3 Reasons Why You Will Get Rich Slowly In This Niche

Get Rich Slowly

Just to clear things a bit right from the start, by this niche I mean the blogging, making money online, Internet marketing niche(s). Yes, assuming you will put in the same amount of work, this niche will earn you less that pretty much any other niche out there that is not addressing an Internet guru audience.

Here is why.

The competition

Getting traffic in this niche is much harder than it is in other niches. I tested this a while back and the results were astonishing. At least for me they were. I knew that the blogging niche was very competitive, because everybody in it is good at blogging, promoting, SEO and so on; but I did not know it was that competitive to successfully run a blogging blog or an internet marketing blog.

I compared the traffic stats of my blogging blog with one of my other blogs, both having approximately the same age and the results were mind blowing. For the other niche blog I received 3 or 4 times more traffic without putting in any efforts to promote it, while for my blogging blog I have to really work my ass off to see some traffic. So, there you have it.

The audience

People visiting your blogging blog are less likely to click ads or buy stuff from your site than a 16 year old girl looking for make-up products. The audience we are targeting is much more selective when it comes to spending money online.

If you want to make some money out of it you need to put in some serious efforts. Sell your own product or services, write e-book(s), work with the customer. You cannot just throw a bunch of AdSense units here and there and expect a decent income.

The size

The blogging niche has become a pretty big niche. There are a lot of people searching for blogging related stuff. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because your blog will be exposed to a bigger audience and will get more traffic.

However, the traffic will not be as targeted at it would be in a narrower niche. Therefore, the conversion rates will be smaller and the traffic will lose value.

This is something that can be fixed by narrowing down your topic and focusing on a mini-niche, like blogging tips for beginners, SEO for WordPress, guest posting, how to build a list or maybe you could target visitors by location.

There are lots of possibilities here. Anyway, the more targeted your audience is the more value it will have.

Over to you

I would love to hear your opinion in this, so please leave in your comments bellow. If you also run blogs or websites in different niches it would be interesting to hear you out telling us a bit about your experience with making money in various niches.

Cristian is an engineer by profession and part time blogger giving free tips on how to improve blogging skills, build traffic and monetizing websites. You can catch him blogging on Glorious Blogger or tweeting @gloriousblogger.

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  • http://www.webguide4u.com Vivek Parmar

    Wow that’s an awesome read. Rightly said that this niche has tragetted audience and not all of them spend money.
    The best way to make money from this niche is to sell your own products like Darren Rowse do..

    • Glorious Blogger

      Yep, services and products are my top picks as well.

  • http://www.clintcora.com Clint Cora

    I agree with your statements about the blogging niche and the entire internet marketing area for that matter. I’m astonished by just how large it is. It seems that the majority of people who are on forums like Warrior are online marketers of internet marketing products and services. This is certainly an area that I don’t plan to be in.

    And you are so right about other niches. I have a native art site that I don’t put much effort in anymore since it is not my primary business anymore but even without active promotion, it is still one of my highest traffic websites as well as the highest number of optins daily. Since I’m no longer that active in the art market (due to recession and higher interests in other areas), I’m trying to find ways to maximize the monetization of that traffic.

    These niches are certainly quite curious at times.

    • Glorious Blogger

      That is my point exactly. There are hundreds of untapped niches out there that can bring it a nice income with less effort. You just need to find one that suits you.

  • Sean @ Liver Cleanse

    Hey Crisitan,

    I have to agree here. The IM niche is extremely popular due to the so-called “recession” and more and more people are looking for alternative ways to earn income.

    The problem is many are exploiting this to an insane degree and offering “get rich quick” products which only leaves the person frustrated, depressed, and broke because it was a lie in the first place!

    There are far better and easier niches to get into, great article :)

    • Glorious Blogger

      I don’t think it is so crowded because of the financial crisis. I think it was pretty busy before that as well, but the recession might have helped a bit in the last few years.

  • Darryl Burma

    Hi Cristian, you are spot on when it comes to the high level of competition. It’s literally beyond mind boggling how competitive it is out there. This can work to your advantage as well as be a disadvantage in some ways.

    When it comes to particular blogs that don’t get frequently updated yet still reap the benefits of high traffic volumes as opposed to blogs that are updated constantly yet you can barely get them off the ground, it’s funny how it works like this. I suppose this is good reason, as the age old saying goes, not to have all your eggs in one basket, because you really just never know at first.

