5 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Blogging mistakes

Now-a-days, the most common activity on the internet is Blogging. Every day new blogs and new bloggers are coming up. It is simply great for the blogosphere. Being a blogger, we must feel proud about it.

Some of the bloggers make some common mistakes in their initial stage or even in some later stage. Today I am going to discuss 5 blogging mistakes which must be avoided.

Lack of quality content

People love to visit your blog because they love the quality of your content. A blog without good and interesting content is good for nothing.

So, bloggers must concentrate on the content, rather than giving emphasis on other factors like SEO, building backlinks, etc. Yes, SEO and backlinks are important. However it can be useful only when the blog has quality.

Expecting returns without hard work

Some bloggers want quick success. They want traffic, money, backlinks, exposure and what not. They want all these from day 1 of their blogging career. It is simply impossible.

If you look at the successful bloggers, you will find that they have worked really hard in their initial stages to get success. However they did not stop at any moment. They continued to work hard in order to hold their success and achieve even more.

Thus you can easily understand the importance of hard work. Do not expect success without any hard work. If you work hard, success will definitely come; maybe it can take some time.

Blogging for money

Many bloggers start blogging just for making money. Money is definitely a part of blogging, but it is just a part. If your aim is just to make money, then my advice would be to leave it.

Jane’s note: You can blog in order to make money; in other words blogging can make a stable business that has a stable stream of income! Just has to be done correctly (shh… watch out for my report on this topic quite soon!).

You should concentrate on the content, quality, design, etc of your blog. Try to become the best in your field.

If you can get traffic, money will automatically come in.

Jane’s note: I completely disagree with this statement. Traffic doesn’t always translate to money!

Advertisers approve those blogs which have great content and good amount of traffic.

Not engaging

What is the difference between a blog and a website? In a website, readers cannot engage with you; however this is possible in a blog. The comments section is the most important part of any blog.

After reading your article, a person can use the comments section to appreciate or give some feedback. It is the duty of the blogger to interact with them. They should reply to them; even if not for all the comments, some sort of interaction is a must.

Not only on the blog, but also outside the blog, in social media or other places where their readers hang out.

Each and every blogger has a Facebook Page for their blog. However most of them just use it for promoting their new articles. This is a big mistake.

People will term you as a spammer if you just promote and never engage. So do not always promote; sometimes interact with them.

Being impatient

Some bloggers want traffic, name and fame from the starting phase of their blogging career. If they do not get it, they become impatient. Some of them even leave blogging.

It is simple impossible to get traffic and exposure very quickly. You cannot get success overnight. You have to be patient.

Just concentrate on quality of content. Also implement some SEO and promote your posts on social media.

What next? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Hi Jane,
    Blogging for money is the worst thing that can happen for any blogger, although money is part of the game, after all we’re all here to make some dough, but that should not be our priority.

    We should all focus on our passion first and then provide useful content to our readers thereby building the authority and trust. Ones all this is done well, money is inevitable.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a lovely weekend.

    • Veer ModiVeer Modi says

      Hello Theodore,

      I don’t understand why you say, “Blogging for money is the worst thing that can happen for any blogger”. Majority of bloggers start blogging only for money. Yes, quality content is priority but monetizing blog is not worst.


      Good points. Engaging blog readers is the best part for bloggers. To engage readers is somewhat difficult if your blog has nothing interesting for readers.


      • SnehaSneha says

        Hi Veer,

        I completely agree with you that everyone here is there to earn profit or money. The main aim sometimes for blogging is money only that can be earned with quality content and hard work only.

  2. NarenderNarender says

    Awesome post Amrik bro . I think engaging is the reason for blogging success . Mostly bloggers can’t taste their success and leaves blogging .

  3. April says

    Hi Amrik! I agree with you. Blogging is all about connecting to your readers. It’s not an overnight success. It takes hard work and determination. Thanks for sharing!

