Blogging Success: Failure Is Success

One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” –Henry Ward Beecher

success from failure

What happened to all the bloggers?

Just recently I decided to categorize my RSS feeds I had in my reader. As I did this I rediscovered blogs I had forgotten but I also found that many blogs I had grown to love had stopped posting.

What occurred to make these bloggers feel they needed to cease writing? The first blog had no excuse, just the most recent post in November 2011 showing no signs of the author wanting or needing to stop. I headed to another, I saw the same result. Then another and another. I found many blogs with the latest post talking about the writer’s favorite subject, then nothing thereafter.

I wondered why they quit. Many did give explanations like they became bored with blogging, they started offline jobs that limited their time to manage a blog or a few even decided to take a month off to revamp their blogs. Legitimate excuses in my blogger eyes and I wish them the best.

Yet I know many bloggers found what they believe is blog failure.

What is failure?

Basically, failure is the state of being unsuccessful; not reaching the desired effect or goal; not getting the desired plan or attempt.

It looks like failure relies on success. Success is achievement, failure is non-achievement. They are intertwined. Could it be that success is reliant on failure? Should I go so far as to say failure is success?

Blog failure and the beginning of success

Failure turned into success

Years ago I had a “green” blog. It was my story about an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. Offline I was very successful in this venture but my blog was not. I was lucky to get 10 visits a day for over a year! And no comments. This is definitely a slow dying blog. I kept telling my story but nobody came. I failed at blogging, so I quit.

What did I do wrong? At the time I did not know, so I quit. I know now that I never researched how to become a successful blogger, I just quit. Quitting is not a good feeling to follow one around.

Years later I am back but this time with a different state of mind, my blog will not fail. How do I know this? I have an arsenal of knowledge this time around. And I am aware that small failures or mistakes do not equal the death of my blog as a whole.

I know proficiency in certain aspects of blogging like knowing who my audience is and writing for them, search engine optimization and social media all attribute to blogging success. I would have never realized this if I hadn’t failed years previous.

I am prepared for failure

I know now that I need to research, practice and find help when needed. I know that setbacks like lost traffic, no comments or little income are all things within my own control to fix.

My failures now and in the past have driven me to feel the need to succeed. Without knowing failure I could not know success.

You see, “Failure is Success”. They are intertwined. To know one is to know the other, but only if you try.

The key to successful blogging is persistence. Never stop learning how to succeed, adapting when you fail and knowing when to move on to something else.

Always ask yourself:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • How can I fix it?
  • Should I try something else?

Overcoming blog failure

Consider failure as a learning tool or step to better things. When something goes wrong learn not only what happened but why it happened. Let me give you an example.

I noticed my traffic has leveled off in the last few months. My usual readers and commentators are there as always supporting me but my blog feels static in terms of new eyes on it.

This does not settle well with me. Through research I learned that I need better SEO skills, a marketing plan and more social interaction. I could have just let it be but I know a blog like that is destine for death. On the Internet, static equals death.

My inadequacy to keep my blog growing made me realize I can’t just sit and feel sorry for myself or blame others for not coming, I realized I needed to pick up and do something about it. I needed to learn, adapt and take action.

Celebrate Failures

Have you ever heard of “mixed blessings”? They are the instances in life when something bad happens but soon after something positive happens. Failures are “mixed blessings.”

Consider them “steps”, “attempts” or “trails” to better opportunities.

Do not dwell of failures. Consider them learning experiences that will make you stronger. Celebrate that you tried your best, failed yet have the opportunity to try again, this time even harder.

Failure is simply the beginning of success with the right knowledge and mindset.

Blogging and Failure

I have been a blogging failure. Statistically speaking, simply starting a blog you are destine to fail. But if you are like me, you feel the urge to be successful at blogging and making good internet income.

You know that internet, social media and blogging are the future of online business. My hearty wishes for your blogging success.

Allie writes and runs Ramblings of a WAHM blog , which started back in September 2010 with little money. Her objective is to learn passive income through blogging and other online platforms, earn passive income, AND to share what she knows with her readers. Come visit her WAHM Blog .

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  1. Nick StamoulisNick Stamoulis says

    When it comes to blogging you need to have realistic expectations. There are thousands of blogs out there competing for attention of readers. There is no way that a new blog will become successful overnight. For business, blogging is a long term strategy. It won’t result in immediate sales or leads but it will establish trust over time.

    • Allie says


      So true. And when I blogged years ago I figured if I simply wrote well people would naturally come. When they didn’t I was crushed! So I gave up. I came back with more realistic expectations.

      That is one of the keys to success in blogging, realistic expectations, like you stated. So many bloggers expect overnight success. They see other bloggers with so much success but they don’t realize that many have been online for years and even before that they had careers related to their subject matter.

      Thanks for the tip.

      Allie recently posted..Guest Posting: The Best Way to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

      • Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

        Hi Allie,

        When I came to this blog, look at the right sidebar and see the title of this post, I was really impressive. Not all blogger would be successful in the first times starting their blog, most of us was fail (include me) and through it, we’ve learned much knowledge and that’s the thing would help us being successful in the future.

        In my country, we have the sentence: “Failure is the mother of the success” – It was the same to your post.

        Thanks for the share, it helps me so much.

        • Allie says


          I love that quote. It needs to be on a board on Pinterest. Or at least made into a plaque to hang on a wall.

          I wonder how many bloggers felt like failures when they began and are still around to tell the tale?

          And thank you for sharing, you helped me also.
          Allie recently posted..Quotes and WTFMy Profile

    • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

      By “realistic expectations,” you mean I cannot expect fairies and elves to spin my articles into six-figure paychecks while I sleep, without having to promote them, because they will virally promote themselves on the wings of irridescent butterflies?


  2. Kimberly GauthierKimberly Gauthier says

    I’ve noticed this too – blogs that have gone stagnant and my plugin, Broken Link Checker, is returning site errors for people who have left comments in the past.

    I know it’s tempting to give up when the traffic or analytics are where we think they should be, but I’ve learned to focus on what I love doing and writing about and promoting myself. Success doesn’t arrive overnight for most of us unless we change our definition of success. The fact that my editorial calender is full for three blogs, that people are sharing my links, and I have followers on my Facebook pages are all successes!

    Great post and a wonderful reminder for anyone considering quitting :)

      • HajraHajra says

        When nobody is joining in the conversation, then it might be a little difficult to carry on; but it is always fun when you go over to someone’s place and join in the conversation. They will definitely come back to check your blog. Or as Jack says, just keep blogging; irrespective of comments, statistics and all. If you are passionate about it; it will show! :)

    • Annie Andre |Annie Andre | says

      i noticed this same phenomenon with broken links. I thought it was just me. I’m determined not to be a broken link in someone else link checker.

      I think failure can be a necessary component to winning. I’ve only been blogging since March of 2011, and then i took a 3 month break to re-think my purpose. Part of what keeps me going is that i love my topic, i want to help people and i love internet marketing. i would do it all even if no one was watching. which according to my google analytics reports just might be true. Anyways, great article. you got my vote.

      • Allie says


        Blogging is a tough racket, lol. But honestly, there are times you feel like you are talking to yourself.

        Commenting, sharing and linking to others in your niche helps a lot. People will start to come. I did. I love the adventure you are having right now with your family, so exciting! Your blog will grow as you do.

        And if nobody ever comes (I doubt that) at least you have a wonderful journal of your adventures.


