantly, it might not be well appreciated by the blog owner themselves. Try your best to understand their point of view or just quietly Agree to Disagree!

An important example of this is how Stuart Mills handed comments on his guest post at Pro Blogger. Though some readers disagreed, I loved the way he handled it and moved the discussion further on! No mess left behind!

Though there a million other things which might work, I focused on what works primarily for me. Guest Posts are a wonderful way to get in touch with loads of new people at one go. Go on, try being the blog guest and have a party!

Please feel free to throw in your favorites to being the perfect guest! Tell us your party secrets to guest blogging! And do call me over when you are having the party! I will be at my best!

Hajra is a psychologist by day, blogger by night and some days just a crazy person! Has a personal blog at Hajra Kvetches! Find her on her blog or stalk her on Twitter @hajraks !

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  1. AlokAlok says

    I also assume that guest posting is an excellent way to promote your blog and establish your unique identity. If it is done with sincere commitment and dedication, it can dramatically improve the exposure of your blog. Although, it takes really hard work to publish valuable posts on a number of blogs, but rewards can be quite profitable. Thanks for sharing a nice piece of information.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Alok,

      Guest posting does have loads of benefits. Posting valuable content does take a lot of effort especially with the excess amount of talent around. But just finding your own unique voice and giving it a try makes all the difference. Also, sticking to a niche makes it easier to handle. Have you tried guest posting and do it often?

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Have a nice day!

      • AlokAlok says

        I appreciate your nice words and agree with the importance of guest posting. I used to try guest posting occasionally, but now I’m taking it seriously. Now I want to convert this into a habit, and I know this will be a good habit for me.

        • HajraHajra says

          Hey Alok,

          Yes, it is a nice way to bring in traffic and to get to know people across the blogosphere!

          It will definitely be a good habit for you! Do keep us posted if you do any. We would love to read! :)

  2. Stuart says

    Hi Hajra, thank you for the kind mention – that ProBlogger post was a huge learning curve for me, but I think it all worked out in the end 😉

    Guest posting is something I can’t overstate – it’s been the biggest form of traffic for me, and it’s something I enjoy. Meeting new bloggers through guest blogging has happened time and time again in the past, and I’m sure it will continue to happen.

    Great post Hajra!

  3. Carolyn says

    Hi Hajra, Great job in submitting a guest post that illustrates all of your recommendations. My advice is to write a guest post you would be proud to have on your own blog.

    Guest posting is a great way to bring visitors to the host blog and back to your own blog. Just make sure that the guest is a good fit for the host blog. The writing style doesn’t have to mirror that of the host blog but it shouldn’t be jarring either.

    Well done, Hajra!
    Carolyn recently posted..Load Your Kindle Lightly!My Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Carolyn,

      You put it very nicely! Something that “you would love to have on your own blog”. Many people recommend that your guest posts should be a reflection of what you write on your own blog. Though that may be tough to find, you just need to find the best that works for you and chose it to guest post.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

      • HajraHajra says

        Makes sense 😉

        But we girls like dressing up!

        And when you came all dressed up for Lori’s party; it was awesome! :)

  4. Bill Dorman says

    Yes, that Dorman sure can talk, can’t he? Sometimes too much…….:).

    Thanks so much for the kind words; did I win? Oh wait, this wasn’t the contest, huh?

    That was fun over at @lifeforinstance, I forgot how many comments were there. Nobody has asked me to guest post since……….doh………….

    So good to see you; hope all is well. Thanks for your support.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..If this were my last blog postMy Profile

  5. Cerebrations.bizCerebrations.biz says

    Hmm. I would ONLY post anything of which I was proud. So, that would cover a guest post or one on my own blog.
    I understand the sentiment- but I believe, that in today’s day and age, where everything is recorded and monitored, it’s best to ONLY give your best. (It was true before, too- but most people didn’t realize that our “permanent record” really was permanent :-) ).

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Roy,

      I would agree. There are things which we know are not up to the “mark” but we still go ahead with it. Only our best is worthy of all the attention and it is our best only if we can truly believe it to be!

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day!

  6. Adrienne says

    Wonderful post and great topic Hajra… I’ve only guest posted a few times myself and only because I was asked. I never went in search for places to post.

    I am also going to start accepting them over at my place too but I’m only going to allow my loyal readers to write them to begin with. As you mentioned about Bill’s post and how he is the life of the blogging party, I like to continue that type of atmosphere over at my place. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

    This is something I definitely should be doing much more of but I find it very time consuming because I am writing for someone else’s blog so I really tend to linger a lot longer with that particular post.

    Great job with yours and I wish you the best of luck with this contest. You are paving the way for sure my friend.


    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Adrienne,

      I have to learn how you built that amazing community! You are practically my guru now. Though I am new to your blog, the numbers are truly fascinating :)

      Guest posting can have various takes. I would love to see other people posting on your blog. Would love to see the party happen there!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  7. Lynn Brown says

    The party blog, I love it! Yes Hajra guest posts are my favorite. They certainly do bring not only visibility to both parties but it is networking at its best. Why be a lone ranger when there are so many business minded people just like you wanting to share, help each other and cross promote. We are all in this together, why not give of our time, efforts and our blogs!
    Awesome tips and advice that you share here.
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Key Tips For Making the Right First ImpressionMy Profile

  8. SamSam says

    It’s very important to be unique and different in order to get noticed and admired, liked. If you can be known for some keywords – ‘oh, John Doe, the one with the xyz website, oh yeah’; then you are on your road to success, which is a great thing. Act like a gentleman, talk wisely and respect the others, those are a few rules that are very important. Thanks for sharing!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Sam,

      That was a wonderful comment! I love how you mention “manners”; it is quite important to be nice while you are on some one else’s blog. That is probably what might help you get the recognition you are looking for. Have you dabbled in guest posting?

      Thanks for the lovely response! :)

      • HajraHajra says

        Ok, you do have a point. It is important to bring your opinion to the post and how you look at it. Like Janine Ripper says “Beauty in Differences”!

  9. Melanie Kissell says

    Wonderful topic, Hajra!

    We all want to put our best foot forward when we’re invited to someone else’s home, let’s say for dinner, right? We usually put on some nice clothes for the occasion, too — not the usual stuff we lounge around in at home.

    The same holds true when invited to be a guest author. We want to look good and behave appropriately (no baggy sweat pants and no swear words!) 😉

    I’ll confess …

    I think I work twice as hard on crafting guest posts than I do on my own posts (not that my posts aren’t always consistently good, mind you). LOL!

    Let’s face it …

    When we’re about to meet new audiences through guest posting, we REALLY want to make a great (if not awesome!) first impression. :)

    Guest posting is a fabulous way to give your online visibility a big BOOST and increase your credibility as a blogger and an expert in your niche.

    Best of luck to you with the contest!

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      You and Hajra know you’re welcome to party over on my blog any time! I rarely invite or accept guest posts on my personal blog, but it’s not a “rule.” It’s just that – well, it’s my personal blog.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Melanie!

      How I love your comments! When I was in college, we were called over to a friends house for a party. Little did we know that it for a formal party and the look on the host’s faces when five of us landed in their house in jeans and baggy pants (they were in rage!). That was one night to remember! And a terrible first impression!

      That is the trick, know your host before you go! Find out what they are expecting and do proper research before you take the plunge! Guest posts can be very critical if they go terribly wrong!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! You are wonderfully awesome!

      • Melanie Kissell says

        Eeeek!! Showing up at a formal affair wearing jeans had to be absolutely mortifying for you, Hajra … and unforgettable!

        Always a savvy approach to do your leg work first before crafting or submitting a guest post. I agree with you wholeheartedly — take some time to familiarize yourself with not only the author/owner of the blog but, most importantly, with his or her audience. Otherwise, your post may get the cold shoulder. :(

        Happy to make a second trip over here after getting in from work tonight. Took the liberty to Stumble your post this time around and share it with some of my LindedIn groups.

        Shine on and blog like ya mean it! :)

        • HajraHajra says

          Hey Melanie,

          Thanks so much for the support! Please feel free to share as often as you can1 I am sure I would love it and Jane will be glad as well :)

      • HajraHajra says

        Well pajamas party should be made a norm then. Just drag yourself out and run your fingers through your hair… maybe brush your teeth; party time!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Adrienne,

      I have just read your guest post and I love it! You do bring out the creativity in all of us…literally!

      It might be tough identifying with the host’s audience, but then we should be picking up blogs which we can relate to; which helps us be ourselves and give it our best shot. There are many blog out there which might not fit our writing style, and then it becomes tough to choose from them. Try guest posting on sites which fit your style!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. TusharTushar says

    Guest posting has always initiated mixed reactions in me. Sometimes it has worked wonders, sometimes a drab 10-15 visitors. Somewhere, in there, guest post depends on a bit of luck also. Your posts on same blogs may get different reactions

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Tushar,

      You bring out a very valid point. There are many things which might determine the success of any post – guest post or not. Credibility, audience reach, marketing strategy and so on. Some guest posts might do well than others, but it always help to guest post on a bigger site (in terms of audience, readers..; when you looking for exposure). Also, if the word is spread around more, then the more chances of the post doing well. Building a community is the toughest part of blogging; but it is worth all the effort! :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

  11. StacyStacy says

    When you’ve first mentioned a party, I actually thought you’ll give us tips on attending to bloggers’ meetings (you know… when you meet other bloggers from your city, you go to a bar/restaurant and talk about blogs)

  12. Barbara says

    Hey Hajra,

    Great post, could not agree more!. And valuable tips, thanks.

