You Must Get Social For Your Blogging Success

Social For Your Blogging Success

Whether you like it or not, you must socially engage with others if you want to attain blogging success. I hate to put the word "must" over there but what can I do if it really is a must? Yes it is indeed a MUST.

You cannot dwell in caves and expect to be popularly known in the world. You must climb to the top of some mountain to let people see you waving at them. Nowadays, people don't necessarily come when you just build quality content.

Note: This post is republished after I have added some relevant and more useful information to update this post!

"Build it and they will come" no longer works; I'm not sure if it … [Read more...]

7 Affiliate marketing tips to become a trustworthy affiliate


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. There are various benefits to it. One of the major benefits that attracts me is that with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create a product in order to make sales.

Creating a product is a tedious task (although for some businesses, this cannot be totally avoided). Some bloggers might find it easier especially after they have created more than one product in the past.

But if you haven’t yet created a product, creating your first product can be a challenging and time consuming task. It will require … [Read more...]

Blogging for beginners: 5 Mistakes you should avoid as a newbie


You have started your blog for a purpose, right? And if you have just started your blog, you are a newbie blogger (duh!).

The “newbie blogger” status is a very crucial stage in your blogging journey because the initial steps and decisions you take at this stage will decide the course of your blogging business. And blogging in the beginning stage is quite a challenge.

And its usually normal to make a lot of mistakes while starting out. But that need not be the case with blogging, especially these days.

How to write product reviews that are genuinely useful?


Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money blogging and product reviews are a major part of it. There are various benefits to making money via affiliate marketing:

  • You don’t have to create a product to sell
  • You don’t have to provide support to the product
  • You don’t have to work on updating the product

But still you can make a share of the product’s price in the form of affiliate commissions, even if you don’t own the product and haven’t worked for its creation.

I consider this to be super cool which is why I urge every blogger to have affiliate marketing as part of his/her income stream.

Note that, I am not … [Read more...]

How to make money from a blog: 2 Strategies for beginner bloggers


How to make money blogging? - This is one of the most popular questions in the minds of all bloggers. No matter how big or small their blog is, everyone wants to make money off it.

And, there's nothing wrong about it. Every blogger puts in a lot of effort to build and run their blogs - so they deserve to make some money off it.

In this post, as you might have noted in the title, I am going to talk to beginner bloggers.

Is there a difference between the way a beginner blogger makes money from his/her blog and the way an established blogger makes money?

Well there is!

When your blog is new it is not easy to … [Read more...]

How to write a useful blog post?


So you run a blog. You do some kind of online business and your blog acts as a marketing tool, right?

It doesn't matter what kind of business you operate, you do it because you want it to be useful to you and to your customers, right?

Any business can succeed only if it provides value. People will be willing to do business with you only if you provide usefulness to them.

If you or your products are not of use to them, they will not do business with you, right?

You need to be useful not just with … [Read more...]

What is organic SEO and why should bloggers care?


Search engine optimization is something that most bloggers find scary. Especially given the frequent algorithm updates by the search engines, SEO has become an alien concept to most bloggers.

The fact however is, the basics are always the same. And the frequent SEO algorithm updates by search engine giants like Google has only made it a lot easier for genuine bloggers to shine in search results.

Let's talk more about how easy it is to please search engines these days after all these major updates later in this post.

For now I would like to focus more on the "organic" SEO bit. I wanted to raise this topic because most bloggers have completely wrong notions about SEO and to be precise, organic SEO.

Let's dig … [Read more...]

How NOT to publish incorrect stuff on your blog?


So you have a blog that acts as a marketing tool for your online business. You expect your blog to gain traction and attract clients/customers for your business 24/7. That is a very reasonable expectation.

You create and publish useful and awesome content in order to attract traffic to your website.

You intend to be useful; so you create content that is supposed to help your customers. There's nothing  wrong in your approach.

But then what if you publish wrong/incorrect/misleading information on your blog? This is serious. You will mislead people with … [Read more...]

Launching The New PBS Library: New membership access


Today I am excited to announce The New PBS Library. If you are my subscriber you already know that you get access to The PBS Library - a place where you can get resources related to blogging and training material for FREE!

If you want to know more about The PBS Library, head over to this post where I explain it all.

In short, The PBS Library is a place where I offer FREE tools, training and resources to my list subscribers. That's right, when you join my list for free you get all these material for free.

Now what's it with the "New" PBS Library?

Well I've changed the way my subscribers access The PBS Library. Earlier I had put all the links/materials on one page and password protected it.

And I provided the password in the … [Read more...]

How to build a blog from the ground up (from scratch)?


In the previous posts I have talked about starting a blog - setting the basics right so you can start a blog and make money from it.

In this post let's assume you have just started a blog. So how could you build your blog up from scratch? Building a blog is a challenging, yet a crucial task. If you just start a blog and let it sit, it won't grow itself.

Merely creating and publishing content doesn’t contribute to building your blog; although content is a very important aspect of your blog, mere content creation doesn't mean blog growth.

There … [Read more...]