  3. Allie says


    I think you nailed it, if you keep blogging because you love it then it will grow. It’s not the love that will make it grow but because you love it you will want to learn, create a great blog and thus share it. The products of your love for blogging will make you grow. I think people are in it for the wrong reasons, just to make money or be popular. Others will soon see through that.

    Wow! 3 blogs! You are a busy woman! I can tell you love what you do, there is a passion that will draw people in.

    Allie recently posted..Guest Posting: The Best Way to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  4. RAAckerman PhDEARAAckerman PhDEA says

    Absolutely do we learn more from failure than success. Of course, if we just pick up our toys and go home when we fail, we learn nothing- except that we are destined for failure. Analyzing what doesn’t work helps us make things work better. Almost the same concept as what was discussed in my blog today.
    Thanks for the share.

  5. HajraHajra says

    Hey Allie,

    No wonder I was scared of your post! You are way too awesome :)

    I have read somewhere that many blogs don’t make it past their one year anniversary. The motivation fizzles out. I might say that was true with me to some extent. I was posting way less than I did during the initial days of my blogging. I don’t know why.

    But my blog is personal so it hardly matters my pocket. But if it is a business blog and has the aim of earning money then hard work is required.

    You have discussed some crucial points here. Very helpful.

    Good luck with the contest!

  6. Alan Chatfield says

    It’s not just most blogs that fail, most businesses fail – in fact, most entrepreneurs fail – the most successful ones especially – because they were prepared to and that’s what made them successful.

    I just watched an interview last night with Richard Branson (heard of him) – he explained how he has been close to bankrupt so many times – yet he’s one of the richest men in the world.

    Obviously there is the issue of flogging a dead horse (that’s to be avoided by the way) & knowing when to cut loose and move to the next thing, but yep, I’d agree with you – and in particular with your final comment.

    Oh and one other thing – a lot of people actually like reading about failure (maybe it makes them feel better), whether overcome failure rags to riches style or just pure confession of failure with no happy ending – so a smart marketer (and I’m not in this camp but I have seen it done) can use that to their advantage – e.g. the guy who was ripped to shreds in an interview and that post went viral and turned his stagnant blog into a huge success overnight – because even though he ‘failed’ in the interview, he had the cahunas to post it anyway and it was controversial enough to get him lots of hits.

    Great post Allie!

    … and best of luck in the competition
    Alan Chatfield recently posted..Be Healthy: But Don’t Overdo It (Yes, It Is Possible To Be TOO Healthy)My Profile

    • AllieRambles says


      I am a huge fan of Richard Branson, he inspires me. And I love flying Virgin Airline, lol.

      But on a serious note, it is true. Most entrepreneurs have seen more failure than success. What they do is not give up and eventually the successes outweigh the failures. Einstein, bad a math. DiVinci, his designs tested fail. These are history making individuals and they failed. I am not by any means comparing my small time blogging to their life changing accomplishments but we can all learn that even the “greats” are human, you just pick up your ego and keep going.

      I try to learn from my failures and actually share them every so often BUT only if I overcome or have a solution. What good is failure when you don’t success after?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

  7. TusharTushar says

    I can easily relate to what you said about 10 visits per day for a year. I have actually encountered it with my previous blog but now I am not afraid of failure because money making is never a motive

    • AllieRambles says


      I think you are on to something. It can’t be about the money. Money is a great side effect of passion for something. Like Kimberly said above, she learned to focus on what she loved doing that help her succeed. If there is no love or passion in blogging you simply won’t continue. That need to get comments, readers, interaction, share, learn, and teach needs to be present.

      I think you will be successful with that great attitude and will be rewarded.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

      • AndyAndy says

        Thats Correct, If you have no love and passion for blogging then you will continue for sure one day but if you have the passion then you will not quit even in hard times.

  8. Bill Dorman says

    Ok, Hollywood; what’s it going to take to get you to the top? I have to tell you I’m a Hajra supporter too, so you might have to split the first place prize.

    Here’s my deal (I know, not again……..), I started blogging as an afterthought; I thought you had to have one to visit all these other sites. I truly expected no traffic. However, once some traffic started showing up I had to pay attention a little bit more.

    Where I almost crashed and burned was jumping on this hamster wheel thinking I had to be everywhere and keep up this frenetic pace just to be seen and heard. Since I was not doing a business blog, I had to step back and ask myself ‘what for’?

    Once I developed some clarity, this became fun again and I found that I really have enjoyed the writing and engaging part of this.

    Blogging is a commitment, and it’s nice to know you are being heard. Since mine is not for business it is my only metric. Since I have far exceeded what I ever expected to achieve, I will have to say I’m happy with the results and the blogosphere will be stuck with me for awhile longer.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..I’m just an insurance guyMy Profile

    • AllieRambles says


      Plain and simple, you are a popularity whore. (Can I write that here?) We all know you like to be surrounded by people, it is in your nature. You are the one that taught me to relax and have fun with blogging. Open up and make friends. Thanks to you, Hajra and I get to gang up on you at times, and on your own blog. (Not mine, we would never do that. LOL)

      I hate the hamster wheel but I do need to jump on it every so often. I feel like I can handle it now, maybe. You were new to blogging and probably not ready for it. You exploded because of your efforts. I had grown slowly.

      It’s good that you came back after your “failure”. I put quotes because many of us consider blog and SM popularity more of a blessing. But like you said you crashed and burned. You came back and we are grateful.

      Keep on blogging!

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

      • Bill Dorman says

        I prefer HO, but feel free to call it like it is…….:).

        It’s a dilemma, this hamster wheel. If you are using this platform as a business model, then you gotta do what you gotta do. HOWEVER, what I see is a lot of ‘fake’ sincerity and people only hanging at certain ‘places’ to make sure it benefits them. BUT, I am the last one to say this is wrong. If your intentions are clear up front, then people can decide if that’s for them or not.

        I have my share of traffic, but because I’m not always plugged in to the ‘right’ places it makes it easy for some people not to come by. Yes, I see them everywhere else, but that’s their choice.

        I’m having fun and it’s sustainable; we’ll see where it takes me.
        Bill Dorman recently posted..Thoughts to ponder and it’s not SOPAMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      And Bill, you promised me you would be loyal to my post… what’s a girl got to do with other pretty girls (Allie… that’s you!) with prettier posts around! 😉

  9. Karan LuganiKaran Lugani says

    Allice, wonderful post. Failure is the ultimate way to success, rather a roller coaster. The thing is we should first try to analyse the failure and then make a fool proof plan to eliminate that failure. Success isn’t too much far from failure.

    • AllieRambles says


      I am not sure if we can really eliminate failure all together, what fun would that be? LOL. But we can figure out ways to lessen it or when it happens we learn from it in order to move forward. I think preparing ourselves through learning can help when failure or mistakes happen. It is easier to bounce back and get back on track.


      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

  10. Rizwan SultanRizwan Sultan says


    To have a successful blog. You need loads of grit and determination. And a firm belief in what you are doing.

    • AllieRambles says


      You are correct. I didn’t realize that until about a year in and I started to get people questioning or challenging me. It was odd coming from people I did not know. I soon found I needed to grow thicker skin. I learned that I had to back what I said and be determined to follow through.

      I thought blogging would be easy, until you really get some traffic and comments. Then the real “party” begins. But I love the feedback and always welcome constructive criticism.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

    • AllieRambles says


      Thank you. Never feel when you make a mistake or feel you failed that you need to get up. People have so much more respect for those that can face their failures and make better from them.