  4. sarika deshmukh says


    I read your points i am totally agree with your points interesting content = increase traffic and increase traffic = increase money i think interesting content is most important part of blogging really thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  5. George says

    I don’t know that if its me the one who feels this way but many of the comments above indicate that only the post title has been read. Comments are here only for back links.

  6. Robinsh says

    No doubt every new blogger do some mistakes but now when the blogging is common and every experienced one is helping his/her readers like we have seen in this article then one day will come when no one will born as a new blogger but they will also claims of getting big business deals on the day one of their blogging.

    Thanks for such an informative and motivational article man.
    Robinsh recently posted..For the First time Ever I’m Going to Help YOU Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  7. Alex says

    Great post speaking some truths about blogging – especially the part about actually trying to make money from it.
    You can make money as a result of your blogging, but its almost impossible to actually make money from your blog. That’s how I look at it :)

    My favourite part of the post (and the comments) was when Jane gets angry for people thinking that traffic = money. SO WITH YOU JANE. Traffic = more hard work and testing and error and trials and tribulations and THEN it equals $$

  8. LaurenLauren says

    Great sound for Blogging mistake’s! I have seen that most of Blog owners make their blog but don’t use good & quality content & which is called as “Lack of quality content”

  9. Sugandha Agarwal says

    Hie Amrik,

    I completely agree with all the points which you have mentioned above!
    I’m new in this blogging field and even I too had make some mistakes (i would rather say “Carelessness”).

    I haven’t create my blog for money, neither for time pass but when i come to know about “Blogging” I gradually take interest in this so that i can make some space for my self in this online world!

    About my carelessness,
    Don’t know what happen to me.. My confidence became so low and this result i haven’t updated my blog from months.! :(

    And after reading this i will surly re-start my blog asap with better quality and much more interest!

    Thanks Amrik! :)

  10. DerekDerek says

    I think Lack of Good Content, Thats the major Mistake bloggers make this days, They don’t know Good Contents drives amazing traffic, And also alot of them are in it for the money which isn’t entirely good for starters.

  11. Sohil R. MemonSohil R. Memon says

    Hey Amrik,
    Nice Post! I do follow your points and also following on my blog.
    The interesting point is : Blogging for Money
    Thanks for sharing,
    Sohil Memon

  12. NirmalaNirmala says

    Well written Amrik!!! I agree with you, good consolidation of all possible blogging mistakes that every blogger should avoid to maintain the quality of the blogs. Thanks for sharing, Am a blogger and I did few of your specified mistakes.

  13. Iqbal Ferdous says

    Hey Amrik, Thanks for the post.
    Also many blogger want to show him on the first result of search page. For this reason he makes his article only for bots not for his visitor.
    So try to also avoid it.

  14. Thao Vien says

    Blogging is not only “a job” but also “a hobby” that I love to write for enjoying. Before writing a new entry, I think carefully about readers who will visit my blog but I cannot avoid some blogging mistakes. Indeed, I like your articles which is really useful for me to improve my skills better. Thank you!

  15. christinachristina says

    On my older post i don’t check the grammar if it is correct or not, but now i always used grammar tools to check..

  16. AasmaAasma says

    Nice points Jane,

    To have a successful blog, you need to publish well researched informative articles so that readers find it useful plus you need to build relationship with your audience which helps you to build trust. It’s trust which convince your audience to do what you’re asking them to do.

  17. OlgaOlga says

    Hello Jane. Thanks for sharing (as always) invaluable information. The mistakes you are talking about are precisely the reasons why so many people fail in blogging. This is also the reason why there are so many spammers (in blogging as well as in other fields). Spammers are simply the people who want quick money and instant success which cannot be achieved in an honest and genuine way. I would say that patience is the most important factor to success. Greetings!

  18. Justin says

    Hi Amrik! You have a great mind and a lot of patient which are necessary for a blogger. I like your mind too much and specially your one thought that, You cannot get success overnight. You have to be patient. I have seen that you have a good alexa page rank and this is the result of your patient. Thanks and Best of luck!

