Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?


Do you have a good blog? Do you consider yourself a good blogger? I am not talking about any specific category of bloggers or blogs. It does not matter whether you have a personal or a business blog. These are the general questions for all the bloggers out there.

Blogging is one of the most loved hobbies, these days. There is a lot of competition between bloggers trying to reach the top. In such a competitive environment, is your blog good enough to make it in the blogosphere?

You have a good blog if your blog has the following attributes:

  • Clean template : This is the very first step in blogging. A blog should have a clean and elegant template. If we have something useful to say but people cannot read it easily then it’s ineffective. The color contrast in a template should be fairly high and comfortable on the eyes. It is a bad idea to choose a white template with yellow font. Although some consider it “cool” to display their posts on a dark background, many readers find it difficult to read white or gray text on a dark background.
  • Niche : It is really essential to have something particular to write on- a specific category of topics, such as technology or home decorating or “observations on human nature” – which can have some similar sub categories, such as cell phones or kitchens and bathrooms or people-watching in a street café. A blog is known by its niche. It lets readers easily distinguish a blog from others in the blogosphere. A good blog is not one which integrates something about everything, it’s the one with everything about something.
  • Easy Navigation : Blog readers should be able to navigate through the blog to their desired category or post. Easy navigation can be easily accomplished with the help of Sitemap, Tags, Categories and more.
  • Privacy Policy : Every blog should have a Privacy Policy to let users know what personal and private information may be collected and how it will be used, so that they can decide if they want to stick around or share that information with you. A Privacy Policy is a legal document that should be precise and easy to understand. Make sure yours covers all of the required elements of a standard Privacy Policy, and that you understand your obligations to your visitors and customers, as well.
  • Terms Of Service (TOS) : TOS is a set of rules which a reader must agree to in order to use the stuff provided on a blog. It lets readers know what they can and cannot do while using any service, and what can happen if they violate the terms. These rules should be carefully written, not too nonindulgent, and acceptable by a user’s point of view. TOS should include issues like copyright notices, republishing content and more.
  • Professional Style : Professional style can make readers feel that they are on a trustworthy and secure place which is maintained by some professional organization or person. I think an excellent template combined with clear Privacy and TOS statements can also help a blogger to look like a pro.

If you can manage the above in your blog then of course you have a good blog. But, is having a good blog enough to make you a good blogger as well? What else can make you a good blogger?

You are a good blogger if you:

  • Do not plagiarise : Plagiarism is the act of stealing and publishing (or representing as your own) someone else’s content without proper credit and permission from the author. Plagiarism is so unfair and shameful that it can easily harm the image of an other wise good person and algorithms like Google Panda are good enough to make discovery of the crime easy.
  • Write for people, not search engines : Have you ever tried to unnecessarily include some keywords in your article title or body which are your blog’s main keywords? Or do you just invariably keep working on how to come out at the top in search engines? A good blogger is supposed to help others with what he or she has to share. Always try to write something that people are looking for and not finding. SEO becomes easier when you focus first on people, and writing to solve their problems.
  • Don’t blog just for money : It’s quite clear that blogging is a source of income for many bloggers out there. But most didn’t start blogging just for money – there are easier ways to earn a living. If you start a blog with a mentality for earning money only, then I don’t think you can be a good blogger ever. But if you blog to help others fulfill a need or solve their problems, then you may earn money easily.
  • Have knowledge : It is the key to success. You can write well only if you know something specific that others want to know. A good blogger is never stuck thinking what to say next. So first you have to figure out what you know and care enough about to build your blog around.
  • Have writing style : This includes the way you speak your mind with words and images. Being humorous is not adequate. You should be able to make your readers understand easily what you are trying to express.
  • Are interactive : Good bloggers are interactive with their readers. You should write in a way that makes your readers feel you are talking to them. Reply to their queries or ask them something in your posts to encourage them to reply to you in the comments section. A good way for keeping interactivity is to allow commenting and reply to your readers.

This is not a comprehensive list. You should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your blog and your abilities as a blogger. Continue to work on your writing skills and your technical knowledge of the blogging platform you’ve chosen (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) Be open to feedback from your readers, because they are your customers – even if you’re not really selling anything.

Abhi balani is a Computer science engineering student and a part time blogger as well.Love to connect with others.Boy with so many dreams.Love to share and grab knowledge. Claims to give Best Blogging Tips on his blog OddBlogger , also maintains a Technology + Entertainment blog: Geek OddBlogger

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  1. Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

    Excellent tips, Abhi! You’ve covered a lot of important points, here – this is very helpful. It may not be comprehensive, but it’s a great start or a good refresher even for more experienced bloggers.

      • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

        People like me? What, as in, “old enough to be your mother”? :)

        It’s just too much fun to tease you, some days. Of course I appreciate smart, articulate young engineering students who also write well and work on honing their skills. Duh.

          • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

            Oh. Well gee, I’m not OLD yet, just older than YOU. :)

            But thank you. You’re very kind. And I’m serious – these are great tips. I think you can remove the “Hello, I’m a Newbie” tag, now. Now you’re sharing serious tips with the newbies, they’re going to be looking up to YOU.

      • Neha patelNeha patel says

        hi Abhi,
        Its a great post.Really enjoyed reading it.You explained all the points in a very simple and precise way. thanks for this information.

  2. MichaelMichael says

    That’s a very good post. Being a good blogger requires more than writing blog posts everyday. We need to write to entertain people, educate them so they can come again. That’s the beauty of blogging. Thanks for sharing and please give updates on this.

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      SO true. Without entertainment or at least something new to learn (though both, rolled into one, is magical) readers have very little incentive to come back regularly.

      • Abhi says

        Agree with your point: Readers have very little incentive to come back regularly. When I see my subscriber stats, it keeps on moving up and down at the same time.

  3. bbrian017 says

    Hi Abhi, thanks for sharing all these great tips with us. I’ve never blogged for the money. In fact even to this day I don’t make much money from blogging. I do it because I like to interact with the community and I find blogging allows me to do this is am manner then no other. I’ll be honest here I never knew blog engage would grow to be so popular 4 years and but here we are and all of the great bloggers have joined. I guess my point is when you love something and you do it because you care instead of trying to make money genuine things happen and even to this day if I wasn’t making money with blog engage I would still love it and all our members.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Four $50 #USD #prizes to #win at #blogengageMy Profile

  4. extrA persoNextrA persoN says

    yes, you have written a good. but i think, a good blogger can not continue all parts of good blog. though, blogging is a hobby, so somebody will want to write at freely for any subject or keyword. so i think keyword take a different place between a personal blog and professional (which for earning) blog.

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      I’m not sure I understand you, extrA persoN. Why can’t a good blogger continue all parts of a good blog?

      I do agree that there’s a difference between a personal blog and a professional/business blog; a personal blog focuses on one person, all that person’s thoughts and opinions and observations on life. Would you call Seth Godin’s blog “personal” or “professional”? A strictly professional/business blog isn’t generally about a person (unless it’s an author or coach or actor or musician) but about a product, service, brand. Still – it’s all about what the customers want to find and how they go about looking, when it comes to keywords, right? Either way.

    • Abhi says

      So, now i have to reply to an extra person. I like your words “But i think”, that’s a good thing. Thinking can help in blogging very much.
      What do you mean by keywords different place in two categories?
      Even if blogging is a hobby, can you continue keep writing with the same enthusiasm if no one is there to read your blog or to appreciate you, your writing. In hobby, writing anything will not let readers stay on your blog, readers should know by your blog theme, what they may expect next.
      And about keywords, I think, they matters in both, professional and private blogs. If you are writing a blog with “Childhood Stories” then the keyword “Childhood Stories” can let readers find your blog easily.
      What i said in my post is, unnecessarily adding them. That makes a difference (I think).