      Stick with blogging. Come to Jane’s blog often. And you will see you will start to find support and wisdom from everyone around. This leads to confidence. Believe me, I was a newbie not too long ago.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

      • Amit Shaw says

        Thanks for giving me encouragement Allie Rambles. I am a daily visitor of Jane’s Blog and i try to follow all rules from this site. And thanks again. Please keep in touch and guide me AllieRambles and Jane.

  11. Laura-Lee Walker says

    Hi Allie,

    Great article! Definitely got my wheels turning. I think defining success might be the key to achieving it. Bloggers should set realistic goals for success. Quantifiable metrics like traffic, comments, tweets and shares shouldn’t be the only standards we set for ourselves.

    Call me a romantic, but creating quality blog posts and content should be its own reward (not to say we should stop there!). We all want validation from others, but achieving self-validation should be considered a successful endevour, regardless of the ultimate goal of the blog.
    Laura-Lee Walker recently posted..5 Ways to Make Your Blog More User-friendlyMy Profile

    • AllieRambles says


      I like the way you think. It all starts with ourselves. I gotta tell ya though, when you start to get feedback and validation from others it really solidifies the fact that you are doing something for the good of others too. Then you really start to feel good, in a different way.

      BUT, I agree completely. You must feel success within yourself first and foremost before you can spread any success outward to others.

      I get tired of bloggers who quantify success. Yes, traffic and income are measures you are moving forward but like you said, success is our own standard we set for ourselves. I always try to move forward. If you only quantify, even in business, the success will be fleeting. There is no backbone or heart in it.

      Thanks for the great comment!

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

  12. Jens Berget says

    I have noticed this too. Many bloggers I haven been in contact with have either quit or just stopped blogging. This was never an option for me. I believe it’s because they had high expectations and too high goals. If you’re not doing it for the money, but for fun and passion, you can’t fail. And usually, the money will come if you follow your passion :-)

    • AllieRambles says


      I’m glad I am not the only one. When I started seeing bloggers I knew when I began stop blogging I honestly became scared. I was wondering what happen to make them want to stop. And then I wanted to avoid that because I felt I was just beginning.

      I think you got it, they had these illusions of grandeur. If you can’t achieve overnight or quick success offline, what makes you think you can gain in online? I think maybe they thought that.

      I have to tell everyone here, honestly. Many times I keep going because of not only the relationships I have formed but the people I see. Jens, we have never really “spoken” online before but I have seen you many times. This is comforting. I know Hajra, Jane, Bill, and so many more are always around and that makes me feel I am part of this community or bloggers. I am part of something bigger than me and I love it.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Extreme Guest Posting: The Thrill of a Blog ContestMy Profile

      • HajraHajra says

        I was reading this blog post at Tristan’s blog and he mentions that many blogs do not even last till their first anniversary. I think blogging exhaustion is way too common. But even if you are here for the money or marketing your services, you need to stay motivated and you have to work for it. Even if you are here because you are passionate about it, you might just run out of ideas; but we need to take it as a phase and keep on writing!

        • Jens Berget says

          You’re absolutely right Hajra. I’m not sure what I would have been doing if I was only in it for the money, because it’s hard to earn money from just blogging or any online marketing for that matter, and if you don’t see any results from your efforts, it’s not as much fun to keep going :)

      • Jens Berget says

        Hi Allie,

        Being part of a community is very important when it comes to blogging, and I also feel part of one, even though I haven’t been around much lately. I do spend time to be online and commenting every single day, but I’ve been focusing on writing a novel and starting my first business. But hopefully I’ll be even more around in a week or two :)

        • Allie says


          I have learned a lot from this contest. I wrote about failure. I thought I had already done a lot of failure when it comes to blogging but apparently I forgot that I failed to be part of communities. Commenting and sharing has brought me closer to the bloggers I once visited. YOu are absolutely right about the community aspect. It is very important and makes blogging more fun.

          Wow! A Novel! I’ll be on the look out for it!

          Allie recently posted..Quotes, Trumpets, Porn, Locker Rooms and a Blogging ContestMy Profile

  13. MelanieMelanie says

    Hi Allie, I think failure is a thing very important to develop our skills. The thing is to learn to see positive side of our failures and learn to be smarter by these experiences.

    • AllieRambles says


      When someone fails, it is really hard to see the positive in it but one needs to try to make the best of it, like you said. Sometimes we will feel down for a while but the best thing to do is step up and find out why it happen and try to make it a learning lesson.

      You are right, we can be smarter by learning from it.

      Thanks for your comment.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Danny Iny Everywhere: Guest Blogger ExtraordinaireMy Profile

  14. Amber-Lee (Amber-Lee ( says

    I can’t quit. I can’t fail, because I will not stop. I have read this over and over today- I am not sure why, you always make the lessons easy to understand… but I think I know now.

    I am getting a lot of grief for the new website and blog not “doing what it is supposed to be doing for us.”

    My thought? WHAT???

    It IS working. It is getting better every day, the blog (I believe) improves with each post. People, I didn’t know a year ago, know us today. Know me. Friends, I may never have met, I have to treasure now. I have learned so much… how can that be a failure?

    Thank you for writing this one.

    • AllieRambles says


      Who is telling you the blog is not doing what it is suppose to? It gets the word out about what you do and what your company does, right? I for one, know if and when I get up to Alaska I’ll be looking you guys up. Many people don’t get up that way often. But your blog is helping spread the word AND you will rank better in Google when people search for Alaska outback.

      You are one who has taught me to not stop; never feel like you failed. I have read your posts about struggle and how you have overcome and they inspire me. That is how I can write stuff like I did here. I have learned so much from my relationships to not stop, so I don’t and then I can tell about it to others.

      Thanks for coming by, it means a lot.

      AllieRambles recently posted..Danny Iny Everywhere: Guest Blogger ExtraordinaireMy Profile

  15. Juphet Mislang says

    Very true! Sometimes disappointments turned a person very motivated to do better. Me myself has experience failures and that helped to become better in what I am doing. Thanks for sharing the article.

  16. Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

    I’ve been in the same thing before. Actually, I’ve had that blog named “SEO Blogger” which I’ve poured in most of my time posting some relevant topics in the blog. It’s not really a success though, nor was it a failure either. Just on the midway. Eventually, I’ve had it shut down. But it doesnt actually put an end to my blogging pursuit. Right now, I’m back to blogging, and I’ve also learned a lot from my failures. So I have to say, that in order for one to succeed, one must endure through failure first.

  17. majidahmedmajidahmed says


    This really a wonderful artical.I’m in the transition of re-branding/refocusing my content to a more specific one. Thanks for the post. Keep up the great work. You are really speaking to aspiring Bloogers.Thanks for sharing…

  18. JLLopez1006JLLopez1006 says

    Allie, I always love the honest tone with which you tell your story, not to mention your ongoing devotion to learning and being more. 😉 Best wishes for the future.

      • HajraHajra says

        Allie, that is the first thing which struck me about your blog. Your honesty with your success and your failures and how you plan to work on them. Most places I went during my early blogging days, bloggers were claiming how they left their day jobs to concentrate on blogging and the profits they were making from it. Now, I make sure I go the right places, where people talk about the right thing! I might succeed; I might fail but I will hang around!

        • AllieRambles says


          Well, to be honest with you, I did not quit my day job, my kids would be motherless- LOL. I am starting from scratch. I am a Stay at Home Mom trying to become a Work at Home mom.

          I see where you are coming from though. There is nothing wrong with those stories of quitting jobs or losing them but when they become the “selling point” is when it gets over used. I know you recently lost your job, right? But you don’t kill that idea over and over again. YOu mention it here and there but it’s not part of your “masterplan” to get people to read your blog.

