Overcoming The Fears Of Blogging [Free E-Book]

Overcoming The Fears Of Blogging [Free E-Book]

Everyone has fear(s) for something in their life. Let me start with myself. I used to fear the dark. I had fear of flying and I still fear heights!

Darkness is something I used to fear a lot. I would never walk on roads that aren’t well lit. I won’t go into a room in my house without hitting the light switch first. And I usually won’t prefer to stay alone at home – if the family goes away, I join them too :)

But then it happened that I had to be away from home (for the first time EVER in my life) for my Ph. D. I had to live in a separate room in one of the student hostels at the campus in Lancaster University, UK. When I came to know about it I started panicking here even before my journey. I thought it is going to be really impossible for me to stay alone in a room!

I then talked to some friends and family who knew about my fear. And they talked positive things to me about this – they didn’t just talk positive but they started explaining to me that my fear is really stupid.

I loved the advice and it gave me some strength. I then got the guts to get out there and try it out by myself. When I landed in the UK and moved on to a separate student room, I recollected what I heard from my pals here and made up my mind for the adventure lol.

In a couple of days, I was staying all by myself in a separate room; I was lying in bed alone in total darkness. I used to take after-dinner walks around the University campus. I also used to work late at night in the lab and walk (for about 15 mins) after midnight to my room.

The same thing happened with my fear of flying. I talked to my family members and friends who have already taken flights and they explained me what it will feel like to fly and why we feel things like that. They explained stuff based on science and I really got interested in trying it out.

My very first flight was really long (about 11 hours, non stop) and I did OK. After that I had taken many flights (to fly back home on vacations and attend conferences at places within Europe etc.) and I have only enjoyed my flights!

The only thing I still fear is heights and I have not taken any measures to overcome that fear. Whenever I go to hills on vacations or even very high buildings, I still won’t go close to the border lol! But I will work on it.

So what did I use/do to overcome my fears?

Two steps –

Step 1. I got advice from people who already had experience doing it. I know for sure some real human being is doing the same thing just like that, pretty easily, while I fear doing the same thing. So I asked them how they are doing it. They explained the ins and outs of it and also provided me with positive outlook. This was the most crucial first step for me.

Step 2. Secondly, with the help of the strength I gained from step 1, I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and go out and do it myself.
And this worked.

Why am I boring you with my personal story?

Here’s the connection. Blogging fears are just the same as the fears we experience in our day today lives. And you gotta overcome them and do stuff in real life if you want to succeed with blogging.

You could use the same 2 steps I used in order to overcome them. In fact I have followed the same path and have used the two above mentioned steps to overcome my blogging fears too.

I talked to blogging pals and sought expert advice on the things I were hesitating to take action (due to fear and doubt) and then I made up my mind to do it myself.

What are your blogging fears and doubts?

I’m sure if you’re reading this post, you have blogging fears too – which is why I have created a handy short e-book where I discuss 15+1 of the most common blogging fears.

Reading this book will help you successfully complete step 1 (given above) and then all that remains is Step 2 – getting out of your comfort zone and just doing it.

The 15+1 fears/doubts I address in this book are from what I heard from my subscribers.

If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, the first email you get from me will prompt you to tell me what you’re struggling with (as shown below)

What are you struggling with

And I got these 15+1 questions/doubts repeatedly from my subscribers – so I made this short e-book.

The e-book is available for download at the PBS Library. Feel free to help yourself.

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  1. Robb Gorringe says

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for being transparent and honest about your fears. I love that kind of honesty.

    All too often people put their best foot forward, and never allow any scars to show. But it’s when we are real, that true healing can come to us, and then… through us.

    That’s awesome that you were able to reach out to others and allow them to give you their advise. Fears be gone!

    Thanks for the encouraging article.


    Robb Gorringe recently posted..How 1-Minute Can Get You Out of Any FunkMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      I SO agree with you Rob, when you say, healing comes through us – yes, we should let it heal. If we tend to cover it up, nothing will happen!

      Glad you liked the article. And thanks for your comment!

  2. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    That was a lovely video, something that we can all relate to because I think most of us have fears that we want to overcome. :)

    My biggest fear has always been on facing the camera too, and I am honestly NOT working to overcome that being tied down and busy with the blog. But as you rightfully mentioned, the only thing that works to overcome your fears is to fight the fear. So, unless I make a video, I know nothing is going to work. Yes, friends help, especially people like Ileane and many others who look so natural and speak with ease in their videos, but they are the people who motivate and inspire us to break out of our fears and face them. Your video motivated me too, so you never know I might go ahead and try a video one fine day as well.

    This eBook would surely be of help to bloggers who as you mentioned, do have many fears and as you’re an expert where blogging is concerned – no one would explain it all better than you.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Get Online Help for Your Problems at Aha!NOWMy Profile

  3. Fabrizio Van MarcianoFabrizio Van Marciano says

    Hi Jane, thank you so much for sharing your video and I know where you’re coming from with overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera and with the fear of blogging, it’s something that I’m still trying to overcome myself to be honest, but I think ‘blogging’ like ‘life’, is a life-long learning process, we’re only human and with time and with work we can overcome certain fears and gain confidence in what we’re doing.

    Here’s a little story about one of my fears.

    A while back I developed a fear of water, in particular swimming in the sea. I use to surf a lot and one time I was caught in something called a rip, I couldn’t swim back to the beach as the current was too strong, so I was caught taking large waves on top of my head, like 10ft waves, one after the other. After being pinned under water for long periods of time I felt tired and wanted to just give up fighting, but luckily I was able to finally reach the surface and catch a wave back to the beach. I swore I would never get back into surfing again, because of the fear I developed.

    Anyways I’m slowly starting to get back into the ocean after almost 3 years, in a bid to get over my fear of water and drowning.

    As for your eBook I look forward in reading it, and hope it can help me get over certain fears when it comes to blogging, one particular fear is ‘being ridiculed’ or fear of ‘what others might think negatively’. I have several friends who don’t blog, but think what I’m doing is a total waste of time lol.

    Thanks Jane, all the best for 2014 :)

  4. Samir says

    Hello Jane,

    I liked your video and I guess this is the first time to watch your video. Indeed most of people have fear to come at camera or talk in crowd your tips are really useful.


  5. prashanthprashanth says

    In bloging step 1 may work but in the real life only step 2 works because inorder to overcome your personal fear , you should start believing yourself and should gather all the strength to overcome it. :)
    Nice and an informative article :)

  6. Malathy BadriMalathy Badri says

    Extraordinary slideshow. You have very interestingly explained how to overcome any kind of fear and concluded with overcoming fear of blogging. You have used apt images.

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