    Thanks for this article!

    • Glorious Blogger

      Hey Darryl,
      I have a whole theory about not putting all your eggs in one basket and diversification. I have to put together a blog post about that soon.

  • http://www.coupontriumph.com Kristina L.

    Hi, Cristian,
    I like the way you are approaching to this subject, as you are very honest and straight to the point about it. Many bloggers write articles assuring that the incomes are easy to be reached, while you are more realistic about the whole concept. You are right, people in blogging niche will not click a lot of times here and there on the ads, or even spend a lot of money. Its selective customers that are visiting, so the key is in selling concrete products or services. Well, at least from my own point of view.

    • Glorious Blogger

      Thanks for the kind words Kristina :).

  • Celine

    I really appreciate your help Glorious Blogger and i agree with you there are too many competition around the web, and the only option here is we need to find lower or average competition in Google ad-words for our keyword to be more unique.

  • http://www.mazzastick.com Justin@Spiritual Development

    Hi Jane,
    It seems that many who started off having a personal blog transferred over to blogging about blogging. I was even considering it. I have spent the past 7 months immersing myself in the niche that I feel that I could do a pretty good job.

    I will stick to PD for now.

    • Glorious Blogger

      In my opinion, it worth getting into it only if you are passionate about it.

  • Andrew Walker

    Awesome! Thanks a lot mate for sharing this! It’s a simple, yet very interesting article.

    • Glorious Blogger

      You are welcomed Andrew.

  • Amit@Forklift Training

    That may be true, but knowing all those things it just means you can use them to your advantage. That’s what a marketer should do, know the product, know the market, than put these together and sell.
    Most markets are already very competitive, but people still make fortunes on them.

  • http://www.oxagile.com/ Anna

    Now in general, I think it is very hard to find a niche which has no competitors or not so many ones.But at the same time if you fight and try to over come them, then no problem at all to do it. I agree we should target our audience selectively and we should do our best to satisfy everybody and then we need market research and so on. Hard, but it is possible.

    • Amit@Forklift Training

      And hard things are the only ones worth doing :))
      It’s true, it’s hard to find a non-competitive niche worth investing in, but if you do find it, then you’ve struck gold.

  • Andrew Walker

    Hi, mate. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It’s a very interesting article to read.

  • http://techatlast.com Olawale Daniel@Tech Blog

    Awesome post. Thank for sharing this :)

  • http://www.intenseblog.com/ Jenni

    Lets me told you that the blog, at least for me, just a tool to build up your authority, you will never get any money from it if you don’t do any business here. I spend 2 years to know this.

    • Glorious Blogger

      I agree with that.

  • http://learnchineseintaiwan.com Ying@Best Place To Study Chinese

    You definitely need to be focusing on an area you are knowledgeable about and have a passion for – as well as spending the time to do a little research to make sure you aren’t trying to get involved in a niche that is just way too competitive. After that..slow and steady wins the race : )

    • Glorious Blogger

      Sometime, getting into a niche that you are not that passionate about, but very easy to rank in worth the efforts. You can easily outsource the work once you have it running.

  • http://www.myprgenie.com Nicholas Scott@press release service

    I agree with your statements about the blogging niche and the entire internet marketing area for that matter. But i thought there is no matter to bring traffic to your websites, firstly every body who wish to make a website full of traffic have to make a plan and after that do work on it.

  • http://wpwebhost.com Ricardus

    Great article, really enlighten me especially since i am new in the blogging scene

    • Glorious Blogger

      I am glad I could help. What niche are you in?

      • http://wpwebhost.com Ricardus

        I am into WordPress guides and travelling as well as some artistic photographies which I planned to do it in some time but work has been occupying my time.

      • http://www.intenseblog.com Jenni

        I think he’s a SEO employee for WPWebhost.

  • Luciana Santos

    Hi, very interesting post. I’m new on blogging and I’ve just started my own blog. At first I was hesitating because of the huge number of competitors in my niche (and no, I’m not writing about making money online). The most difficult part of starting a blog is to choose a niche, the second is to stand out in the crowd. Thank you for your good work!

    • Glorious Blogger

      You are welcomed Luciana. Good luck with your new blog.

