Putting Off Hitting Publish? Here Is The Cure


Blogging includes content creation on the major part. While it is true that we have other aspects such as design, promotion, SEO, networking, link building and other things, content stands as the most crucial aspect.

Subtract the content from your blog and there is no blog! The content of your blog is THE element that makes the blog.

The content can be of any form. It need not be necessarily text. It can be a podcast (audio) or video. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll be focusing on text format of blog posts.

You know all the above mentioned facts. And hence you write blog posts putting in lot of time and effort in

  • brainstorming for the idea
  • researching on the topic
  • putting out a nice outline
  • pumping in content to fill out the white space
  • and yup, the blog post is ready!

Well, it is ready but you’re not so sure about it.

It happens quite often. Most bloggers don’t believe that their stuff is good to be seen by people. There could be various reasons behind this. I’m not going to comb through to find out the cause of this problem.

In this case, solution is more important that studying the cause.

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So how can you get the courage to hit that publish button? How can you get your post out there? After all you’ve put so much hard work in writing that post. Doesn’t it deserve to be published? It certainly does!

Let’s get to business now.

Identify your voice

I’ve also talked about this point in this post below:

How To Stand Out Among 989756329 Bloggers With Your Writing

Identifying your voice helps you write blog posts with confidence. If you don’t know what you’re good at, you’ll always be in doubt.

So it is very important to find out what kind of blog posts you’re good at writing and stick to that style until you feel comfortable with switching gears.

You don’t have to write blog posts in challenging styles or in styles that don’t fit you unless you get some practice and confidence.

Just do what you’re good at.

Make sure you write about a topic that is sought after

Have you analyzed what you’re writing about? If not, its time to do it now.

Visit your blog’s posts and see the topics in the archive. Are you providing value? Are you solving people’s problems? If not, every time you come up with a blog post, you’ll be in doubt whether to publish it or not.

One way to overcome this is to look at places where people (in your niche) ask questions – Yahoo Answers, Quora and the like. Visit these sites and put in your keywords. Look what people are hungry about.

Do the research for those problems, and write posts on those topics.

If you know that you’re writing a blog post to solve a particular problem of real people, then there’s no reason why you should doubt about publishing it.

Practice writing

This one may sound like being unrelated to the topic. But it is true that if your writing is poor this will dilute your confidence to publish blog posts. It doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not, you still need some practice to put the words out in a nice fashion.

Blogging is an art and it gets better with practice.

Do a lot of private writing (the writing that you keep to yourself). 750words.com is a great place for this. It is also a good place for distraction free writing.

Simply create a free account and write 750 words every day. The site will help you stay committed. It will send you an email every morning reminding that you need to write 750 words that day.

PS: Apart from help you improving your blog post writing, this site can help you with emergency blog posts when you’re busy. You can write 750 words everyday and keep in stock. When one day you are stuck with writer’s block, you can pick one from your stock!

Don’t be a perfectionist

This one is another big hurdle in getting things done. Being a perfectionist will not help you get anything done.

And, no offense against any perfectionists out there – but, I don’t see the point in trying to be perfect.

“Being perfect” is a very relative concept. Something which may appear “perfect” to you could be a crap to someone else – because opinions and perspectives differ.

And with blogging, trying to be perfect will never ever work because you are writing for the public – for the others and not for yourself. So if you want to wait until your blog post is perfect (according to you), you will never publish it. And even if you do so, I am sure that there will be a handful of readers who don’t find that post to be perfect.

So its a waste of time anyway. BUT I don’t encourage you to write and publish crappy posts either.

Stop trying to be Mr. or Ms. A (very important)

Most of the bloggers struggle very hard with blogging in general because they want to be just like some A-List blogger (not just about writing blog posts like them, but in general with everything).

There is nothing wrong for an aspiring blogger to have one or more A-List bloggers as their role model. It is good to observe how A-List bloggers get things done and learn from them.

For instance, you may subscribe to a handful of newsletters just to learn how A-List bloggers write emails to their subscribers. You can learn their email style, their autoresponder frequency, how they pitch on selling an affiliate product, how much value they deliver in their emails and so on.

However, trying to imitate (or worse, copy) A-List bloggers won’t just work.

Just because an A-List blogger publishes 1000 words blog posts every other day doesn’t mean that you should do the same too. If you can only write one long post per week, that’s your style. Go with it.

You can strive to increase the quality (and frequency of publishing, if necessary) of your posts just like an A-Lister, whom you admire. But shying away from publishing a 700 word blog post just because you can’t make it 1000 words like Mr. A isn’t good!

Publish anyway

The last thing you could do is, publish your post anyway and pray.

You know, it isn’t so hard. Not every post you write will turn out to be a killer or will become viral on social media. There are exceptions.

Let the exception be the post you’re hesitating to publish. Just hit publish and move on.

After all, you can learn what was challenging with publishing a post, what went well and what didn’t.

