Is Blogging A Viable Way To Make Money Online?

Make Money Online

“Make money blogging” is a wonderful, helpful, one of the most popular and one of the most spammy keywords in the online world.

If you are doing something online (not necessarily an online business, or blogging) you’d know what I mean.

“Make money blogging” is literally all over the blogosphere.

It used to be a very useful keyword. There were many blogs/websites talking no fluff stuff on the topic. But now there are two problems:

1. The make money blogging spam.

2. Things have changed.

The “make money blogging” spam

A few years back, making money online was a glossy thing, but not many knew about it. There were only a handful people who were testing the waters. They tried different things (and those things were quite new at that time). Some worked; some didn’t. But when something worked, it was a great news.

As time passed by, more and more people came to know that making money online is possible. When they knew about it, they wanted to jump in and join the venture.

But as I said earlier, all this was quite knew and strange. There were not many technological advancements, gadgets etc. back those days and people who wanted to know about making money online, looked at the faces of those who were already making some decent income.

And those handful of successful people who were making money online came forward with useful products and/or courses that taught people to make money online. Those courses were genuine, had the ins and outs of the topic and were useful. They had tried and tested methods.

A few of those successful online business people also started blogs to share their experiences, strategies etc. The internet marketing and blogging tips blogs were born and were helpful to everyone who wanted to make money online.

Those bloggers later realized that there are so many people who want to make money blogging, so their blog on blogging tips could very well be monetized as well.

Things have changed

Now, as we all know, “make money online” or “make money blogging” is a very spammy keyword. Most article directories and some product portals reject our content or product if it is related to “making money online” – the peak of it.

The main reason behind this is so many people wanted to make money blogging and when they are in the process of learning their lessons, they start their own blogs about blogging.

Unlike in the good old days where experienced bloggers shared their blogging strategies, these days everyone who wants to become a blogger (to make money) and are learning their lessons already start to teach other people how to make money blogging…. thus making this topic a joke *sigh*.

Is blogging a viable solution to make money online?

Now, things are not the same as they were a few years ago. This internet marketing / blogging niche has become so competitive because every Tom and Dick is now a blogger who teaches other people how to blog and make money online.

There is no offense on bloggers who are in this niche. Heck, I am one of them. But the point is this: If you really want to make money online, there is one thing you need to understand. Things have changed.

If you want to adapt the old school methods, crank out a product, launch a blog that teaches about blogging and dream of sitting at the beach sipping your margaritas, you will be disappointed.

Making money blogging takes some serious kick-butt work; yes even in the old days those bloggers worked hard; but these days there is so much more needed than that. Remember

(i) you’ve got a tougher competition that learns faster than you, tries out different things and implements newer strategies;

(ii) you’ve got smarter people who simply don’t get fooled by the flashy banners and pop ups that call out them to buy your ebook which will have a whooping price rise in 24 hours;

(iii) you’ve got smarter search engines that catch you and penalize you if you build 1000 links to your newly published product review and make it rank #1 in the SERPs;

(iv) you’ve got more saturated niches where there is a product or a blog on almost every topic in the niche;

Wait – I am not telling you this to discourage you from making money through blogging. But I want to WARN you.

So YES blogging is a viable way to make money online only if

(i) you understand that things have changed,

(ii) you are ready to put in some kick-butt hard work,

(iii) you are ready to learn and implement newer strategies (I mean, you are open to learning),

(iv) you’ve not mistaken blogging to be a “get-rich-quick” scheme, and

(v) you’ve understood your purpose of blogging and have a clear goal.

Introducing “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?”

Can I really make money blogging?

Are you still with me? Great! I have created a special report just for you. The report is “special” because:

(i) I have made it intentionally short – not to overwhelm you with 100s of ways. There is no fluff. The report is skinny and to the point.

(ii) I have made it affordable to all bloggers. After all, if you are going to get this report I’m sure you want to make money online and haven’t been successful with it yet. So you don’t have a huge wallet.

(iii) I have picked up a highly spammy and competitive topic to create this report; I’ve taken a risk. I don’t want to get immersed in the sea of other spammy reports on this topic. So I have taken enough precautions to see if the report is really really useful!

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  1. VivekVivek says

    See I don’t think that linkbuilding is important to rank any page on serps. My personal homepage PR is 1 with 831 plus dofollow links. And one of my post on onpage seo factors has PR 4 with just one ” nofollow ” backlinks from bookmarking site.

    But that post is of more than 2000 words and rank on the first page.