  • Amerra

    This post giving us information to become a successful niche blogger,which i apply this to my self and this time i am very much contented to my work.so true…

  • Glorious Blogger

    Niche and especially micro-niche websites or blogs are great to experiment with as an internet entrepreneur.

  • bodynsoil

    There are so many bloggers writing about blogging that you don’t need to purchase a book or anything to find the information you are looking for, it is all available for free with a little research. I have subscribed to email updates from some fine bloggers only to quickly unsubscribe as my inbox was being constantly spammed by “offers” to learn “all the insider secrets, act now this offer ends soon” kind of tactic. I love blogging for about things that interest me but I am a realist and know that it isn’t a get huge money maker because the average reader is looking for free content.

  • Glorious Blogger

    I agree that there is a lot of great information available for free on the internet, though I think investing in an e-book is worth the money, for several reasons: you have in all in one place, you don’t need to organize it yourself, you save time.

  • Khan

    To make a smart income through niche blog is a good and smart idea but I have seen that some people are earning very reasonable income through Google Adsense.

  • http://www.iblogzone.com DiTesco

    You hit the nail right on the head here.. Blogging is probably one of the most difficult niche to be trying to earn a decent income with. The efforts you have to put in it is way larger than a narrower niche where, supposedly the competition is less fierce. You did mention a certain point that is crucial to making money online and that is the different type of audience you are targeting for. In my opinion the blogging niche serves for people who are looking for information or something they want to learn about. I run several other sites that “target” people who are looking to “buy” for something and the difference is huge. Obviously, you can make money by blogging, but like you said, you either have a good product or service to offer…

  • Rajesh K

    I don’t know about which niche works well, but I know that music is one of them which just wouldn’t monetize at all! Yeah, that’s what my blog is about :) But I don’t care – Its awesome fun :)

  • http://onlineincometeacher.com Matt Smith

    Nice read! Your right that the blogging niche is one of the most competative out there. I see it more of a challenge, rather than a problem. If I can prove to myself that I can make it within this niche, then I can make it in what ever nich I want.

    My site http://OnlineIncomeTeacher.com is growing at a steady rate with more traffic every week. I have only been blogging for a few months, but I hope to be within the top 10,000 sites within a year. It has been a steep learning curve, but I have learnt a vast amount form doing it.

  • http://www.imrelations.com/ James Pruitt

    Really, I think it all depends on how you do it. also the numbers are way different in this niche. You can tackle much lower search volume keywords and still get the same results.

    With my niche sites, I generally target keywords with 1-3k monthly searches for seo, but with my blogging/mmo site, I generally hit 100-500monthly search keywords. They convert at about the same rate, if you do it right.

    Where a lot of people struggle in this niche is not having enough personal experience. Adsense is worthless, but you don’t have to own your own products. It definitely helps to, but I started out as an affiliate 2 years ago, and am just now starting to develop my own products. It has been one of the easiest niches for me, but I guess it all boils down to personal experience.

  • http://www.opportunitiesplanet.com Kostas@Generate Income

    The competition on the making money online niche it’s probably above any other niche but the demand is becoming bigger every day cause many people lose their job and search for alternatives types of jobs so it’s certainly difficult to generate a decent income on this niche but if your blog get established it could be more profitable than any other niche

  • http://www.itchair.com Karen

    I completely agree with you! In order to make money in these fields, you have to get really creative.

  • http://www.wpwebhost.com WordPress Hosting

    The competition ones definitely will draw a lot of visitors.. Everybody knows they have a chance in something.. :)

  • Kristen

    A very interesting post. I am still relatively new to blogging and am not sure what to make of my niche, which is stress and health. I can’t quite figure out when and how it will be profitable, or if it ever will, but I feel like I have made some good progress with it in that I am starting to have a lot of people who read the blog regularly. So, we will see what the future holds!

  • Christina Goche

    Just remember the concept of competition.. “More searches but less competitor” . Don’t go for a niche that have high competitor, go for higher searches niche. There are lot of people that goes for blogging and for those who don’t update and just blog without thinking then ranking their niche is impossible.

  • Julia

    Yes, slowly but sure Niche. But in my honest opinion, I couldn’t compete with you Jane or other Problogger. I know my skill isn’t good, creating a blog with your niche is Superb and I know I’m not the one who could compete.