What’s your experience in this regard? I appreciate your comment as always!

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  1. Harleena Singh says

    Wonderful topic Jane!

    I remember the time when I had started out and these fears were always on my mind too, so I can well relate to them now, after having reached a particular stand in my life.

    You are so right about taking up these various points, something that all newbies and others who really do fear to publish their posts may be having.

    I always used to fear the keywords I had used in my posts, if they were the targeted ones, or of the correct density, because I have yet to read a good comprehensive post that really explains about the right keyword density to be used. Every post I read says some different percentage to be used, so I decided to try things out for myself, though the trials are still on. :)

    You rightly mentioned about talking in your own voice or having your own style of writing, which is the only thing that works, rather than trying to copy others in whatever ways. I feel that is what makes you different from others as well.

    You surely do need to research about the topic you are writing about, for which I use the Google analytic or other plugins I have on WordPress. But yes, I like trying out new ways or things that I come across, as things change and you should flow with the change – isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for sharing about a very important topic :)

  2. Peter Lee says

    Don’t be a perfectionist – So true! I used to demand perfection on my articles. Whenever I’ve finished writing one article, it’ll tend to stay as draft for about a week or so because I was always not satisfied with something. In the end, not only did I waste time trying to make it perfect, but my blog also not having many published articles that it should be. Nothing is perfect in this world, I’ve definitely learned my lesson here.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Lee, I find that there is no point in trying to be perfect because if we put off doing things in trying to be perfect, we will never get perfect. Things will only get perfect as we do them over and over again and learn from our mistakes/shortcomings.

  3. LindaLinda says

    Having got over the initial fears and believing we’ve “found” our voice, there’s then the pressure we place on ourselves when the readership doesn’t come rolling in as we expect from the hype that’s been created by others’ big claims of thousands of subscribers in just a few months.

    Back comes the self-doubt and (false) belief that we’re writing crappy content. The readers are not coming because we can’t write!

    It’s so reassuring to hear ‘most bloggers struggle very hard with blogging’. It means we’re not in the minority after all. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. We are not alone – that’s important to remember. Those who (claim to) achieve great subscriber numbers in a short period of time are the ones who are the exception, not the rule and it doesn’t mean their writing is necessarily any better than ours!

    Well, I hope it doesn’t…..

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Oh Linda – very well said – all points. especially about the subscriber count. Well, they don’t make a rule. So that should not be a pressure and a factor that keeps us from moving forward!

  4. Rajan Balana says

    I don’t know why I am feeling down these days. I am not able to write even a single article on my blog. I think this is the effect of de-motivation caused to me by Google Panda Algorithm.

    Can you help me getting out of this problem?

  5. Roberta BudvietasRoberta Budvietas says

    Just realized that I have been writing for the wide audience and not for the narrow. One reason I am so effective teaching business to students is that I can tailor my knowledge to each students needs but when I write I often write for too broad an audience. I enjoy blogging but I seem to be unable to break through the sound barrier and make any impact in the world of business bloggers. But having listened to John and Sonia, I will keep on keeping on. Thanks for a new perspective

  6. ReeseReese says

    People are bound to write about the same stuff over and over again because we basically draw from the same material and wealth of experience as humans. Unless you live a truly exceptional life, an average person may experience a few outstanding events then most of the time just regular stuff. So what can make you standout? Your voice. That’s why as a writer you should work consistently in honing your voice and improving your craft by constant practice. Write, write, write.

  7. ChristyChristy says

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    6 important tips on writing on a blog:
    1. Get Your Readers Interested In What You Got To Say
    2. Attention Header Headlines For Your Blog Posts
    3.Grammar Free is Another Blog Writing Tips
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    5.Stick With A Simple WordPress Theme Blogging Platform
    6.Post more of your comment in Jane’s blog for example.

  8. CindyCindy says

    Thanks for the great tips. I started blogging just over 1 year ago and constantly find myself putting off writing ‘that’ post – with other distractions at home it is very easy think to forget about. The 70words website looks great and will try it out to get me posting consistently to my blog, keeping my readers happy.

  9. BrainBrain says

    Improving writing skill is the most important part of Blog. Always, post blog with interesting content and make sure that blog looks as live. This is such useful information and this is easy to understand any person to promote business with real blog creation.

  10. mattmatt says

    Thanks for these tips Jane, Agree with what you state that bloggers should practice writing. It may be off topic but it will really improve writing skills and its an essential step in building a greater blog.

  11. AmandaAmanda says

    I think that the most important thing is to write about the things that you know for sure, because you should be ready to answer questions that your article’s readers can ask you. But of course, all other aspects that you mentioned above have also right to exist

  12. Outsidetheboxmom says

    Thanks Jane for answering my question. I think practice is the first tactic I need to implement. Just like practice on parenting and cooking, I think I will become more confident.