          I love your honesty too. When I read your posts I feel like I am reading a friend’s blog and that is very refreshing.

          AllieRambles recently posted..The Bad Blogger: Is He Bad or Just That Good?My Profile

          • HajraHajra says

            I lost a job long back and that is how I got into blogging… too much free time on my hands; and had to get back to my love of writing.
            The recent job was the one I left; had too much corporate stress to deal with; I had to call it quits! Got myself a new one… yayyy to that!

            I write like I speak! I actually do; I am just glad that I have people like you to appreciate it! :)

            • AllieRambles says


              Yep, that is why I like your blog, you speak freely.

              I think we share that…the free time. My kids are in school, I work as a substitute teacher (which would make a great blog but I would lose my job, lol) so they don’t call that often, so I have free time. I figured I would come and blog and make some friends. It’s working.

              AllieRambles recently posted..The Bad Blogger: Is He Bad or Just That Good?My Profile

      • JLLopez1006JLLopez1006 says

        Yes, Bill, the freelance writer/blogger one that you have already spoken to, not the singing/dancing/acting JLo.. ;}

        Hope that you are having a good weekend.

        • JLLopez1006JLLopez1006 says


          Your innocent question made me laugh, because as a guy, I can only imagine your potential reaction to Pinterest. LOL… 😉 I say this in light of your Versatile Blogger Award post that had me laughing. I also know the reaction of my husband in regards to these types of things…

          Yes, it could be considered the “next big thing,” but it is also somewhat of a “girl thing,” in my opinion. I have a post scheduled to go up on Monday that will explain my personal take on Pinterest.

          Hope that you are having a good weekend. :)

          • Alan says

            lol Jennifer – well I was curious so I’m on their waiting list.

            Perhaps I should just ignore it then = I already have more than enough social media to try and keep up with,

            since asking the question I had a quick look – looks like some kind of scrapbook/pinboard for images & links but mostly represented by images – I saw someone else chatting about it who said that they created a board (or pin or whatever you call it) full of their favourite website headers).

            The thing that confuses me slightly is how come if people are ‘pinning’ collections of other peoples images/graphics from the web they’re not breaking some kind of image rights? You would have to ask permission if putting these on a website – how come it’s different? Just because it’s social media and you’re ‘sharing’ the images/links?

            Anyways, you’ve got me all curious now… 😉

  19. Dave LucasDave Lucas says

    Hi there! I think your blog is fine! I do have issues with the “in your face” large rpint style that I have seen on a few other blogs… but you have readers – active ones judging by the number of comments… and I saw on Ana’s blog you had misgivings about your sidebar – it looks OK to me!

    I have the same problem with ANA’s blog as I do yours regarding that big bar beckoning me to enter my email address. It tells me “this blogger wnats to sell me something” – too bad there isn’t a way of being more subtle about it…

    You are smart to use CommentLuv, as most of the blogs I see using it are raking in comments like there’s no tomorrow – too bad I can’t use it on Blogspot (please don’t tell me I can unless you have checked it out yourself – you CAN’T!)

    Blog On!

  20. Noah says

    Hey Allie,

    Great post! I also share the same thoughts on my blog. This is the reason why a novice blogger must first understand various aspects of blogging before they plunge into this industry. If a blogger expects failure as one of the consequences, they could be much better bloggers in the long run even if they experience road blocks along the way.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • AllieRambles says


      So true. As a blogger you shouldn’t just dive in. I have had plenty of mistakes and I’m sure I’ll have more but the important thing is to learn from them and move on.

      I think blogging is one of those businesses and/or hobbies where we almost have to expect failure just to get through all the non traffic days. Blogging itself is pretty easy, it’s getting people to your blog and staying is the hard part. The sooner bloggers realize this, the better and stronger they will be.

      Thanks for your insight. :-)

      AllieRambles recently posted..The Bad Blogger: Is He Bad or Just That Good?My Profile

  21. Cindy ClancyCindy Clancy says

    I am not sure about blogging, but I think this quote by Dale Carnegie sums it up: Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.

      • Cindy ClancyCindy Clancy says

        Yes! I think it is the discouragement that others place and that I place on myself. It brings you down for awhile and then just makes you want to prove everyone wrong!!!

        • Allie says


          So true. We see that in motherhood so often. You see other moms doing or saying what they believe is best or they are very opinionated and this can make a new mother feel like a failure. When actually we all do things differently and learn that is success.

          I know exactly what you mean when you talk of discouragement, it can almost heartbreaking at times. Many times it takes a strong person to overcome that. But once you succeed, that thrill of success is even more sweet!

          Allie recently posted..The WAHM Battle Cry: Why Do Work At Home Moms Have to Defend Their Businesses?My Profile

  22. ipad caseipad case says

    Focus On Wowing Their Readers From The Very Start. Show Confidence When Pitching Your Ideas. Updating your blog daily not only keeps your blog more interesting to readers, but it also gives your blog fresh content on a day to day making it more appealing to search engines. Be sure to show your visitors/guest courtesy by answering questions and providing any additional information they request promptly.

      • ipad caseipad case says

        I think so Allie, but the best achievement in having a live blog with full of conversation is that you gain reputation and trust from the visitors and guest in this case you also gain traffic which is very good. Once a blog or website is always visited search engine may consider it as a good site and your site rank may increase.

        ~ Ashley

    • Cindy ClancyCindy Clancy says

      Yes, I am finding (although with the second child not as much) with being a mother you take things quite personally, especially criticism (even if unwarranted). This can feed the “failure” as a mother syndrome. I am sure this is the same with blogging as well, especially when you are a novice blogger. Any criticism, whether constructive or not, must sometimes make you feel that this is not the place for you. As with any adversity, you must persevere and keep plugging away :o)

  23. Alan Chatfield says

    Wow Allie – 74 comments!! Way to Go!!!

    I just re-read the post to see what all the fuss was about. Only kidding, I know what all the fuss is about – it’s a great post. So come on! Let’s turn these 74 comments into 174 comments!!

    It also reminds me that I really should categorise (sorry, English spelling) my RSS feed – so far I just smushed all of those email subscriptions over to RSS.

    Ho-hum – so much to do in this blogging world – how can anyone get bored with it? 😉

      • Alan Chatfield says

        OK Allie,

        I am making a vow to you here and now to get my RSS feed categorized well (OK, within the next month as I’m about to go on hols) – then you have to do your too – deal?

        • Allie says


          Sure, I’ll categorize it but I will probably change it again. It’s pretty well set up right now, I think the problem is I need to take the time to actually read all the wonderful blogs I have there.

          Here I wrote about success and failure and you are making me show my failures before they become successes. Sounds like a blog post in the making to me, lol.

          Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

          • Alan Chatfield says

            Well I was going to reply that failure is success and tell you that I know this really cool blogger who wrote a post on that and that I’d find it and link to it…

            (obviously knowing that the person who wrote the post was you)

            then I realised this was that post so that wouldn’t work or be funny at all.

