SEMRush Review: How Effective Is SEMRush As An SEO Tool?

Search engine optimization is scary, right? It certainly does sound scary and complicated to most bloggers, especially the newbie bloggers.

On top of all the scare, there are ever-happening search engine algorithm changes that you need to keep up. And there are everlasting SEO competitors who do the ranking dance on SERPs with your pages!

You certainly need to equip yourself with the right tools to win the game (or for some, to at least stay afloat!).

Let me introduce SEMRush. is a search engine marketing company that offers this great SEO tool > SEMRush.

I was eyeing on this search engine marketing tool since the time I encountered but you know, like most bloggers I was on the fence. I didn’t know if SEMRush will be the right tool for me and I didn’t know if it will be worth the money.

But I really have to try to see what it has got! So I did.

Here’s a handy presentation that summarizes this post:

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FYI, SEMRush comes with a free plan which offers VERY limited results which in no way will be beneficial (at least in my opinion). If you want to get the most out of this search engine marketing tool, you need to choose any one of the paid plans.

SEMRush pricing

From my experience, any search engine marketing tool or a SEO tool should tell you back story and a bit of future story in order to prove effective. Let’s see what SEMRush has got in store in this regard.

Website research at

Just go to and type in any url or domain name. This can be your site or your competitors site or just any popular site. Now, SEMRush will give you something interesting.

You can find out what keywords get you (or your competitor) traffic. From my experience most rank tracking software will require you to input the keywords you wish to rank for and they will tell your website’s position in SERPs for that particular keyword.

But you wouldn’t know which keywords already bring you traffic. Of course there is Google Analytics but the major portion of the main keywords are hidden in the name of privacy! Anyway, SEMRush is at hand.

For instance, I entered and here’s what I’ve got

Website research at

Problogger is getting traffic from 4.3K keywords. And the position changes is a new features that tells me what keywords have gained rankings and what have lost rankings in the SERPs.

I can exactly see what keywords have gained and lost in the game by clicking through the New, Lost, Improved Declined tabs (see image below)

Problogger new lost keywords

New > Keywords that your site was not previously ranking for, but is now.

Lost > Just the opposite. You were ranking for these keywords but now, you’re not – you’re completely washed off for these keywords.

Improved > Your rankings were bad for these keywords but now you’ve climbed up the ladder.

Declined > Just the opposite of “Improved”.

Well, this information is GOLD for me – to help me keep tabs on my site(s) as well as my competitors’ sites.

Keyword Research with SEMRush

I always have a tab of SEMRush open to do keyword research. I use other keyword research tools as well > Long tail pro and Market Samurai.

These two have different features and SEMRush has it own set of unique features too.

The lovely feature I adore is the related keyword suggestion. For instance, the keyword “effective brainstorming”, entered while in the keyword research mode brings me with the following information

Semrush keyword research

Click here to enlarge

The original keyword “effective brainstorming” is not very good but I’ve got some nice related keyword suggestions. And this brings me to….

Brainstorming for blog post ideas using Semrush

With the Semrush tab open always, it is super easy for me to brainstorm for blog post ideas. Whenever I get a concept or a seed keyword idea in mind I feed it into and see if that particular keyword is good.

Even if it is good or not, I take advantage of the whole lot of related keywords.

Semrush also helps me with search engine optimization, the human friendly way

Once I get hold of the “good” related keywords optimizing my blog posts become a lot easier. Even if the primary keyword is not good enough, I make one of the related keywords as primary keywords.

Now, instead of optimizing my post strictly for 1 or 3 keywords, I naturally sprinkle the related keywords throughout the post. This helps me to SEO my posts non-aggressively.

Further, the related keywords also help me to expand the post in a way to fill the gap and provide more relevant information.

Semrush Review: Takeaway

Well, I’m hooked with this tool and I’m not going to look back. I’m currently with the Pro (recurring) plan and it feels great to have an effective SEO tool like Semrush that helps me in different dimensions of my SEO efforts.

I’m using Semrush in many ways for my own blogging needs as well as those of my SEO clients. Want me to help you optimize your blog for search engines? You can check out my SEO services.

The only wish I have as of now is for the tool to provide me with more rank tracking campaigns. Currently I can have only 5. Apart from this concern, I’d give it a 5 star!

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  • Kimsea

    I have heard some thing about Semrugh and Used to learnt about it, especially I plan to use this tool but because my budget is limit this year maybe I plan only Commentlu first.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Kimsea, yes a tool with recurring payments may take most people back :) I’ve been there. But when you feel you have the budget, Semrush is a great tool to have by your side! Thanks for your comment!

      • Neha patel

        hi jane, i not used Semrush’s paid services mostly i used for best CPC keywords for my sites and i really love and want to go with their awesome paid services for increase my sites values.

  • Kapil

    Nice review of this tool Jane. I’ve been an avid user of Market Samurai but there are a fee key features which SEMRush offer that would appeal to the larger organizations or SEO agencies (especially the reporting component). Again, good work with the review.

