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Facebook is everywhere. If someone asks you to give your Facebook account details to get in touch with you and if you say to them that you do not have an account, that would be a surprising answer. Every Tom and Dick has a Facebook account.

Almost all people, who are in the field of business and education, use facebook for different purposes.

It is important to learn the right Facebook marketing strategies if you plan on marketing on Facebook. Now where can I learn the Facebook marketing strategies and tips? For this I would strongly recommend everyone to visit FansBridge.com (http://www.fansbridge.com/). It is run by Faissal Alhaithami, who has 4 years of experience in managing websites and marketing.

He has founded and owned online.net and sold it to the biggest hosting company in Qatar, which is Qatarhost.com. He is the author of free 52 pages ‘Facebook marketing secrets guide’, which have gained big attention from so many bloggers and people. The 3 important sections in his blog are

  1. Facebook marketing tips

  2. Facebook news

  3. Facebook tutorials

Facebook marketing tips, Facebook news and Facebook tutorials section can be viewed in his site for better understanding. Right now, he recommends 5 Facebook marketing tools to be successful. Facebook Marketing: An hour a day, BlueHost, FBxTAB, Facebook Marketing for Dummies and Facebook marketing secrets guide are the highly recommended tools.

According to his view, the book ‘Facebook Marketing: An hour a day’ talks about how to develop a Facebook strategy, measure success, create the plan and get started and a lot more. ‘Facebook marketing for Dummies’ talks deeper about Facebook marketing.

To promote any product in intelligent and creative ways, FBxTAB will provide you easy ways to do it. Facebook marketing secret guide helps right from setting your account correctly, generating fans for free and make them engage in right way.

To stay up to date with Facebook news, the blogger collects coolest articles that has caught his attention and places it on his site. Marketing tips section is regularly posted and you can update yourselves needed details.

You can grasp more useful details from his blog. The details you have learned can be applied anywhere in your internet marketing strategies. You can get free email updates from him after signing up. To know learn more, you can follow him in twitter, Facebook and Google+.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, critiscms, rants, stories, guest article possibilities, just fill the form available in Fansbridge.com site and he will answer as soon as possible. This blog gives you good details about effective marketing strategies and provides some best tools.

Through this blog, Faissal delivers his knowledge and other thoughts in different and new way. If you want shine yourself in Facebook marketing, this blog is an excellent platform to learn. To be successful in internet marketing, you need time and patience. Incredible results can be obtained if you follow his Facebook marketing strategies.

Know Faissal’s blog already? Share your views below. If not, please go and give him a visit. Its worth it!

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  1. Richard says

    Hey Jane,
    Fancy seeing you here! Thanks for the tip on a great website for learning about facebook marketing. I’ll definitely check out Faisal’s blog.

  2. preethpreeth says

    lot of how to’s in his blog which i like the most…and facebook places for buisness is a must for every social media pro who has to create facebook fan pages with places in it.

  3. Faissal AlhaithamiFaissal Alhaithami says

    WOW!! Thank you so much Jane, this is just an awesome review 😀
    really appreciate it 😉

    have a great day,

  4. UmairUmair says

    Facebook marketing can be taken as a the most popular form of network marketing and the key of success in network marketing is to creating a network in which everyone knows whether you know them or not. It is more likely to become a celebrity without not being actually being one so that people trust you and keen to know what you are up to. For example Rebecca Black I am very eager to know how she promoted her song friday?

    Well, I was saying that I believe that Mr. Faisal would have must be covering these aspects of facebook marketing

  5. junaidjunaid says

    this is a great stuff and i totally agree with the point of the facebook account that every second person is having a fb account.these social media is great to propagate the blogs as well as the information.

  6. Diana Stroe says

    Facebook is one very powerful tool but it’s hard to work with it, at least, in my opinion. There are a lot of schemes and systems, strategies to work with Facebook and achieve success. Facebook is the most powerful social network in the World, it’s undeniably true but you must know a lot of tricks to use it as a marketing tool.
    Diana Stroe recently posted..Reiki MusicMy Profile

  7. PritamPritam says

    I have downloaded and went through the books. This is one of the best books I have found for facebook marketing and I really hope it will provide me some best tips I can use for making some powerful strategy.
    Facebook is the next big thing after Google and we should be very careful for making a marketing plan on facebook.

  8. Karan LuganiKaran Lugani says

    Great suggestion Jane. I just checked out his blog and his facebook marketing strategies are phenomenol. Great ones..!!

  9. MartinMartin says

    I read his blog, it’s very interesting; thanks! From my experience, Facebook marketing works better than LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ in any domain (gifts, automotive, education, jobs, books)

  10. Abhishek DAbhishek D says

    social networking sites have become a big medium for marketing for all kinda products and to know customers reviews directly. Nice article to read, it improved my knowledge in terms of online marketing & promotion through facebook. buddy… keep posting this kinda stuff… :)

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