Top 8 Affordable Extensions For Google Chrome That Help Bloggers

Google Chrome

Undoubtedly, Google chrome is the best web browser among all available browsers in the web. You can know this after a few minutes as you begin using it. It has to its credit a number of SEO extensions.

Besides this, it looks chic and beautiful as the design of the chrome and combination of colors is awesome. Within a very short time, this browser has captured a major part of the market.

Among its several extensions, the best eight that can give a blogger a great helping hand are shared below. Those are the ones, which can be enormously helpful, while you search for the right kind of image, video, industry-related or local information – and, oh even keep track of your productivity.

1. Firebug

Firebug considerably helps you to search for tags and tweaks, which can help you to develop your rankings. It can give you very good help in toolbar integration.

For a certain domain, you can easily set off Firebug. It gets loaded much before all other scripts and has the advantage of capturing all calls from the console and demands from XHR for that particular page.

Acting much faster, it stores all codes and images in its extension’s directory of your computer.

2. Google Reader

Google Reader works fantastic, when you need too much of information for SEO. To remain active and efficient in the over competitive SEO business, you really need this sort of extension.

By exposing the unread count, it gives you the privilege of clicking on its icon. Then it shows you a preview of your reading list through a pop-up.

3. Screen capture

Screen Capture is another extension that allows you to get content of a tab, a part of a web-page or you can get the entire page as a PNG image. This is the extension tool that gives you the advantage to highlight a particular part of a page or the whole page as well.

Normally, you get this function by CONTROL-ALT+PRTSCN. Google gives you this feature to assist you to select, interpret and highlight a particular page or the whole page of web in order to get the thing emailed to a person, who is unable to find the malfunctioning link and it may be due to the wrongly spelled keyword.

It may act like warning the person about his mistake in not getting something done. Another beauty of this extension is you can edit this before saving it in your store as a PNG image. It acts very fast in capturing the image of the page.

It can support horizontal scroll of pages for effective showing in one page.

4. Stay focused

Stay Focused is a tool that gives you the freedom to work on something, while browsing through other applications and sites of the web. As a matter of fact, there are so many exciting websites like Facebook and Twitter, which have a magnetic hold on you, causing distractions in your real work.

So this extension always keeps you aware of the productive things that you need to do without getting merged in the unnecessary things in the web frequently.

5. Note AnyWhere

Note Anywhere simply proves the worthiness of Google chrome. Although, this is concerned with the basic and simple work, with the help of this, you can leave a note on any webpage or site and then come back after a few days.

There is nothing to worry. It will be there as it is.

 6. SEO Quake

This extension helps bloggers to work across multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is a very detailed extension and displays your PageRank, Alexarank, any nofollow links, keyword density analysis, and web archive age.

The extension is useful for your searches on the web and lets you to sort the results basing on what you are looking for at any given moment. The only limitation of this extension is that it does not give social media sharing statistics for your posts.

7. SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP is an excellent SEO extension available for Google Chrome which allows checking the position of a blogger on a specific keyword. The utility of this extension makes this extension makes it one of the most commonly used Google Chrome extensions.

The beauty of this extension is that apart from your own position; the position of your competitors for a key word can also be checked using this extension.

8. Chrome SEO Plus

Chrome SEO Plus is good extension which simplifies the tracking of SEO statistics. It was designed to enhance the online experience of search engine optimizers by enhancing SEM tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Analytics which are used routinely.

This extension is mostly useful for bloggers to track the movement of their Google PageRank and the number of backlinks to their websites. It is a very user friendly extension and can be learned quickly.

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  1. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Agree Chrome is the best browser, and listed are very cool extensions. To add,, RSS Feed Reader, buffer app extension. Can be good for a blogger.

  2. Vishnu AniyanVishnu Aniyan says

    Thanks DianaMaria for the article ,
    By the way as we are toking about Chrome – I find the developer tools in chrome actually better than firebug these days.
    I think Google reader layout very boring so i am using Feedly App on Chrome for managing my Google reader , Because Feedly wraps your Google Reader feeds in a neat, feature-rich package. It syncs with your Reader account seamlessly, is much easier on the eyes than the bare-bones Google Reader app, and plays nicely with a whole lot more third-party services.

