Comments Policy

Comments and discussions are necessary to make a blog live. Of course, I do not want to talk alone, I would like everyone to participate and share their views. I want everyone to register their voices here at Problogging Success and actively participate in sharing their views on topics, agreeing or disagreeing with me. But for the benefit of the readers of Problogging Success and the blog itself, I want to implement a comments policy which reads as follows:

  1. Spam comments are simply marked as spam and trashed. Comments are under serious moderation so they can never make it.
  2. Comments that include links to porn/violent websites will be trashed. If the comment is of good value but if the links are so, then the link will be deleted and the comment will be published.
  3. Comments in profane language and which include personal attacks will be trashed.
  4. You are welcome to add your website’s link in the designated URL box just below your name and e-mail address and your name will automatically be hyperlinked. There is no need to leave your website’s link in the comment, unless extremely necessary.
  5. Multiple (duplicate) comments are also treated as spam.
  6. I will edit your comments under cases where there are spelling errors, removing unnecessary links, grammar errors, and any other ambiguities. If you are not happy with the editing you can submit a request/appeal via the contact form.
  7. I will un-link any invalid or broken links.

Well, let’s stay cool! I respect your freedom of speech. You have all rights to express your views but do it politely.