    Being invited to do a guest post is like cooking at a friend’s place: you pay extra attention to your preparations, treat your friend’s kitchen like a fragile egg and tidy up afterwards, leaving everything gleaming and sparkling clean!

    Have a wonderful day, Barbara

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Barbara,

      So wonderful of you to stop by! GP is indeed like going to a friend’s house; though in guest posts you might have to be a lot more careful!

      Thanks so much again! And thanks for getting me addicted to Pinterest! :)

      • Barbara says

        Hi, Hajra!

        Love your Pinterest boards, never mind the addiction!

        I did one GP for our friend Al’s CARE MOVEMENT and I think it was the best post I have ever written (I will not tell you how much time I spent on it or how worried I was!).

        I keep my fingers crossed for you! See you over at Pinterest.

  13. cath says

    What great points! I hadn’t thought of some of them, and since I have only guest posted one time, in an interview format, I am totally green at this…I submitted another post, but never heard back, so I guess it wasn’t the blog host’s cup of tea…and that is fine with me, I understand.

    Thanks for giving some really good points Hajra…guest posting is very intimidating to think about for me…
    cath recently posted..love to my daughterMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Cath,

      Try more of guest posting, the sense of community is amazing!

      You should totally get back to the owner who didn’t reply to your guest post. Even if it a rejection email saying that they don’t want to publish your post; they SHOULD get back.

      It is intimidating but it gets fun as you go along. Will get in touch with you recommending some sites that accept guest posts and you would love them too!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. Lori Gosselin says

    Hi Hajra!
    This is a wonderful resource for a blog owner! I’m linking to it on my Guest Post Guidelines document! It’s excellent – you say all the things I want to say in my guidelines, and TRY to say, but coming from a 3rd party, they are much more palatable!
    Super job Girl!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Lori,

      You are just so awesome and you have such beautiful things to say about me :) I have been through your guidelines and they are so clear; I am so honored you actually made this a part of the guidelines! :) If only that was an online document it would count as a back link… Jane, are you listening 😉

      Anyway, I am honored to be part of such a wonderful community! Thanks again Lori! :) Virtual hugs going across!

  15. StacyStacy says

    Hi Hajra,

    This is a great guide for being a guest blogger! It’s important to reply to the comments when on a blog and I know that as a blog owner I definitely appreciate it when my guest bloggers respond to all of the comments.

    All great points!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Stacy,

      All we girls want is attention 😉 So true, it is always nice to see your comments being acknowledged and replied to. I mean why go through the trouble of writing a post when you don’t want to see what others have to say about it! :)

      Thanks so much Stacy! Looks like your post here is wonderful! Loved it!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Eleonora,

      Nodding to every single word of that. The sense of community that a GP brings is more than welcome.

      Thanks so much :)

  16. Lyka RicksLyka Ricks says

    I enjoy Guest Posting! I love to read them, the exchange of thoughts, ideas and values too. There are slight disagreements but handled politely and professionally.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Lyka,

      When one is dealing with blogs about personal experiences and cultures, the exchange of ideas becomes much more interesting and fun. Also, it is always interesting to learn from how one culture views another and so on. Thanks so much for stopping by!

      P.S. You have an interesting name though! :)

  17. ShreeShree says

    Hello Hajra,
    I am reading your post for the first time and I must say I just loved your way of writing. Guest posts as I have read in other blogs too, not only help in increasing traffic but also establish you as a good blogger. But I haven’t tried out yet as I am not sure I can deliver a good recipe for the party.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Shree,

      Thanks so much for the lovely compliments! There is a lot one can learn from reading the experiences of another blogger.

      Many blog owners have certain guidelines as to what they expecting from a guest post. Sometimes they have it mentioned on their blogs, some might tell you if you get in touch with them personally. Make sure you are well aware of the blog before you actually propose a guest post for it. That way you will know what to write about and what is expected for the particular site. Once you are familiar, you can whisk up the perfect party recipe!

      Hope it helps! Do lets us know if you do one! :)

        • HajraHajra says

          Happy to be of any help! :) Your blog is more technical in approach, you have a million blogs out there which might be of interest to you if you want to write similar posts! Do tell me if you want to know some in particular?

  18. Joy says

    I loved the analogy you used Hajra. It was pretty clever and truly drove home the points you needed to make! And I couldn’t agree more that one of the key points is to leave no mess as a guest. One does need to be extra gracious especially when it’s really not so much your territory. I would have to say though that as a reader/commenter, you also need to remember that you are but a guest. I’ve had some (very few) non gracious ‘guests’ before and frankly, I did not care if they stopped reading my blog. I found them too rude, too arrogant, and losing them as readers would be better than have them return and make things awful a second time around :-))

    Thanks for the insights!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Joy,

      Thanks so much for appreciating the post! And I couldn’t agree more. There are people who might not like what you’ve said and that’s okay. Opinions clash and one should know how to respect each other’s opinion and move on.

      You did the right thing, better to be with a few good readers, than to be with many nasty ones! 😉

      Thanks for the wonderful input! :)

  19. Lisa Kanarek says

    Guest posting is an excellent way to reach new audiences and to drive traffic to your own blog. When I guest post, I make a strong effort to promote the post and when others guest post on my site, I ask that they do the same. It’s a win/win for all of us.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Lisa,

      I missed that point! Promotion, promotion, promotion! You do it for your own post’s make sure you do it for others as well! :) Promotion is never too much!

      Thanks so much for the wonderful input!

  20. MuMuGBMuMuGB says

    Thanks for such a good advice Hajra! I love writing guest posts, but I find it more work than a good old post on my blog…And as I tend to be lazy, I am not guest posting as often as I should!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Muriel,

      Your writing is beautiful. You should guest post more often. Try out travel blogs, it would do justice to all the travelling that you’ve done and we love your anecdotes. Also, your sense of humor is a strength..use it for guest posting! Nothing more wonderful than a good laugh! :)

      Thanks so much for comment! See you around!

  21. PeggyLee Hanson says

    Very thoughtful post.
    One thing that came to mind about being there at all times. Depending on the readership, this may be near impossible, and bloggers (on both sides of the writing) should understand that the originator may not be johnny-on-the-spot in getting back with an acknowledgement.
    Generally, on a regular blog, non-competetive, a report can be accessed with the responder’s contact info so that a reply could be offered in that manner. If not left, they may not be interested in a reply back at all.
    Loved the depth of each concept. Great work!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Peggy,

      Yes, being there at all times might be tough. Especially given time differences across the globe. However, I feel a response is always welcome; early or late.

      Thanks so much for the insight. So lovely of you to stop by! :)

  22. Penelope J. says

    Excellent tips for guest posting. I still haven’t done any though I have been asked. I have to agree with Muriel. It seems like a lot of work. However, when the time comes, I’ll probably try and be more active in this area. Good luck with your guest posts.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Penelope,

      You have to book to write so we can understand how busy you must be! But that’s okay, you have a wonderful insight so a guest post is always more than welcome! Haven’t been to your blog in a long time.. sorry, will hop over there soon! :)

      Thanks! Hope your doing well!

  23. Stan says

    I keep reading about guest posting but i have to admit i’ve never done it. It’s not that i can’t. God knows i read so many articles that i could write a book about it. Advantages, disadvantages, i’m even starting to remember statistics.
    But i guess i never found the time for it, i always get myself busy with other traffic techniques.
    Stan recently posted..Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw ReviewMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Stan

      It might get tough sometimes and people often think.. if I find the time to write then why not publish it on my own blog :) But yes, if you’ve read loads and can talk about it, then why not! Find time, think back links 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Kaarina,

      Thanks so much for all the sharing :) It was very nice of you.

      I can’t say about Bill, he is always busy with his invisibility 😉 but I am always ready! Will message you soon!

      Thanks once again!

  24. RachelRachel says

    Great advice – I particularly like the point about being gracious in your responses to commentators, even if they strongly disagree with what you’ve said. Very helpful and well said!

    Rachel :-)

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Rachel,

      There is nothing more irritating than having an on going debate over something which people disagree on. There are many things on which might people differ, one just has to understand that we need to respect those differences of opinion and just move on.

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Have a nice day!

  25. Harleena Singh says

    Wonderful post Hajra!

    Guest posting is one thing I still have to cover and having been asked by so many people, I really wonder how long can I really avoid it now!

    I do know the soooo many plus points it has, though there are a few cons around as well- guess I better gear up this year to get started :)

    I am actually waiting to find the kind of time to sit and do up my writers blog that needs to be shifted to WP, and earlier it was the family blog that made the transition. And my website too just got its new look, though its not yet fully done up. So, guess with all these pending task in hand as well as the usual client work, and the housework- finding the time does take a back seat :)

    Thanks so much for the wonderful reminder and I would surely call you over at the bloggers party with your bag of goodies for bloggers and guest blogging tips- once I have my writing blog all done up. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..The Power of Prayer in a FamilyMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Harleena,

      So lovely of you to stop by1 Seems like ou have too much on your hands right now! But now that you have the company of such an amazing community, it is always wonderful to throw yourself into one of these parties!