    So it proves ( for me personally ) link-building is not effective now a days, today the most important factor is building unique, informative and quality contents and then the traffic is the second thing to have..

    • S. GarlandS. Garland says

      I would have to agree and disagree. Backlinks are still critical for most people. You have a high pagerank because you have lots of traffic and very good quality content. If the content is below some mystical threshhold that only big G knows what is, then backlinks become so much more important. If not one, then the other becomes more important.

  2. SamuelSamuel says

    It has become a very competitive niche, but don’t worry about that since so many are just not as committed like you, if you are really committed to success.

    You really need to create really engaging content, otherwise you will drown with the masses.

    That is why videos and other forms of content is starting to take a rise in this niche.

    Packed full of information. Thanks Jane!

  3. Aditi says

    Hi Jane,
    Well I think it all depends. Although yes, this keyword “make money online” has turned out to be spammy, yet it depends totally. All you can do is to out-show it in a different way by writing it differently. Blogging can be a source of relaxation for some while it is a medium of earning online for some. So, it all depends on the bloggers how they are going to use it. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says

    Thank you very much, Ms.

    I’m certain this report would be effective and it’s readers could get something worth out of it. Though, I couldn’t get it because I even don’t have the money to pay my web host. Hopefully, I’ll get my hands over it sooner than later when I will be able to afford it. Thanks.

    Shared it on Facebook. :)

  5. Kamran says

    Very useful post not just for newbies but for the medium Pro Bloggers who are on the way to be Pro. One thing i want to mention. every blogger can be successful who do more experiments and thus more experience

  6. Medha says

    Great post Jane. I am a newbie blogger who has just 6 months old baby blog with PR 2 which has already started making money to add up to my income. I am a freelance writer and that is where I earn my primary income. As you have mentioned in your post I have already started teaching (!) what I am learning about blogging. I just want to help my counterparts who are newbies and that is the reason why “about blogging” is one of the categories on my blog.

    And that is no joke, really!

  7. RamsayRamsay says

    Jane, after going through you thoughts, I agree that all those old methods are gone. In my view, Video Blogging is the best way one should focus in the present scenario. I dont bother about SEO but like to connect with others especially the ones who write useful content. As a blogger I feel happy whenever I publish useful stuff, to do that I started BlogDigit. Wish me Luck :)


    I really agree with that term about”make money Blogging spam” because there are hundrends of people who are joining this line and this competition is getting more complicated.

  9. Rahul KuntalaRahul Kuntala says

    Blogging is just a medium to make money online. You can’t make a living through it just by being a blogger, you HAVE to learn and preach IM skills. You must know how the entire process works online.

    Thanks, I feel better for that :)

  10. Maddie says

    Great article Jane and totally agree that blogging is the future. It’s great for your customers to see the real you and also to interact with you.

  11. NavneetNavneet says

    Well you are right Jane about the niche. I think every day around 1000 visitors get introduced to blogging and when they learn that , at the same they launch their own blog with the same niche. When i started to get into blogging i read many bloggers blog of same niche namely yours, problogger, and many . But what newbies interpret is wrong as the niche is already very competitive , if you will enter then you will be disappointed .

    • Jane Sheeba says

      To most bloggers or newbies who want to start a blog, blogging/internet marketing is the easiest niche they can start with. Since they are reading and researching about blogging they get to know something on the topic and hence they want to start a blog rightaway on the same topic.

  12. bheembheem says

    Hi Sheeba, can you mention plugins to analyse each post in terms of SERP on word press blog. Is there plugin to guide regarding usage of high cpc keyords for each post.. Just curious to know if any..

  13. Atish says

    Making money from blogging is not so tough but if you start blogging with a mindset to make money then you might fail in making good bucks. On the other hand if you start a blog and do hard work on that as your hobby. then you can see great progress in near future.
    Atish recently posted..3 Free Recovery SoftwaresMy Profile

  14. vickyvicky says

    Yeah it has sort of become a mindset nowadays to become rich quick by blogging online. But you do have to realise how much patience and hard work is required before a blog can earn decent money. Its all about being genuine and putting your best foot forward. Thanks Jane for sharing your thoughts.

  15. David Leonhardt says

    Yes, you can make money blogging. But we need to be realistic. Most people will make very, little. That’s fine; blogging is a great hobby. And a hobby that earns a little income is better than a hobby that costs a lot. Some bloggers will make enough to call it a full-time income. Not many, but some. And a very, very few will hit the motherlode. So be it. All is good, as long as expectations are real.