  5. Derick OrlowskiDerick Orlowski says

    Lol! I like the idea “Write for people, not search engines”, I also do think that it is the people, the readers that what matters most and not having a rank on Google or being indexed.

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      You have to help people find your blog. Search engine optimization does that. But in the end, only people – NOT search engines – buy products, click links, take up a cause, or do anything else you want done. And if you want them to come back, you have to give them reasons to do that. I’m glad to see Google making it harder to “game the system,” frankly. And glad to see more bloggers who understand that it’s people who matter.

      • Abhi says

        Thank you Holly for showing your views in your replies to the comments.
        And, Of course SEO is important. SEO is the one which makes our content visible to the readers with best algorithms. Even it tries to show approximately relevant results.

    • Abhi says

      That’s it. People and their needs matters much more than search engines or being indexed. You can kicked out of the indexing anytime, any rule or algorithm changes, but not from people’s heart.

      Thanks for your comments.

  6. Ruth SaysonRuth Sayson says

    This is a wonderful post Abhi, as a new blogger I really appreciate the idea that you want to share here. And about Plagiarism, I do believe that this is one serious act that harm not only your blog but also your credibility and that’s what Google hate and trying to avoid.

  7. bilalbilal says

    easy navigation and professional style and clean template are really rare now a days but you have maintained this quality in you that why i keep reading your blogs , thanks

    • Abhi says

      Yes Mohideen, quality information and regular updates lets our readers to stay on our blog. Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a good day.

  8. suruchisuruchi says

    Its really a nice article abhi ,its helps alot to the new bloggers to become a good blogger .It covers almost all important points like plagiarism and don’t blog for just to earn money.Really good and also all the very best for your contest .

  9. DuyDuy says

    Very true Abhi!

    When it comes to online business, not just blogging, it’s best to keep the visitors’ interests in mind. You’re right about having a good layout for the site and write for people not just SEs. If done right, it will bring more exposure to our businesses!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Abhi says

      Yes John, but only niche is not enough for a good blog, i pointed many of them above.

      And what do you mean by “right niche”? How a niche can be wrong? LOL
      Appropriate word could be specific niche, i think.
      Thanks John for stopping by. And I really appreciate your blog, for sure you have a good blog.

  10. Brad says

    Hi Abhi,

    Thanks for sharing this list. This is really great. I also agree that a good blogger encourage comments and interact with his readers. This is one way to build relationship and let them feel that they are part of your blog and that you care. A good blog also archives the post by topics. Date archives are only appropriate for personal journals but for niche-blogging, it should archive by topics.

    • Abhi says

      Yes Brad, good blogger is the one who encourage comments and interact with readers BUT also, who comment on other blogs and interact other writers and bloggers as well. A good blogger is who appreciate other blogger also.
      Building relationship is important phase of blogging. Of course with readers but as well as other bloggers.

      Thanks for your comment Brad.

  11. luvluv says

    thnx oddy for sharing :)
    learnt many things from this post, and have bookmarked it.
    my best wishes are with you oddy.
    all the very best for this contest :)

  12. Sally Brown says

    Hey Abhi,
    I would say you are ‘a good blogger’! You have succinctly provided information which the reader can easily read and understand. You are able to start a thought or subject and carry it through to completion while holding a readers attention. This is not something that is easily taught or learned. You have an incredible talent.

    I love the tips you present here. I still have to put together a Privacy Policy, Comment Policy. I don’t know much about TOS. I am not sure it I need that on my blog or not, but will look into it.

    I wish you much luck in your blogging career and, as you say, always think of the reader while you are writing. Give the reader what something that can help them in some way, and they will come back. Sally
    Sally Brown recently posted..The Blog Engage 1000 USD Best Guest Blogger of 2011 ContestMy Profile

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      Hey, Sally! Small world – hope you had a great Christmas. My TOS contains my “comments policy.” It’s really just “rules of the road for anyone using my site.” It doesn’t have to have a lot of stuff the big sites have – mine has some things it doesn’t need right now, but MAY need in future, so I covered them as best I could. Privacy policy is the big one – you really do need that, to avoid being blacklisted by sites you’ve never even heard of and think you don’t care about, until readers you might care about decide THEY care. If that makes any sense at all… :)

      • Abhi says

        Hey, Holly! I am thinking to make a seperate section for “comment policy” . I am tired of editing and removing spams. And yes, I thought the same, like you said, some rules doesn’t need now, but may need in future.
        Thank you very much for replying to, Sally.

        • Holly says

          Abhi, I hope you’re not suffering under the delusion that spammers will ever READ anything – let alone a “comment policy.” But you might use it to at least explain why comments occasionally don’t show up (Akismet and other spam-catchers aren’t perfect – sometimes they bounce the NICE people, too), and what kind of behavior you expect (no abusive language or “trolling” for example).

          I saw a cool message the other day on someone’s blog – it was a popup that said, essentially, “Yeah, you’re probably a nice person and all, but be warned – you came here from a page that mentions CommentLuv – a LOT – and your message will be going into moderation until I can read it and make SURE you’re not just trying to take advantage of me.” 😉 Fair enough, I think! I’m now wondering if I have to write my own, or if there’s a cool plug-in for that, and if the latter, how customizable is it?

    • Abhi says

      Sally, thank you for calling me a good blogger. Information is useful only if the reader can easily read and understand. And about talent, no comments from my side. :-)

      Holly said it all.

      And as I said in my post, “It lets readers know what they can and cannot do while using any service, and what can happen if they violate the terms.”

      Thank you very much for your good wishes.

  13. Vimal DwivediVimal Dwivedi says

    Amazing work their Abhi ,you covered all tips which everyone should know as a blogger..even though i’ve neve heard about using TOS and Privacy policy in a blog ..
    Is having TOS and Privacy Policy is mandatory for a blog or it’s your decision to have it or not ??

    • Abhi says

      Hello, Vimal! Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

      It isn’t mandatory. You must have seen most of the blogs without it. But it is a sign of a good and a professional blog. it is completely your choice to have it or not. For privacy policy I would like you to read the point for privacy policy again. It describe why it is good to have one.

      • Vimal DwivediVimal Dwivedi says

        Happy new year to you Abhi and yes I have seen many bloggers without it ,but i thought that for now I have to only concentrate on my content………..

        • Abhi says

          All the best to you. Yes, you can do so, but don’t remove other things from your list. Mark them, use them when you think it’s the right time to do so.

  14. SanjeevSanjeev says

    Nice Tips, though I would like to say many people will start blogging with money in mind because somehow from the outside it looks like an easy way to earn money. Its later that they realize, it is not an easy thing which push them to leave their blogs (a reason for so many dormant blogs).

    • Abhi says

      Absolutely, Sanjeev. There are lots of bloggers just start blogging, looking someone earning from their blog. But they do not realize the hard work, patience, courage and a lot more things by those bloggers which are earning.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wish you a very happy new year.

    • Abhi says

      Good blog comes with a lot of HARD work. That’s right. But sacrifice?
      And yes, all the points I mentioned above are incorporated by a few, or very few. It is very difficult to be perfect but not impossible unless you stop trying. This is the right step, to make it better than before, not to worry about how be the best.

