6 Tips to Become a Classy Writer in This Blogosphere

6 Tips to Become a Classy Writer in This Blogosphere  Read more: 6 Tips to Become a Classy Writer in This Blogosphere

Wait! Are you bored with the similar kind of writing? Is your writing holding you back? Are you not able to cater new readers anymore?

Oho, you are getting so less tweets nowadays, isn’t it?

Now you have a chance to match up to the high standard required for the total blogging success.

It’s true that writing is the most crucial skill that can make you a successful blogger, but apart from that, you need to be a great marketer, and a fetch a good position in this blogosphere.

Text Is Still Dominant

Hey guys, Vlogs (video blogs) and podcasts are better ways to convey your message now, especially when you know that you are good at speaking. As for writing, you need to struggle a lot with your thoughts.

However, the text is not dead yet, and here is a chance to revamp it once more, how? Let’s see:

  • It takes 5 minutes to read a post, whereas you may take 15 long minutes to listen to an audio or view a video clip, as buffering takes a little time, depending on the speed of internet connection. Therefore, many people will prefer to read rather than listen.
  • You can download a text much faster than audio or video files. For people having slow connections or limited plans will be of benefit.
  • Writing is an easy way to make money online. As writing text blogs do not need any special equipment compared to audio or video setup, which costs a little.

Remember Readers Wants to Enjoy Your Posts

Well, often bloggers give a good start by sharing interesting information and reports on breaking news. However, if you want that your reader stick to your blog, you need to make your post enjoyable.

You do not need to pack jokes, literary terms, just write clearly so that readers do not struggle to get the essence of your writing.

Sharing 6 tips to turn you into a classy blogger, today, for a better blogging in the future…

Are you a professional writer? Or a new blogger? Whatever you might be, these tips will surely help you.

This will just take 10 minutes from your precious time wallet and make you experience the large traffic on your blog that you have missed since long days.

Tip 1: Be a Good Planner

classy writer

Before you begin, you need to plan the next post, improve their structure with a strong beginning, middle and end. If you plan and write then the creative ideas will be put in the right sequence, to make your post, appear classy.

Craft an attention seeking title, bold your subheading for better readability, and round off the post for effective call to action.

If you think that your post grabs the attention of more readers use of bolds, italics and stronger fonts  will make it give a professional yet catchy look.

Tip 2: Read Aloud Your Post Once

So, you finished writing your blog. Ok, read it aloud. Are you thinking, why? Well, to get hold of spelling mistakes, typos and clumsy sentences, do read your post aloud. This makes your post appear more appealing and maxim the attention of the readers.

Tip 3: Use the Second Person Pronoun

‘You’ If you begin the sentence with ‘I’, then it is seriously going to lower the popularity of your blog.

Sharing your own experience may appear boring to many readers, as the same incidence might not have happened with them.

Avoid posting your personal experience, try switching things around, so that your reader’s feels interested to read. Better change the formation from ‘I’ to ‘You’.

Tip 4: Eye-Catching Title

Yes, the title, most important part for the blog post, if it is weak or confusing, the post won’t appeal your reader. But if you make it more compelling, then everything can work perfectly. Just like the title of this post, 6 Tips to Become a Classy Writer in This Blogosphere, you can write titles like-

# 5 Smart Ways to Increase the Readability of Your Blog

# 7 Ways to Market Your Products through Blog Writing.

Tips or ideas, generally mentioned in bullets or number heads are easily adaptable to readers.

Tip 5: Mention a Call to Action

A call to action is something that tells the reader to do something. It is a somewhat inspiring attitude, which you can include in your blog post, so that readers agree to share their opinion.

It will be included at the end of the post. You can ask your readers to comment, to subscribe, or check out a new product or service.

Tip 6: Check out Others Blog

Better search some posts that is good and enjoyable, go through it nicely, figure out the way it has fascinated its reader. How the content is structured? What make the readers get into that blog? What is their general writing style? What type of fonts they are using? How they are crafting the titles and subtitles?