            I probably just need to try and stop being funny altogether online though I do have some hilarious #cornydadjokes if anyone wants to hear one… 😉

  24. TheBadBlogger says

    I had fail multiple times online, like failed ppc campaign, affiliate campaign and blogging too, but when time past by, it seems that failing gets you to learn a lot, and I’m serious, for example, ppc campaign, I started off doing big markets such as internet marketing and also make money blogging, in the end I lose tons of money, then I realize I’m just a small fish, so I started to swim in a small pond, going into small niches and in the end I started seeing money coming in, now with 12 small niches successfully bringing in money every month, it really feels great, but still the love of marketing doesn’t stop me, that is why I continue by blogging about it, though it is not earning as much as I want but still… the love for marketing and blogging keeps me going, I’m sure my blog will see the light just as same as my ppc campaign. Oh , thanks for the review and also I hope my comment on your review don’t land in your spam box :) because I just wrote a tip off the comment.
    TheBadBlogger recently posted..4 Marketing Tactics You Can Learn from the Porn Industry to Improve Your Blogging Effort!My Profile

  25. LalitLalit says

    I think success and failures are part of life and until and unless you don’t learn from your mistakes you are not going to make a blog a success.

  26. Alison Golden says

    Hey Allie:

    I know just how you feel. It’s even harder when there are so many (higher) priorities and only so many hours in the day. So much creativity, so little time. But a good attitude is most of the battle and reflection on what works and what needs to change plus action is the rest. You have it all. Now go to it! And yes, more photos. That so hard isn’t it?

  27. TerriAnn says

    Blogging is difficult as it is largely one-way. Success comes in the form of comments and stats for many and when either of those are lacking many lose motivation. I’ve been there and I think that wall is expected at some point. I agree that sometimes we just need to step back and approach our blog from another angle or with a different mindset. The worst thing to do is to compare ourselves to other blogs/bloggers. The best thing to do is value yourself and your contribution to the blogosphere.
    TerriAnn recently posted..Angel Island State Park, San Francisco BayMy Profile

    • Allie says


      Yep, I think every blogger hits that wall. You either stop (fail) or change your views, like you stated. This will help change tactics in writing and marketing also. I did that about 3 months ago when I realized people just weren’t coming as much as I would like.

      I am slow to implement my new tactics but I believe they are working.

      I love your blog because it represents the Bay Area and family. I’ll be checking back often.


  28. Pauline Bennett says

    Hi Allie
    just discovered your blog and I enjoyed your post, when I first started blogging I tried a couple and then gave up I think I though back then that if I just wrote regular posts then people would come to read my blog, of course I now know that is not the case lol
    With my blog now I am making sure I keep focused and do all I can to drive traffic to it, I was advised to do some blog hopping and start leaving comments (as I am doing here :)) since doing this I have seen an increase of traffic as well as connecting with some very nice people, some of who have given me some great tips and advice.
    I will be back to visit you and read through some of your other posts.
    Pauline Bennett recently posted..Brand New Annual Giveaway Happening Now!My Profile

  29. Adrienne says

    Great topic for this contest Allie and I know what you mean.

    Early last year I put together a list of 42 blogs I enjoyed visiting and had to update it toward the end of last year because a lot of those bloggers just quit. Like you mentioned, their last post said nothing about leaving, never coming back to their blogs, nothing. I’ve even emailed a few of them to find out if they were okay but never heard back. I got kind of worried but I don’t know what else to do.

    If you are new to the blogging world and don’t quite understand everything that’s involved in order to even get on the map then it can be a very frustrating place. Heck, my first year and a half no one even knew I existed but I didn’t care. I knew that something would happen and it most certainly did.

    It’s just a learning experience but I believe if you want it bad enough you’ll stick with it. I’m just so glad to see you back. So, best of luck to you in this contest and with your blog as well.

    See you around.


    • Allie says


      We all know who you are now. And you know what helps is you are a very genuine and giving person. Not to mention you know what you are talking about.

      I give you kudos for not quitting. It is hard to keep going when you feel like you are talking to just the keyboard with your fingers. I had to quit but I think I would not have if I know what I know now.

      I am so glad I entered this contest. I have a feeling I won’t get first place (Abhi or Hajra) but I have gained many old blogger friends back, learned the meaning of real blogging and made new friends along the way. It has been great!

      But, OMG! I still have over a month left of this and I am not giving up without a fight. I refuse to feel like a failure again. :-)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, it means the world!

      Allie recently posted..Quotes, Trumpets, Porn, Locker Rooms and a Blogging ContestMy Profile

  30. Michael BelkMichael Belk says

    Good Luck Allie, this was a great post. I hope this counts as a vote because i could not figure out how to vote. I do not have a Bloktube accocunt. thanks

  31. S.G.S.G. says

    I believe in success through failure. I felt that my blog had gone in a direction that I didn’t like so I started a new blog, while making sure to let viewers of my old blog know where the new blog is.

    I feel that the best thing to do is to keep trying an eventually I’ll achieve success in the blogging world! :)

  32. Melody says

    Hi Allie! This is fabulous. So true that most blogs statistically simply fail. People blame everything but what they’re doing, and then fizzle out. I like the idea of having a good marketing plan, and I think in many ways, you’re marketing yourself and the blog. The blogger has to be willing to engage on twitter, and develop an expertise around his or her niche.
    Btw, I like the idea of an environmentally friendly niche blog, and if you start one (again), I will come visit!
    Melody recently posted..Starbucks Tribute Blend 2012 and Cherry Pie (Open Thread)My Profile

    • Allie says


      So true. Even personal blogs have their own sense of marketing, they are marketing themselves every time they tweet or comment. I don’t even think some people realize they are doing that. A sturdy marketing plan always helps.

      My green blog is still up. I try to be as green as I can when I drive my SUV down the road but BYOB to the grocery store. I learned a lot back then and I carried many ways with me today. But I think that ship has sailed. My blog now keeps me pretty busy! LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by. And I still need to see if our SB has cherry pie. I didn’t make it out today because I was sick.

      Allie recently posted..Quotes, Trumpets, Porn, Locker Rooms and a Blogging ContestMy Profile

  33. Christian SaronoChristian Sarono says

    It is really good that I was able land at your page. I grab the ideas which I been looking for all day long. You have good specific details and complete. Two thumbs up for you.

  34. Tony Hastings says

    I am guilty as charged Allie – I could easily be one of those failing blogs you found in your reader (perhaps I am!). I must admit that I’ve been going through a phase of struggling to motivate myself to write new posts or find fresh guests for the blog so your article is very timely for me.

    I don’t intend to go away though, the ideas are still swilling around in my head and I know in my heart that I still want to be a blogger so I’m hanging in there. Hopefully your excellent article will give me that little push that I need to get me moving forward again by ‘learning, adapting and taking action’.

    Congratulations Allie on your excellent article :-)

    • Allie says


      I am so glad you stopped by! You are not one of the blogs that I found failing. As a matter of fact I failed to come by and comment on your blog, and so many others I enjoyed so much last year. I failed at keeping up with the very people that helped be get started.

      Thanks to this contest I have refound so many blogs I loved so much, like Adrienne’s and now yours. I will never forget that you gave me one of my first big breaks by including me in a round up. That was awesome!

      You have never been taken off my RSS, I just never went to my RSS.

      I have learned that I need to leave my little corner of the Internet more often. :-)

      I will be by today to see what you are up to.

      Your blog is a great one, don’t give up.

      Thx for the compliment.

      Allie recently posted..Quotes, Trumpets, Porn, Locker Rooms and a Blogging ContestMy Profile

  35. Ahsan says

    All the new bloggers think it is very easy to do blogging. Basically every blogger’s goal is to earn. But after some month they know the reality of blogging. New bloggers must know that patience is an important part of blogging. Another thing he should regular take new idea from old & experienced bloggers. Your post will find beneficial to new & failure bloggers

  36. Radu says

    Hey Allie,
    It’s awesome to meet you :)
    I love your personal and inspiring post about success vs failure in blogging/business/etc.
    The desire to quit appears when you don’t live in the moment but an ilussion-My goal is to become a millionaire with blogging, I want to get this stuff and so on..These things are not wrong but they keep you trapped into an invisible cage. When a challenge shows up( it’s part of the game) boom, that warm ilussion falls and people find themselves, in uncertainty and plans without an end.