    • Jane Sheeba

      That’s right Kapil. Really can’t compare Semrush directly with Market Samurai. Yes love the reporting feature :)

  • Ravi Ahuja

    No doubt Semrush is amazing tool which can give good information about your and your competitor website which helps to build SEO strategies.

    What stops bloggers to use these such great tool is pricing. If you run a single blog or website you may feel cost is very high but at the same time benefits are much more then what you pay. Anyway a Great review of Semrush Jane.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Ravi yes, I was on the fence thinking about buying this for quite a while. But the Pro (non recurring) plan would give the bloggers an idea of what Semrush can do to them. Also even with the recurring plan, it can be cancelled any time!

  • Khaja Moin

    I used SEMRush for almost 3 months and it was very helpful for me in competitor analysis.
    I got my account from a giveaway, then continued for 2 more months. Again am thinking to get one for 1 month.
    I`ve experienced great customer support, when I asked them to cancel my subscription they did it in minutes.


    • Jane Sheeba

      Khaja that’s true their support is awesome.

  • Evan

    Thanks for such a nice tut! Loved it. Two months back you helped us getting offer for SEOMoz for 60 Days. It’s just expired and today SEMRush Coupon Code =)

    • Jane Sheeba

      Oh really? Glad to be of help Evan.

  • anis

    SemRush looks like an awesome tool I really should check it out thanks for sharing this awesome review keep it coming

    • Jane Sheeba

      You’re welcome Anis. Let me know if you like it after giving it a try!

  • Sarah

    Great review, I just checked out some of my competitor’s site, after looking at their insights i think it really deserve the cost price.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Indeed Sarah, the pricing is very reasonable for what the tool offers.

  • Fahad Zahid

    Thanks for review Sheeba, SEM RUSH is one of the most innovative & interactive tool for marketing your website in significant manner! From keyword searching to competitor analysis it provides each and every thing to market your product with effective ease!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Yes Fahad – the thing I most love about Semrush is the competitor analysis, in a rather different way.

  • CBIL360

    I am familiar with SEMRUSH from a few months but not aware about the benefits of using it. Thanks for sharing a great review about SEMRUSH.

    • Jane Sheeba

      You’re welcome Cbil (is that your real name?) – by the way welcome aboard on my list :)

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Jane,

    SEMRush looks awesome. At the moment, I am using WebMeUp and SEOPowerSuite, but what I am also looking for is a better way to spy on the competition, and see what keywords they are using. Is that something you can do with SEMRush or do you know other tools?

    • Jane Sheeba

      Jens, yes – with Semrush, you can get the complete report of what keywords get your competitors traffic + what keywords have they gained ranking and/lost etc. In this post I’ve shown the example of You can do this will all your competitors. If you want to know about the keywords your competitors are using, then Semrush is a must have! I’m really hooked.

      • Jens P. Berget

        I have just tested the free version, it doesn’t seem to have any Norwegian search engines, like Google for Norway? Do you know if it has in the upgraded version?

        • Jane Sheeba

          Jens, nope the search engines available are the same for free and paid versions (10 Google engines + Bing). But when I was in touch with a person from Semrush they promised adding more search engines quite soon.

  • Shorya

    Hi Janesheeba,
    That is a amazing tool , it gives alot of thing which can use to make your article search engine friendly. Checking compeptitors is one the great advantage of Semrush.
    Thanks for sharing the infromation.

  • Queeny robinson

    I had tried SEMRush long time back but then the budget is a tough point for newbies. I am sure that buying it would open up doors to almost limitless possibilities especially because the company behind it is one of the best known in the industry worldwide. That gives me another post idea for you. Free SEO tools which can be used by newbies.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  • Anupam

    Hi Sheeba, I have also been using semrush since last 3 years. But I find it rather slow compared to tools by seomoz and I also like

  • Jannie Taylor


    Honestly saying i do not know about this site.Thanks for such a helpful article.

    Jannie Taylor

  • Alex

    nice post, i found seomoz better than semrush.

  • robin

    nice post helpful for seo and smo.. thanks for sharing your idea’s with us…

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    great article thanks for the share

  • Smitha

    SEM Rush uses a huge keyword database of around 30 million and you will have access to detailed search information including organic keyword information, organic search competitors and Google AdWords keywords (including competitor keywords).

  • Zaheer

    We have taken’s paid subscription couple of months back and now wanted to unsubscribe and there is no way to unsubscribe the paid subscription. I did many emails to about the unsubscription of paid account but did not reply single time.

    They simply just want money in any way not anything else. Spammers or lawyers what should i say? don’t know.

  • Shivankar

    Awesome post and really good and help full for every one especially for me thanks a lot

  • Ansh

    Thanks for this review Jane. I am also thinking to purchase the same plan for my blog too. Hope it works well.

  • Shahnawaz@Current Affairs 2014

    Just loved the review pattern and I have read Harsh review also which is quite good.The best of semrush is that it exact gives details about keywords and there CPC which is very important for a publisher.

  • taswir

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  • Ayush Chandra

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