Profits Theme Review: The killer WordPress Theme

WordPress – the popular content management system offers many free and premium frames and plug-ins to enhance your website functionality and performance. There are a number of premium themes to enhance the appearance of your site and to improve the membership on your site.

Profits Theme comes with a plug-in which saves you a lot of money as it has a functionality that attracts new members. You need a theme that cuts down the time for you. Profits Theme – the WordPress theme looks prospective as it has many features to make your life easy.

Let us check how the new plug-in can help you create and customize many new pages including sales page, lead page, thank you page, product launch page and video squeeze page.

Working procedure

As soon as the user lands on the product page, selects required products and places the order by finishing all the steps including the payment, username and password will be sent to the user.

These login details will be created automatically by the Profits Theme and the details will be sent to the user through email. Hence, the user will be able to access the membership site as soon as he or she receives the login details.

It is possible to customize the ‘Thank you’ mail message from Profits Theme -> Membership menu option.

Membership Site creation

profits theme

With Profits Theme in your hands, it will never be the same frustrating experience you had with other options explored so far.

You can easily launch your own membership site within minutes in an effortless manner by using an innovative WordPress theme, Profits Theme.

You will be able to control access to web pages at different levels. In addition to the standard Gold, Silver, Platinum and free levels, there is no limit on creation of number of levels with Profits Theme.

Protection to download folder

Profit Theme will completely look after the protection of your download folder. It will not be exposed to download from unauthorized users.

Only authorized members as per their membership plan will be able to access and download the stuff as per the privileges extended to them.

Payment setup

You can setup your account either through Clickbank or Paypal. Integration of Clickbank is seamless and you can achieve the functionality within minutes. It is a matter of copy and paste of your secret key and IPN url into the account provided by Clickbank.

You can also take advantage of the number of affiliates that are already present on Clickbank who might help you with promotion of your products and thus you will be able to earn more money.

One disadvantage with the PayPal setup is that you are required pay money to your affiliates in manual process which involves time and effort (and some “organizational effort” so that you don’t miss a payout).

Integrating with autoresponder

Profits Theme has integrated autoresponder which helps you feed the email ID of the user who purchased products from your site to the mailing database.

You are advised to segregate the mail IDs as per the membership plans that you are offering on your site. In this way, you will be able to send the right message to the right party.

Profits Theme will also integrate with other email marketing applications such as Aweber and MailChimp.


  • Using drip feed functionality you can deliver the content at regular intervals of time. The delivery of pages can be controlled easily and you need not depend on other plug-ins to achieve this functionality. Launch sequence can be maintained through ‘drag and drop’ facility. You can easily create different web pages as per your requirement.
  • You can create squeeze pages that build your list quickly. You can create sales pages that not only look great but also covert well. You can also create One Time Offer (OTO) pages that let you upsell and downsell.
  • If you are purchasing membership plug-in and membership theme separately, you have to cough up more money. However, Profits Theme is a really profitable theme which serves both purposes and thus it is a profitable to purchase.
  • 30 day money back guarantee is another risk-free option. You will get back your money if you are not satisfied with the theme.
  • As a bonus for the purchase of Profits Theme frame, you can also avail ten free mini templates as well.


Profits theme vs. Optimize press

  • While it is easy to create a squeeze page through Optimize press, the creation process is made faster through Profits theme.
  • If you want to create blog posts, Profits theme is the excellent choice. Even though Optimize press is trying its level best to improve their position in this direction, it is still lagging behind.
  • With the ability to use shortcodes and graphics, you can create high quality sales on Optimize press compared to Profits theme.
  • Optimize press has the capability to integrate membership site with the membership scripts. With 710 pixels wide sized membership pages, you can easily accommodate videos. The look and feel factor can be improved through shortcodes. Optimize press fares better in creation of membership pages when compared to Profits theme.


Profits theme is a productive theme that lets you achieve quick functionality. By installing Profits Theme you will not require to depend on the services of developers and designers as you will be able to create the membership site yourself.

You can create fashionable and marketable pages at a nominal cost and at a rapid pace. By purchasing Profits Theme you can cut down the development cost which involves your money, effort and time.

The Theme has won many good testimonials so far and you need not hesitate to be one of the users.

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  1. GeorgeGeorge says

    Great review. Getting the right theme is always a challenge. What I look for in a theme is its SEO capability as well as social network integration.

  2. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says

    Seems that Profits Theme is really somewhat that one needs when he/she would want to design a landing page or a sales page etc. BTW, that’s rocking review! But still I recommend only Premise by CopyBlogger Media, though I haven’t used it yet but it’s into my to purchase list! Hope, I’ll try all ;-).

    Anyway, let me know which one is better between Premise and Profits theme?

  3. Shalu Sharma says

    I have not heard of profits theme before but this review on it is very good. Makes me think. I had a look at the price and its less that 100 USD which is a fair price. There are many themes that are asking for more. I had a look at some of the sites built with the profits theme and I think its very professional. It also allows you to use on unlimited domains that you own which in itself is a good. Great review.

  4. Theodore.NTheodore.N says

    This is a wonderful review Jane. I haven’t heard of this theme before but it seem to be a good, what are the demerits? Can you use the inbuilt autoresponder to build a mailing list?
    I will have to visit the site so as to take more look on the features.

    Thanks for sharing friend.

  5. Adeline Yuboco says

    Thanks so much for the comprehensive review, Jane. I’m actually in the process of talking with a partner to set up a new website and it looks like this theme will suit what we are envisioning. I’ll let my partner know about this and we’ll have a look around.

  6. Simon BSimon B says

    Thanks for your review of the theme, there are so many themes out there today, its good to get somebody else’s perspective on what makes a theme good or bad, Great.

  7. Boris BirshteinBoris Birshtein says

    Looks pretty promising but I wonder if we are anywhere close to what Magento has to offer , folks in our industry would be interested to see some competition between WordPress and Magento .

    You can design amazing landing pages with the Magento framework and their themes.

    You think this may happen anytime soon Jane ?

    Thanks for the wonderful review though.

  8. Jens Berget says

    I have seen this theme all over the net, and it seems to be very powerful. I have especially seen it by people who\’re using it for landing pages and membership sites. And it seems to be working great. And from your review it seems to be very flexible as well.Great review.

  9. AdityaAditya says

    Hi Jane,
    This theme seems to be great and i think will provide a lot of profit to the users.hope to use it after getting reviews from others as well.Thanks for throwing light to this new theme.

  10. Gautham NekkantiGautham Nekkanti says

    Great Review, Internet is filled with thousands of themes, that too 15% WordPress themes, it isn’t a child’s play choosing a Good themes

    Thanks for the writing a honest review

  11. Melly SchugMelly Schug says

    Hi Jane,

    It’s nice to read this honest review about Profits theme.
    Actually I have one blog and I used freenlance theme on that but been planning to shift theme. This one seems a good choice!

  12. Mike HowgMike Howg says

    That looks like a really good theme. It’s one that I might even consider in the future. However, I already purchased a nice theme when I first started my blog.

  13. NawazNawaz says

    Hello Jane
    I agree that the paid theme are more SEO friendly and have good load time but free themes are less efficient.

  14. Nino SayaNino Saya says


    Thanks for this great post!

    I saw the Profits theme before on a forum and had my doubts about it..
    But now I think it really is a slick theme with everything you need to make a profitable business online.

    Thanks again!

  15. Sakthi Ganesh says

    Upon your review, i have found this theme comes with lot of good features best suits for professional marketers as well as individual bloggers.
    I really love the download link protection,clickbank integration ,dripfeed features of this theme
    Thanks Jane, for your detailed review

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