      Blogging might be time consuming for so many reasons, also managing it with a day job has been very tough for me. But somehow, it never really stops interesting me. Also, the wonderful people you get to meet is an added bonus!

      Do tell us when you are all ready to do a guest post! It will be a party to look forward to! :)

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely day!

    • JanetJanet says

      Harleena, aloha. Since I love your posts, I look forward to what you create for a guest post. Knowing you, it will have an entirely different feel to it.

      When you do your guest post, make sure you let me know so I can come over to support you. Enjoy a terrific week. Aloha. Janet

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Janet,

        I was recently introduced to Harleen’s blog and I so loved it! Her writing has such a wonderful personal touch to it! I am already her fan!

        Yes, Harleen do tell us when you guest post; we will be all ready to comment bomb it! :)

        • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

          Hajra, aloha. Harleena is one of my very favorite bloggers. If you only discovered her recently, do go back a little ways to read her tribute to her father. It is one of the most fantastic posts I have ever read.

          Happy reading. Aloha. Janet

          • HajraHajra says

            That was the exact post I was introduced to and I must agree it was such a wonderful tribute! Her dad sure has a lovely daughter! It is such a honorable post. I was moved by it :)

        • Harleena Singh says

          Thanks so much for those warm and kind words Hajra!

          There were so- so many comments here and I had thought that perhaps the counting for the contest had stopped. And I never knew there was a conversation going on between Janet and you about me! I am glad I stopped to go through the comments :)

          Glad you like my writing Hajra, am just about learning and do keep trying to get better. A long way to go :)

          Wishing you the best with the contest :)
          Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Nurture the Perfect Woman Within?My Profile

      • Harleena Singh says

        Thanks so much for those kind words Janet!

        I seemed to have missed this conversation and just stopped to look it up :) Whenever I do start my guest posts, you wonderful ladies would surely be the first ones to know of it :)

        I know I have to start one day- real soon. Guess just need to get my writing blog sorted out and take out time away from my kids and family- they always are my priory :)

        Thanks once again :)
        Harleena Singh recently posted..Prayer and Fasting for a Better LifeMy Profile

  26. Abhi says

    Here’s comes a great competitor, for me. It was simply a very interesting post. The way you deliver your thoughts, is very effective and interesting.

    Very true, a late response might tick people off and I think it tick the host off as well. It can let one to be blacklisted for future guest posts.

    I think I managed almost all the above in my guest post in this contest. Have a look and let me know if you’ll come to my party or invite me, in your party. :-)

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Abhi!

      I just know you are the bigger contender here! :) Your post is written amazingly well. I just checked it out! And it is doing great :) I think I would more than call you to the party; you have all the elements figured out just right 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Elena PatriceElena Patrice says

    Excellence here miss! So happy you’re on a roll. It’s good to know more about guest posting and it’s something I’d love to do more of and really want to have some guest posting on my site – all this is new to me so this was quite helpful and I’m very grateful!

    Looking forward to more greatness from you … always!

    Much kindness,


    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Elena,

      Thanks for being so wonderful to me as always! :)
      I try my best to work it all out and thanks to wonderful audience and readers like yourself, I keep on going :)

      You should try more of guest posting! :) It will be fun! Tell us when you do it! Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Justin Mazza says

    Hi Hajra,
    Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom when it comes to guest posting. If the guest poster sends me original content that is ready to be published on WordPress than I am more than happy to accept it.

  29. BrowsingRome says

    Hi Hajra,

    You sure are the person to write this post on guest blogging -you are everywhere :) As always an informative post and especially relevant for me because I have started guest blogging. I was invited to write a guest blog post for a site in October and plan on writing 3 more in the near future. It’s fun but like you said, it takes me more time than writing post on my blog because I want to always give them my best – after all, I wouldn’t want to lose their trust in giving me their baby :)
    BrowsingRome recently posted..Chinese New Year Event in Rome 2012My Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Diana,

      It takes a lot of hard work to be everywhere, I am just stalking Bill Dorman 😉 He sure knows how to be everywhere!

      You have a wonderful way to have guests over at your blog. The series which you did at you Coach Diana blog was awesome and opened us up to a whole lot of newer audience! :)

      So excited that you are trying more of it. Also, with your browsing Rome blog you can contribute to a whole lot of travel blogs. It should be very interesting to read more about your experiences!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you around more often! :)

    • HajraHajra says

      Hi Mohideen,

      It’s true everyone loves guest post for the back links, but quality links are what matters at the end of it all! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  30. Michael BelkMichael Belk says

    I believe in guest posting but it takes mast of my time to run my own blog. When I get my own blog off the ground more I will consider more guest posting.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Michael,

      I would agree. Considering that a good guest post does need a lot of research in terms of understanding the target audience and what both the writer and the blog owner expects, it could be a time taking process. But it works wonders for the audience growth and for building the sense of community around.

      Here’s hoping you find the time! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  31. Samantha BangayanSamantha Bangayan says

    What a great way to set an example for an excellent guest post, Hajra! =) Congrats on a job well done, and I love that little note of feedback from Jane. =) What you show is that the basics are truly like blogging for ourselves, other than making sure that we leave an amazing impression. That way, we don’t have to be too intimidated by guest blogging! Love it!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Samantha,

      I was waiting for the Sam-merizing to get to the post! Now, I am sure the post is really good with all your energy put into it 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by, I thought you might be too busy to blog hop and here you are!

      Jane is such a darling to have liked my post and put that cute little comment about it.

      Many people tell me that guest posting is daunting for them because somehow impressing a newer set of audience sounds tougher. But yes, it is fun and once you do it, you get addicted!

      Thanks once again! :)

  32. Allie says


    I love the way you compared guest posting to a party. Sometimes guest posting can be nerve racking for both parties involved. But when you relax and think of it terms of bringing your best and bringing your friends, it all makes more sense. It makes guest posting feel more fun than a chore us bloggers feel we need to check off our promo list.

    Awesome job and I love how upbeat you are!

    Allie recently posted..Guest Posting: The Best Way to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Allie,

      Thanks so much for the appreciation! Really means a lot; and coming from a fellow participant..yayyy for that! 😉

      It definitely is fun, especially when you are familiar with the blogger before hand. You do have guest posting on your blogging plans this year right? Looking forward to read them! :)

  33. Danielle McGaw says

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party Hajra but great post. I’m a big fan of guest posting. It can even earn you money sometimes! I’ve done quite a bit of guest posting and it can get some awesome results – especially if your tips are followed!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Danielle,

      You had my attention at money 😉 People pay for guest posts, that is news to my ears, really! I would love it if you could tell me more about it?

      Guest posts have many benefits. One just has to know how to use it to their benefits in blogging!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing it :) You are awesome :)

  34. DeeoneDeeone says


    This was an awesome post on what should be expected and practiced as a guest poster.

    It actually amazes me how many people in the industry don’t go by these exact same rules of the trade. It’s all in how well we communicate with one another, that ensures how well we do as bloggers. So you’d think that those that accept or request a guest spot would know these practices are expected.

    I’ve had a guest blogger that I had to hound to curate their post; which seems absolutely ludicrous to me. However, it shows me two things.

    1) They only guest post for self-serving reasons, when it should very well be a win/win for both bloggers.

    2) Not to allow that individual a guest spot ever again. As a matter of fact, you can tell a lot about a person’s character how they handle and carry their business online.

    Both of these, are sad truths, but definitely something to keep an eye out for when it comes to looking for and accepting guest bloggers.

    Loved this post, my friend! Great Job! Oh and BTW, Jane was right… excellent title. 😉

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Deeone,

      I can frame your comment and put it on a perfect comments section! I really love reading comments that draw in their personal experiences and add on to the conversation! :)

      Guest blogging has a two way effect and both the writer and the blog owner can stand to benefit from it. Now, it requires conscious efforts on both their parts to actually draw these benefits and make the most of it.

      I end up writing awful titles and I am so grateful I did nice with this one. Thanks for the lovely compliments! :)

      Thanks again for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely day!

  35. Thomas says

    Hi Hajra
    I think I will have to do some more guest posting in 2012. So far I have only made 2 and they were both great experiences for me. It is difficult to measure how much such posts will do for your own blog, but I am sure that they have given me a lot of indirect traffic and Twitter followers.
    Good luck with the contest Hajra. I hope you win :-)
    Thomas recently posted..How to rip your DVDs with SoThink DVD RipperMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Thomas,

      Looks like you have got a guest post resolution for 2012! :)

      Guest posts might take some time to bring back traffic to your own site. You just have to use it to the best you can!

      Thanks so much for comment and the wishes! :) Hope you have a lovely day!

  36. Jens Berget says

    Hi Hajra,

    I have been thinking a lot about guest posting, and I have only done three or four during 2011. But, 2012 will be a lot different. I’m going to focus on guest posts as part of my marketing strategy, but not only that, I believe it’s even more interesting to use guest posts as a way of getting contact with more interesting people… that’s the part I really love about blogging. There are so many brilliant people that we meet all across the world.

