How To Enhance Your Business Through Effective Email Marketing?

How To Enhance Your Business Through Effective Email Marketing?

There are different ways to promote a business. You can promote your products and services through online and offline. Over the years, online media have been established and it is consistent in delivering the greatest impact in less time.

Email marketing has unique advantages over other forms of online marketing methods and strategies. Let us check how you can utilize email marketing to further your business by building lasting relations with customers.

What and why?

Email marketing is nothing but conveying the message to prospective and existing customers through emails. You can utilize the emailing system to send customized messages at regular intervals of time to your subscribers.

It is easy to manage an emailing system as there are a number of automated email systems and you can comfortably deploy a premium application like Aweber to take up your email sending and receiving programs. Email marketing is cost-effective too.


  • By building a decent emailing list, you will be able to update your readers about the developments happening on your blog or website. You will have the opportunity to build a loyal customer base. You can engage them in personal dialogue. You can undertake surveys to improve the blog’s popularity and readership.
  • You are not required to engage a dedicated person to take care of email promotions. It is possible to manage the emailing system by going for automation. You will be able to send personalized information. You can send information as per the likes of your readers.
  • You can quickly communicate through emails. The speed of communication is very fast.
  • Your readers can opt for email subscription at any point of time and they can opt-out as well at any point of time. There is no compulsion and thus, you will not be branded as a spammer.
  • You can keep track of the progress made through email marketing. This will greatly help you to enhance the performance of an emailing system. You will be able to know who opened the email and who didn’t  You will be able to identify the geographical presence of your readers. You can undertake special measures to attract new readers/customers based on the past performance.


  • Even though email marketing has great potential to reach out to a large base of customers, you should take certain precautions so that you will not be stamped as a spammer.
  • You should not go for purchasing of email lists. As you are not aware of the authenticity of those lists and similar lists might have been circulated to others as well, you should stay away from such lists. You should offer links to subscribe to your email lists at various prominent locations on your website. As you build a list yourself, you can completely trust the receiver of the email and there will be no chance being stamped as a spammer.
  • You should not annoy your readers by sending untimely and annoying emails. You should not resort to sending of emails that promote your products and services. You should only convey the merits and de-merits and let your reader make informed choice.


Even though emailing system is cost-effective and spreads fast, you should be patient enough to see the real success of the venture. By sending informative and useful emails in a consistent way, you will build your readership and thus, you will be able to enhance your business.

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  1. AlexAlex says

    Great post Jane, email marketing and starting a mailing list has been one of the greatest assets to my blog. I have a 5 day email course which was one of the best things I launched, not only does it allow me build my mailing list, it gives my readers great content via email and I a subtle way I am marketing through my course which in return I can see a monetary return! Email lists and email marketing are definitely the way forward!

  2. Chitraparna Sinha says

    Hi Jane,

    One quick question: How do you retain email subscribers when they join up only to receive the freebie on offer?

    I am sure you’ve faced this issue before. If someone is joining your list only to download the freebie and unsubscribing soon after, how can one build blog following?

    Looking forward to your answer.

    ~ Chitraparna

  3. Kaloyan Banev says

    I have to admit that I don’t know how it is working for blogging, but for real businesses it is absolutely mandatory. Everytime a business newsletter is sent, there is raise in sales, I have seen several times, 40%+ grown in sales per month with bi-weekly newsletters.

  4. SoniaSonia says

    You have effeciively mentioned the advantages of email marketing. I manage many websites and in one around 2thousand are subscribed through feedburner. You have enlightened me with these tips and I particularly liked “Your readers can opt for email subscription at any point of time and they can opt-out as well at any point of time. There is no compulsion and thus, you will not be branded as a spammer.” Thanks.

  5. adam@accessoires motoadam@accessoires moto says

    Hi Jane

    i’m tottaly agree with you about email marketing it help us to keep our readers more close and we We must think, those which are still the ones who will actually read your pages are more important and also we have to mentien the famous way ‘youtube ‘ we can use it also for market

    Thanx for sharing this article !!

  6. Himanshu katiyarHimanshu katiyar says

    Very helpful article thanks for sharing it.. I also use feedburner for this purpose but wanna assk othe service are also effective or not…

  7. AnkurAnkur says

    Yes I consent to the above remark. Shockingly individuals imprint advertising email as spam in light of the fact that individuals are so occupied with their work that they need their messages to be clean when they check it.

  8. Rachender Singh says

    really… a great post. Today i came to know about Email Marketing. Actually I don’t know about email marketing..But after reading this article i gets surprised that why shouldn’t comes to know about it earlier…I like this post and this will surly help me in marketing of my website.

  9. Vicky says

    Email marketing is of course an effective part of marketing to get lot of leads in a short time. And you have shared great tips and I’ll bookmark the post.


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