  3. Satish PatelSatish Patel says

    Great list…Firebug and SEO Quake top the list. I would like to add url shortner extension to the list. Its really awesome.

  4. WadeWade says

    I have most of these but I don’t have Stay Focused. I will have to try that out as I’m continually on Facebook & Twitter! I also like Website Worth, it’s pretty cool.

  5. Salman AhmadSalman Ahmad says

    Great Post Diana.
    Blogger should really have these extension to check their blog stats on the go !
    Screen capture is also a great extension but I preffer the built en tool in windows 7 and 8 !

  6. CesarF says

    I have been using Firebug as I am a web developer and screen capture as I can easily make screenshots but I have never used the others you mentioned before. I think I am going to try the SEO extensions you mentioned as I am also doing a lot of SEO and never used any Chrome extensions but the ones you mentioned sounds really useful.

    And for the stay focused plugin, I am not sure if it’s going work if I use it but maybe I’ll just try. Thanks anyway!

  7. Ashok Royal says

    hi Diana,
    Wonderful shared great plugin that really useful for blogger. I am using google reader and capture extension. I hope other extension are also great and helpful. I will try them.
    thanks for sharing great informative post with us…. :)

  8. Sai Kumar says

    Hi, totally agreed with you Google Chrome is the best and the fastest web browser among all available browsers in the web. Great list of Google Chrome Extensions. I have not used some of the extensions which is listed above and will surely give out a try. Thanks for Sharing this great list of Google Chrome Extensions.

  9. SamuelSamuel says

    Google Chrome is what I use and am sure many others are doing the same.

    Google reader is one of the best extensions to have if you are looking to receive good traffic through commenting.


  10. babanature says

    Nice post Diana,
    i also love the seo quake and the google reader. i love the seo quake because it has all the ranking, page rank and backlinks pile up in one place. thanks

  11. Rusty Johannsberg says

    Before, I am only using firefox for link building task as it has many features and add-ons that are compatible on it. But as time passes by, I also discover that chrome is much more powerful than firefox. It loads more faster and I can also install add-ons/plug-ins on it. I love seoquake and foxyproxy plug-ins as those tools help me a lot on my job.

  12. AjayAjay says

    I recently added Chrome as another browser to ascertain what all the fuss was concerning. Initially I used it meagerly, but I’ve been slowly changing over as a result of Chrome has some extremely cool options not obtainable in alternative browsers and it looks to load quicker. I exploit a number of of the extensions that you simply listed and that i will certainly check up on a number of the others. Thanks for the list!

  13. hira khanhira khan says

    Hello JANE – Ad block, Smooth scroll, gmail checker, you tube video unblocker, stay-focused, are best extensions for me.

  14. sheshnathsheshnath says

    Agree with you DianaMaria, chrome is the best browser because of such an amazing collection of extensions, the list you mentioned here I am using almost all of them they are really very helpful :).

  15. NaserNaser says

    You have listed almost all the necessary extensions for a blogger but I think Page Rank and Alexa Rank checker tool and Nofollow checker also deserve a place here. :)

  16. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Great list! I already use Stay Focused, SEO Quake extensions. I think, I should also give a try to the other plugins.

    First, when I saw this title, for a second I thought- does Chrome have premium extensions?? I took the word “affordable” in the other way, it seems 😛

  17. SanjuSanju says

    Nice article DianaMaria. A lot of new things to learn for me in this article. I think, i need to add a lot of extensions in my chrome.

  18. Carl says

    I have used few of this add-ons, but recently try to keep number of add-ons a bit lower as Chrome started getting too heavy and often crashing.

  19. Jeff SmitthJeff Smitth says

    I am not new users of Google Chrome. I am using it from last 3 years. When I started my profession. I tried to use Firbug that is Google tool for developers but it is not effective on Google charom. This is only tool that will not work on my PC. May be it is my fault but other tools like SEO Quak, Secreen Capturing, Note, and few others are Good fit and useful tools

  20. Akram Ali says

    i am a big fan of Chrome since it started and now a days i am using SEO QUAKE, Firebug from your list. SEO quake is best ever seo extension i have found so far.

