WebMeUp Review: A Web-Based Tool That Takes Care Of Your SEO Needs

SEO is one of the scariest things any blogger has to face. Apart from content writing, blog post promotion, social media marketing and other scary stuff involved in blogging, I’d say handling SEO is one of the most scariest.

That’s from my experience.

Of course, you’ll have to learn many things if you are into blogging and making money. But with SEO the tricky part is that, things often change. It is hard to keep up with the changes. Once you finish learning a particular strategy and have mastered it, you might wake up the other day as a complete newbie coz the strategies you’ve learned are now outdated.

What if you have someone or something taking care of your SEO? Would it be nice to have a helping hand and eliminate the worry of having to keep tabs with the (usually complicated) SEO stuff?

So let me introduce WebMeUp – a cool piece of software that lets you forget about what’s going on in the backend and helps you to keep tab on the actual things that you’ve to be concerned about.

When I say “piece of software” don’t think that you have to download and install something bulky (and most probably buggy) on your computer. This is a web-based app, which is one of the coolest things I love about this. So you don’t have to worry about ripping off your computer’s resources.

Here’s a screenshot overview of the dashboard –

WebMeUp Review

Is it easy to start using this app?

Absolutely yes! I’ve tried many apps that require you to watch many video tutorials (which I usually hate), spend hours to figure out the stuff before you can actually get an output!

WebMeUp is dead easy to fire up and start seeing the numbers. Here’s the three step process you actually need to start things running.

Step 1

Sign up (you can sign up for a free trial to get your feet wet)

Free trial

Step 2

Just click on “Add project” and enter your website url

WebMeUp Create a New Project

Step 3

WebMeUp will automatically detect your site’s keywords. You can also enter additional keywords manually.

WebMeUp Create a New Project

Step 4

Search engines – by default you will be given the option of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Click on the “Add search engines” button to add more search engines of your choice.

WebMeUp Create a New Project

What can you actually use WebMeUp App for?

When I said the “actual things” you’ve to be concerned about, you might wonder what could WebMeUp do in this regard. Here’s a list of things you can do with WebMeUp

Rank checking for your keywords – the tool automatically suggests keywords for your site once you enter the url. You can also add additional keywords manually.

Rank checking on search engines of your choice – By default you’re given the choice of Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com. But you can click on the Add search engines button to add search engines of your choice (yes that includes local).

Check ranking factors – See the image below to know what ranking factors you can analyze

WebMeUp Ranking factors

Website optimization – You can analyze your site’s structure and coding, as well as do onsite optimization which is pretty cool!

Analyze backlinks – Analyze the number of backlinks your site has and their sources.

Website Audit – An overall SEO audit of your website.

Web currency – This is a cool opportunity to earn Web Points (WPs) by participating in the community forums.

My take on WebMeUp

First of all, WebMeUp is a web-based app so you don’t have to worry about a slow computer while you have something running in the background. This is a great plus according to me :)

As far as I checked the ranking factors and other stuff, I can see that the data in their database is updated quite frequently. I’m not sure how often they update their data, but compared to other tools, I can see that the data at WebMeUp is quite up-to-date.

Since this is a web-based app, I don’t absolutely need “my” computer to access my projects or run a website audit for my client. I can work on my client projects even if I am away and don’t have my laptop or personal computer with me! This is a second plus for me.

The community forum is cool which helps you earn WPs (Web points). This is nothing but online currency which you can use to pay for subscription. You can even earn points for completing your profile, like adding picture, filling out profile info and so on.

How much does it cost?

Everything boils down to money, right? Not actually! But you certainly need to know how much a software like this will cost you. See the screenshot below:

WebMeUp Plans and pricing

In my opinion, for what the software is capable of doing, this is a very reasonable price. But don’t worry. You can sign up for a 15 day FREE trial before you can get yourself committed.

Also you can gain Web Points on the go to fuel your subscription! Sounds cool isn’t?

What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a paid review which means I either get monetary or non monetary benefits to write this review. However that doesn’t change any fact in this review. This review is purely based on my personal opinion and is as unbiased as possible. If you want to get your business/service/product/blog featured here, check out this page!