    I say this: challenges in blogging and life are just to enjoy more the ride and develop strength. Failure exists only if you create it in your mind and then justify it with excuses.
    In the end, blogging is an awesome way to grow, create financial abundance, have tons of fun and meet new people. But it is a baby in the have to be patient when he “cries”, loving and curious.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective, Allie.
    It’s awesome to participate in a contest with so many talented bloggers. Wish you success :)

    Radu recently posted..Blog Content Ideas: 40 Simple Ways To Never Run DryMy Profile

    • Allie says


      What an amazing comment! I love your statement “Failure exists only if you create it in your mind and then justify it with excuses.” Is that not the truth! I am going to start quoting you on that.

      It just goes to show that your own failures may be in your own mind, others may see you as a success. And don’t give in to failure with excuses.

      You brought failure into a whole new light for me.

      Allie recently posted..Quotes and WTFMy Profile

      • Radu says

        What is outside is just a pretty exact reflection of what happens inside..most of the failures in blogging or anything else are created unconsciously..Well said, while others perceive someone as a leader, one is playing the Apocalypse on his/her mental screen..Treating yourself worse than anybody else is more distructive than having 1000 enemies in the outer world :) Just saying…
        Glad you enjoyed my comment.
        All the best,

        • Allie says


          You have such a way with words, I can picture what you say in my head and it helps to make your point. That is a gift!

          Feeling like a failure IS worse than 1000 enemies. It can eat you up from the inside out.

          Allie recently posted..Quotes and WTFMy Profile

  37. DeeoneDeeone says

    Hey Alli,

    I’m sure this is a topic that has crossed many blogger’s minds, old and new alike. I know it has crossed mine a time or two. I’ve scanned through my Reader as well, and seen a couple of ghost towns, here and there. I can look at the dates of some of them, and some of them read as far back as October of 2011. So I click on the link anyway because sometimes the Reader for whatever reason doesn’t catch some of the new post. Once I arrive it’s usually the last post that I actually left feedback on; which is always never a good sign.

    I’m like you… what would cause such a great writer to pack up and leave their post and not even leave a Dear John letter for their readers. Even when I left my site to become self hosted, I thought it blog etiquette to say that I’m moving on. And even left the thing up for almost a year for people to know that I was no longer residing there.

    On my current site, with my current goals, I would love for this to be a catalyst for me to become the author I know I can be, with a little hard work and dedication. Failure, unfortunately, is not an option. Or at least I’m not allowing for it to be. Now, if I happen to not get the result I want from this, I still don’t think I’ll look at it as a failure. It’ll more than likely be the wrong outcome, or in other words the one I wasn’t going after. In which case I’ll simply try a different approach and start it all over.

    I keep telling myself though, not to become a statistic of someone else’s Reader. I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize, and constantly keep things fresh and new. And you’ve certainly encouraged me to do that with this post.

    Great topic… You really got me thinking now. Mostly on what new ways or things I can present, so that this topic won’t happen to me. 😀

    Thanks for sharing

    • Allie says


      I don’t see you failing. I don’t see me going to my Reader and seeing that today’s post (which looks like an interesting one, I have been wondering what the 7 link challenge is, I see it everywhere) is your last one. I just don’t see it. You seem to really love what you are doing.

      BUT there were bloggers that were going strong with 100 comments each post and engagement that seemed to just disappear. I get it, maybe they found a job, got married or had a baby so had to leave because of time constraints. Yet why did they start in the first place? I assume because they like blogging and all that comes with it. If that is true why not come back when you can? Readers can be very loyal, especially when they get to know you.

      I was confused so many times I just figured they thought of themselves as failures. I wish I can contact them and find out but I like to respect their discussion and let them fade away.

      Thanks, Deeone, for stopping by and supporting me! :-)

      Allie recently posted..Finger Chopping of 11 Bloggers This ValentineMy Profile

      • AllieAllie says


        You are so bad! Thank you for the listing!! I am so honored. I’m gonna write a post about it after I do the challenge of course!

        If the readers of this post read just one comment, it need to be this one!

        Some days I don’t want to write or socialize or do research for my bogging. I don’t make a lot of money online, it is a struggle. But I have a lot of friends. And honestly, it is friends (and family) that will never let you fail. Go out and make some friends online, it will make a huge difference.

        Thanks Deeone!


  38. Bryan RingBryan Ring says

    Allie I am grateful you did not give up blogging, your “Pin it” page is very interesting along with your blog! I am new to blogging, but was told early on “Do not quit”..I needed to hear that, even though quitting is not in my DNA.
    Blogs will be up and down as such will our lives, but you must always do what makes you happy. Clearly you do and you seem to be doing it very well in my eyes.

    • Allie says


      Thank you. I am loving Pinterest. It is so easy to share and so much fun! I try to create boards that are business and personal.

      If you really like to blog and don’t mind the hard work with little pay to begin with, then definitely don’t quit. I have learned to branch out this year and I have had amazing results.

      Good luck and don’t quit. :-)

      Allie recently posted..The Bad Blogger: Is He Bad or Just That Good 2My Profile

  39. Harleena Singh says

    Wonderful post Allie!

    It was wonderful going through your post and learning through your experiences. I guess each one of us falters somewhere or the other, and all of us have failed in some aspect, though stood right back and fought out our way to success.

    You are so right when you say that after failure comes success, and it truly does if you learn from your mistakes and also learn lessons so that you never commit or repeat them again.

    I am still learning so many things, and no matter how hard I try, I always feel I need to learn so much more and I am falling short in so many places. I guess there are so many wonderful bloggers you could learn from and that is something I have been doing ever since I started blogging.

    I never really got many comments when I had my blog on bloggers, though the ranking of the blog kept increasing. Things changed a lot when I learnt more about social media and making new connections, and switching over to WordPress, which really is making a difference now. I still need to sort out my writing blog, which has just recently shifted to WordPress also. So, learning never stops and we all learn from our failures :)

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Move On and Get Over a Break UpMy Profile

    • Allie says


      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It sounds like you have learned a lot since you started. And you are on the right track. I know you have a lot friends online and that is a great start!

      When I began blogging the second time around I tried to not fail. I analyzed many of the big name bloggers and tried to follow what they did or suggested. I soon found out I would still make mistakes and fail at times. I wondered why they succeeded but I didn’t. Well, we need to find our own paths. When I realized that, the failures were not so hard, meaning I could look into them and try to fix what I did. A lot of trial and error followed.

      I think we need to fail to be successful.

      Allie recently posted..The Bad Blogger: Is He Bad or Just That Good 2My Profile

      • Harleena Singh says

        I hope I am on the right track, though I feel I am forever learning new things and it just never seems to end!

        I guess on way to success is to keep learning new things and always be ready to accept and adapt to the new changes- if it’s for the better and good of things.

        I think we all do learn by trial and errors, and following those who are doing well in this sphere seems only logical. However, we also need to know our limitations, as for me I know I am horrible in coding where website designing and things like that are concerned, so either I learn well about it to try it out, or I need to accept the fact I don’t know it and outsource it to someone else.

