11 Voraciously dirty (but not filthy) tricks to attract customers for your Freelance Services


You are an awesome freelancer who knows your stuff and do your job way beyond ‘the best’; but you don't know how to attract customers! You are a great Web Designer who excels in designing responsive websites, or an excellent Freelance Writer who can knock down anybody with killer headlines.

Are you getting what you deserve or are you struggling to get clients for your self-made business?

After being all that you are, do you still think you are going wrong somewhere?

In today’s world of online marketing and social media reputation, it takes more than just providing good services. Freelancing is a small business in itself where you are the CEO, CTO, CFO, along with being an intern and an office boy.

Top 20 Blogging Mistakes That Keep Visitors Off Their Site


So it's true, isn't it?

For your blog to stand a chance to grow and succeed, you must have a reliable method of attracting steady visitors to your site.

So right from day one, you work hard to implement tactics like content marketing, SEO and social marketing.

But the truth is that attracting visitors to your site is just a piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is to keep them and convert them into consistent readers.

And this is where many bloggers have problems.

They are completely obsessed with getting more … [Read more...]

7 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online; or that’s what you have been told. If you are a beginner trying to get to know what it is, then it is quite common that you would have heard this advice - affiliate marketing is easy.

I agree that affiliate marketing is much easier than other money making methods like for instance, creating your own product. Many bloggers hesitate creating their own products because it takes time, effort, discipline and some commitment to get it done. On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, one can simply start making money because the product is already made!

And, not just that - most of the heavy lifting is already done by the product owner. Be it … [Read more...]

4 Tips to keep writing when you are not in the mood [#1 is my top tip]


In fact, I wrote this post when I was not in the mood to write! So you already have the proof - you can still create good quality content that is useful to the others even when you are not in the mood to write!

So you are not in the mood to write. I get it. There are days when you just don’t feel like writing. You might be overwhelmed. You might be tired. You might be bored with your “routine”.

Or there will be just no reason for you to be so! You are just not in the mood to write, right? No explanations needed!

Well, but you have a business to run. [Read more...]

The 5 Pillars of a killer email marketing strategy


Email marketing is still one of the most vital tools available for online marketers. It doesn't matter what kind of online business you run, if you are not doing marketing by sending out emails, you are missing out big time.

I checked in multiple sources - I didn't get the precise number. But the projected stats say that there are roughly about 4.1 billion email accounts that are in use. That’s quite a big number isn't?

I will not go much deeper into the stats of how many emails are sent per day and so on. But the point is this - if you are ignoring doing marketing via emails, you are failing to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

And not just that! Email marketing has various other benefits added to it. One of the main things I like about it is that you have the privilege to land on someone’s inbox to deliver … [Read more...]

The misconceptions associated with making money via blogging [and what to do about them]


So you want to make money blogging. That’s a great desire. But it is not always quite easy, isn’t? You know that already. Otherwise you won’t be reading this post with so much interest (I really hope that you are reading this post with much interest! ;)).

One of the main reasons why bloggers are unable to make money blogging even if they have the desire is that they have some serious misconceptions about money making! And these misconceptions are no joke because they actually pose risk to your blogging career!

OK so what are the risks? That’s the topic of this post! Let’s dive in right away.

You think you know how make money blogging; but in reality, you don’t know how! Don’t you realise that this is one of … [Read more...]

How to publish RIGHT blog post topics? (both for you and for your readers)?


Every piece of content you create is so crucial for your online business. Every blog post has a purpose, right? You are not simply creating content and publishing it just because you could (or you should!).

I am sure you are quite busy! And if you are going to put your fingers on the keyboard and create a piece of content, you have to make sure it is going to be of use to you and to your readers.

How can you be sure that the blog content you create is going to be of use to you? And to your readers/prospects/customers?

It will be useful to either side only if you manage to choose the RIGHT topic for your content.

Not every topic you could write will … [Read more...]

How I use Evernote to boost my blogging productivity


Today I’m a die hard fan of Evernote and some of its addons. In fact, I cannot live without it. I cannot imagine my life as an entrepreneur without it.

But this was not the case when I started using Evernote for the first time. When I first heard about Evernote, probably by reading a blog post by someone who is an Evernote expert - sharing how great the tool is, I was SO excited.

But after a couple of days things were not the same. I felt like how the heck do people use Evernote for everything while I cannot even use it to have a few web clips. Will you believe me if I say I have started using Evernote 4 times and have quit within a week? That is the truth.

Every time after I quit I usually come across yet another blog post that praises Evernote :)

And then a few months ago, since I was repeatedly encountering Evernote, I … [Read more...]

Is Blogging Procrastination Killing The Success of Your Blog?


Are you not getting your blogging tasks done as quickly as you would like?

Is your blogging business not moving forward as swiftly as you expected?

Do your blogging goals never seem to be met?

If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, then there's a good chance that you are suffering from "blogging procrastination".

What Exactly Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is when a person:

  • Carries out general tasks instead of more urgent ones;
  • Does more pleasurable things instead of the task-at-hand;
  • Puts off tasks altogether until a later time.
So in other words, if you don't particularly want to do … [Read more...]

How I segmented my email list and increased subscriber engagement


Subscribers. They are the life blood of any blog. More than casual visitors and loyal readers of a blog, subscribers play a crucial role in getting your blog to roll. And, according to the famous saying ("the money is in the list"), email subscribers are a source of income for many bloggers.

Let's start with this ...

Email marketing is not dead. Not even close. It is a booming strategy for blog marketing, in particular.

Email marketing helps you to sound personal, provide value and connect with your readers even … [Read more...]