    Great advice!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jens,

      I couldn’t agree more. One thing that still amazes me about the blogging world is that no matter how much I blog hop, there is still so much left to be read, so many amazing bloggers to be in touch with and such tremendous talent all around.

      I hope 2012 is the year where you benefit from guest posts!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Leora,

      Like so many people say, guest posting can be intimidating! But always chatting up and making the best of conversations will make sure that you are recognized as a wonderful blogger and it might do the trick of getting people back to your blog!

      Shed your inhibition and go chat girl! It will be fun :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely week!

  37. Chrysta Bairre says

    Great post on guest posting, Hajra!

    I am a guest posting newbie and one of my blogging goals for 2012 is to submit some guest posts. I appreciate reading your tips for being a great guest poster as I try my hand at guest posting this year.

    My favorite piece of advice you offered is to be around to respond to comments. It’s strange to me when I leave a comment on a blog and get no response, or get a response 4 or 5 days later!

    While I understand we’re all busy- I’m busy!- I will make it an effort to respond timely to comments when I start guest posting, and I hope any guest posters I have on my blog will do the same.

    Have a grateful day!

    Chrysta Bairre recently posted..How to Have an Awesome Conference Experience!My Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Chrysta,

      It is always fun to start guest posting; the experience is so much more wonderful than actually posting on your own blog!

      Replying to comments has always been my top priority; a reply always shows that the author is interested in what opinions the readers have and initiating the conversation. Also, it ups the comment count… who wouldn’t want that now 😉

      Do keep us informed when you do a guest post! We shall be waiting! :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! It was lovely having you at the party 😉

  38. JamellaJamella says

    Hi Hajra,

    Let me first say that I love the title of your post! I am no where near ready to guest post, but when I am, I will certainly refer to your post. Your points of discussion are things that I would want to have in mind when guest posting, and would think others would as well. However, by reading some of the comments, I see that this is not always the case.

    Looks like this guest post is a hit. Party on!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jamella,

      I am beaming! :) Thanks so much for the appreciation!

      Guest posting has always been fun for me and I love the audience I get to meet. You should do it to see how wonderful the experience is! Tell us when you are ready to guest post. Loads of us would love to have you on board! Keep us tuned!

      Thanks so much :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

        • HajraHajra says

          Oh, you should always listen to Bill… he is getting wiser! :)

          Thanks for stopping by Jamella! :) It is lovely having you here!

      • JanetJanet says

        Bill, aloha. What a great supporter and commenter you are. As I was scrolling through to find a place to comment, you were everywhere. That’s terrific–as is Hajra! Aloha. Janet

        • HajraHajra says

          Hey Janet,

          If I win I just might have to share the prize money with Bill; he is more than just awesome! :) He sure is everywhere!

            • HajraHajra says

              Oh definitely! He is so wonderful with comments that when we write a post about commenting he should be the role model. He always treats it like conversation! I would love to meet him in person someday! :) You too!

  39. PatriciaPatricia says

    Hi Hajra

    Firstly, congrats on having the courage to enter the competition. And you have brought out some great points for guest posting.

    I’m late to the party cos I was away enjoying time out with friends for the weekend down at a beautiful beachside town down south. With it being the middle of summer here, was lovely to wake up in the morning and see the ocean.

    I have guest posted and had guest posting on my blog. Now that I need to push forward with marketing products and growing my business, I don’t accept invites to guest post at the moment, although I still get them!

    For me, it has to be of benefit to me as well as to the site where I guest post. But I acknowledge for some businesses it is a positive activity and especially in the early days of getting known. And it does depend on the niche.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Patricia,

      The competition is too tough… especially with Abhi, Stacy and Allie on the block now!

      Its been such a long time since I have had a holiday! I was reminded of it when you mentioned your lovely trip!

      I love the way you mention niche in respect to this. Targeting blogs that cater to your niche is something we all miss and just go ahead with guest posting. However, if one’s personal niche is similar to the niche of the blog where you guest posted, it might be much more helpful!

      Thanks so much for the lovely insight Patricia. It was definitely awesome having you here!

      Thanks so much and hope you just reminded me that I need to take a little break myself! :)

      • HajraHajra says

        Eveyone is talking about cold weather. We hit 10 C (50 F) and we call that cold! Because in about two months time we shall be roasted at 35 C (95 F) and that is what we will call hot!

  40. BushraBushra says

    What I love about your posts is that they are always simple to understand and easy to follow. Though I ain’t a blogger myself, thank to you, I have become an avid reader of blogs.

    Good Luck with the contest girl :)

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Bushra,

      So glad you stopped by! You should enter the blogging scene soon; it is way too much fun :)

      Thanks so much for the support!

    • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

      Bushra, aloha. What a wonderful compliment for any blogger to read.

      No doubt about it there are blogs to suit everyone in the blogosphere.

      Happy reading.

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Janet,

        Meet Bushra, my sister! Though she keeps herself well away from the online world; she always find times to come read my posts! Always! :)

        And I keep linking her to so many blog posts that I like; she actually says that I made her lose track of the books she is reading!

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      How nice to “meet” Hajra’s sister! I just had to say hello – it’s so good to see you supporting you sis in this contest. I have a couple of people (my dad, and one or two friends) that I can count on to read just about everything I write, and I can tell you, we writers just eat that up – that kind of support is priceless.

      But as an author as well as a blogger, I must also say a word in defense of those books – don’t you let Hajra cause you to neglect them! :)

      Now, Hajra, you know I can’t stay and party the night away (c’est la vie!), but maybe you could send everyone over to my little coffee house for breakfast – I’ll serve up some pancakes and a mean pot of coffee, and we can talk about drive-by bloggers.

      • BushraBushra says

        Hey Holly!

        So nice to finally “meet” you. Hajra keeps talking about you all the time and how you both got to know each other during her first contest. She is so proud of the fact that she “knows” an actual book writer! :)

        It’s like a little joke we have now. We keep asking her whether she makes money and if she isn’t why is she doing this? And that we will stop calling her to family functions because she is the only blogger we have in the family (immediate and extended) and some of us might get tired of listening to it.

        Oh don’t ask, my books are highly neglected because I have so much catching up to do. You bloggers have way too much stamina than us I must say. You people actually write for others just for the kicks!

        And yes, you are a part of a contest too right? Good Luck with that! Tell me if I can help anyways!

  41. Barry Wells says

    Hi Hajra,

    I just left a comment for Jane’s latest post about Guest posting in which I said about Sylviane Nuccio writing an excellent one on my blog that has generated a further 7 invites from other bloggers for her to write on their blogs.

    Her post was first class and pointed out the benefits of guest post over those of article writing.

    You have some great advice here Hajra. To supply a list of post titles is a good idea that I’ll bear in mind if I ever decide to start writing guest posts myself.

    I also like what you said about not leaving our mess behind :)

    I do accept guest posts on my blog, but am finding that people come along and request submitting them on my blog but they’ve never even left a comment there. Those people don’t have much chance of being accepted I’m afraid.

    Thanks Hajra

    Take care, Barry

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Barry,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! It is the one who have linked us up to, right? Will be there in a short while!

      My post here isn’t as comprehensive; there is so much more that can be added to this. What I have done is tried to cover the basics of guest posting. There are many more technical aspects which could have been covered I feel.

      Familiarity with the blog is very important. One has to do what the blog is dealing with, what topics are covered and basically how a particular blog functions – posting schedules, commenting policy etc. etc. Unless, that isn’t done; submitting a guest post is like gate crashing!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding so much value! :)

      Hope you have a lovely day!

    • Sylviane Nuccio says

      Hey Barry,

      Thanks for mentioning me here! I just met Hajra who left a comment on my latest blog post at Sonia’s Logallot and I am meeting her here guest blogging :) Isn’t it great, or what?

      I was just telling her how guest blogging is a great thing to do and love it.

      How weird that some people would ask you to guest post on your blog when they have never even left a comment there! I found this incredibly ridiculous, if I may :)

      I have been visiting Jane’s blog a few times now and lots of great things here. Thanks Jane :)
      Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Persuasive Article Marketing Has A New Look!My Profile

      • Barry Wells says

        Hi Sylviane,

        No worries on the mention :) You wrote an excellent post that generated lots of interest and proved the points you made within the post.

        Yes I also think it’s weird that people would ask to guest post without even attempting to try to get to know me in anyway at all.

        I think I have about 7 requests that have all done the same thing :(

        Catch up soon my friend, hope you’re well :)


        • HajraHajra says

          Hey Barry,

          Thanks for linking us up to that post. It was an awesome read.

          Coming to the point of receiving posts from people we really don’t know; I was discussing this with some bloggers some time back and one mentioned a point which makes sense. She said that though receiving guest posts from bloggers I haven’t interacted with at all makes it a little awkward, it is always easier to say no to them if they have nothing to offer to my blog through their guest posts. However, with people who we have been interacting with for a long time, it is much more difficult to no say no to. It sort of gives the feeling of saying no to friends.

          Something you could related to?

          • Barry Wells says

            Hi Hajra, No worries on my linking up the post by Sylviane, as it was our topic of conversation I thought it would fit in very well.

            Yes I can so relate to what your friend said, although I haven’t had to say no to any of my regular readers as the posts they have submitted have been first class.