  19. ClarkmartinClarkmartin says

    Hello Amrik
    Great Article. Those are common mistakes that bloggers (me included) do. Still, it doesn’t stop us from keep repeating it. Honestly, I always struggle to engage with my readers. And me being impatient as well makes it harder to move forward. Thanks for the timely reminder. I will strive to improve myself in the future.

    Thanks for share this post.

  20. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    I nice post with great information you have compile here in you blog.
    I have notice many blogger leave blogging as they did not getting money in early stages but they do not know that blogging need time and quality with the content which engage visitors in it.

  21. MikeMike says

    well, On this time, there is not room for mistakes in blogging. If a person is doing mistakes then he has to make it correct.
    Quality content is important from all the above points !

    Thank you

  22. Steve says

    Lack of quality content-I made this mistake for 5 months and i realize that this is a major mistake, one of the greatest. Readers came and went just as quickly until i realized that i must provide them quality content.

  23. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    Most blogs fail within the first month or so. The problem is a total lack of a long term plan, and a lack of a site theme that can allow for the variety of content needed to run a blog for longer than six weeks. Successful blogging takes planning, and a clear, long term focus, with a theme or subject that can allow you to write interesting and new content for years, and does not cause you to stall out and run out of things to say quickly.

  24. AjayAjay says

    Such an excellent post, and could be a must-read for all bloggers. such a lot of bloggers begin out and take a look at to create momentum not following these ways, and it’s a lot of tougher. Some square measure still victorious doing it their own means, however following these tips would save them from lots of headaches and that they would earn far more cash within the long.

  25. SamuelSamuel says

    It is definitely going to take some time in order to see the great results!

    I love how you stressed the importance of “hard work”.

    So glad you did Amrik! And, it is the number 1 topic he talks about too :)

  26. Atish says

    I agree with your Amrik on all the points. Jane said that traffic doesn’t always give money. This statement needs clarification as I think traffic earns but that traffic should be relevant and genuine. Suppose your are getting thousands of visits daily with 90% bounce rates then This traffic ofcourse will not make money for you.

    Nice post by the way.
    Atish recently posted..SEO Competitor Analysis – How to Do?My Profile

  27. jawad zaibjawad zaib says

    Hi AmrikVirdi you are totally right most people are very impatient and especially newbies they just want to get on a rocket to get to the top with a real hard work and after a little bit of time when this didn’t happen they left blogging and think that its a not a useful thing to do…

  28. Steve brainSteve brain says

    Hi Amrik,
    Your Blog is very important for the Bloggers Because Blogger are not follow the rule but this article are very informative because if we are follow all this suggestion then our Blog is very popular.
    A lot of thanks Amrik Virdi for this blog.

  29. Mohammed Abdullah KhanMohammed Abdullah Khan says

    Highlighting or bolding certain keywords can also make your article more understandable if your readers just scan your articles. But writing very good post titles can surely pressurize your readers to read every word of your article.

  30. richa says

    Blogging should never be solely for money. Writing should be a passion and rewards should be secondary. These are some good points you have made, Amrik. Thanks for sharing.

  31. AbhishekAbhishek says

    Blogging should never be solely for money. Writing should be a passion and rewards should be secondary. These are some good points you have made, Amrik. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Devagya UikeyDevagya Uikey says

    I have seen bloggers who just blog for money and some others have even left blogging just because they are not getting the traffic, these shows there lack of patience which is must for a blogger, and due to these kind of people others get bad influence.

  33. Matt KennedyMatt Kennedy says

    Hey Amrik !
    Very true post. Many bloggers use to do these mistakes, including me. When I started my blogging career, I just wanted success overnight. But soon i learned patience. You are absolutely right, I totally agree with you.
    Matt Kennedy

  34. Jessie BJessie B says

    Although it’s my first visit to your blog and this is the first post of yours i read but i enjoyed every bit of it specially the way you wrote this article and added a nice picture to it which is fully related to it. As you have already said a lot in your post about blogging mistakes so i just want to say you “thanks for this wonderful post”. keep posting stuff like this.

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