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RSS to Email Tool is useful to prepare email newsletter very quickly. Even though, you don’t want to send only RSS notifications to your list subscribers, but also send valuable quality content to them, this tool is still useful.

It is handy for busy bloggers and website owners who have strict deadlines in delivery of newsletters. It offers unique advantage of preparation of newsletter automatically by pulling information from various web resources. RevResponse is a pay-per-lead advertising company that had introduced ‘RSS to Email Tool’ to fill this space.

What it can do for you?

RSS to Email Tool was launched a few months ago. The tool will publish RSS feeds. It can manage and monetize RSS feeds. Website owners and serious bloggers can successfully deploy this new tool. If you have serious plans to associate your content through emails and increase your subscriber base and advertise in a smart way, this is the right choice for you.

The advantage of choosing RevResponse is that you have the opportunity to select the best of the most relevant stuff which can be shared with your audience. Instead of CPC, you can opt for RSS to Email Tool because here you have complete control on the stuff that you can offer to your readers. On the other hand, you do not have control on the pages that your readers will land-in through CPC.

Sometimes, your visitors might be led to locations which are not relevant to your business. This may damage your reputation. By associating with RevResponse, you can deliver high quality eBooks, magazines and white papers.

When will you get paid?

RevResponse will pay you for every download that happens through your efforts. The content is supplied by various companies to RevResponse. As RevResponse gives extensive coverage (publicity), companies that have partnered with RevResponse will pay for the exposure created. Affiliate payouts are confirmed for every lead generated by you which pays $1.50 to $25.

RevResponse helps publishers to make money. This is a great opportunity for website owners, bloggers and communities as RevResponse is committed to help online publishers. It has helped more than 7500 publishers. It is a great opportunity for you to offer your readers free but quality stuff. In this process you will be rewarded by RevResponse for every new lead generated by you.

Who can use RSS to Email Tool?

This tool is ideal for technology, business and career related content creators. Websites and blogs involved in these areas with active user participation are ideal to subscribe this tool as they can gain more from the already created email lists. If you are planning to maintain a list for promotion then it is worthwhile to subscribe to the RSS to Email Tool.

How to setup ‘RSS to Email Tool’?

This tool converts RSS Feeds into free email newsletters. The process is made simple. You can check the following video for complete information:

  1. Select the feed
  2. Select the newsletter template
  3. Select color
  4. Add custom header
  5. Select type of ads, industry and country
  6. Pick specific resource that you would like to include in newsletter
  7. Select delivery schedule like weekly or monthly
  8. Send test email to see how it will be applied
  9. Now we have a newsletter setup
  10. You can select any wizard and start sending emails
  11. Check the code.
  12. 12. Copy and paste the code in the website at the top right hand corner.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is the way you can monetize through your efforts. You can gain more by delivering quality content to your audience. Feedburner cannot track signups in real-time. This drawback is overcome by being able to produce the signup reports in real-time, thus making this tool a good Feedburner alternative.

You will have the ability to club multiple feeds. This option will benefit readers to choose their choice of information. You can control emails and schedule them in an effortless manner. You have multiple ways to earn money. You can earn money from the ‘Thank you for Sign up’ pages and whenever a visitor downloads information.

Support & other resources

RevResponse offers excellent support facilities. You can contact for any issue or information and you will get reply within 48 hours. There is also possibility to go for live chat through which you can resolve your issues almost instantly. You can customize the email template and even custom templates are available for select partners.

While RevResponse tries level best to provide you the most relevant documents, eBooks and magazines, as a publisher you have complete freedom to choose resources that pertain to your niche. You can send feedback or suggestions to improve the service.

How much it will cost?

RSS to Email Tool is provided absolutely free. This can be a possible substitute to paid services like MailChimp and Aweber. You can turn it on within five minutes and discover new opportunities!

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a paid review which means I either get monetary or non monetary benefits to write this review. However that doesn’t change any fact in this review. This review is purely based on my personal opinion and is as unbiased as possible.

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  1. Asad UmraniAsad Umrani says


    RSS to Email Tool is useful to prepare email newsletter very quickly. Even though, you don’t want to send only RSS notifications to your list subscribers, but also send valuable quality content to them, this tool is still useful. It is handy for busy bloggers and website owners who have strict deadlines in delivery .

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  2. AmandaAmanda says

    Well, thank you so much for such a descriptive article! I think that we all should find out more about RSS Email Tools and try to use all the opportunities it gives

  3. EleonoraEOF says

    Hi, Jane!
    Wow, Rev Response seems like a promising tool and idea! I am amazed by the payment that can be reached for downloading, because of the companies that will pay for their exposure. Are you using it and writing all this from personal experience? I know it is a sponsored review, but I’d also like to hear for a personal touch to the story.
    Thanks for sharing!
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