      Thank you for sharing your views, Stan. Wish you a very Happy New Year and Good luck for your blog.

      • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

        You’re a wise man, Abhi.

        Sometimes, this need to be “perfect” actually just holds us back from doing anything at all. Sometimes, “good enough” is actually GOOD ENOUGH. If I’m starving, I don’t need a perfect meal, do I? I just need to be fed. I don’t need to be fed horse poop – that does me no good. But waiting for the perfect chef to fix the perfect meal? I could starve to death.

  15. Erik EmanuelliErik Emanuelli says

    Very nice points you listed in the post, Abhi.

    Thanks for sharing.

    This is also called “Online Reputation”, right?

    It is certainly not built in days or weeks, and you definitely need personality and intelligence.

    My best wishes for 2012 !

    • Abhi says

      Your welcome, Erik! Yes, we can relate it to Online Reputation. Good reputation online.

      Other than intelligence I think one also needs hard work and good imagination.

      Thanks for your kind comments. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  16. Harrison LiHarrison Li says

    Hey Abhi,

    This huge list of signs of a good blog and being a good blogger is surely promising! I believe I have fulfilled most of the requirements, just need to focus on Easy Navigation haha

    Have a prosperous year of 2012!

      • Abhi says

        Ohh really? Cannot say about print out, but yes it should be kept in mind while blogging. But, do all bloggers make it happen really?

        I am glad you found goodness in my post. :-)

        • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

          Well, the printout helps to keep it in mind. Although, to be honest, I have a cork board right behind my monitor, and I’ve posted lots of reminders on it, but it’s not working as well for me as I’d like…

          • Abhi says

            Oh, Holly. I really want one for me. But no much place here. It is the best way for keeping reminders. I forget, what I had planned to do, when I sit on my computer. But I’ll be having one soon.

    • Abhi says

      Hey Harrison,
      I don’t think your blog’s navigation is not good. Of course you have a very good blog.

      Thank you and wish you a very Happy New Year.

  17. KerrieKerrie says

    Bookmarking it on Twidig to share with fellow bloggers and hopefully get you some support for the contest. Best of luck.

  18. Rituraj pandeyRituraj pandey says

    Its really very nice article Abhi .
    you have just mentioned every important points of blogging..
    thanks for sharing ..

    • Abhi says

      Your welcome, Rituraj. As I said in my article, this is not a comprehensive list but for sure, it can be kept handy.

      Thank you for stopping by and comment.

      Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  19. Joe says

    Thanks for sharing! I fell into the dilemma of writing for humans or SEO. If I write for humans, then the search engine won’t get me. If I write for search engine, then it makes no sense.

    In the end I choose to write for human, forget about the SEO.
    I’m not sure about the effect of it, importantly, I’m happier.

    • Abhi says

      Very well said, Joe. It’s much more important that you are happy for what you are doing. Happy with your work means you are satisfied with your work, that is writing for people and helping them.

      About it’s effect on SEO, I don’t think it will be having a bad effect. We know very well that search engines tries to show results to it’s users which are most relevant to their queries. If we are writing for humans, search engines responds to what humans are searching. Consequently, our writings. :-)

      Thanks for your comments.

        • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

          I have several, Joe. I seem to have picked up two NEW ones with the new year. You’re welcome at all of them. I do little, if any, acronymic blogging. You know – blogging that revolves around SEO, SERP, PR, MMO, etc. Nothing wrong with it – but provided your basic needs and a few wants can be met, you should always do what feels right for YOU and makes you happy, right?

  20. Rahul Arora says

    Hey Abhi.
    It is indeed a nice post but in my honest opinion, it is really tough to do without certain things like SEO and monetizing on blogs nowadays.
    If you consider SEO and Money also, there should be balance in all of your motives behind blogging and if you have good intentions you’ll be supported by people also.
    Keep it up and thanks for the great post, Cheers!

    • Abhi says

      Hello, Rahul. I am glad to see you here.

      Of course, both the things you mentioned, cannot be ignored completely and even I didn’t say that. Blogging is being the source of income for many people out there in the blogosphere.
      My point is “Don’t Blog JUST for MONEY”. If one is starting a blog with an intention, just to earn. I think that’d be a bad idea.

      Thanks for your worthy and honest opinion, Rahul. I respect that.

      All the best.

    • Abhi says

      Great. Very well said, Ricardus. And you are right. Blogging was passion, hobby for writers, bloggers. But these days, blogging is being done for earning money online (Most of the times).
      I feel really annoyed when I click and get unexpected pop ups.

      But there are lot more bloggers which still have the passion of a true blogger, blogging not for money, just for the sake of others.

      Thanks for your awesome comment.

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      Amen to that, Ricardus! Well, some of us still hold down the fort and try to remind all the MMO bloggers that if the rest of us leave, they’ll have only each other to blog for. 😉

  21. ankitankit says

    Very Informative post…..thnaks for sharing…The only thing i was not clear about was TOS and privacy policy….it sounded same to me…

    • Abhi says

      That’s simple, Ankit. TOS is what others can do with the information you provide and Privacy policy tell what you do with other’s information and how you manage it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

    One good way to determine what’s good and not good about a blog is to take this post and refer to it as you surf and read other blogs. What do you particularly like or dislike about other blogs? Make some notes in the margins of this post and create your own “checklist.” You could make the “perfect” blog, but then it might not reflect your own unique personality – and it wouldn’t really be “perfect,” after all.

    My personal blog’s template isn’t all that “clean” – it takes longer than it ought to to load – but it’s very much me. It reflects who I am, and makes me happy. So I have decided to keep the “flaws,” for now.

    • Abhi says

      That’s really a good idea. I am trying to work with the help of checklists, this year. And you are right, having a good professional blog will be only professional, but it needs to reflect the personality of the owner as well.

      BTW you got a very good looks for your blog.

    • Abhi says

      Thank you very much for the wishes. But I don’t think so. There are great blogger in the competition.
      I am doing my hard to stay at the top.

      Thanks one again buddy.

  23. Joen FalsnerJoen Falsner says

    Great tips. Especially the one “dont write for the search engines but for your readers”. I see many people doing the opposite trying to please search engines rather than the actual readers. Thanks!

  24. HajraHajra says

    Hey Abhi,

    I would agree with many of the points here. The whole point is that people need to realize what works for them and what doesn’t. If they work that out, I think most of the work is more than done. Also, blogging just for the sake of it might put one in a little bit of confusion. A serious blogger, always needs to have certain aspects of the blog clear and sorted out to make the cut! :)

    Nicely written! Good Luck with the contest!

    • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

      Oh, Hajra, you say that as if there’s something wrong with a bit of confusion! (This is like a convention where there are after-parties in every room on the organizers’ floor… What’ll you have, Hajra? Try the tandoori chicken tapas or the sikandri raan. Made it m’self. Abhi’s been politely chewing on it, but I think he’s just afraid to insult someone who reminds him of his mother.) Do you think a blog needs to be like a glossy magazine or stick to a single topic like a little boutique? And is that to keep the blogger from being confused, or the reader? Who’s doing the cutting, anyway?

      Oh, you’ll have to go check out my new blog – first time in a LONG time I’ve had one with Alexa numbers way up in the millions. (For some reason, it amuses me that there are some 30 million blogs, and this one – in less than a week – is up around 1 million. Hey, you just have to find your own fun, some days, Hajra.)