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  1. nodynody says

    Very software tool and great information about Commercialism tool it’s too good and very helpful for eCommerce business.

  2. RahiRahi says

    Thanks for the kind words I’m glad you like the post you’ve complied a great checklist i like the Idea of the best content on your blog. Thanks again for share this important post.

  3. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    That’s a great tool indeed Mam. Will have a trial at it and see how it will work out for me. Alternative to it is Traffic Travis which is free and effective too.

  4. Sai Charan says

    Hi Jane
    Tools like this will really help the bloggers to concentrate more and more on SEO
    no matter how good your content is, If you are not making your posts optimized for search engines then those posts are mere waste
    thanks for good review :)

  5. Atish says

    This tool is really nice. I am using its free trial now days. Awesome review as usual :) thanks Jane. These kind of tools make SEO stuffs easy.

  6. BrianBrian says

    Well i think this is one of the great posts i have ever read. I totally agree with you that the difficult and trickiest part for a blogger is SEO. But if you experience and good understanding you can do it easily… :)
    Thanks for the post :)

  7. Michael KohnMichael Kohn says

    Hello Jane, you did a great review.
    The program looks good and I will definitely try the 15 days free, but two points are an obstacle for me:
    (1) a base price of almost $ 100 per month, I would say high, for a beta
    (2) The “software” is only online. which means that any problems with their server becomes your problem

  8. JuliaJulia says

    “Wow” that’s the first word out from my lip after looking at the price. But, based on your review, it looks worth the price. Maybe I should learn more about this Web-App.

    Thanks for the review Jane, I don’t know about this software before. Glad to check your blog today.

  9. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    Hi Jane,
    Tool is Looking awesome, Signing up for trial let see how it works may be I will go for premium if I like this Tool.

  10. EvanEvan says

    Thanks, found it extremely helpful. I never heard about this app, but looking forward to try. You are right SEO is like Black magic, no one knows how to make it work the way you want it.

  11. SamuelSamuel says

    Hmmm, interesting software for SEO.

    I actually need to loo for a great SEO program, and I might just take a look into this one :)

  12. AshleyAshley says

    Looks like a great product. Anything we can get to help with SEO is always a welcome addition to the toolkit. I just wish that the price wasn’t so steep.

  13. Aayna says

    Hey Jane,
    This is an amazing review on WebMeUp. The tool is a great one to direct the efforts of the blogger in the direction of SEO. The tool is indeed worth trying. Thanks for the share.

  14. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Well, following a step-by-step instruction that you offer, the processes of its installation can be really easy. Thanks a lot for sharing this info)

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. How to Act to Make Your Brand Facebook Page More Engaging

  15. christinachristina says

    High commission is very important when choosing a product. Product like aweber can make you real money every month. Concentrate on type of traffic and then select appropriate product.

    Read more: Affiliate Marketing Programs: How To Choose The Right Ones

  16. StephanoStephano says

    I have never heard of WebMeUp but this looks like what I need. It is pricier than I hope for but I really think it would help me to be more successful with my blog SEO. I think it looks worth the trial to see if it meets my needs like I hope.

  17. rakesh kumar says

    Read your article very carefully, and even very much impressed the way this tools is auditing the seo. Only one single question, How much this tool is different and superior to Traffic Travis. As Traffic Travis is providing all these features. Hope you will not take this otherwise and Guide me to decide a proper seo tool.

  18. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane
    I have been looking at some tools to help me with my seo but so far I have done it all myself seo is so time consuming though so will give the free trial a go and see how much extra time this frees up for me.

    Thanks for the info lee

  19. Riya MathurRiya Mathur says

    Came across your article when researching about webmeup, Thanks for nice detailed post, its really helpful, Thanks for sharing. Will try this app right away

  20. JasonJason says

    Webmeup looks to be a great tool. Plus they have 15 days trial which will help buyer to get the knowledge about the software.

  21. lokesh says

    Loved your review, that good part is it comeswith 15 days of trail version. We can test this to check whether it is realy helpful or not. keep sharing more tools like these which are helpful to everyeone :)

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