Now these tips are great and it works out if you put them correctly. Therefore, bloggers, fasten up, dab the keyboard and start typing what you love.

If you try these tips, you are sure to improve, whatever stage you start at, you can do it. Best of luck and start blogging with a new essence.It is your time to become the next classy writer in this blogosphere.

Olivia Nester, author of this article is an outreach expert and works in close association with renowned contact center services. She shares her knowledge on their telemarketing processes and how they are serving customers in the best way by outsourcing chat support to them in a prompt manner.

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  1. sarika deshmukhsarika deshmukh says

    Hello dear

    really what a great thought i think you are right video blogging is great way for blogger yes i am agree every blogger give a breaking new and sharing interesting information really thanks for the sharing me


    • saarajonesjonessaarajonesjones says

      I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the future too. Actually your creative writing skills has inspired me to get my own website going now. Actually blogging is spreading its wings and growing fast. Your write up is a great example.

      Thanks a good deal! I truly enjoyed reading this.Looking through these posts and the information you’ve provided I can appreciate that I still have a lot of things to learn. I will keep reading and keep re-visiting.

    • KahlilKahlil says

      Hello Jane.

      This is a very interesting and useful post for blogger.
      I really agree with the “eye catching title”. This is a crucial part for blogger. Because readers usually take a few seconds to decide whether to read the post or to leave it based on the title.

      Great piece of writing!

    • Sue NealSue Neal says

      Hi Jane – these are great tips and I agree with them all, but I also think Atish is right about your third point – while remaining, reader-focused, I think it’s important to inject a bit of your own personality into your writing.

      Provided you make your own views or experiences relevant to your reader and don’t turn your blog into an autobiography, this can work very well. For example, your readers may find it reassuring to read about mistakes you’ve made or problems you’ve overcome.

      I’m pleased you included reading out loud – I find this is a crucial part of the editing process – it often highlights passages that I’ve written clumsily. I think it helps to make your writing much more ‘readable’.

      Thanks very much – great advice,


  2. Ti Roberts says

    Great list of tips, Jane. I especially liked what you said about mentioning a call to action. That’s what a lot of marketers are missing in their content and they wonder why they’re not making any money. Remembering to add this one simple thing could dramatically increase your business production. Thanks for sharing this on Bizsugar.

    Ti Roberts recently posted..4 Hidden Traffic Tips to Spike Your Traffic StatsMy Profile

  3. Priya NPriya N says

    That are the excellent tips. I follow many of the things you explained & I will include other tips in my future writing. You are right that people prefer text content over videos due to many reasons.
    I try to get maximum information on my topics before I write & then plan its structure so that it will be easy for me to write & my readers to understand.

  4. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Hey Jane,
    What an amazing post, its obvious that writing can be a difficult task sometimes to most bloggers even myself, but what i know is that monopoly is the key here, with time, it will become a habit.

    This post will be a handy one to the bloggers that passes through this writing predicament at one point to the other.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a great weekend.

    BTW: I just downloaded the book and will go through it ASAP so i can publish my review.

  5. Philip A.Philip A. says

    Hi there,

    I really enjoyed reading your post, you offer some great advice here.

    I’m kinda new to blogging and from post to post I see that I’m improving in my writing and starting to develop a personal style of my own.

    Thank you for sharing these tips, all the best to you.


  6. SamuelSamuel says


    Writing can be a strong force online and will not be going anywhere fast!

    Videos do add even more value and can get a greater connection with your audience.

    I’d say to have both of them produced on your blog!

  7. NidhiNidhi says

    Some people create blog just to earn money. Yes, money is the most needed thing in life. We can also earn good money from blogging. However passion is also mandate to achieve something. If we will be passionate for our work, we can get anything.

  8. Matt says

    Hi Jane, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also believe that articles should be written in second person so others can find ways to relate to the article easily.

  9. Charls Shanta says

    hey jane, it really very attractive and helpful post for the new blogger. it also helpful for the new writer who wanted to write something for others. some days ago really i do not know how to write a blog. but i do lots of study in the online and now i am a professional writer.

