9 Effective writing habits to help you succeed as a blogger


So you want to grow your blog. You know you have to publish content consistently in order to gain traction.

You need to create landing pages and squeeze pages for getting sign ups. You need to create products and product sales pages.

Writing is involved in every bit of work you do as a blogger.

Don’t forget to add leaving comments and writing guest post to that list. Writing effective emails also count, if you handle relationship marketing and/or answering clients’ questions.

But your writing habits don’t go quite well with your writing requirements. You are not able to finish that e-book; that sales page is in draft mode for a few weeks now.

Why your blog is boring and what you can do about it?


So your blog is not getting the results you want, right? Be it traffic, sales, affiliate sales, traction, authority - nothing happens!

So what’s wrong? One of the main reasons why most blogs don’t work is that they are not interesting enough for the readers.

In this crowded, competitive blogosphere the last thing you want is to have a dull blog. Even interesting blogs sink into the noise of the overwhelming number of blogs that are online.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs that are started every day. The competition is getting tougher by the minute.

You are in an era where you have to fight to get your readers’ attention. And no, you … [Read more...]

Consistent Blogging: How to blog regularly?


I have been blogging since 2010 and my family members are very much aware of my mindset. Whenever I do the household chores with more interest like trying out new recipes in the kitchen, they understand that I’ve updated my blog with a good post. Likewise, if I go mad or get frustrated over petty things, they easily realize that I haven’t published a post for a long time. You might be taken aback by this revelation and may also wonder with this happening but it is the truth!

Okay, let’s get into the topic!

What is the need of every blogger? Making Money? Skill improvement?  But these are secondary desires of the passionate bloggers. If you’re a devoted blogger, I hope that you’ve guessed the exact answer!

Yes, it’s nothing but the “Traffic”.
  • What is the key to get traffic?
  • How to decrease the Alexa rank?
  • What is the best tactic to make … [Read more...]

201 Motivational quotes for personal and business success


Motivation is something that fuels our progress. And, that fuel has to be topped up quite often so you don't run out of it and come to a halt at one point.

Every New Year, we find our motivation to be quite high (which is why there are so many New Year resolutions). And what happens a week after; or a month after New Year?

The motivation drains and the resolutions are forgotten.

Similarly when we start something fresh - say a new project, or a new e-book, or a new blog, the motivation is pumped up.

But half way through the motivation dies - so does the project.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If you keep your motivation topped up, you can easily work on your projects with a solid level of enthusiasm from start to finish!

I often remind myself "why" am I doing something in order to … [Read more...]

How to stay focused on your blogging goals?


It is heartbreaking isn’t?

You always seem to have clear, precise goals.

But you are only able to go so far; you then go off track. You lose motivation.

You don’t finish what you started. You don’t end up achieving your goals.

You wonder how your fellow bloggers are able to launch product after product while actively networking in the blogosphere and consistently publishing at their own blog.

You wonder why you are not able to anything similar - heck, even consistently publishing content on your blog is a challenging thing for you.

When you look at all the un-achieved blogging goals and unfinished … [Read more...]

How To Really Stand Out Using This Magical Ingredient


Everyone wants to stand out, they want their blogs to be read and they definitely want to make a difference.

They want to be well known among their peers and hopefully make an impact in their niche.

How are you supposed to do this though when there are literally thousands if not millions of blogs competing for the same thing!

It’s safe to say that there is a lot of content out there giving you advice on how to achieve this but I bet you won’t find one on what I’m about to share.

Standing Out With Your Content 

Jane wrote about this topic in March of 2014 but her focus was mostly on the writing aspect … [Read more...]

15 Good Habits (and attributes) that will transform your blog this year


A New Year is a new start; whether you see it that way or not. You unfold something new. You have a block of something fresh ahead of you!

Entering a New Year is like starting something fresh. Usually the enthusiasm is pumped up. All motivated. All is well. Until the end of January; or perhaps until the end of the second week of January.

And then every day is just like any other day, as it used to be a couple of weeks before.

Many people let years slip through their fingers without taking the days seriously. While every New Year is like a fresh diary given to us, it also indirectly reminds us that we have used up another year in our lifetime and have gone to the next.

It is said that we should live our life as if today is the last day. It is true. What if all you have is this year? What if all you have is just today?

I’m not scaring you here - but we have to … [Read more...]

11 Voraciously dirty (but not filthy) tricks to attract customers for your Freelance Services


You are an awesome freelancer who knows your stuff and do your job way beyond ‘the best’; but you don't know how to attract customers! You are a great Web Designer who excels in designing responsive websites, or an excellent Freelance Writer who can knock down anybody with killer headlines.

Are you getting what you deserve or are you struggling to get clients for your self-made business?

After being all that you are, do you still think you are going wrong somewhere?

In today’s world of online marketing and social media reputation, it takes more than just providing good services. Freelancing is a small business in itself where you are the CEO, CTO, CFO, along with being an intern and an office boy.

Top 20 Blogging Mistakes That Keep Visitors Off Their Site


So it's true, isn't it?

For your blog to stand a chance to grow and succeed, you must have a reliable method of attracting steady visitors to your site.

So right from day one, you work hard to implement tactics like content marketing, SEO and social marketing.

But the truth is that attracting visitors to your site is just a piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is to keep them and convert them into consistent readers.

And this is where many bloggers have problems.

They are completely obsessed with getting more … [Read more...]

7 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online; or that’s what you have been told. If you are a beginner trying to get to know what it is, then it is quite common that you would have heard this advice - affiliate marketing is easy.

I agree that affiliate marketing is much easier than other money making methods like for instance, creating your own product. Many bloggers hesitate creating their own products because it takes time, effort, discipline and some commitment to get it done. On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, one can simply start making money because the product is already made!

And, not just that - most of the heavy lifting is already done by the product owner. Be it … [Read more...]