      • Abhi says

        Oh, Holly! It’s NAAN not RAAN, remember if you order this in India. Suppose, you are expecting something delicious to be served and get something which looks weird. Take care. LOL

        • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

          What the heck did I put on that plate, Abhi? Oh, dear lord… :: surreptitiously tries to shovel the mess off the plate and into the trash before anyone notices :: Only fair, after all the edits yesterday… so, um, that wasn’t lamb??

            • Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

              You’re not just pretending that was lamb to make me feel better, are you, Hajra?? I mean, that’s what that spammer over on my no-niche blog TOLD me it was when he sold it to me in the back alley… it SMELLED like lamb, when I was cooking it… (Don’t worry, I was pretty sure it was lamb. There’s another plate in the kitchen. PLENTY left, actually. I just wanted to see the look on Abhi’s face when I scraped it into the bin.)

          • Abhi says

            OK, I thought you are talking about an Indian dish. Actually, I love NAAN. Didn’t know about raan. Let see if I get it someday. Don’t mind ya.

  25. SRKSRK says

    The way information is presented is really admirable. Nice article. At present I use feedburner. I heard of Aweber to give more facilities to the readers. But there is no free service in that. Is there any alternative to that?

    • Abhi says

      Hello, SRK!
      Thank you for your comments.

      To be very true, I think you don’t need something extra than feedburner, at least for now. We just need to give some common and easy subscription option to our readers so that they can easily subscribe via any service they wish. Facebook, Twitter are the most favorable, these days.

      Moreover, if you are providing valuable content then readers will subscribe happily to your feeds by any way they can even if it is bookmarking on their browser. Right?

      I visited your website. I didn’t find any subscribing option. May be you are already working on it, but I think you should add it as soon as possible. Let me know if I can help you in this.

  26. CathCath says

    thanks for sharing your great ideas Abhi! I will surely keep an eye on this.
    Best luck to all of us Bloggers!

    – Cath –

  27. Ana says

    Definitely all valid points, Abhi.

    In my opinion, the most important one is the one that you briefly addressed in the “have your writing style” bullet.

    A blogger without a voice is set up for failure.

    • Abhi says

      Thank you, Ana!
      It is most important point for me as well. I don’t know if I have done it, but I am still trying to have my voice in blogosphere. May be, it will take time but I’ll keep trying.
      I am glad you find my points valid. Let me know if I missed something.

    • HollyJahangiri says

      Ana, this may be one of the hardest things for bloggers – indeed, many novice writers – this notion of finding your own voice. At first, it’s insecurity – following others you admire, thinking surely that must be the secret to success. But what works for one person won’t work for another – precisely because it’s not real, and “not real” smacks of insincerity. Readers can usually tell. Later, it’s just habit. It’s the easiest thing in the world, and the hardest – this business of writing like your own self.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted..Little Mountain, Big Mystery: Bob Sanchez Talks About Writing and His Next GoalMy Profile

  28. Mavis NongMavis Nong says

    Hi Abhi,

    These are key points you’re sharing here. Anyone looking to create blogging success can benefit a great deal from this post.

    Good luck with the contest!


  29. Blogging widgets says

    First I want to say this is a great post. It explain all the aspects of a good blog. The template is one of the key factor which determine the progress of a blog/website. The navigation should be easy and user friendly. Blog speed should be fast.

    Overall idea is to bring traffic, so the blog should be search engine friendly in any mean.

    Nice share.

  30. MeaganMeagan says

    Great tips Abhi! I love that you specifically talked about writing in your own voice & having a personal style. This is something, at least in my opinion, that develops over time. I still consider myself a new blogger. I’ve only been at it for a little over a year, & I’m still constantly tweaking the way I write or the images I choose to use on my site. Infusing your blog with your personality & likes is one of the best ways to get true, loyal fans because they’re actually connecting with you. If they relate to you & your “style” they’re more likely to stick around. Thanks for all the great tips! I’m off to read more of your posts!

    • Abhi says

      Meagan, I am honored that you came here to look at my post and share your valuable thoughts.
      And you know? The conversation we had on BBT and now here, what you said – “I’m still constantly tweaking the way I write or the images I choose to use on my site. ” I think I have so much common with you. hehe.

      Thank you for your appreciation. It’s worthy to me. I’ll see you on my blog. :-)
      Abhi recently posted..Blogging Resolutions 2012 List : Every Blogger Should MakeMy Profile

  31. ShreeShree says

    Hi Abhi,
    This post covers all the basic points of blogging. I just loved reading it!There is so much to learn from your blog and I really don’t think you should be tagged as ‘Newbie’. :) Way to go!

    Wish you all the luck for winning this contest!

  32. Vimal DwivediVimal Dwivedi says

    I have done some wrong things in starting like adding unnecessary tags ,etc but after some time I have learnt that its not going to help …
    Now I am much focus on my content and the way I write..
    but is it necessary to have a professional template ?
    great comprehensive article ….thanks for the share….

    • Abhi says

      Yeah, I have seen that unnecessary tags on many blogs? Of course, TAGs cannot work in place of content, for SEO.

      No, it’s not necessary to have a professional or a premium template but you should have a clean, easily readable and with easy navigation. I said, professional style. So your site looks a trustworthy place over the web. You can read the last point for “Good blog”, again. :-)

      Thank you for your comments.
      Abhi recently posted..New Year Giveaway : 5 Blog Engage accounts and 1 year Gold membershipMy Profile

  33. Melanie Kissell says

    Super cool post, Abhi.

    You cinched the “good blog” deal for me with this …

    ” … many readers find it difficult to read white or gray text on a dark background.” And I’m definitely one of those readers!

    Thanks for a great post with buckets full of validity about what it takes to have a good blog and be a good blogger.

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      Hi, Kristi! Thanks for following my “breadcrumbs.” I shared your post this morning on Google+, and several people liked it. How could they not? First time something like that makes SENSE on Google Analytics.

      Folks, that post linked in Kristi’s comment up there? HIGHLY recommended reading.

    • Abhi says

      I’ glad you followed. I hope you’ll refer this post to someone who is thinking to start a blog. :-) It’s a refresher for those who already have a blog. Bloggers (some or mostly) forget about the maintenance after the set up, and focuses only on publishing content. May be, this post help someone who already have a blog.

      Thank you for your appreciation. :-) Thank you
      Abhi recently posted..Tips for Dealing with Negative CommentsMy Profile

  34. Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

    Being a good blogger, or shall we say, great blogger, actually takes some time. You have to deal with all the hardships, gain some proficient knowledge, and experience what blogging is all about. I do agree with your points Abhi, and these are definitely a great plus for a blogger want-to-be.

  35. Danny BrownDanny Brown says

    Hey there Abhi,

    Absolutely stellar post, mate, and something that all bloggers can take something from, regardless of experience and length of time blogging.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! :)

  36. ntathu allen says

    Well done Abhi. I enjoyed reading your post and mentally checking have I /do I do that. As my mum says there is always room for improvement-so I have a little bit of homework to do. Thanks. Best of luck with contest and its great you are leading by example – entering a contest is a fantastic way to grow and home your knowledge and blogging skills. Well done.

    • HollyJahangiri says

      Good morning, Ntathu! (Should probably say ‘good afternoon,’ by now, eh? I’m still trying to tap a vein with a pointy coffee stirrer over here…)

      Hey, everyone – the link at the bottom of this comment does NOT go to Abhi’s post!! ::giggle:: Sorry – couldn’t resist saying it.