  10. sofiyasofiya says

    Hello jane,
    A very good post indeed. When creating a blog, you will always have two things in mind which are “passion and money”. You can’t spend money creating a blog and not wanting some returns. Everybody needs money, who doesn’t?

  11. LaurenLauren says

    Wonderful article to learn about how to become a classy writer. I used to think that become a writer isn’t a easy work ! Any one can be a good & classy writer but When turn come to writer a blog than I feel that its not easy to write. This article really played a powerful role for me. I learn many basic & common thing via this article.

  12. David says

    I agree that text is not dead, and here is why. It may take 15 minutes to view a video and 5 to read a text. But even if it takes 5 minutes to view a video and 5 minutes to read the text, it will still take much longer to view 10 videos than to read 10 texts.


    Because there is no way I am going to read 10 texts. I will quickly skim ten texts and maybe stop to read one or maybe part of a second one. But the video can’t be skimmed. I have to view the whole thing, or at least a pretty big chunk, before realizing that I really don’t need this video. So if there is a video with almost no text, chances are that I will just back out right away and spend no time on the page at all.

    Sa-ay. Videos can take less time, after all.

  13. LindaLinda says

    Great writing tips you mention there. I think it is also very important to check for typos in your post, as I see many typos in some blogs.This just leaves a bad impression on the reader.

  14. hillmarthillmart says

    I had been dealing with writing and the writers lately. And i find the writing normal like what i want to say is that they aren’t crystal glow and classy. I think the writing should be so persuasive and so attention grabbing that while reading the article the person gets no second thoughts of leaving it unread. I think the tips ans tricks you have shared can make a writer classy and the writing awesome.. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful ideas.

  15. KristineKristine says

    Writing is such a leisurely task for anyone who bothers to plan and analyze. Thanks for sharing these practical tips, I will definitely be implementing them moving forward. Merry Christmas!

  16. CalraCalra says

    I agree with most of your points on this but the third point is debatable. I think people respond more to personal recommendations, personal insight, anything they know you can actually attest for. Readers would like a personal blog rather than reading a formal article.

  17. StaceyStacey says

    I love the part that gives tips about reading the post aloud because I do that and it works every single time. And thanks for the tips, I now understand the importance of making my title eye-catching and inviting. In this way, I can attract more readers just like how you attract yours. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. rambaburambabu says

    thanks Jacika for this informative tips to learn how we can get to more confident on classy writer. And i can also feel the same 3 point others are being noticed you for , anyway. Honestly i enjoyed the whole post !

  19. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    I can also share my experience with you. Several months ago I was also much bored with writing, I had no fresh ideas, and my writing seemed to be absolutely the same. And then I just decided to have a long break….And it really helped me greatly. Now I’m full of energy and ready for new beginnings)

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 25 Standout Drupal Templates by ThemeForest Authors

  20. rakesh kumarrakesh kumar says

    These are must read tips to become a better blog writer and to excel in this blogsphere. You are all the time awesome Jane. Love to read your writing. Thanks for posting such a useful contents.

  21. Heidi PasseyHeidi Passey says

    I’ve been trying to read a lot of blog posts about how to create good content. You’re blog has been helpful. I think I need to do a better call to action in my posts and also make it flow better by planning out my intro, middle and conclusion.

  22. AshleyAshley says

    Great post altogether. I had not really thought too much about the whole second person pronoun usage, seeing as blogging is suppose to be about yourself. Still, I can see that it could get boring seeing as when you are searching the web you are normally looking for something, not just a story. Great advice.

  23. Andy DomonkosAndy Domonkos says

    Wonderful article. You are right about first-person, it can alienate the reader and is generally frowned upon in editorial work. I would also like to add–as someone who has spent many years on improving his writing–that the best thing you can possibly do to improve your writing is read E.B White’s: The Elements of Style. Its a tiny book that has been around forever, and it will make your writing 100% better.

