My Review Of WebMeUp Backlink Tool


WebMeUp is online SEO software that was launched in early 2013 to focus on accurate data and technology but in a short span of time, the software has proven itself useful in the industry and its popularity has risen unexpectedly in the course of a year. There are different modules developed by WebMeUp software but one of the most significant and efficient ones happen to be the WebMeUp Backlink Tool which can be found on the company website.

It should not be confused with another great product i.e. the backlink module found on the WebMeUp software package, but is a separate tool that is powered directly by an efficient and up-to-date multi-billion backlink index. The backlinks tool offers a convenient and completely free way to view, … [Read more...]

How Depositphotos Can Make Your Life Easier As A Blogger?


So you have finally finished writing the latest addition to your blog. Now all that remains is to find some wonderful pictures to complement your article. You head over to Google and after a few clicks you have at your disposal hundreds of images to download and use.

However, do you know that, you can be breaking copyright laws if you use some of those images in your blog? Many images available on the internet are published under copyright. The owner, of those photos, is legally entitled to lodge a case of copyright infringement against you if you do not take his or her permission before using those photos.

In many cases, you may have to purchase those photos before using them. The only way out of this mess is to use images which are free from royalty payments.

Now, it is actually quite … [Read more...]

SEMRush Review: How Effective Is SEMRush As An SEO Tool?


Search engine optimization is scary, right? It certainly does sound scary and complicated to most bloggers, especially the newbie bloggers.

On top of all the scare, there are ever-happening search engine algorithm changes that you need to keep up. And there are everlasting SEO competitors who do the ranking dance on SERPs with your pages!

You certainly need to equip yourself with the right tools to win the game (or for some, to at least stay afloat!).

Let me introduce SEMRush. is a search engine marketing company that offers this great SEO tool > SEMRush.

I was eyeing on this search engine marketing tool since the time I encountered but you know, like most bloggers I was … [Read more...]

Swift To-Do List Review: Boost your productivity and peace of mind


When it comes to a product that claims to boost my productivity I've always tried it. I am not joking.

Given that I am managing more than 15 blogs and the associated promotion, the content creation and other stuff will make me go crazy if I don't have a "system" in place.

I am in general a very organized person. I plan things and execute them according to the plan. I set priorities, I set long term and short term goals, I procrastinate rarely and in general I'm good.

But when you have too much in your plate and when you have only 24 hours in a day things can go overboard!

And even in the "organizing" part, I had some flaws.

I started using multiple tools; my to-do lists got scattered all over the place. I tried web-based apps, desktop tools, cloud-based tools and many more.

WebMeUp Review: A Web-Based Tool That Takes Care Of Your SEO Needs


SEO is one of the scariest things any blogger has to face. Apart from content writing, blog post promotion, social media marketing and other scary stuff involved in blogging, I’d say handling SEO is one of the most scariest.

That’s from my experience.

Of course, you’ll have to learn many things if you are into blogging and making money. But with SEO the tricky part is that, things often change. It is hard to keep up with the changes. Once you finish learning a particular strategy and have mastered it, you might wake up the other day as a complete newbie coz the strategies you’ve learned are now outdated.

What if you have someone or something taking care of your SEO? Would it be nice to have a helping hand and eliminate the worry of having to keep tabs with the (usually complicated) SEO stuff?

So let me introduce [Read more...]

Long Tail Pro [Video] Review: How To Do Fast And Effective Keyword Research


Keyword research. Successful bloggers need to do keyword research on a regular basis.

Recently I find myself addicted and am on it every single day. And I find that its only for good. I used to use Market Samurai almost every other day to analyze on keywords, do market research, track my rankings and do competitor analysis.

Long tail keywords are a promising thing, since there are so much of them out there that need to be tapped yet. While the others are overly competitive and there are not many (relatively).

Long tail keywords, unlike the others (the short ones) are usually the ones that your target customers will be typing into the search boxes exactly. For instance - "sony cybershot dsc-s5000 review" or "best sony cybershot cameras" instead of … [Read more...]

SEO PowerSuite Review: Jump Ahead Of Your SEO Competition


SEO involves improving the visibility of a website in search results. The process is completed through several means such as optimization of on-page elements or link building.

It is necessary to maintain a record of all actions performed both on and off the website.

The results need to be checked on a regular basis. It may be possible to achieve all this manually but using software speeds up and simplifies the process.

And if you're the one who thinks SEO is scary, you're not alone! I'm with you.

Read these two posts to console yourself (and pick up some useful tips) -

SEO is scary and networking takes time

[Read more...]

Aweber Review >>> Is It Really The Best Autoresponder In The Market?

Aweber email marketing solution

Aweber is the name you hear every time you think about getting the best email autoresponder for your business. Am I right?

OK, before talking about Aweber, let me quickly touch an important point.

Email marketing - this one’s a biggie! And its mostly ignored by the newbies, which is indeed a shame.

Why? Because people think its old school.

Because they think that there are far more advanced techniques or avenues to reach out to their readers/followers/customers (like social media or blogging).

Because they don’t understand its importance.

Because they’re ignorant!

...And I would really blame them (and no one else) for that.

I know that could have sounded little harsh - but that’s … [Read more...]

HeaderBar Domination Review: For Laser Targeted Un-Obstructive Promotions


Lets face it - if you're an internet marketer or a blogger, you have loads of stuff to promote (or get people's attention to).

In order to achieve maximum conversion, you need something that will allow for quicker responses and persuade visitors to adopt the right course of action.

You will see that, in most cases, all your time and effort invested in promoting a particular blog post, page for sales, offers or other information with the help of a number eye-catching graphics yield no visible results.

You may still continue to lose extra sales as well as traffic very fast. The number of subscribers to your blog may also not be up to the mark.

What's needed … [Read more...]

Profits Theme Review: The killer WordPress Theme

profits theme

Wordpress – the popular content management system offers many free and premium frames and plug-ins to enhance your website functionality and performance. There are a number of premium themes to enhance the appearance of your site and to improve the membership on your site.

Profits Theme comes with a plug-in which saves you a lot of money as it has a functionality that attracts new members. You need a theme that cuts down the time for you. Profits Theme – the Wordpress theme looks prospective as it has many features to make your life easy.

Let us check how the new plug-in can help you create and customize many new pages including sales page, lead page, thank you page, product launch page and … [Read more...]