      It actually goes to Ntathu’s latest post on TheNextGoal – a really beautiful sample of posts she’s chosen to represent our whole team’s efforts in the 7 Links Challenge meme. The difference here is that it’s not a solo blog, and Ntathu was charged with choosing her favorites from over 150 posts written by Team2 (Ntathu, Larry Lourcey, Brandon Freund, Neeraj Sachdeva, and me) during Weblogbetter’s Surviving the Blog Contest last year. Ms. Ileane threw the challenge to her, and as the winner of the blog, I only asked that she give a balanced sample from all the contributors, if possible. I think she chose splendidly, but more importantly, she gave her reasoning for each choice, and added a little tip – or lessons learned – to each. You should definitely not miss this one.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted..The 7 Links Challenge – A Trip Down Memory LaneMy Profile

    • Abhi says

      Ntathu, finally, you’re here. And I’m very happy you enjoyed my post. And I also believe that, “Always room for improvement”.

      Thank you for your wishes, your appreciation. And I’m really glad after participating in this contest. True – fantastic way to grow.

      Thanks for coming to my post. :-)
      Abhi recently posted..Tips for Dealing with Negative CommentsMy Profile

  37. Linda HewettLinda Hewett says

    Hello again Abhi!

    Your points will all help new bloggers out there. I just popped over from We Blog Better and I’m glad I did!
    For me, two signs of a ‘good blog’ are…
    1. A blog that solves a problem that keeps me awake at night,
    2. A blog that teaches me something I need to know.

    Looks like you’re doing brilliantly in this contest so far! I wish you well.

  38. Noah says

    Hi Abhi,

    Awesome article! I hate bloggers that applies a plagiarism habit. I stumbled into some sites that uses my article without any credit. I also dislike blogs that uses spun articles just to have a content. And lastly, if you just intend to make money out of your blog and not prioritizing your readers, you are just increasing your probability of failure.

    Nice job Abhi!

  39. Karan LuganiKaran Lugani says

    Great article bro. A good blogger and a good blog go hand in hand. The perfect combination of these both make a blast .

  40. LianeLiane says

    It’s good you put up the disclaimer that it isn’t a comprehensive list. Truth be told the list are endless! However, you did bring a lot of important factors. I will agree on clean template and easy navigation well seeing that I approach blogs with a ready knowledge about design. I know that the content aspect is just as important as well, but really perception is a very strong trigger to boost your image among the crowd.

    Great tips! Keep them coming!

  41. SireSire says

    I don’t have a TOS but I do have a comment policy and I think this is pretty important because they should also know what is expected of them in the way of comments.

    I love blogging and while I do make a bit of money out of it I do it mainly because I’ve learned to love it.

      • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

        I think it’s a good idea to have such a policy so that you can point to it on the rare occasion when it’s necessary to delete a real person’s comments (Spammers never ask, you know? They EXPECT their droppings to be swept into the spam bucket, but hope to sneak through the cracks like rodents.) The point I like to make is that it’s my blog – not a “public forum” – and I’m not a government entity – therefore, your First Amendment rights? Not exactly applicable… except that I’m a huge believer in them and here’s the only stuff I’ll “censor”… things like hate speech and messages advocating illegal activity and message harassing or threatening anyone on my site… Saves having to explain it all on a case-by-case basis. One link and “you were warned!” Just saves time and argument. :)

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      Hi, Sire! Fancy meeting you here… :)

      Loved your review of Andy’s IM Graphics Plug-in, by the way. You know me. I even told Andy it might take me a while to catch on, but now I have and I think he’s got this whole untapped market he doesn’t even realize! LOL Those of us who are tired of using the built-in WordPress image gallery for ANYTHING.

      You know, I’m having more fun donating my CommentLuv link to other people’s stuff, lately – see the link on this comment. It goes to my personal blog (hah! surprise!) but it’s a guest post by Jeevan Jacob John. Go read and let him know your thoughts on the subject.

  42. Jeevan Jacob JohnJeevan Jacob John says

    Hey Abhi,

    Good Read!

    You have got a good number of things that we, bloggers need to take care of. I am okay with most of the list – expect for the Privacy policy and TOS – I guess I should include those in my blog :) I used to have them – all of them in the about page for my old blog (to avoid clutter in the nav menu). I guess I should work on them.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    I blog for the fun of it, so I don’t really care about the money or the SEO – In fact, I didn’t care at all at first. And I regret that. You should care about it. But, write for your readers while you are doing so.

    Thanks for the comment!

    • Abhi says

      I’m glad I reminded you for that. As much I know, you have started from the beginning so it’s not late to add them now.

      I appreciate you do not blog for money or SEO. Same here. Yes, I’ll not deny if money is knocking on my door but I do not come to internet for earning money.

      I’m glad you came here. Thank you very much. I hope you shared it with your readers. :-)
      Abhi recently posted..Tips for Dealing with Negative CommentsMy Profile

      • HajraHajra says

        Money is definitely quite a discussed topic when it comes to blogging. There is a reason why we all are blogging – and it can be our very own personal likes. But when we talk about money; a little extra cash never hurt any body. And if blogging is bringing in money; or at least marketing your services which might bring in business ; then it’s a win win situation!

        • Abhi says

          Very true, there’s a reason why one is blogging. I blog to learn, to share what I know.And yeah, a little extra cash never hurt. The point is not to hurt someone for money, Hajra. LOL :-)

              • HajraHajra says

                If I were Abhi I wouldn’t worry too much; going by the look he sure has got something up his sleeve…. and he has Holly by his side ; time to bring my “bad blogger” act out!

                • HollyJahangiri says

                  ROFL!! I think someone’s already trademarked that moniker, or something, Hajra – but if you start posting some hunky, half-clad MEN over there for us women bloggers just to thumb your nose at him, I’ll support ya! (You could sell Firefighter calendars and help raise funds for burn victims to allay the guilt.)

                • Abhi says

                  HAHA, good one, Hajra. And if I were Hajra I am sure I would make other competitors stay behind me for a long.

                  Holly is on my side. That’s a + point. I got the best coach. :-)

                  Are you trying to scare the hell out me by your words -“BAD BLOGGER”, if yes, then I think I should not take even a little rest as I took for last weekend and even for the first day of the week.

                  See you in the battle field, Hajra. You are the toughest competitor I have ever got in a competition. :-) Nice to meet you.

                • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

                  You did get a little jump on him this afternoon, Hajra – but a young college student needs his sleep. I’m sure once he sees the breadcrumbs I’ve laid out, here, he’s going to help keep the conversation LIVELY over THERE. 😉

                  Oh, this is fun. This is very fun.

        • HollyJahangiri says

          Isn’t that the truth?

          I’m glad to see no one’s pulling the old, “my sainted granny needs an operation…” here. (I don’t figure you should ever count on contest winnings to pay the bills – they’re like presents, that can be used that way or on a little something for yourself you might otherwise not have indulged in – but to count on them too much makes it too stressful and takes all the fun out of it for everyone.) In today’s economy, we could ALL use a little extra cash!

          My blog’s never pulled in much money – ironically, I’ve earned more from the 35 or so stock photos I sell on Shutterstock, and that’s not saying much. But if it can support itself and bring in a little on the side, I’m happy. I have no illusions about quitting the day job (good thing I actually like my job!)
          HollyJahangiri recently posted..Boo! An Interview with Ms. Ileane SmithMy Profile

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      You know, it might be a good exercise for all bloggers to write down what OTHER benefits there are, to them, in blogging. Certainly, practicing your writing and communication skills would be high on the list – in order to improve those skills, you have to practice a LOT. Networking with others – building a strong network of professional contacts and supportive friends is good for your career and your mental health. What else?