        Yes indeed, we do succeed and do well only after we have failed or learnt the hard way :)
        Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Nurture the Perfect Woman Within?My Profile

  40. MelodeeMelodee says

    Completely giving up doesn’t always mean failure. Anyone can always just “take a break” gather thoughts, ideas and start again. Never giving up means one is striving for excellence.

  41. lisalisa says

    Whether blogging, marriage or whatever there is always failure. You have to learn from it and come back stronger. Too many people give up to soon and never get the chance to work to their full potential. I tried blogging and gave up before I gave myself a chance. Reading your blog inspires people like me to keep trying, so maybe I’ll give it another shot!

    • Allie says


      That’s true. As soon as some feel a challenge or some pain they give up. And thus they never get to feel triumph, especially if they try something new and give up too soon.

      Think about blogging again, I bet you have some interesting stories to tell. You’ll make a lot of friends…

      Allie recently posted..Covered in Comments: 10 Tips to More CommentsMy Profile

  42. HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

    I think it’s easier when you start blogging not for “success” or money or traffic, but for fun. For a creative outlet. To have a home to go to when the Internet wanderlust wears out – a little place to save the treasures collected along the way, to talk about them, to share thoughts and opinions with whoever happens to drop by (as you did, elsewhere) – I wonder if this isn’t one of those instances where being too goal-oriented (and certainly, being goal-oriented without a really good PLAN formulated from trustworthy examples of people who have achieved the KIND of success that’s meaningful to YOU) isn’t just counterproductive.

    Did you know that there are something like 185 MILLION blogs in the world? I think the real driving force and motivator behind most (not counting the splogs and such that litter the Information Superhighway) is to reach out, communicate, and connect with other people. People have had a burning urge to do that since before there were computers. HAM radio, CB radio, early BBS systems (most of which were completely non-profit and run as a hobby), chat… and I think that urge is stronger, even, than the desire to work barefoot from home. I’m satisfied if a few people enjoy my writing; for others, though, it’s a numbers game. They want to feel famous and important.

    Great post, Allie. 😉 Really.

    • Allie says

      Thanks Holly,

      You know, you could have probably made that comment into a post. LOL. There are some long winded bloggers out there but with such good words to convey. Your fingers must keep up with your thoughts, mine don’t. lol.

      I wonder how many bloggers started out to just have fun, tell stories or just share and have lived a full “blogger life” and never made any money or received much traffic. Ya know what I mean? Just a feeling of fulfillment from writing and interacting with others like them. When I began that was my goal. I just didn’t realize that I needed to get out and find friends, duh! So I stopped.

      Now blogs are always trying to make money or market something. There seems to be a hidden agenda.

      Whoa, I went off subject. :-)

      I have noticed the media “whores” and the money hungry. The ones that pay attention to numbers, it’s an obsession. If they just let it flow, they would be so much more happy.

      Darn you, now I wrote a mini post. LOL. It’s easy to do with great commenters.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Allie recently posted..Covered in Comments: 10 Tips to More CommentsMy Profile

      • HollyJahangiri says

        I guess, in a way, I’m lucky to have figured that part out early – in another context. I started a “column” on Themestream, many years ago – it was a “pay per view” site, not exactly a blogging site, but kind of. And it was great, until a few people really abused it and they ended up shutting it down (the bad apples always spoil the pie!) But one of the things we used to enjoy doing was cross-linking to each other’s posts, sometimes writing silly stories that included article titles as part of the body of the story. It was like a game, this sort of “backlinking” we did, but it was also more like “weaving the web” than simply tit-for-tat backlink exchanges. It was FUN. But anyway, of course fewer people were likely to link to you if you didn’t leave them comments and link to their stuff. Most people I knew didn’t ask or demand too often – they gave, then hoped to receive. I start to feel a little of that cameraderie when you and Hajra and Abhi and Melanie and Bill and others and I flit around and have FUN commenting on each other’s posts. I do think more bloggers would succeed – no matter what their goals – if they could find the fun, and not get burnt out on it.

        • Allie says


          That sounds like it was really fun! And what you do now is just like that. It is great that you brought along those ideas from Themestream to blogging.

          I am just getting into interacting with everyone. I guess I am late to the game. Bill Dorman found my blog and made some off subject remark. I found it refreshing so I started to visit him. Then I noticed many commenters there. It started to really become fun to visit everyone’s blog. Not work at all.

          I sure am glad I met Bill and all his buddies. They have changed blogging for me.

          BTW, your title above “Yoga for the Lazy” has me intrigued, I must go read it.

          Allie recently posted..Covered in Comments: 10 Tips to More CommentsMy Profile

          • HollyJahangiriHollyJahangiri says

            That’s Larry’s post. 😉 He’s a riot – he’s part of the fantastic team behind – the blog we built (and I won) during the Surviving the Blog Contest at

            Anyway, check this out for an idea of the FUN you can have with hyperlinks. (The soulless bloggers out there have about robbed this game of all the fun of discovery, turning their blogs into fields of landmines until people are AFRAID to hover over, let alone click, links – but these are safe and I suggest you check out the hovertext even before clicking on them! )

  43. Beth NesbittBeth Nesbitt says

    It took me awhile to get anywhere with blogging. I even stopped doing it for a year but have been back at it again. This time the success seems much better than before and the ideas are just flowing out of me.

    • Allie says


      Like Melodee said above, sometimes we just take a break. We need that to recharge sometimes.

      I feel the same way too many times. The first time I blogged I had to go find topics to write about and then nobody came. Why bother. Now I have around 15 topics in my head at any given time. It just seems easier this time. Does it feel that way to you?

      Allie recently posted..Covered in Comments: 10 Tips to More CommentsMy Profile

  44. Jeremy RugglesJeremy Ruggles says

    Hi Allie,

    This was a very inspiring post. I have given up before because f lack of knowledge. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right information or get to a point of information overload.

    I have a mentor now and I think that is exactly what I needed to make my blog successful. I am learning not only from my mentor, but from other bloggers like you.

    Thanks for sharing,


      • Jeremy RugglesJeremy Ruggles says

        Hey Allie,

        Mastermind groups can be great too… Depending on who’s involved in them. The same is true with personal mentoring; if you are being mentored by someone who knows what they are doing and is willing to help you out, you have a good thing going. However, if they are still fairly new or if they are not committed to the coaching program, you could be left high and dry.

        Fortunately, I have a great coach and mentor named Kerry Russell.

        I am one of three people involved in the prelaunch of her coaching program, and I can truly say that she knows what she is doing and will be an asset to your business. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without her.

        I am only 2 months into the one year coaching program and I am already building my first list. We are gearing up to start really building our list fast and making some serious cash.

        I have to give her credit for all of my success so far…. and much more to come.

        Good luck to you in your mastermind group!

        Take Care,


        • Allie says


          I am so happy for you! It sounds like you are on the right track. And from the looks of it Kerry is a huge asset for you. I mean you wouldn’t mention her if she wasn’t great, right?

          I hope the mastermind group works out. I have already learned a lot. And it is nice to have this core group of people that are there if I need them and I for them as well. I don’t feel so alone in this huge ocean of social media and blogs.

          Thanks for the recommendation. Good luck, but it sounds like you don’t need any of that, you are rockin’ it!

          Allie recently posted..The Blogging Police are Coming for YouMy Profile

          • Jeremy RugglesJeremy Ruggles says

            Hey Allie,

            You’re right about one thing; Kerry is truly an asset to my online business. Without her, I really would still be lost. I am seeing results in the way of traffic and building my first list, but I am still impatient and, like most, want it all to happen now… I guess that’s how people can sell get rich overnight or push button software. Luckily, I am realistic and optimistic since I have a great mentor.

