HeaderBar Domination Review: For Laser Targeted Un-Obstructive Promotions

Lets face it – if you’re an internet marketer or a blogger, you have loads of stuff to promote (or get people’s attention to).

In order to achieve maximum conversion, you need something that will allow for quicker responses and persuade visitors to adopt the right course of action.

You will see that, in most cases, all your time and effort invested in promoting a particular blog post, page for sales, offers or other information with the help of a number eye-catching graphics yield no visible results.

You may still continue to lose extra sales as well as traffic very fast. The number of subscribers to your blog may also not be up to the mark.

What’s needed for better conversions in this case?

Bright and attractive visuals may help pique the interest of a few visitors but they do not achieve anything more.

You need to have the knowledge about the colors that work.

In order to ensure that your blog is able to match up to all your requirements, you need something like an app or an add-on that can carry out vital tasks like creating limited or unlimited messages within a time frame of seconds that is able to attract the attention of visitors to your blog so that you can get your content across to them.

An example of this is a pop up, or an optin form that is well placed at a good timing.

You need to be able to maximize click-throughs in order to generate a greater amount of traffic and sales along with targeting your message to a particular category or post, known as specific page targeting.

Optimization and testing coupled with the statistics of click reporting need to be present so that you are able to make out which posts perform the best on your blog.

After all, if you don’t know how your campaigns are performing, you can’t improve on them, right?

Introducing Header Bar Domination

Before I actually talk about the plugin let me tell you about a cool deal. Readers of this blog get a SPECIAL discount on the plugin. Make sure you click on this link (or any link to Headerbar Domination in this post) to buy the plugin to avail this cool discount!

header bar domination

One of the simplest yet advanced solutions that can take care of all these worries for you happens to be a dedicated new WordPress plug-in known as Header Bar Domination.

You can see it in action at this blog – take a look at the top (just below the address bar or your bookmarks/toolbar).

This plug-in offers you a great service by focusing the attention of visitors on important messages or pact. It also doubles up as a smart marketing tool to boost sales or the number of subscribers of your blog.

Headerbar domination module

It provides you with the opportunity to customize your call to action messages and handle the appearance of those messages as per your convenience (wish).

Header Bar Domination allows you to create multiple (unlimited) header bars and position them across a number of different pages according to your requirements.

You can choose to display a header bar which targets a particular money making page on your blog or a email-subscription page. A specific bar can be customized or styled in a different way than the other.

This provides you with the opportunity to check which one is the most clicked and use it in a number of spots. Clicks, the total click-through rates as well as views can be analyzed on a daily basis.

The results are showcased on your stats panel which helps determine the overall effectiveness of the bar and also gives you a feedback from all possible angles.

Some of you may be worried about the time interval and interface required to set up your important message using the Header Bar Domination plug-in.

Rest assured, the setup is very easy, not to mention, fast. You will be able to display your call to action message in no time at all.

This will allow you to maximize the number of click-throughs which will, in turn, result in greater traffic, subscribers and sales to your blog.

You can schedule your Header Bar Display in such a way that it appears after some time following the landing of the visitors on your page.

Depending upon your visitors, your sales could be increased significantly through this method since it will appear gently and register better in the minds of your visitors.

You need not require any prior knowledge about HTML or CSS in order to add your message after customizing the look of your Header Bar.

The texture, the color, the font style, the bar color, text colour can all be changed in the way you think is best using the simple user interface. You also get a live preview of the changes made (see video).



In spite of offering all these features, the WordPress Header Bar Domination plugin is quite affordable. A single package that comes with all these elements is usually more expensive.

On top of that, the plug-in comes with a 100% no risk, Money Back Guarantee Plan valid for 60 days.

A lifetime of free upgrades and support teach is also included with the package.

So get your Header Bar Domination now for your WordPress blog and enjoy great sales and traffic!

Readers of this blog get a SPECIAL discount on the plugin. Make sure you click on this link (or any link to Headerbar Domination in this post) to buy the plugin and avail this cool discount!

Header Bar Domination

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  1. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Never tried this,
    will certainly do.
    Even the price is affordable.
    Hope it can convert visits to sales.


  2. AlexAlex says

    Great review, I have used hello bar on my blogs before to promote stuff, It’s great for grabbing attention but to get the conversion you need to get your wording right!

    • WpSmartApps says

      Try ‘Header Bar Domination’ self host solution ONLY for your wordpress blog. and view the changes. It does great stuff then hello bar has to offer.

      Just invest $47 for your single license or $77 for unlimited and promote anything using specific page targeting feature offer by only ‘Header Bar Domination’


  3. SamuelSamuel says

    Thanks for the review Jane.

    I know what a header bar is all about!

    I got one for Internet Dreams, and am loving it.

    Not the same one, but it has the same functionality though.

  4. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane looks really interesting i was not looking for a header bar product but now are tempted to give it a try. At least I can give it 60 days as a free trial so I suppose it is a win win.

    Great heads up thanks lee

  5. VivekVivek says

    Hey nice review. I will just : I am loving it ” I am in trial version “. But I have seen personally, the plugin page loads little bit slow.

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