  43. TheBadBlogger says

    First off, how do we really know if the blog is good? To me, there are neither good nor bad, because there will be people who like your blog and there will be people who doesn’t like, one thing for sure, is the content of the blog, whether is good or bad.
    If it’s good like this guest post your wrote, then there will be people who will digest and learn from it, if it’s bad then they will just flip off and go to another blog.
    If you did ask me, it doesn’t matter whether a blog have all the attributes above, the only thing that matter is the content.
    For example, I have a content that can cure AIDS, and I’m using blogspot original blog theme, is the blog good or bad?
    I guess you will know the answer, and I’m sure you will know right now, a blog is good only if the content is good, all others can set aside.
    Want example? Then you should go to this website:

    This site is not a blog, but when you see it for the first time, you will realise it is only a plain site with nothing and also have the oldest design but the content is so powerful, it’s contributed by top marketers and copywriters. such as John Carlton, Jay Abraham and many more.
    So what do you think?
    TheBadBlogger recently posted..4 Marketing Tactics You Can Learn from the Porn Industry to Improve Your Blogging Effort!My Profile

    • HollyJahangiri says

      I can’t answer for Abhi, but it’s an interesting topic for discussion and debate. For example, if you did have the cure for AIDS, but posted it on a really badly designed blogspot blog – would you have any credibility at all? Would anyone BELIEVE you had the cure for AIDS and chose to share it that way, in that venue? I doubt it.

      Rightly or wrongly, people DO judge a book by its cover and a blog by its design – first impressions count. (Now, about this whole notion of “bad” or “good” – that depends on what you’re trying to be bad about, doesn’t it? :) BadBlogger.) I tend to not label things “bad” just because they’re not in line with my personal tastes; however, a website that was so poorly written it communicated nothing – or one that advocated illegal and immoral activities – would be “bad” in my opinion. If you want to alienate certain market segments, by all means – go for it. It may be “good” from another’s perspective, that’s true.

    • Abhi says

      I really respect your thoughts, Wong.

      You know I like your site very much. You have lots of useful and worthy tips for other bloggers out there. Moreover, I like your logo very much, after that, your site’s background also.
      I’. sure you are having a lot of followers and fans for your site. You have everything a very good, useful site should have.

      Suppose you remove the logo, the background, even the navigation buttons. Now you have a simple blog/site with white background, a single page BUT lots of worthy information. Then? Do you think, you’ll lose ALL of your fans and followers? I guess, NO! May be a few, but not ALL.

      But what if I have a new blog with zero followers? As Holly said, “ people DO judge a book by its cover and a blog by its design – first impressions count.”

      Readers would be looking for information from a trustworthy place. The looks, stats matters here.

      And for me, a blog with a content farm/illegal activities (and etc) is definitely a BAD blog.

      Thank you very much for visiting and for your honest opinion.

    • Abhi says

      Yes, it scares users away, only if you have horrible pictures there. LOL!
      Yes, it’s your choice to have it or not, on your blog. A TOS may includes Disclaimer as well. If you are not sure about both of them, then visit my blog – and have a look to both of the pages.
      I hope it will change your views, a little.

      Thank you very much for your comments. I really respect your honest opinion.

  44. Dzulhelmee says

    Dear Abhi
    Truly wonderful choice of tips. It is obvious that having a good blog and being a good blogger is a learning and improving process. That is the excitement we get being a blogger. The main thing is that we appreciate and enjoy the journey a long the way.

  45. Raj says

    Agree with your points. I would like to add that the very basic aspect of a good blog is that it should focus on sharing useful and informative content with the readers. If a blog can consistently come up with useful content, then it is sure to be a hit with the readers…Do you agree?
    Raj recently posted..Content Writing Vs Content CurationMy Profile

    • Abhi says

      Yes Raj, it’s obvious. Who will like a beautiful website with a “Hello World!” post?
      I completely agree with you here. But I pointed, what else than content, :-)
      Thanks for comments. Hope you shared with your friends, as well.

  46. Shanky SahniShanky Sahni says

    hi Abhi,
    Its a great post.Really enjoyed reading it.You explained all the points in a very simple and precise way.Hope you will win the contest.Best of luck.

  47. Gibson GoffGibson Goff says

    This should be a must read for anyone starting a blog – “Wondering where and how to start? Here’s some key points to help you in your way.”

    And the layout is even pleasing to the eye! Great structure.

  48. DennisDennis says

    AbhiBalani dude you look like a rockstar on your pic.. Cool… Great post my man..

    I just realized how important having a TOS and Privacy policy intact are. Also having a way for visitors to contact you is important too..

    I either do this by email or with a Google voice widget..

  49. AmrikAmrik says

    Hi Abhi…:)
    firstly thank you so much to all for sharing such a good and helpful tips about good blogger and their signs… I recently came across your article and have been reading along about selecting a correct niche with good & clean design for the blog… I want to express my admiration of your writing skill and ability to make readers read from the beginning to the end of the article… And no doubt your article is very helpful to be a successful & “Profitable” blogger. 😉

  50. Marie CalvinMarie Calvin says

    Thanks for sharing, this is very important both to new bloggers and those that have been around. It’s always good to learn more as you go.

  51. Bryan RingBryan Ring says

    Wow great job Abhi, I love your plain speaking style. Perfect for readers to relate and understand, you are on your way my man!

  52. Bitu Mihai (Bitu Mihai ( says

    Amazing article ! You’ve set up some good points about having a good blog. A clean template and quality content are the most important things for a blog/blogger.

  53. Christian SaronoChristian Sarono says

    How fortunate I am that I was able to read this post. I got a lot of knowledge I’ve been looking for. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  54. Dave LucasDave Lucas says

    I can think of a lot of bloggers who would really benefit from your tips. I’ve sent out a few personal tweets and emails to them, beckoning they stop by here and read (and hopefully follow) your advice!

    Blog On!

  55. JadeDragon says

    Saw your comment elsewhere and liked the topic displayed. I enjoyed your post and you have a very active community here. Will look around some more. Good overview of what makes a blog more successful.

  56. Ameena FalchettoAmeena Falchetto says

    Very interesting points Abhi! Really insightful and useful especially to newbie bloggers, and well seasoned ones alike!

  57. Steve HippelSteve Hippel says

    Hi Abhi.
    Thank’s for pointing me in the direction of this one. I must have got your email soon after you replied to my last comment.
    You clearly care a great deal about quality.
    I myself started my blog as a business blog six months ago. I quickly met many true and genuine bloggers and now I just love blogging.
    I particularly like your point about writing for people, not search engines. I try to encourage my clients to write for people first and then tweak it for the search engines afterward.
    Thank’s again for pointing me over here.

    • Abhi says

      Your welcome Steve!!

      I’m glad you followed my breadcrumbs to this article. And I’m happy to see you honest reply on both of my articles.