            Good luck to you and your mastermind group!


            • Allie says


              I understand the impatience. But don’t forget, you are building a foundation for a business. If you build it too fast it may crumble, especially under pressure. (I’m not good at metaphors, i must have read that one somewhere. It makes sense.)

              Get quality under your belt and you will be ready for anything.

              Allie recently posted..Interest in Pinterest: Bloggers Gone WildMy Profile

  45. Jon says

    This reminds me of another discussion from a while back – about abandoning blogs as a reader. I once came across an old list of websites that I used to read (I stored a list in Yahoo for a while then stopped using it) and was surprised at the number of sites that I used to read weekly and then stopped completely, simply because I essentially misplaced my bookmark.

    But people do just get bored. I can think of 5 blogs I have made for friends which are now never updated – they were all very eager to start with and then stopped posting within a year! Which leads me to my final point – when I started blogging myself I read a comment on a forum (no idea where) which basically said that if you can stick it out for more than a year you will be successful – most people fail simply because the give up.

    A shame, but then that is life and business!
    Jon recently posted..How To Lose WeightMy Profile

    • HajraHajra says

      Hey Jon,

      Even after more than a year into blogging; sometimes I feel like just giving it all up. I really don’t know why. I always tell people that I am doing this for getting back to my love for writing; and though I post very less (I do more writing for my job now!) I still feel whether I am here to stay on or not.

      Though I have made up my mind that I want to stay and just do it at a pace that suits me; I wonder how many have the capacity to stay on and just keep going despite their goals not being met!

    • Allie says


      It can get a bit monotonous. You write, you socialize, you do your SEO, you update, you backup, etc and many times you do all this alone. It can get lonely. I don’t blame people for getting bored. I think they get lonely and/or just run out of things to say. The more readers you have the more you feel in demand and that can also be stressful also.

      Ultimately, you need to do this blogging gig for yourself. It needs to feel like it fulfills you in some way. It fulfills the writer, the comic, the photographer or the business person in you.

      I read that same thing. I can’t believe I have been blogging for a year and a half!! It feels like 2 months. I love it so much. I wake up early to jump on my blog and write or see who has responded. I also find new ways to make the whole experience more interesting. I am always learning new things.

      LOL. I’m getting on my soap box, you know all this already. :-)

      You are right, it is life and business. People come and go and the survivors will hopefully see success.

      Allie recently posted..The Blogging Police are Coming for YouMy Profile

      • Jon says

        I started my first blog in 2006. Well, that is not strictly true as it was a static html site, but I was writing like it was a blog. The first few years were slow too, just a hobby. Time has flow by. I have been doing it full time for almost 3 years now. Shocking!

        You are right about feeling lonely – sometimes I do feel alone. I participate in some small traditional forums to stay connected with the same people, that certainly helps. And there lies another “problem” with blogging – it is harder to strike up long term relationships because so many commenters come and go rather randomly.
        Jon recently posted..How To Lose WeightMy Profile

        • Allie says


          It is unfortunate that even the biggest blogger will sometimes just disappear because they found a nice job offline, had a baby, got married or any other life changing event happen. We depended on that person.

          On a smaller scale, I think having close ties with a few bloggers that you interact with on a weekly or daily level will lessen the chances of either of you leaving. Sometimes we just have to take that risk.

          Yet I do agree with you. It is hard to trust to get that long term relationship going. I guess it is the heartache of this choice we made to go online and work. :-)

          Allie recently posted..The Blogging Police are Coming for YouMy Profile

  46. Annie AndreAnnie Andre says

    Hajra, You beat me to the punch. I am just about to come up on my one year anniversary of blogging and sometimes i wonder if it’s all worth it. But then i just think to myself, it’s an investment of my time and that i need to just be patient and keep plugging away. My shorter term goals with my business get me closer to my Long term goal are enough fuel to keep me going. That and making connections with other people Thats the biggest part of keeping it all going for me.

    • Allie says


      You know what keeps me going? The idea that I am never finished. The Internet is full of ideas and I feel this need to conquer all of them. I never will. But I can get close enough for my taste. :-)

      Oh, ya, and those darn goals. You are right. The short term goals do help get you closer to that one big one waiting at the end of the tunnel.

      There are days I think to myself “Can someone remind me why I am here again?” You mean it’s not for backaches and little money?

      Allie recently posted..The Blogging Police are Coming for YouMy Profile

    • Allie says


      They say that about boxing? That makes sense. In boxing you really need to have endurance. And the courage to get back up. Just be sure you can give some hits too. :-)

      Boxing is a great analogy for blogging or anything that you need know how and endurance to be successful at.

      Allie recently posted..The Blogging Police are Coming for YouMy Profile

    • Allie says


      I’m sure there are those stories of people missing the million dollar lottery ticket by one number. And true, one simple tweak to a blog can really make a huge difference.

      Goals also can make or break someone’s success. Many people thrive on reaching their goals and find great success when they get there. It feels like such a relief and accomplishment when that happens.

      Allie recently posted..Interest in Pinterest: Bloggers Gone WildMy Profile

  47. Rob RRob R says

    So glad I stumbled on your blog here. I am moving my hosted humor blog to Siberia (aka self-hosting) on March 17th. I have built up a decent following since I started it in October – I now get about 4,000 views a month. But I really want to someday quit my day job and do this full time. Probably a pipe dream but I have to try. Right now it’s soooo exhausting coming home after a full day at work and then working on the blog from 8-midnight every night. I’ve gained 20 pounds and feel like crap, but I can’t let myself fail at this.

    • AllieAllie says


      Keep going. Except the gain weight part, lol.

      Don’t quit blogging until you know you have exhausted all the resources you have at your disposal, that includes the will to keep going.

      I envy bloggers like you. You have a day job but know you want the freedom to be home or on the road someday to enjoy life and a “job” you love. You are the true online entrepreneurs. Thank you.

      March 17th, huh? Will you be enjoying a green beer while you make the move? LOL. If not, I’ll have one in honor of you.


  48. LuvLuv says

    Real motivational article it is to never let down the morale of a newbie, as I’ve been facing the same situation in beginning of my blogging. It might be a matter of concern with each and every blogger so I’ve shared it with my newbie blogger friends. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post :)

  49. SaraSara says

    The title of your article seems to have a profound meaning and that dificult can be understood.But after reading it you realise that the title and the whole article is really realistic and the advices which provides are correct.If you stay at the stage of failure you will give up at the end but if you skip it by doing all the necessary thinks as you say to increase your traffic you will succeed.Nice point of view.

  50. WilyGuy says

    Great post. I think the thing that is hardest for me as a new blogger is writing for my audience. I am amazed both when I write something subpar in my eyes but that is well received as well as writing something that pleases me that very few read or comment on.

    I even wrote a post about underwriting your title with the premise that sometimes we write titles that are catchy, but then the post gets no comments.

    WilyGuy recently posted..The Day I Was Number OneMy Profile

  51. AndrewAndrew says

    great post very interesting and helpful, and you can only learn by making mistakes if you dont make mistakes then there is something wrong. thank you for sharing this post with us.

  52. KristenKristen says

    I feel like blogging has a lot of ups and downs, especially if you obsess over everything, which is pretty common when you just get started. I haven’t been blogging long, but I feel that each month the blog grows in new and sometimes unexpected ways. It is rewarding to see that progress, even if it is sometimes slow going. I imagine that many people stop blogging before they see that growth.

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