  21. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    I always use Google Reader, because it helps me to find out immediately about all novelties, about all new and interesting posts, and to follow all the tendencies

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. How to Target Your Clients Using Facebook and Promoting Your Products Effectively

  22. Rojish says

    Great list. I would like to add some more good extensions which I use regularly. Feedly is an awesome RSS reader extension which gives a beautiful interface. BufferApp, Ginger spell checker, Pocket and LastPass are some other useful extensions for bloggers.

  23. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    Chrome really is in a class by itself. I realyl don’t understand why people use others. Even firefox cannot keep up with its functionality and speed. Note Anywhere is GREAT, being able to make a note of something anywhere online for future reference is SUCH a useful tool. With how forgetful and distracted we have all become, having the ability to make a note on anything you find online is a great way to keep it in mind and return to it later.

  24. RaviRavi says

    Thank you very much for the great list. I am also a Google Chrome user. But can you please tell me any particular extension by which i can differentiate between dofollow and nofollow backlinks on a page?

  25. James Smith says

    It’s a great article for me because for which I am looking – was found me that stuff here. I like to use Google chrome and was in a search of such SEO extensions.

    Finally, going to add them.

  26. MattMatt says

    Hey DianaMaria !
    very nice insights and great list indeed. i really did not know about some of the extensions. specially chrome SEO plus, i really liked it.

  27. shasha says

    Nice list, SEO quake is very useful for bloggers. I would also suggest Mozbar extension which helps to determine page authority and domain authority.

  28. AaynaAayna says

    Google Chrome is just awesome. I have been using it for a long time. The extensions have added a captivating charm to the Chrome. You have provided here a great check list of the extensions. My favorite is SEO Quake. Thanks for the share.

  29. Robert Weller says

    Hey Diana, I use Google Reader, too – love it! But why would I want to use FireBug? Chrome has its own developer tools… are the differences so significant or is it just some special usage of yours that you recommend it? I can’t see any great features missing for my purposes in Google’s tool.

    I’ll check out your SEO tools, haven’t heard of half of them, thanks for the hin :-)

  30. AshleyAshley says

    Nice post. I always use Google Chrome, but do not run many extensions on it. Always looking for more ways to make my browser even more productive. One tool I have found useful is the Google Translate extension for Chrome. Sure comes in handy some times.

  31. FatimaFatima says

    Chrome works like a miracle for me, I have recently started using it and am getting hooked the more I use it. Thank you for sharing the extensions

  32. Jules says

    Great article!

    Thanks for sharing the good information Diana Maria. This is really a great help I never try these tools before. I want to try this new ideas on my own site.

    Thanks for the post!

  33. BogdanBogdan says

    Great list Diana. One mention though. Seomoz bar should be within this list, as it shows domain and page authority, and also let’s you check the backlinks of a certain site, in a manner that Google is not capable of.

  34. GurwinderGurwinder says

    Mozbar can be another addition to this list. BTW thanks for sharing this awesome list, i will try to use those extensions that i am not using now and i hope that they would prove to be useful for me.

  35. LeeLee says

    Hi Diane
    I am not using any of these so must be the oldest dinosaur left alive. I have saved this post and after work today this will have to change I have just been using google webmaster and that is it.

    So thanks great heads up lee

  36. sakshisakshi says

    recently i used to use only seoquake extension because i knew only about it from any blog like this. but thanks to this blog as i knew about other great interesting extension. now i am going to use these.

  37. Brian says

    Hello !
    Great list. Very interesting insights. I really liked this post.
    From this nice list “Chrome SEO Plus” is my favorite one.
    It really works for me.

  38. NikunjNikunj says

    Thanks a lot DianaMaria. I was using firefox from last two years but your 1000 word article changed my thinking ,two years of trust on MOzilla Firefox to Chrome I think chrome is simply AMAZING but Dianamaria makes me understand the same

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