            I actually had one of those that hasn’t contributed to my blog, via comments or even trying to get to know me, get back to me and try pushing me along…. 😆 Like that would work…

            Have a great day Hajra, catch up again soon.

            • HajraHajra says

              Ok, that makes sense.

              I have had an email from a blogger I don’t know anything about. He wanted to write about the “advantages of using the twitter hash tag” on my personal blog (that talks solely about life and laughs). I know how it feels 😉

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Sylviane,

        Sounds like this is a guest post party! I loved your post at Barry’s and at Sonia’s. Both had so much to talk about and provide actual information to the blogger who is trying to get out there!

        Thanks for stopping by!

      • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

        Sylviane, aloha. Don’t know how I missed your comment when I was scrolling through them before–probably because Hajra has so many.

        Anyway, nice to see you hear supporting Jane’s contest and Hajra as a contestant.

        Also, since we so recently connected it’s fun seeing you over here as well.

        Best wishes for a terrific weekend. Aloha. Janet

        • HajraHajra says

          I got in touch with Sylvianne’s blog recently through her guest posts when Barry linked it up here. Her post is such a wonderful example of great guest posts and how it should be done. Also, her discussions are so in depth and insightful I actually wish I knew about her before so that I could link her posts as one of the best example of how the blogging party should be done!

          • HajraHajra says

            It is a good thing! See, I followed Barry and found your guest post there! And now I am in love with your posts! So lovely having you and Janet in the conversation here! Made it so much more valuable!

  42. Jonathan Gaurano says


    To Hajra:

    I love the title of this blog post and the overall message. I hate stroking your hedonistic pleasures, just because…. but I’m being serious. I’m infatuated with this blog post. It’s alive, informative, and entertaining!

    Everywhere I go people keep telling the world that they should guest post – if they want quality visitors on their site. I know this to be true as I’m a visitor of Stuart Mills due to his guest post and comments from another site.

    Life is funny. And this blog post rings true. Erg.
    Jonathan Gaurano recently posted..Is Your Relationship Stunting Your Personal Growth?My Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jonathan,

      I am impressed by that comment. Filled with so much energy! Thanks so much for such a fun packed comment! :)

      Stuart has done some amazing guest posts. I was introduced to his blog ever since he did the Pro Blogger post (which I talk about here) and have been a stalker to his blog ever since!

      I actually “threatened” him into publishing one of my guest post and he was sweet enough to do it! :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a fun week!

    • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

      Jonathan, aloha. Though of course I will give you credit, I just may have to “borrow” your words when commenting on another post. As it happens, I agree with what you said about the title and message. These words made me smile:

      “I’m infatuated with this blog post. It’s alive, informative, and entertaining!”

      Wishing you a great day, aloha. Janet

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Janet,

        I love Jonathan’s use of words here too! So apt for the spirit of the post and he has just reflected so much energy behind his comment!

        We learnt complimenting comment words from him! Thanks Jonathan!

  43. Sylviane NuccioSylviane Nuccio says

    I found your comment on my guest post and I clicked on your link and here I found your guest post.

    It’s always good to read good advice about guest blogging, it’s a great responsibility and a lot of fun too though. I love it and I am just starting with it and going up the ladder of blog ranking. Nice seeing you again and good luck with your guest blogging.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Sylviane,

      Kind of like a guest post get together we have here! I was introduced to your post via Barry’s comment here and it was wonderful to say the least.

      It is fun but the responsibility that comes with it should be handled well.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a nice week ahead!

  44. Jeevan Jacob JohnJeevan Jacob John says

    Hey Hajra,

    Sorry for being late on commenting on this awesome post of yours 😀

    You highlighted some important points that are ignored by most bloggers. Yes, it is really important to be at your best behavior – when guest blogging – and handle your audience with care.

    I don’t really do anything special for guest post (except that I only publish guest posts that I really enjoyed writing – so I work on it a little more – to develop the ideas and add more value to it than I do at my blog).

    Thanks for the tips, Hajra!

    Best of luck with the contest 😀

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jeevan,

      Going by the awesome guest posts you have published lately, seems like you are good at being the party person here 😉

      Guest posting has so many different views but it stands to be benefited from is used wisely!

      Thanks for the appreciation and taking the time to comment! Given that you are so busy with your blog nowadays! Hope you have a lovely week! :)

  45. Bryce Christiansen says

    Hi Hajra,

    You really stuck by your words when you said to not only make a guest post, but to make it the best guest post. Look at the bajillion comments you got.

    And I know you worked your butt off to get the word out about this post. Your face has been on all my favorite blogs and every comment was leading me here.

    You have been commenting on all of our posts for a long time now, so I hope I can do my part in helping you out here as well. I’ve stumbled, facebooked, and Google+ this post.

    We would be honored to have a guest post from you anytime.


    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Bryce,

      So lovely to see you here. Actually there are so many reasons why I am am everywhere these days, besides the fact that I have this contest post to fuel 😉 I was disconnected from the blogopshere for a long time now and am trying my best to play catch up and I have still some time before I join my new job… so this is where all the energy is going! Reading and commenting. My mom actually teases me that I changed job and took time off because I wanted to promote the post! :) See, that’s how dedicated I am!

      Thanks for all the clikety clicks you have done! I am so thankful :)

      I will be more than honored to do a guest post for your blog. Will get in touch with you if you are interested? :)

      Thanks for stopping by! :) Have a lovely weekend!

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Allie,

        I don’t know about the bottom; but my fingers are definitely wearing out and somehow getting shorter!

        The things I do for a guest post! 😉

  46. Dawn KayDawn Kay says

    Hi Hajra

    I here there’s a party brewing so I thought I’d better get myself over here…

    Love how you mixed guest posting with a party (lol)

    Although I haven’t done any guest posting myself I have recently done a guest post series on my blog and can see the benefits for both the guest poster and the blog owner.

    I know some people dont like guest posts on peoples blogs but I can’t see any harm in them as long as they are on topic.

    Good luck with your challenge and have a fab weekend


    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Dawn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I was uncomfortable having guest posts on my blog too; I don’t know why but I did a series called Thankful Fridays and had a blogger over every week and yes, it was a wonderful experience.

      I am so glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much for dropping by!

      Have a lovely weekend!

  47. Angela says

    What a fabulous post packed with great information!
    Guest posting a terrific way to get known around the web. There are so many blogs it’s amazing. I had no idea ProbloggingSuccess even existed before now. I’m so glad you came by Powered by Intuition and left a comment because that is what led me here. I’m subscribing!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Angela,

      There are so many things one stand to learn from guest posting! Pro blogging success is Jane’s site and you should be here, it has some amazing information to offer all the time! :)

      I was introduced to your blog via your comment some place and I love the posts you have to discuss! The dream interpretation post was mind blowing! :)

      Thanks for subscribing, Jane will be very happy! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

  48. Billy DelaneyBilly Delaney says

    Well I made it over here to your post about Guest Blogging, and I sure am glad that I did. I see some very interesting comments and of course you are handling them all with the aplomb of the host of the party.
    The single thing that I learned that I simply cannot leave out here is this.
    It comes from Frank Dickenson.
    He laid out for me, on my first and only so far guest post, the details of how to send the actual post to him. Now that was probably the most practical way to come to the party at his house.
    I recommend Frank to you as an example of how to organize the party and make the guests feel at ease with the process.
    This is a post that all new people to the stream and the world of blogging should ge to read. The simple and likeable posts are the most effective and this one ticks all my boxes.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Billy,

      So glad you could stop by! Absolutely love the page you recommended. I have seen Frank on so many blogs but somehow have never been to his blog. Will do that now. I did read the page you recommended and I must agree, he lays it out very clearly about what he does and what he wants.

      Many blogger do have a guest post guideline – actually listed on their blog or sometimes mentioned when you drop them an email. It is always sensible to familiarize yourself to the blog before having submitted one’s post there!

      So glad you came by and added so much value to the post! Thanks so much :)

      Have a lovely day!

  49. Vidya SuryVidya Sury says

    Hey Hajra – I’ve seen so much of you at all the blogs I’ve recently visited, I feel as though we are old friends! 😉 Oh yes, I’d certainly call you for the party!

    Guest posting is not only fun, but a fabulous way to meet some fantastic people out there. As they say, never such a thing as too many friends.

    I would add that a guest poster must promote the heck out of the guest post after writing the best post ever!

    So glad I heart you blow your trumpet 😀 Blog on!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Vidya,

      Well I have been trying to promote my post as well as I could but Abhi here is far too awesome to beat :)

      I am so glad you came by all my posts! Guest posting is a wonderful way to meet new bloggers. Have you tried your hand at guest posting?

  50. JanetJanet says

    Hajra, aloha. Congratulations on your participation in this contest. It looks like you are off to a great start. Of course, no surprise there because you write quality content and have lots of friends and supporters in the blogosphere. It definitely looks like Bill will “win the prize” for being your most active supporter.

    Though you may feel you have difficulty with headlines, at least for this post, they are a perfect match. Well done.

    This is a terrific guide to get people started on why they should guest post and then how to do it.

    As it happens, several of the blogs I now read I originally met when they were guest posting on a blog I read regularly. That a blogger selects you to post, is quite an endorsement and it goes a long way to making the reader receptive.