      Thank you for your comments. I hope to see you on my blog, too. It’d be nice to connect with you. 😀

      Ok now I have another awesome article waiting for you. It’s on my blog but not written by me. 😀 LOL!! Linked below.
      Abhi recently posted..Tips for Dealing with Negative CommentsMy Profile

  58. JaniceJanice says

    Since I am new to blogging, your advice to me is valuable and I will try to follow the outline stated above for a better blogger :)

  59. Radu says

    Hey Abhi,
    Congratulations bro! You created a very insightful post and boy, a plethora of comments and social buzz :)
    Blogging is a never ending allways can be improved and more than that, if you do it from passion, nothing can stand in your way..Will you fail here and there? Of course, but if you love it, you’ll get back up, adapt, learn and network even more than before.
    Great tips about the technical part as well(design, nav etc) ..I’m still experimenting with this :)
    Glad to see that we’re in the same boat aka contest. Wish you success in winning it and keep the buzz going on in the blogophere :)
    Radu recently posted..Blog Content Ideas: 40 Simple Ways To Never Run DryMy Profile

  60. HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

    I’d forgotten, until this morning, about this wonderful resource for web designers and graphic artists – this is the one I’ve used for YEARS (even bought the printed wall chart, once, for my office – don’t know where that’s walked off to, but I may just have to order another!) – go there and look towards the bottom half of the page. You’ll find lots of free resources and color pickers. It may be less important, these days, now that there are so many good graphics programs out there with similar features. It’s good to help you visualize what colors go well together, though, too. Sometimes, it’s handy to just have that separately from your graphics program while you work. That was the nice thing about the printed wall chart.

    I used to use a program called eyedropper – I haven’t checked to see if they ever came out with an update for Win7, though. It would let you pick up color values in hex and rgb from any page. So if you liked my color scheme, you could just figure out the exact values of it and use them in your own designs.

  61. Mitch Mitchell says

    Abhi, I did follow you over here. And I agree with almost everything you’ve written above. Your second point about niche… well, I always debate that one. My main blog isn’t a niche blog, and it does every well in everything except generating income. I wouldn’t think it’s a bad blog because it’s not niched, and I don’t think it means I’m not a good blogger because it’s not a niched blog either. Goodness, almost 1,300 posts on that bad boy; not bad at all.

    I am niched on my other blogs, not because I think they’re better but because their focus and purpose are different. And that’s the thing about niched; if one is hoping to make money or promote their business, then yes, having a niched blog is a good thing. Otherwise, not being niched isn’t an indication or how good or bad someone’s blog is. Just an opinion. :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..A MLM RantMy Profile

  62. Astro GremlinAstro Gremlin says

    Abhi, I can’t *believe* how many comments you got on this article. I mean it’s good, solid advice and everything but 295 comments?? Awesome!

  63. Google SEOGoogle SEO says

    Without entertainment or at least something new to learn readers have very little incentive to come back regularly.

  64. Rahul MehtaRahul Mehta says

    Nice article Abhi . Well i am trying to be a good blogger and trying to make my blog as interesting as possible for the user .

  65. Chadrack says

    Hi Abhi,

    I think it is superficial to say you’ve done a great work here seeing that every really love it. However, just want to say how does your niche make a good blog? Does the niche you choose determine if your blog is good or not? I know what you may love is not what others love. What you are writing about may not not be what the next person wants to read. But that does not really mean your blog is bad.

    May be what you mean is how you approach that niche in your content because that is what people should really use in judging your blog. All the same you have great ideas here.
    Chadrack recently posted..5 Quick Tips For Turning Negative Criticisms into Profits as a Web Designer!My Profile

  66. AlanAlan says

    This is a good list of tips, though it is a bit uneven it seems to me. (I figured out and mastered clean tips and privacy policy in my first month of blogging…4 or 5 years who knows how many blogs later I still struggle with niche….though I do believe that starting a personal niche blog was the best move I have made yet in my blogging career.

  67. Abhi says

    That’s good to hear. I’m thinking to start one personal blog as well.

    Thanks for considering my tips as “good”.

    Thanks for your comments, Alan.

  68. ChitraChitra says

    The best tip is to write for the audience and not for search engine….but most bloggers make this mistake. They SEO their content so much that it loses its relevance :)

  69. David says

    Abhi, another good one on how to be a responsible blogger.

    I have visited too many blogs that are not responsive to the readers and it does leave you with the feeling that you shouldn’t go there again.

    I do blog about dental health topics frequently, but I also enjoy blogging off topic on the same blog. maybe that is a downfall, I do not know.

    Thanks again for another good post on how to be a good blogger!

  70. Sylviane Nuccio says

    Hi Abhi,

    I hope I’m not too late and that you will see my comment :) because this is one of the best blog posts I’ve read this week. I am a huge blog reader as well as a blog owner and I really loved you clear explanation here.

    I agree that if you want to have readers you might not want to drive them blind with a black background and yellow letters :) Yet, that’s right, people think it’s cool. I have actually people asking me to review that type of blogs and not liking it when I told them you need to have a white or light background and black letters LOL!

    Very good reminder about privacy and copyright as well. Many new bloggers may not be aware of this at all.

    Have a great one!
    Sylviane :)
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Blogging = Writing? Oh, Crud, What Now?My Profile

    • Abhi says

      Sylviane, I think I’m a little late to reply you.

      I’m honored to see you here. It made me energized, again. 😀

      “…one of the best..”, really? I wish it stays till the end of this contest. It’s really good to hear this from you.

      And not only new but many GOOD BLOGGERS are still missing them.

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. 😀

      Did you see Holly’s post on my blog. Linking it below, have a look.:D
      Abhi recently posted..Tips for Dealing with Negative CommentsMy Profile

  71. DivyaDivya says

    Abhi, You covered almost all points. Great article!

    IMO, Clean design (template) and interactivity are equally important. Some bloggers are very successful because they are able to generate healthy discussions on their blog. Selecting right and interesting topic can also help improving revisits and more subscribers. :)

    • Abhi says

      Thank you Divya, for following my breadcrumbs to this post. I’m glad you like my post.
      But I think opposite to you – They are able to generate healthy discussions because they are successful bloggers. Isn’t it?

      And yes, choosing the right title is one of the most important things when writing a post.

      Thank you for your comments.
      Abhi recently posted..Awesome articles you might have missed!My Profile

  72. carolinecaroline says

    Hi Abhi nice to see you in this contest, these are the great tips and also a good blogger should write about the trending topics related to their niche, it helps to increase the returning visitors and new visitors

  73. Yeremi AkpanYeremi Akpan says

    Hmmm! Abhi, I am just short of overwhelmed by the scope of this short post. You have mastered the craft. Prepare for the adulation.

  74. Linda HewettLinda Hewett says

    Wow. You have written this so clearly and in a very user-friendly way, Abhi.
    You must surely be on track to out-comment all the competition! I wish you success!

  75. SamuelSamuel says

    Hey Abhi,

    Love the article, and I hope you do well. Is this for the current contest or one that happened already?

    Being a good blogger should be in the heart of every person who picks up this hobby and game. Don’t just do blogging if your not going to do all the necessary steps to succeed with it.

    All the things you have covered in this article is legit to any blogger. I love the part where you say Don’t just blog for money.

    Solving and helping others with your success will make you feel much more highly of yourself. That’s why I wrote the poem on my blog! 😀

    Once again, Excellent article! Loved it! :)

  76. Ann says

    Hello, Abhi, I am so impressed with the information as well as the layout of your blog. This is excellent. I need you to take a look at my blog so that I can make some changes. I am confident in you assisting me with this. You blog is so professional looking and neat. Perhaps we can phone, chat and inbox each other as to where we need to start with my revision. Thank you for sharing all this brilliant information.
    Ann recently posted..Menopause and Headaches-The basics of migrainesMy Profile

  77. Joan HarringtonJoan Harrington says

    Awesome post and such valuable tips Abhi! Thank you for sharing your knowledge:) Appreciate it!