    • BrianBrian says

      It’s definitely true that many people will make a small amount of money blogging while a relative few bloggers will achieve great success (i.e. a full time income). It’s simple economics; we can’t all be winners at the top.

      But, by setting realistic goals and working hard, you can make a significant income. I’d say that most people, with hard work, can publish a blog that will make a few hundred dollars a month. It’s certainly not a full time income, but I don’t know anyone who would look the other way at a few hundred bucks a month. And if you’re writing about something you actually care about at the same time…?

      The hardest part is making that leap from moderate success to real success (making $1,000+ per month) and then maintaining that success for the long term.

  16. FatimaFatima says

    I completely agree with you Jane. Blogging is nothing like what it used to be few years back. There is more competition to face and it’s much harder to penetrate even a niche. I look foreard to finding some guaranteed tips in the book;) Thanks for the share.

  17. aaynaaayna says

    Hi Jane,
    Very relevant share!!! Many consider blogging as an easy money making trick, but through this post you have shown the other side of the coin. Blogging itself has revolutionized to a great extent, that making money via blogging has turned out to be a baffling experience for many. All depends upon the honesty and dedication of the blogger. It is the manner in which he portrays his thoughts, which makes the blog a blog. Thanks.

  18. manojmanoj says

    There is no doubt that blogging can earn u money,,and if done properly can replace ur day to day job specially if you live in india due to the dollar-rupee gap..But like everything else some dedicated effort and passion is required

  19. jenifferjeniffer says

    I love to read your post.Blogging is the best way to earning the money. Marketing is the best way to increasing traffic your site and in this way we can easily earn the money with help of your blog .
    Thanks for the helpful sharing.

  20. LaurenLauren says

    Hi Jane
    This is wonderful article ! I’m completely agree with this “Things have changed” many thing go to change with the time & it happens that lot of thing changed.

  21. KevinKevin says

    Very useful article, enjoyed reading it. I write blog just to share things and my knowledge, I never write it for money. I know someday its gonna give me faith and then money.

  22. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Great post, Jane, as always! That’s right that you try to warn your readers about potential problems that can appear. I ‘m sure that all your readers will take it into account and will pay attention on the report you offer

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Popular Bummers about Facebook Timeline Introduction: Are They True for Brand Pages?

  23. Salman AhmadSalman Ahmad says

    I am currently in the process of having a large scale .org put into the works.
    The money earned from the .org will go back into the company not into my pocket, my .org will not be my source of income.
    However, I am looking for ways to make money quickly. I will offer merchandise, reviews on products, food for thought, and I will offer a posting area for all of the followers of website. I look forward to becoming a successful entrepreneur and organizational leader!

  24. bheembheem says

    Jane, it seems making money blogging is tough in some niches, but there are some niches which can be explored for their money making potential. I am so confident as the internet usage is rising among the population for information.Thanks

  25. UphyUphy says

    Hi Jane, Every body love making money with blog but we still have to maintain the quality of the blog content. I prefer PPC because it is easy to apply. Thank You for your nice share

  26. KellyKelly says

    This is an interesting share, Jane. Your report can help out many. One should be clear about hat one wants and how he wish to attain it. Thanks for the share.

  27. Jason Mathes says

    Jane, loved the article and the report! You talk about real workable results that make sense! I know I plan on using some ideas for my own blog (when I decide to make the time!)

    I think what bloggers fail to realize is that this is a long term goal and not a way to earn a quick buck. If you have set goals and a good business plan to get you started? You’ll be on track to being successful!
    Jason Mathes recently posted..Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba – An eBook ReviewMy Profile

  28. JoyJoy says

    Thank you for the tips! Not a lot of people would be willing share knowledge like this. After all it’s every man for himself. But I’m glad there are people like you who’d like to help us newbies! Great job!

  29. CesarF says

    There are much more bloggers nowadays. And there are also much more other medium to deliver contents instead of blogs. This make “making money blogging” much harder, there are a lot of places people can go instead of your blog. So I believe the only way to make real money with blogging is providing quality and valuable contents for visitors. Also optimizing your blog to improve user experience will help as it will make visitors more liking your blog which will make them to return. This way you can get good readers which will provide you the opportunity to increase your income from blogs.
    CesarF recently posted..Apple Promises Creating More Mac Manufacturing Jobs in United StatesMy Profile

  30. OlgaOlga says

    Hello Jane. I am your frequent guest and I simply love your blog and posts. There is always so much useful information in them. It’s no different this time. I also noticed that the keyword make money blogging or make money online is the most spammy word. I once really wanted to find some useful information on the topic in various sources but most of what I found were colorful useless and worthless sites selling some “wonder” products. What I did was run away from them. That’s why I think that only by being genuine and ready to work hard (basically everything you say) we can be successful in blogging and really make money from it. Thanks and all the best!