    Wishing you all the best, Hajra. Until net time, aloha. Janet

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Janet,

      Bill is definitely the most active commentator here; I just might have to cave in and share the prize money if I win!

      I am so happy with this headline too; somehow I did find the right one. Otherwise I just have way too much trouble coming up with the title. It all boils down to my indecisiveness.

      There are so many I have met through guest posts; either my reading theirs on some blog or by them reading mine on another blog. Guest blogging is a great way to meet new bloggers and network!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely wishes!

      See you around! :)

      • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

        Well you could always flip a coin to decide. Or, think what will draw most people in to read your post. To me, a title is not about the blogger’s cleverness rather it is about what will attract readers.

        Your regulars will be with you no matter the title while the ones who see your post tweeted will most likely come over because of your title.

        All of which you already knew, of course. Until later, aloha. Janet

        • HajraHajra says

          Hey Janet,

          I love that bit about titles. So true, no matter what your title is your readers will come by. But the trick to bringing in new readers does involve how attractive the title is!

          Thanks so much for coming by and giving us your wonderful insight! :)

  51. shannonshannon says

    I loved this article! I have not really pursued the guest blogging track as of yet, but I think it would be a big benefit. The idea of getting “out there” can be a bit daunting to look at, but I am to the point I need to do more and this looks like a great avenue.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Shannon,

      Guest posting can be daunting but once you do it; you do realize how much fun it actually is! Just get to know the blogger well and what kind of articles they run on their blogs and whether you would be interested in doing something on those lines and then talk to them about it! They will definitely be open to the idea of having you as a guest author!

      What is your blogging niche, maybe we could talk about blogs that pertain to your interest?

  52. Cat AlexandraCat Alexandra says

    Hi Hajra,

    What an excellent and informative angle on guest blogging! I’m relatively new as a blogger (I really just started blogging in late August 2011) and I have just recently had my first guest blogging experiences.

    I must say that I was initially a little intimidated by the idea, not knowing what to expect. Boy was it a worthwhile experience! I’m a little bit addicted to it right now, actually, because I’ve found what a fantastic way it is to “mix it up” and provide mutual benefit to all involved.

    I think the bulletpoints you’ve made here are definitely truisms and ones that people will do well to learn from! Thanks so much for the great article and for sharing your wisdom! Headed to retweet this right away!

    Highest regards,
    Cat Alexandra

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Cat,

      So, you are a newbie! How is the blogging world treating you? Isn’t it wonderful being here?

      I began in August 2010 and I must say I still am so in love with the whole experience! I was intimidated by guest posts in the beginning too, but then I got hung on! I have done so many and I still can’t seem to let go. It is addictive!

      Thanks for the retweet and for stopping by! You are awesome :)

    • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

      WOW! Kudos to you, Cat. From your posts and comments, I never would have guessed that you just started in August, 2011.

      Congratulations on your first guest post. The first one is always the hardest.

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Janet,

        I did hop over and read Cat’s guest post and once you read it; her being a newbie is even more unbelievable! She has some wonderful insights into her first guest post! Do drop by when you can!

  53. TishaTisha says

    I loved how you compared guest posting to a party-very creative. You are right it is like a party. The way I see it is, the guest poster is the special entertainment for the host party that their house. And, their house is their blog. So, of course the host is entitled to be picky.

    Hey, if they are going to plan a great party. The host and guest host has to plan a great party well. :-)

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Tisha,

      I like the use of the word special entertainer! You make it sound like so much fun! The things mentioned are bang on and yes, the host can be entirely picky about certain things. The best way is to have a blogging guidelines mentioned so that is easier for the readers to have a clear idea of what to expect!

      Thanks for stopping by Tisha! Hope you have a lovely day! :)

      • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

        Tisha, aloha. Love the idea of the guest blogger being the Special Entertainer and that title certainly fits Hajra.

        And, of course, our blogs are our homes. We work to achieve whatever feel we want them to project.

        Jane and Hajra definitely worked together to throw a great party.

        Enjoy a terrific weekend. Aloha. Janet

        • HajraHajra says

          You girls just make me blush with all those compliments!

          Everyone has put in a lot of effort into their blogs and while accepting guest posts it becomes an issue as to what and how much will go behind the post in terms of the blog image itself. It definitely is a tough choice, but working it out together makes it so much more easier!

  54. SoniaSonia says

    Guest posts are just as important as blog commenting. You really spelled this out very well and reminded me that I need to get some more submitted myself. It’s one thing to leave a comment, but creating a guest post for another blog really leaves your mark. Nice job Hajra!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Sonia,

      Guest posting has been my favorite way to interact with newer audience and I just can’t stress the wonderful benefits it brings in when done the right way! :)

      Do keep us posted when you do do a guest post of your own!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a lovely day!

  55. JaneJane says


    You had me at hello with the word “Party”. Guest blogging at first appears to be pretty scary with thoughts of not writing good content, the material lacks scope, and all the other anxieties one might have with guest blogging. However, changing the mindset and coming from a place like having a party by inviting as well as engaging our readers/visitors with great content that is fun, exciting and informational that they can apply then we as guest bloggers have done our job. Thank you for your inspirational blog post.


    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jane,

      Many people have mentioned how daunting guest posts can be. And yes, I wouldn’t disagree; you really have to put in a lot of effort sometimes. But then, isn’t giving in your best something we should all get used to! :)

      Mixing it with an analogy of having a party was something I thought would have more attention! Thanks so much for appreciating the post!

  56. Jayme Soulati says

    Love the tonality and also love the warmth you share here. Anyone who irks someone in the community is bound to have hundreds of comments to clean up; it takes confidence and breathing to fix.

    I have found that those blogs writing about life’s happenstance always bring the most comments. Why? It’s easy to speak about life; it happens to us all and it’s a common thread we have.

    So, if you’re wanting to engage a large community, then consider your topics carefully. Nice post; hope you win!

    • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

      Jayme, aloha. As I was scrolling through the comments and I noticed the link on the bottom of your comment. Not only did I enjoy your well constructed post, I truly appreciate the links it contained.

      Soulati’s post is simply amazing.

      Best wishes for a terrific weekend. Aloha. Janet

      • HajraHajra says

        Hey Janet,

        I just read the post she has linked us to and it definitely is so powerful. I have been reading about this on Gini’s blog and Shonali’s too and Jayme here, sums it up so well!

        • Jayme Soulati says

          Thanks, Hajra! I have no idea how you might win your contest here, but I’ve had a great time engaging with the two of you (Janet) on a topic totally different than what YOUR post is about.

          Hope I didn’t derail anything here!

          Cheers this rainy (in my world) February day.

          • HajraHajra says

            To increase my chances of winning I think I need a hundred more comments and a truck load of back links! Lol! The competition here is tough and I am such loving all the determination in EVERY participant here! It’s like a roller coaster ride, but I am trying my best!

            You did bring in a wonderful conversation! Thanks!

      • Jayme Soulati says

        Hi, Janet!

        My goodness, what a lovely way to launch my Saturday with your kind compliments.

        Thank you for saying so about that post yesterday. If I may indulge a moment, bloggers (with many others) ought to be proud of their influence to sway a national organization the likes of Susan G. Komen to reverse a controversial decision (and this has nothing to do with politics as I state that).

        Traditional marketing is dead. (Sorry, it’s true, in re the “dead” thing.) When organizations sooner learn and really comprehend that, they will understand the ramifications of decisions previously made in a tunnel.

        • HajraHajra says

          I wonder if you have read Marcus’s latest post on The Sales Lion where he mentions how the Inc 500 talk about blogging being dead.

          With this issue in mind, do we really think blogging is dying? With the power of such influence? Debatable?

          • Jayme Soulati says

            I did indeed read that, and I also read Danny Brown’s post about a similar topic…PR is dead, blogging is dead, MySpace is dead, etc.

            It’s not dead at all; it’s just how you want to use it, right?

            • HajraHajra says

              I haven’t read Danny’s post; will head over there now. It is about how you use it; but the discussion over there made me think. Blogs of many companies don’t get as much traffic and comments as other blogs. I really have to read more into this. The next thing you know they will be talking about the death of social media in all?

        • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

          You’re most welcome, Jayme. It was my pleasure to be able to say those words.

          If people speak up, take action we do have the power to change, to influence, to make a difference. As Margaret Mead said:

          “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

          People will follow, if someone leads. If we have opinions, we need to speak up and start leading where we want to go so that others may follow.

          • HajraHajra says

            Hey Janet,

            I so love the quote you have here. It takes a lot of lead, but yes, if it is for the better, then there is really nothing more valuable!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jayme,

      Blogs about life always have a warm feeling to it because it is something ALL of us can relate to… and we all have a life! :)

      More than anything you bring about the important point of topic here. Topics that evoke response, that spark discussions and make for wonderful conversations are always so precious!

      Thanks for stopping by Jayme! You are awesome!

