How to Use Smart Keywords for ECommerce Websites


The world of e-commerce business has become extremely competitive. I can bet, no matter how unique you may claim your services or product to be, there is essentially going to be a lot of tough competition, making it inevitable for you to market your business in every possible way.

Your objective of undertaking marketing activity should ensure two things:

1) Let as many potential customers be aware about the product or services you are offering

2) Ensure the product is promoted well, so that the customer is interested in buying it from you.

As so many ecommerce businesses are selling the same product as yours, it is important that potential customers are able to find you on the Internet. But, the challenge does not end here. As it is also essential that customers find you, before[Read more...]

Lead Generation and Content Marketing


No matter what content one writes, it is important for it to be compelling and engaging. The very foundation of a lead generation system is based on content that is interesting enough to hook readers and keep them informed, even when they are just skimming the page. And this truly is a harsh, but conceivable fact. Most readers only seem to skim articles, stories, and other forms of content.

This means that it takes that much more effort to create content that is relevant, display it in a manner that logical and clear and have a definitive order to it. Lead generation would be incomplete if you lose your reader with tiresome, tedious content that is not valuable or interesting.

Creating WordPress Child Themes And Why You Might Want To Do That


Majority of WordPress users will customize the themes that they use but they will not do so with the use of a child theme. This happens due to the fact that most people do not even know what the child theme is while not understanding that it is very easy to create one.

Why is the child theme a good idea?

When you make adjustments to the theme you use right now, the child theme can help you to avoid unwanted problems. The changes that you would test out would not affect the main code of the theme.

To put it as simple as possible, you get the opportunity to see how your site would look like based on … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Make Online Marketing Work For You


As a company, marketing is one of the biggest facets as to whether or not you're successful. If you want customers to visit your website or purchase your products, you need to market to them effectively.

Most companies have realized that online marketing is the way to reach their consumers, so they're actively creating websites and other digital marketing tools in order to reach out to these consumers. Some companies, though, make the mistake in thinking that as long as they have an [Read more...]

Facebook Ads – A Definitive Guide To Successful Facebook Advertising


Facebook, as a social media site, offers an exceptional brand promotion platform. It is a platform that effectively serves the needs of entrepreneurs with a small marketing budget. Besides this benefit, Facebook advertising is fast proving its reliability. It is, thus, worth trying it if you haven’t already.

Success in marketing on this great platform, however, requires planning. Remember that not planning is planning to fail. A well planned advertising campaign on this platform is supposed to yield benefits.

5 Strategies to Marketing Your Professional Services Online


It has been talked to death about how different online marketing is to anything else you may have encountered before, but that is a point that really can't be stressed enough. Trying to market your professional services in a way that mirrors off line techniques will not be effective.

However, endless amounts of theory have been developed for how to go about properly marketing your professional services online, and it's not really that difficult.

1. Get a Plan

The first thing that you're going to want to do is to develop a strategy[Read more...]

3 Awesome Blogs Every SEO Should Regularly Visit


When you spend your working days reading blogs, stalking writers and keeping one toe dipped in a pulsing stream of information twenty-four/seven, you pick up a hefty reading list of URL’s you just have to visit.

It becomes a morning ritual, as commutes roll by leisurely and the time it takes to move through the city no longer annoys you, as productivity has many guises and the smart devices of today are in close proximity to a truly round-the-clock workplace.

A lot can change in twelve hours, six or two, as SEO thrusts itself forward out of the link building strategies of old and into principles centralized around semantic search. But how does one stay updated, without trawling through a bog of blogs and malapropisms, finding a few rare diamonds among the coal litter? Ordinarily, it’s a process of trial and error, as companies like Search Factory build … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Press Release Complements Your Content Marketing Strategy


New and well established businesses alike want their brand to reach as much of the target market as possible, which is why the marketing department is a core element of every business strategy.

Businesses are beginning to understand the power of online advertising; however most of them fail to utilize an inexpensive yet effective online marketing opportunity – the press release. Press releases can benefit your business for the following reasons.

Get more exposure

Every business irrespective of whether it is brick and mortar based or not deserves to have an online presence. Out of the 2 billion people with internet access you are bound to find quite a number of people who are interested in your product or service.

Did you know that everyday 80 million people read their news online? The press release will be especially … [Read more...]

SEO Mistakes That Even Professionals Make Without Realizing


In the past, SEO was easy and literally anyone could have gotten great results after reading a few tutorials. Nowadays, everything is highly complex. We can easily end up making mistakes without realizing it. Even professionals end up in this situation.

What you need to do is take a step back and look at search engine optimization from an objective point of view. In the event that you think some strategy or technique is weird because it does not seem natural, there is a huge chance that you are correct.

In order to help you out a little, we will talk about some mistakes that a lot of professionals make. We are sure that this will help you in your blogging career.

Too Many Rich Keyword Anchor Links

Google understood a long time ago that when they see that the majority of web links towards a particular page is made out … [Read more...]

3 Shady Techniques Bloggers Should Stop Doing In Order To Succeed


Blogging has become one of the most common ways to establish a business and make money. Of course it is! But not all bloggers are making money as they should.

You know, there are white hat ways to stuff and also black hat ways. Be it SEO, blogging, doing business, loving people, whatever! And yes, blogging is not an exception.

There are various ways to make money via blogging - both white hat ways and black hat ways.

Quoting 1 Corinthians 10:23 - All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient

In this context there are numerous ways to make money blogging but not all ways are ethical and white hat. Let me share 3 things … [Read more...]