  24. Jemma TaylorJemma Taylor says

    I want to become a more accomplished writer and write something for the girl I really love. I have followed a lot of your tips but I just cant get my ideas out on paper. I have a few ideas but I find it really hard to express them on paper. I hope you can provide some guidance – thanks a lot!

  25. joyjoy says

    These tips are definitely handy! I’ll be able to give my blog a face lift without much effort. Thank you for sharing these details with us!

  26. Stacey says

    To each his own, as I always say. With the various styles of writing, we’d always come as we please. This is how we attract our readers, some opt for that classy snazz and all but some would prefer a more casual sense.

  27. PrakashPrakash says

    Hi Jane sixth point is main i think. Reading others blog makes you write like a good blogger. Others blog means a quality blog. Thanks for such a nice article.

  28. SandraSandra says

    Be original, and talk to your readers. We all want to be able to take part in your articles, that’s one thing I found out about learning how to write good quality articles.

  29. KellyKelly says

    I personally prefer deriving quotations from famous people. Those lines draw attention, because their phrases and the whole context of the quotes are very smart and catchy.

  30. FatimaFatima says

    Thanks for the great tips. Reading out aloud what you’ve written is always recommended in order to check what you have written really makes sense.

  31. Andrew Legion says

    Thank Jacika Posener for sharing this valuable and impressive blog post. Really this is one of the good source of Classy Writer In Blogsphere tutorial. Actually i never thought about using Eye-Catching title before for blogging purpose. When i interest to read blog, i just visit them and i think it would not only help for creative purpose but also help eliminate publishing. I guess i should start using them to organize everything and get appear more appealing and maxim the attention of the reader.
    Andrew Legion recently posted..Tally peacocking like a twatMy Profile

  32. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    Planning ahead of posts you want to write will really help you and do a lot of research to know more about what you want to write on is a good way in perfect writing. and also make sure you find time to outline what you are about to write to make the writing to be faster. thanks for sharing

  33. SudiptoSudipto says

    Hey Jane,
    Awesome post with great information. I really like the forth and sixth point as for a good post we really required a Eye-catching title and after reading others blog we easily learn how to write a good post. This post is really helpful for the newbies.Thanks for sharing this post.

  34. Alexis GagnonAlexis Gagnon says

    LEAD! This is the most important part in your article! You need to have a lead. It may be just a few words or a few sentence. The lead should contain maybe, one or two or all of these: Who, What, Why, Where, When and/or How. Readers will be more interested when they get to read your lead.

  35. Sarah JonesSarah Jones says

    I’m also a writer and I do my writing tasks at home since I’m a freelance writer! Because of my hectic schedule, I never get the chance to enhance my writing skills more and have to settle for what I’ve learned! However, things changed when I read this post of yours and I’m very thankful that I came across this one! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Lucas PatelLucas Patel says

    I love your tips especially #3! I never thought that the use of pronouns can have such big impact on our writing! Thank you so much!

  37. Brian Johnson says

    These are some of the best tips that I’ve come across, so far! However, one of the best tips that I have read was about writing a lead. It is important to have a lead and, if possible, include things that answer questions like the 5 “W’s” and 1 “H”, the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How and make it short. You only got seconds to get the reader’s attention. If you wrote a good lead, he will read your entire content! All the best! Thanks for sharing this!

  38. Laura Hunter says

    I really agree to what you said that “text is still dominant”. Ever since Google has made a lot of changes on its algorithm, there is only one thing that they can’t touch and those are websites with relevant articles. It doesn’t matter what keywords to use and where to put them in your articles as long as you wrote your article with sense and with passion, it will always be valuable to Google’s eyes!

  39. Hannah TaylorHannah Taylor says

    I’ve got to admit that I’m bored and tired with my same old style of writing but I can’t do anything about it now because I have 3 clients to date and I need to rush things up just to meet their deadlines! Although they don’t have any complaints regarding my writing style and it’s getting be a big help to their business, I still think I need some time and space to learn more.

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