  57. Claudia says

    Hi Hajra,
    My first guest post was for a dear friend that I know in my city…I was absolutely new to blogging and really had no idea what a guest blogger was and the impact it could have. Fortunately, for me the rules of blogging are the same rules that I use in life…mind your manners, be polite, be gracious and be responsive. If you follow those rules (I even wrote a blog post on being a gracious guest blogger recently) when you are writing a post for your own blog or writing a post as a guest blogger, it creates an environment where people want to hang out! Responding to comments is also such a great way to keep the dialogue going!!
    Great post Hajra!!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Claudia,

      I think my mom gave me those lessons as a kid and now I hear it again! 😉

      The conversation is such an important part of any blog post; guest post or at your own place. There are so many people who tell me that they have had guest bloggers who, after the post is published, just disappear from the scene. That makes it worse. The readers there would absolutely get the idea that you really aren’t serious about the whole thing!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Claudia! I am smiling… and my teeth are shining Doc! :)

  58. LucyLucy says

    I’ve always wondered how effective guest posts can be; both from a business blog and personal blogging perspective. Are we reaching broader audiences or just the same group of people who regularly take time to read and comment? I have had guest bloggers and been a guest blogger and whilst they are alwayd enjoyable for me, I’d love to hear more about why it’s beneficial in a wider sense.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Lucy,

      For me personally guest posting has bought in a lot of audience. Now I am not saying I am the expert here but I have seen people gather a huge audience through guest posts. Guest posts might not generate traffic instantly, but it might bring in a chunk of an audience at one go. For example, if I go blog hopping and cover about twenty blogs a day. Of those 20, I might only expect about 8 to 1o (maybe lesser) of them back to my blog.

      But if I guest post at a blog that has like 50 readers per post and I submit in a valuable post that has people thinking this “Hmmm, she writes nice stuff, let me check out her blog” Not all 50 come by but at least they have heard of you and you just made yourself known to a larger audience (than one a time while blog hopping).

      If you have heard about Danny Inny; he is a blogger who was everywhere! He has an awesome blog and he was guest posting at popular sites and people had to wake up and take notice and now we has an amazing audience over at his blog.

      Now audience might not bring in the money directly, some of them might be potential customers, some of them might pass on the word to potential customers, so yes the word for the business needs to be spread. So, a business blog might do really well with credible guest posts.

      I mention Stuart’s post here and I got introduced to him via his guest posts. There was a time when he was everywhere too and he has some amazing guest posts all over. You should see his blog now; given the amazing content he has to offer, he just celebrated his 100th post!

      So, guest post might take time to work, but it is effective for audience recognition!

  59. Maureen HunterMaureen Hunter says

    What a great article Hajra and a clever analogy to a party. Guest blogging has huge benefits for both parties. I myself have hosted guest bloggers and been a guest myself. It’s certainly something I’d like to do more of and your article has some great tips for ensuring that all the guests at the party go home happy. Thanks so much!

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Maureen,

      Thanks so much for appreciating it! :)

      I have read some guest posts on your blog and I love the variety of experiences and emotions they bring to the blog; makes it wonderful to read other’s stories.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  60. Tanja says

    Great post, Hajra! I’m just discovering the benefits of guest posting now – one of the things I’m loving is the opportunity to write about different topics to the ones I’d write about on my own.

    I think your comment about not leaving a mess behind you is critical! I wouldn’t get into an argument with someone’s friend if I was invited to visit their house – and I think guesting posting is very much like the online equivalent.

    Blessings – TANJA

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Tanja,

      Writing guest posts does have he creative juices flowing right? I find that I work harder on guest posts and think of varied topics too. It sure is fun.

      The mess thing is so important and people just have to realize that difference of opinions is something to be taken in good senses and just be appreciable of others point of view.

      Are you new to guest posting or is it something you do often?

      • Tanja says

        Hi Hajra – I’m so sorry – I didn’t see the notification that you’d replied to my comment (thank you for the response, by the way!)

        I’m fairly new to guest posting (then again, I’m fairly new to everything!), but I’ve been very lucky to have quite a few bloggers generously allow me to guest post on their sites recently! I’m aiming for at least 2 guest posts a month as part of my overall marketing strategy, and I’m really loving getting to meet and interact with new people through it :-)

        Blessings – TANJA

        • HajraHajra says

          Oh yes, guest blogging can be loads of fun and people around are always ready to help.

          If you would like to guest post on my blog; the offer is open! :)

          You know where to get in touch with me :)

  61. Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

    Hajra – This is a very nice and neatly written article, i like the way you have brought together the guest posting and the blogging party scenarios together and made up a wonderful post at the end.

    I am a firm believer in Guest Posting and I welcome all readers of this post to submit their articles on my website if they are interested to take part. You can read the “Write For DMC” section for more details.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Praveen,

      Thanks so much for appreciating the post! You certainly must have aroused the curiosity of everywhere here with that open invitation for guest posts! Thanks so much for that?

      Have you tried guest posting somewhere? How was the experience?

      • Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

        Hajra – Thanks for the reply and I hope the readers will show some interest in my website and do send in their articles.

        I have done some guest posting…and all of them are listed out in the “About Me” section of my website. I should say they were wonderful experiences and I came across some awesome bloggers along the way.

        • HajraHajra says

          I did visit your twice a couple of times to check out the Naked Truth series and loved it! Haven’t checked out the guest posts as yet! Will do it soon.

          Guest posting is a lovely way to meet and expand your reach in the blogosphere!

          The commentators here are wonderful! Maybe you could get in touch with them to have guest post for you? And see how it goes? I am sure many will be interested!

  62. Ralph Dopping says

    I have connected to you via Craig McBreen. I actually loved your comments to his recent post and by god, your thoughtsare so heartfelt. I have guest blogged on another site a bit early on in my very, very short blogging career (the second to my first love – project management). I appreciate all your points above. So practical and very true. I have let it slide a bit probably more through avaiable time than anything else.

    What eludes me so far is the discourse that makes this platform so much fun. Opinions on the ideas and topics expressed are really what helps me grow and learn. I suppose I just need to work on my delivery to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Thank you for writing this. The biggest lesson for me here is the confidence to reach out to others and make comments and discuss ideas in this forum. It is a pleasure to have found your voice. Thank you.
    Ralph Dopping recently posted..Is using FEAR any way to manage a Project?My Profile

    • Hajra says

      Hey Ralph,

      I am a newbie to Craig’s blog and as for commenting, I just tend to say a lot. We actually talked about chopping fingers 😉 Lol1 That must have been heartfelt.

      Guest posting is a wonderful way to reach out to a wider audience and yes, I just love it. It might be daunting, it was daunting for me when I first started it but slowly one gets the confidence. There has to just a few things one need to be particular about when guest posting though. You have to treat it nicer than you treat your own blog 😉

      I am so glad you stopped by! And to my blog too… see you around! :)
      Hajra recently posted..Suffering from Blogging Conformity?My Profile

  63. AlanAlan says

    Hajra, I completely agree with you that guest posting can create great opportunities for both the host and the guest. IMHO, the best way to arrange for a guest post is in a direct private conversation. (And never an unsolicited e-mail.) Indeed I myself have a guest post, just published over at Holly’s blog. I’ve been reading and commenting on Holly’s blog tips in so many contests she has entered since I’ve known her– the woman is indefatigable, that I felt it was high time I did a blogging tips guest post :) Good luck in your contest.

    • Hajra says

      Hey Alan,

      Private conversation as in the phone, Skype and the likes? For me, it has always been blogs on which I have been familiar. Once I get familiar and see what kind of posts a blog carries; I usually pitch in an idea. Or if I get lucky and the author asks me first, then I always ask for guidelines or at least an idea of what they are expecting from me. Always makes it easier to begin with something that you might have to run through the minimal amount of edits!

      Is the GP on Holly’s your first? Off to check it now!
      Hajra recently posted..Suffering from Blogging Conformity?My Profile

  64. JaiJai says

    Guest posts helps us in making relation ships with fellow bloggers and gives you better exposure for you blogs.. indeed it helps you in giving recognition in your niche..

    • BushraBushra says

      Do you consider guest blogging within your niche as primary. From what I have seen around (from the little bit of blog hopping I have been doing!) is bloggers do tend to guest post outside their niche to tap in the power of community. Does that seem doable?

  65. Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

    Hajra, aloha. Is this contest still underway? For some reason I thought it ended last week. Please let me know. Aloha. Janet

      • Janet CallawayJanet Callaway says

        Do comments still count or just the shares?

        Hajra, I still do not see a twitter button when I look at the screen. I am wondering if it is on the side and it does not show up in my browser. Where is it so I can tweet you or let me know what you want tweeted.

          • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

            If I reduce my browser window by half, I don’t see the sharing buttons down the side. That could be a problem. I get a scrollbar across the bottom, but it won’t go far enough to the left. Not sure why. I don’t know if this will work – or if Jane will let the link through, even (c’mon, Jane!):

            Tweeeeeet button!

            If that’s really hideously ugly, just know that I TRIED to do a good thing. :)

  66. AlanAlan says

    Hajra, Do you and Holly have some secret means of quickly locating the new comments? When it gets to over a hundred comments it seems like it takes Forever to wade through them all again and again searching for the new replies to reply. Please tell me there is a better way. (One thing I love about WP.com is that it alerts me to new comments and I can read them from the tool bar or on the Comments page….but don’t see any way to do that on a blog where I’m visiting.