  31. VeronicaVeronica says

    I couldn’t agree more, Jane! I believe that the competition is getting more serious, most especially when earning money is concerned. I will keep all these informative thoughts in mind. Thanks, Jane! What a nice blog.

  32. SandraSandra says

    I think blogging is indeed a viable way to earn money. I guess we just have to be extra careful and competitive as well. Thanks for some confirmations and reminders. This helps a lot. Thanks you, Jane!

  33. DonnaDonna says

    Great tips Jane! Yes, it is still possible to make money from blogging. BUT it is more difficult now to make money through this business than it was just a year ago. Google has changed its algorithms, and this time it changed it big time. Content is KING! It was then and it is even more true now. But I still believe that quality backlinks are needed to get your website ranked. No matter how great your content is, if it is nowhere to found…. then no visitors will get there.

  34. AshleyAshley says

    Nice to see you spending your time and knowledge to really help out the blogging community. I have seen what you are saying about every Tom and Dick is starting to tell us the way to make money online. You really have to sift through the trash to find the truth out there, so thanks for all of your great advice.

  35. Fardeen says

    Blogging is in fact a very good source to make money online compared to other methods. There are many professional bloggers who even leave their jobs and manage make their living thro’ blogging. Hope, everyone makes maximum use of this.

  36. RosaliaRosalia says

    Hey Jane, I really liked the part when you discussed do and don’ts of a make money online, and especially the part about how to make money at home. Really helped me improve my make money bloging! ? You think you could make a post about seo linking? I would have loved that!

  37. JuliaJulia says

    The most important point that make me realize is this:
    i) you understand that things have changed,
    (ii) you are ready to put in some kick-butt hard work,
    (iii) you are ready to learn and implement newer strategies (I mean, you are open to learning),
    (iv) you’ve not mistaken blogging to be a “get-rich-quick” scheme, and
    (v) you’ve understood your purpose of blogging and have a clear goal.

    Thank you so much Jane for this article, it is really remind me to note what to do and what shouldn’t do.
    But the most important point is, YES it is VIABLE :)

  38. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Blogging can really bring us more money. But I admit with your point. Today, blogging isn’t as easy as it was earlier, before. Things have really changed. There are thousands of blogs in every niche and it is still becoming more competitive.

  39. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    The answer is absolutely YES. you can make money blogging even huge amount of money if you know what it takes to. but don’t just focus on the money alone instead focus more on helping your readers with quality and unique contents and the result of your hard work will bring the money to you. thanks for sharing the post

  40. Raja Tahir QaiserRaja Tahir Qaiser says

    You are right Jane. Nowadays all what people want to blog about is making money online. On the other hand I can not fault them. There is recession outside there and people are`looking for a way of living.

    Read more: Is Blogging A Viable Way To Make Money Online?

  41. JohnJohn says

    Blogging can make money but you cannot rely on it completely. But yes if you get involve in other activities like affiliate marketing, content writing etc then you can make good money for sure.

  42. Ravi budhwarRavi budhwar says

    Yes you can make money through blogging but it is not easy at all and you need patience for it because most of the new bloggers try to make money from the first day.

  43. BogdanBogdan says

    I do agree with you but only partially. Yes, times have changed. It was easier to sell “make money blogging and make money online” e-books, or just blog about and sell products.
    But, I’ve been there when all this took place and most of the gurus selling e-books or even the bloggers blogging about were fakes.
    I guess you are familiar with webmasterworld dot com, a forum for webmasters.
    It was enough to read those forums for a month or two, have a good command of English language, some writer skills and excellent marketing skills to come up with a
    “make money online” award winning eBook, and make a fortune from selling it on Clickbank, or other similar places.
    Therichjerk is a classic example. The only money he made online was from selling his mediocre collection of tips, gathered from forums.
    The sad part is that even now, renowned bloggers are doing precisely the same: replicate, duplicate add some honesty flavor and press publish.
    Just curios, how many of the “make money online and make money blogging” bloggers out there, had actually tested their hundreds of “secret” methods.

  44. Shan says

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already Cheers!

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