  13. Andreas PazerAndreas Pazer says

    Don’t be a perfectionist – So true! I used to demand perfection on my articles. Whenever I’ve finished writing one article, it’ll tend to stay as draft for about a week or so because I was always not satisfied with something. In the end, not only did I waste time trying to make it perfect, but my blog also not having many published articles that it should be. Nothing is perfect in this world, I’ve definitely learned my lesson here.

  14. JonJon says

    I guess for some people publishing on a blog or website is like public speaking so nerves and fear comes into it. With affiliate sites I find most of my time is spent rewriting content supplied by merchants and doing the on-page SEO stuff but for those who want a personal blog where they broadcast their personal stuff I can understand the reluctance to hit the publish button. As for sweating over making a post perfect, why bother? If you publish a perfect post that leaves the reader unable to say anything but “super post” you’ve wasted your energy. A post should encourage your reader to have their own thoughts on the topic and feel inclined to express them in the comments box.

  15. Sandy Moore says

    I’m sure this post would ring true for many of your readers Jane. Everyone can be a little hesitant about posting at some stage … but no more than the first time you post content.

    I remember thinking… “will anyone comment”, “will I be judged” etc… all amount of thoughts go through your head.

    My best advice is…. the faster you put your fears behind you, the faster you will become a successful blogger / business builder and the faster your confidence will build.

    Sandy Moore

  16. Chadrack says

    Hi Jane,

    This is really an interesting topic. For me “Don’t be a perfectionist” is more of a problem. I’m always concerned with putting out something that will go over board that most times I spend 2 to 3 days on one post! I’ve tried to overcome this a few times by writing out a post and proof reading just once and then publish. But on those few times, when I go through the post again, I always discover a whole lot things I should have included in the post.

    I know that this has helped me publish outstanding posts but frankly it’s really a whole waste of precious time. I do hope to finally find a way around it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Ruan Oosthuizen says

    Hey Jane!

    It’s been a while! You know, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this post and you know why? It’s not always nice to admit it but I really do get trapped in the “perfectionist hole” quite often and have to remind myself constantly that I am not writing for myself number 1, and number 2 there will always be someone that think what I’ve just wrote is a whole lot of crap and the very next person might think it’s worth millions!

    I have also found and as I became more and more aware of this, is how much longer it takes me to get something in particular done! It’s crazy! I get so annoyed with myself when something takes me so much longer than it really needs to!

    I mean can you remember how long ago I approached you with the idea of my eBook? That’s more than a few months ago and I am finally almost ready to publish, but STILL not quite! It’s crazy! LOL!

    Anyway, I must say that I’ve been up to few other huge things like my new site I finally launched, a cool and free email course on domain management, soi the book was certainly not the only thing I was working on all the time. In fact, it holds quite some relevance to your post as I haven’t been working on it as much as I probably should have, with everything else taking up my time instead.

    Thanks agin for this post; been a good reminder…AGAIN…of how things don’t need to be perfect at all as it never will be anyway.

    Talk soon!

  18. LewisLewis says

    Thanks for the great tips. I started blogging just over 1 year ago and constantly find myself putting off writing ‘that’ post – with other distractions at home it is very easy think to forget about. The 70 words website looks great and will try it out to get me posting consistently to my blog, keeping my readers happy.
    I know that this has helped me publish outstanding posts but frankly it’s really a whole waste of precious time. I do hope to finally find a way around it.
    Thanks for sharing

  19. AndreaBartmanAndreaBartman says

    Thank you so much for these tips, I always become hesitant when I am about to hit publish and I agree with the points you have made. I think the most important thing is to plan your discussion, so you have the ideas ready.

  20. KevinKevin says

    If you want to become blogger then you have good writing skill for writing a post because writing skill is the most crucial part of blog. People want attractive, entertaining and engaging content to read. Indeed this post have useful information and here we easy understand techniques about blogging and others.

  21. Sue NealSue Neal says

    Hi Jane,

    Great topic – I now post every week but still hate that moment when I click ‘publish’ – mind you, at least you can still go back and change things if you’ve made a mistake. Michael Martine’s recently done a great checklist for blog posts that I think’s very helpful, on Remarkablogger.

    You’re right about not being too much of a perfectionist – that’s one of my biggest faults and the main way I deal with it is just giving myself a deadline – works wonders!


  22. NeilNeil says

    Great post Jane. I like to write a series of blogs when I am in the zone. That way, I don’t have to write when I am feeling less than less creative.

  23. Astro GremlinAstro Gremlin says

    I publish a bunch of weird stuff. But I never publish anything that I wouldn’t like to read. I would read it. That’s the best I can do. I once asked a writer if he worried about whether stuff was good. “That’s not up to me. That’s the business of the reader. My job is to write.” If you keep that in mind, and can look at your stuff and not be embarrassed, hey, it’s the reader’s decision if he or she agrees. Write for a critical audience of one. Don’t sweat what other people think too much. Just write and get better.

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