    • Hajra says

      For me, it has always been email notifications; once I get the email with the permalinks (makes it easier) and then its just gets simpler. Otherwise it is a little problematic to wade through anything over 50 for me! :)

      Or I click reply in the email notification and it redirects me to the particular reply box for the specific comment.
      Hajra recently posted..Suffering from Blogging Conformity?My Profile

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      On other people’s blogs, it can be very helpful if the comments include the date (which I see they don’t, here, unfortunately). Then I try to skim the whole long list to see which threads my picture isn’t last on. 😉 The scrollbar is your friend, Alan.

      What’s really bad is when Mitchell Allen gets in on it and starts making obscure literary references, leaving clues that span three or four blogs and maybe six to eight weeks. I think that man’s actually broken my brain more than once, but I’ve learned to leave cryptic replies so he can’t quite tell if I followed the breadcrumbs down the rabbit hole or…not. Or maybe he’s just too kind to call me stupid. I don’t know. :)

      • HajraHajra says

        You are just the funniest lady I know around the blogosphere! 😉 With that sense of humor, I ain’t surprised why you hold Erma Bombeck so close to your heart!

  67. Rdu says

    Hey Hajra,
    You just created a “guest post manifesto” in a cool and original way. Luv it :)
    Before reading your post I just read few pages from the Go-Giver book which talks about the law of giving..

    I would like to share here a quote from the book that works very well with your first tip on guest posting:
    “You give, give, give. Why? Because you love to. It’s not a strategy, it’s a way of life”.
    The more you share your best “gold nuggets” on somebody else’s blog the faster you will attract people to yours..naturally..without begging or crying for attention. That’s how a prosperous blog/business shows up.

    Good mention with the comments like “Great post”. Everything is better than nothing, especially when you’re out of your home to say so. Appreciate and show gratitude for every like, share and little comment..people love to see that someone rewards them for their efforts..even if it’s a simple “thank you”. Whatever you appreciate, it appreciates you.

    Critics..it’s part of the blogging adventure..and also invitations to go deeper in your research..Questions like these can be useful: What did I missed? If this person’s argument is valid, how can I add more value next time? What areas do I need to improve? Writing, The quality of info? The style?

    All criticism from comments can be used in a very constructive way..if we’re not blinded by our fellow Ego..let’s call him Jimmy :)
    Guest posting it’s like having a new party..but not in your home. If one is open, kind, willing to have fun with others the “party” will come out great.

    Thanks for sharing Hajra. It’s a pleasure to be in the same contest with such talented bloggers :)
    Wish you success!
    Be blessed,
    Rdu recently posted..Blog Content Ideas: 40 Simple Ways To Never Run DryMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Radu,

      That was such a huge comment! It took me so long to take things in! :) I am so glad you are a part of the contest! And your post is amazingly well!

      Guest post has always been a lovely experience for me, I am just hoping it is as lovely for others as well!

      We learn through criticism. There is a way to face the matter and to confront it too. We just need to find the balance. Jimmy can be stubborn but Jimmy has to know that opinions are different and we learn through these differences! I like the question that you ask Jimmy!

      Thanks for stopping by! That was such a lovely input to the discussion here! I am so glad you did stop by!

      BTW, You name the ego Jimmy… ego is a stubborn male? Eh?

  68. Cat AlexandraCat Alexandra says

    Dear Hajra,

    I love the way you served this one up!

    I have seen some very impressive Guest Blogs and also some ones that just make you kind of want to shrug your shoulders. This post you’ve done here at Jane’s site is surely one of the ones I’d put into the “impressive” category.

    What you said about showing up in your best dress for the occasion especially resonates with me! This is an opportunity to shine in front of new audiences! We do well for ourselves, as well as our host, to go the extra mile in paying attention to the small details which show that we really do care and appreciate the opportunity to show what we have got to offer!

    One point I feel worth mentioning is that Guest Bloggers should also do their part in publicising the article! I have seen and witnessed times where a blogger will be invited to participate, but they don’t do much to go out there and let people know about their article! I am not sure why this would be, but it happens!

    I have only been regularly blogging since this past Summer, but in the few Guest Blog opportunities I’ve had, I’ve gone out of my way to make sure that I have syndicated out my links and invited people to view it. Guest Blogging should be a sort of symbiotic relationship between parties that proves to be mutually beneficial! (That’s just my nickel!!)

    I think you did an outstanding job on this one, Hajra! Thanks for letting me drop my opinion on the matter! I think you have definitely proven you’re worthy of the WIN!!

    Highest regards,
    Cat Alexandra

    • HajraHajra says


      Thanks so much for stopping by! I do think you stopped by here earlier; but the more the merrier!

      I did check out your guest post and I loved how you replied to comments and handled the overall discussion going on over there!

      Whenever I guest post, I do put up the link on my list of guest posts or at least put up a link in the next post I write. Earlier I used to write a whole new post about the guest post I have written so that people could hop over there and read it. Now, I don’t do that as much, because I guessed people would just get tired of reading my posts about guest posts and not actual posts! I hope I make sense!

      I loved your nickel.. 😉 I am surprised by how new you are; you really write well and have a great way of networking! When I was new, I was so terribly lost! How are you so awesome? 😉

      Thanks again! :)

  69. Elena AnneElena Anne says

    Thank you Hajra sharing those tips. I am new at blogging and your advice is very useful for me, cause I ‘m thinking to start guest posting after a month.
    As in all types of businesses the public relations play an important role, with customers, partners and even competitors.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Elena!

      Thanks so much for coming by! Guest posting is a good way to tap in audience especially when one is new. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

      Is there any specific niche you are hoping to focus on?

  70. Elena AnneElena Anne says

    My blog is all about wellness (exercise, nutrition, beauty, health) but hope to focus on vegans and vegetarians.

  71. Michael BelkMichael Belk says

    Hey Hajra, I am sorry but I was visiting your other blog. You wrote a very popular post and it is well done. I love to be a part of your bloggers party. I will keep more abreast of your articles.

  72. farouk says

    good topic Hajra
    i believe it depends on your connections with other bloggers
    it very important that we spend time trying to improve our relationships with others

  73. SaraSara says

    Hello Hajra
    I liked your post and i found it very interesting and much more different
    from other ariticles which speaks about guest posting.All these advices you shared are very important for a blog’s life, and i don’t forget to mention
    that, you are right about on how bloggers should reply to their readers,even when they don’t agree with the comment and how public relations around the bloggers should be.

  74. Annie AndreAnnie Andre says

    I’ve only done 1 guest post in one year. I’ve been putting it off because i have been working the courage to do it. Honing my writing skills, building a presence. It seems silly now looking back but i can’t deny the fact that all around me, people keep touting how important guest posting is to drive and build an audience and most of all meaningful connections. It’ is my goal for the next 3 months to guest post like a crazy Maniac. It’s how i’m going to dance like a maniac in public. :(wink)

    • HajraHajra says

      It is okay; we all have different goals. Believe me, I am guest posting so much that I am neglecting my own blog; I have now vowed to not guest post for some time unless I blog more often on my own blog! Irony!

  75. BishwajeetBishwajeet says

    Also, guest bloggers should blog at a blog which is pretty big enough to get good number of comments and I think you have chosen the corrent blog given by the number of comments here.

    • HajraHajra says

      True getting a post on a blog that has huge traffic makes sense. This is a contest post; I am just glad Jane is running this! :)

  76. NimsrulesNimsrules says

    Hey there Hajra, enjoyed reading your article. Each and every point you mentioned above is valid as far as being invited to a bloggers party is concerned. You always come up with something new on the dish. Keep up the good work!

  77. SarahSarah says

    Hi Hajra, a really good post thank you for that enjoyed reading it. You had some really good tips and will be sure to put them to use. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Sarah

      Thanks so much! I am glad you liked it. I don’t post here though, this is Jane’s blog. I am just a guest poster! :)

      Thanks again!

  78. Areesh KhanAreesh Khan says

    Hi Hajra.

    I need your help a little bit. Can you please teach me how to use Commentluv in backlinking? i will be really thankful to you.
    I hope you got my email i will wait for your reply.

    • HajraHajra says

      Hi Areesh,

      I am surprised you would ask me this; this post has absolutely nothing to do with comment luv. I think Jane will be better able to help you with that. She has a couple of posts about it.

      Jane, would you please link Areesh up to comment luv tutorials?

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Suraj

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I am glad you like the article and it could be of help to you! :)

  79. John ErnestJohn Ernest says

    Guest posting is really a privilege given only to few. It is also a great way to experience and learn something new. I always look for blog masters that write on a very different niche so that I can learn something new myself at the same time deliver quality and content, as well as a few back links 😉

  80. ShaileshShailesh says

    Guest Posting is the way of high quality backlinks and more traffic for blog…
    And google also love guest post backlinks because in guest post any one can’t do spamming, that’s reason bloggers use guest posting and also alow guest post.
    And Hajra your post writing is nice because u describe amazing..

  81. royroy says

    Honing my writing skills, building a presence. It seems silly now looking back but i can’t deny the fact that all around me, people keep touting how important guest posting is to drive and build an audience and most of all meaningful connections. It’ is my goal for the next 3 months to guest post like a crazy Maniac. It’s how i’m going to dance like a maniac in publc. nice share

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