How to build a blog from the ground up (from scratch)?


In the previous posts I have talked about starting a blog - setting the basics right so you can start a blog and make money from it.

In this post let's assume you have just started a blog. So how could you build your blog up from scratch? Building a blog is a challenging, yet a crucial task. If you just start a blog and let it sit, it won't grow itself.

Merely creating and publishing content doesn’t contribute to building your blog; although content is a very important aspect of your blog, mere content creation doesn't mean blog growth.

There … [Read more...]

How to start a blog and make money


Blogging and money making go hand in hand. They both are usually tied together - even if a blogger starts a blog with no proper goal, after a few days they're tempted to think about making money.

Of course there's nothing wrong with the concept of "wanting" to make money from a blog. If you are longing to make money with your blog, you deserve it - you put in lots of effort on your blog and you deserve to get paid for your hard work.

But making money form a blog doesn't seem to be an easy job for many bloggers (as they realize it a little later) … [Read more...]

How to start a blog: 4 Crucial aspects you need to take care of


So, you want to start a blog, right? Or perhaps you've already started a blog and haven't had the success you expected with that blog.

This is quite common nowadays since most bloggers focus on the money aspects of creating a blog and they totally forget how to make the blog functional, the right way, so they can move in the right direction towards the success they expected.

Yes, making money from a blog IS possible only if you set the basics right.

I am going to write a few more posts on the topic of starting a blog and making money from it in a laser focused way for both beginners and advanced bloggers.

Before that, this post is to … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Strategies 101 For Home Based Business Bloggers


Internet marketing strategies - this notion is overrated and misunderstood by many newbie bloggers. Even some established bloggers have no idea about what they're doing in the name of internet marketing.

Internet marketing is not an alien concept. It is not something that you need to learn by spending thousands of dollars - though, that kind of learning and training will highly help.

But here I keep in mind all those aspiring bloggers who have a very high level of enthusiasm and a very thin wallet.

Just because you cannot pay to learn the marketing secrets of a guru doesn't mean you cannot run a successful home based business blogging.

Now, I am NOT against experts … [Read more...]

Being Desperate And Frustrated Doesn’t Make You Money [Find Out What Does]


I’ve been so desperate many times for various reasons during my earlier days of blogging. It is certainly no good to be desperate, right?

Frustration causes desperation. And many newbie bloggers get frustrated quite often for various reasons.

When you don't see any results with your blogging efforts, or if there's no money that comes in, it's natural to get frustrated. And as a result of frustration you could become so desperate and might end up doing crazy stuff in order to see the results.

Let me give you an example: During the early days of blogging, if you don't see the traffic coming through, you will be frustrated and become desperate to get traffic in some … [Read more...]

5 Little Missing Things That Could Break Your Business (Take A Good Look)


Your blog exists for a purpose, right? There could be various reasons as to why you are having your blog. But what if lacks certain essential factors? What if your blog misses out on certain stuff and you think its OK?

Or you are probably neglecting those “little” things! Or you don’t have the time to take a closer look at your blog because you are busy building your business!

Well, there are certain essential things that you cannot ignore. Ignoring these “little” things (as you might think) is no joke.

The factors that I am going to discuss in this post are so important to the level that if you ignore them,

(i) they can break your … [Read more...]

How to MAKE time for blogging no matter how busy you are


I don’t have the time to blog!” or “I am too busy to blog consistently” is something that I hear too often. Well, blogging is a tedious job. No matter what reason you blog for, blogging IS time consuming.

Unless you have the dedication and will power to pursue blogging, you are most likely to lose motivation and quit. Blogging is not just about creating blog posts. Let’s see what are all the possible jobs that are consolidated within the single word “blogging”:

  • Content creation (of course this comes as a major task)
  • Keyword research (this should come prior to content creation)
  • Blog promotion

How to promote your blog? My tips and answers!


Blog promotion is highly crucial to get your blog content in front of more eyeballs; right eyeballs.

However you cannot simply blindly go about promoting your blog posts. There are quite a few things that you need to set right before you can think about blog promotion.

In the last post, I talked those things that you need to take care of or fix before you go around and promote your blog content. In this post, I am going to give you tips on how to actually promote your blog posts.

Now, I assume that you have taken care of all the stuff I have pointed out in my earlier post, because, I would like to stress once again, all your promotion methods (that I explain below) and your promotion efforts WILL go wasted if you don’t fix those points first.

So how to … [Read more...]

How to promote your blog? Things to do BEFORE you promote your blog


All bloggers know quite well that promoting a blog is a crucial part of the game. Most experts suggest 20% content creation and 80% promotion and I agree with them.

If you simply create blog content and do not give it proper promotion, your content (and the time and effort you put in to create it) goes wasted. And no blogger wants that.

We all want our content to be read, shared, appreciated, and we also want to consistently gain traction, get subscribers, customers and a steady stream of income.

As you can see, blog promotion plays a very crucial role in the whole of your blogging system.

Actually there are two things: Quality content and … [Read more...]

How to write a blog post in 20 minutes (or less)

How to write a blog post in 20 minutes

How to write a blog post fast, Jane? I get this question asked a lot to me!

Given that content is the life blood of a blog, there is nothing surprising that bloggers want to write a blog post fast! I've searched for tips to write a blog post fast when I was a newbie and I can still remember that.

The title of this post might sound too fishy, since it is like promising something that is unbelievable. But trust me, writing a blog post in 20 minutes or less is totally doable.

The tips I share in this post will help you write a blog post in 20 minutes - the part in bracket - or less - comes out of practice. If you practice to write blog posts fast, you will surely master the art quite soon and yes you can then … [Read more...]