    Have a great day!
    Take care,
    Joan Harrington

  78. AbdurroniAbdurroni says

    Being a good blogger requires more than writing blog posts everyday. btw , you created a very insightful post.

  79. saad naeem says

    great great great post!

    should have knowledge and secondly never never never blog for money! blog because you know something and share it and don’t cheat .

  80. Rahul kuntalaRahul kuntala says

    Where ever I see your article, it has tremendous comments, so these are the tips you use to create your articles.

    I can’t say anything more than this Abhi except you have a bright future in blogging :)

  81. Pankaj C.Pankaj C. says

    Gr8 post Abhi..according to me the most important point was ‘Writing for people and not search engines’
    Also, checked out OddBlogger.. nice blog..

  82. Joseph @ kidney dietJoseph @ kidney diet says

    Important attributes to be or not to be a blogger. I would add some seo and backlinking to your very informative post!

  83. JosephJoseph says

    I have already commented previously on the usefuleness and the info-worthiness of Jane’s blog but would like to add that Jane is one of the few bloggers who actually answers to queries that are made. I would like to express my gratitude that Jane actually took the time to answer a query I had – in my opinion a caring blogger! Thanks Jane for your help and patience! keep it up!

  84. Printing TexasPrinting Texas says

    That’s a great read! Its been great to know about the tips being shared here. Thank you for your wonderful efforts.

  85. Viola Tam says

    Hi, Abhi,

    Awesome blog contents! I like the way that you organised it into two parts, one on the blog itself and one on the blogger.

    I could not agree more with your blogging for PEOPLE idea. Many people have this ultimate goal for getting leads or earning money. Yet, when we focus on SEO, we may have created a compromised blog post.

    Why not focus on serving others? Blog with passion! Blog with interaction!
    Blog with consistent action! The ‘money train’ will come as ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best advertising method.

    Having said that, implementing SEO strategies can certainly help with the traffic and ranking. It has to be People First though :)

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..“Paradigm Shift” – Lessons Learned from Mark YarnellMy Profile

    • Abhi Balani says

      Hey Viola,

      The point is still the same. If you want to get lots of money then of course one needs to know what People want, what he or she should provide them. SO, ultimately one have to blog for People.
      If someone make a very SEO friendly blog but with the content which, no one searching for. Would it be worthy?

      Thank you for your appreciation,

      Glad you liked it. Good to connect with you on Facebook.

      Chat ya soon. :)
      Abhi Balani recently posted..SEO plug-in for Blogger blogsMy Profile

  86. Ahsan says

    hello Abhi,

    Very catchy & informative post for bloggers. A proverb says – 1st impression is the best impression. So we have to make our sites navigation system easy & lucid. Another thing you also said good interaction with readers & commentators. Thanks for adding such valuable post


    Hi Abhi,

    Well it’s not easy to add anything to these sings, it’s really important to understand what are the factors that determine a successful blog and bloggers, Thank you so much for detailed insight on these factors.

  88. prabhatprabhat says

    hi abhi…..
    eye catching title………..
    one’s niche and writing style is i think the most important tools to improve traffic….and to get help in building an audience…
    your writing style is also important because people always keep in mind the writing style of author….his way to make things easily understandable…
    these things make you a good blogger
    nice and awesome post

  89. shaam says

    Hi Abhi,

    Being blogger is not important how we are updating our selves with readers are main thing.The point responding with readers really valuable words for all blogger

  90. Mhelgie Garcia-VictorioMhelgie Garcia-Victorio says

    Well with the tips you’ve shared on how to have a good blog and to become a good blogger for sure bloggers will be more than willing to do good things for their reader-customers. These are very much helpful to avoid doing blogs that will not give any help to other bloggers.

  91. technetechne says

    Hi Abhi,
    Good to read this post. Write for readers not for search engines. Very good points and very helpful for beginners. Thanks for sharing this informative stuff.

  92. Dave MDave M says

    This is a huge column of comments Abhi! Your point regarding writing for readers rather than SEO is correct and demonstrable the way you show up on other’s blogs with a spot of humor or observation.

    …enjoying your blog.


  93. rahul tiwarirahul tiwari says

    Cool Post Abhi. This is the appreciations from Rahul Tiwari – Certified blogger, & 3 times award winner of Cyber corner department of USA. The Google had added me to its top ranker and I ranked 02 by the Google group as result my blog comments are always 09/10 as in page rankings. I would like to add you as my blogger for the projects if you are interested kindly revert back to me. You will get more to learn here dear. I appreciate your thinking.

    • Abhi Balani says

      Hello Rahul,

      I missed your comment. Hope it’s not too late to reply.

      First of all, it’s really good to get appreciation by a blogger like you.

      I’m looking forward to learn from you.

      You can contact me through my blog.

  94. KaranKaran says

    Hey Amit, I found your blog on the basicblogtips website. What makes a good blog?

    I can append this post with another tip. The theme itself makes a good blog. I love how this blog is clean and minimalist. The spacing between lines makes it easier to read.

    Another thing that makes a good blog is if you pretend you don’t care about traffic. Self promotion is such a slippery slope. The line between self promotion and spamming is ultra thin.

    To do it right is an art and has to be perfected. Would you agree?

    I would also love it if you could check out my post (if you have the time and the inclination, I suppose) thanks :)

  95. John ErnestJohn Ernest says

    Aside from a clean template, it is especially important that bloggers make sure their posts are clean from any unnecessary ads and subscription forms. These things are important for a blogger, but proper positioning of these things in a post is important to keep a readers interest. Thank you for the post!

  96. Sanjib Saha says

    Hi Very helpful article. You have thrown the light and have shown us the right meaning of good blogger and good blog. I really enjoyed it reading and thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  97. RakeshRakesh says

    Really a great source for all newbie bloggers like me :-) Bookmarked it and a great stuff to have and learn…

  98. John says

    Hi Abhi,

    I am regular reader on Jane’s blog. I have also visited your blog. I always follow those blogger, who really share informative post. It is also your sign for good blog. Thanks for sharing great post.
    John recently posted..Christine ApplebyMy Profile

  99. TaranTaran says

    Its a great article, you have shared such a nice post.I agree with you writing is really important to become a successful blogger.

  100. AbhishekAbhishek says

    A clean template and niche are really very essential. I have always found niche blogs doing much better than the general blogs. A clean template also does play a very important role, a blog which looks messy in appearance will surely loose on traffic in the long run no matter how good the content is…..all in all, there are many factors which makes a blog a success – its the combination of these factors that makes a blog popular.

  101. George WilliamsonGeorge Williamson says

    Thanks for this article I would agree writing style and research content are very important parts of any good blog while template also decides the popularity of a blog. Thanks for writing about the qualities of a good blog.

  102. John Script says

    In my opinion, it’s really hard to keep the readers entertained but still keeping your blog in a serious tone. For example, I’m into gadget niche, and from time to time I add a post with funny gadgets or stuff like that. That always brings a spike into stats :)
    John Script recently posted..10 Funny Gadgets in 2012My Profile

  103. Abdul RahmanAbdul Rahman says

    Thanks for the tips Abhi. I strongly agree clean template and original niche focused content is what differentiates a good blog from a low quality blog. I will work on the tips you mentioned for the betterment of my blog

  104. Nikki NarayanNikki Narayan says

    Though useful, I think the post is very much plain as per the present scenario. Anyways, as some one commented, the post highlights the necessities of a good post, but not all-sufficient. I think many other factors make a good blog.

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