Email Marketing: 4 Great Ways to Turn It Into a Money-Making Tool

Who says email marketing is a thing of the past? Indeed, e-mail marketing has been around since the advent of internet commerce but that doesn’t mean that it’s too outdated to work its magic.

It’s true that people get tons of emails daily from different subscriptions and they might simply ignore another coming from you. So if you’re looking for a sure wire way to get some sales going then here are a few tips to boost your direct email marketing.

Email Marketing

Hoard Tweetimonials and Promote Them

Word-of-mouth is one of the most proven ways to start a phenomenon. Marketers have used testimonials from people as the most effective way of promoting their brands. Tweets, the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth, are a great way to boost your products. Search for your product/brand names on Twitter and check out if there are sweet “tweetimonials” about them.

A 140-word testimonial from a real client carries more promotional power than a paid press release. Get a screenshot of each testimonial and amass them into an anthology. Include these tweetimonials in your e-mails to encourage subscribers to try your stuff that delighted others.

Web forums are similar venues where you can get the power of customer testimonial to boost your selling muscle. People love to talk about stuff they hate or love and there is a good chance that you will get testimonials from web forums. Utilize Google forum search to get faster results.

If you want to do an intensive search, locate the top forums in your niche and search them one by one. It may take one to a few hours but you can use those testimonials over and over again (with different subscribers, of course) so it is all worth it.

Include links to positive blog testimonials about your brand

A simple blog search about your brand can get you a handful of good testimonials that you can use for e-mail promotion. The blog post does not to focus solely on your product. A short inclusion of your brand in somebody else’s review is a good enough boost. You may also provide free sample of your services/products to bloggers you know in exchange for a good feedback.

Do not sweat it out too much – a little favor can bring big returns. Again, be sure to spread the word about the good things that people say of your product. People take time to read the stuff that other people say.

Create a personal video

Establishing your identity can build the credibility you need to get noticed. People are tired of getting mails from anonymous sellers whose face they would never see. Now is the time for you to be unique by creating a video about your brand. Talk about the basic things about your brand, what it does, what makes it different, how it can benefit people.

High-performance video devices these days do not cost as much as they used to. You can create a great video portfolio without spending much. Try to make your video as professional as possible. Amateurish videos are ignored by potential clients right away. Once you are done, upload your work on Youtube (the new Youtube design is cool, by the way) and use the link in future e-mails.

Just a tip: if you are not confident standing in front of the camera, ask someone else to do it for you. As long as he/she can speak well and present your product/services nicely, you are good to go.

Email Marketing: A few words of caution

Never overdo e-mail marketing. Don’t send mails all the time as you will cross the line between marketing and spamming. Try to limit your sales pitch. Do not get too “salesy” on people.

Present yourself in e-mails as someone who is willing to help so you can build a good rapport with your clients. Only send email to people who willingly subscribed to you. Nothing bothers readers more than unwanted subscription.

I love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

This is a guest post by Suzzane Edwards, a tech enthusiast who loves to write about the latest SEO and mobile gadget news. Some of her latest articles include how to Jailbreak iPhone 5.

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  1. DiTesco says

    eMail marketing has always been something that I was not very comfortable with. Partly it is probably the way, I myself react when I get hords of emails from people that sometimes I don’t even know and saying or offering the same things over and over. The tips you provide above, specially the first one abut “amassing” Tweetimonials :) is indeed an interesting approach and perhaps takes away that dreaded, “buy now” before.. blah, blah… Thanks for sharing…

  2. Suzzane EdwardsSuzzane Edwards says

    I agree with you. I too had my misgivings about using email marketing at first. This of course is due to the fact that I too had been a victim of unsolicited sales mail. The secret to making this work is to keep 90 percent of your email’s content as informational and the other 10 percent for selling. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Sayed says

    Hey Suzzane, Creating a personal video is my next move :) Right now I’m working on getting my name noticed by creating quality content and using social media to share it everywhere. But I’d definitely love to be able to Create my own personal video and I think I’m very close to accomplishing this.

    Thanks for sharing these great ways.

  4. Audrey says

    Email marketing can be really helpful if done correctly by other people. However, it can hurt your online business if abused by somebody. I, myself, must admit that I already marked some emails as spam or unsubscribed with their listing because of their annoying emails. So people who should be extra careful on this.

  5. adamadam says

    most of the time I encounter spamming not email marketing. With that I immediately delete the message because of the fear that it contain virus or worms.

  6. Suzzane EdwardsSuzzane Edwards says

    That’s the problem when your blindly sending emails/ We should first build our email list and work within our contacts. This way our emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

  7. satrap says

    Great post Suzzane.

    I think when it comes to email marketing, there is a fine balance that I think many people fail at it. I see it all the time with many marketers I subscribe to their lists.

    And thats one reason why I am not very good at email marketing, or should I say, not very active when it comes to it, partly because I am afraid to cross the border. But, I know I have to get on with it, as it can be a great recurring income source.

  8. Diana Stroe says

    Seems really useful and I think I am going to try it. It’s very bad that there are a lot of spam messages and we tend to delete any ‘marketing’ (related) message. But this tool looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  9. EleonoraEOF says

    Thanks for the post! However, i am not a big fan of email marketing, because i really dont like to open my mail and find lots of emails from unknown people offering this or that. Its more like spam for me. Those kind of emails i always delete right away, because i am afraid that they might contain some virus.

  10. archonarchon says

    From my own experience, selling educational software, I know that email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy out there. It takes really little time to set up and it offers the biggest return for your investment.
    All you need is a good email template to get those who receive your to open it and be interested in its content and you also need a good email database with opt-in email addresses.

  11. Suzzane EdwardsSuzzane Edwards says

    Sometimes coming on top of the competition all boils down on what you do and what your competitor doesn’t do. Even if you’re having mediocre success at email marketing you shouldn’t scrap it altogether. It just might give you that extra push to get you over your competitors.

  12. JosephJoseph says

    I am planning of Email Marketing for my affiliate products. I don’t know what’s email autoresponder is better for this kind of business.

  13. AzharAzhar says

    We build email list with hard work but most of our clients throw them into trash. Some are automatically deleted in Bulk mail folder after specific time period.
    I appreciate your research related to email marketing.

  14. Suzzane EdwardsSuzzane Edwards says

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned through years of online marketing, everything has its own risks. There’s just no fool proof way of being successful. Tips are there to guide you, at least you have a basic list to build on. But dismissing email marketing entirely would be a bigger mistake. If you manage to sell even one of your products through email marketing then that’s one less sale if you didn’t do it.

  15. Irfan ElahiIrfan Elahi says

    Insightful article. Specially liked the Word of Mouth marketing part. It is definitely here to say; influencing consumers decision more than ever. Stats show that 84% of global consumers believe recommendations from friends and family are the most trustworthy sources of information about products, up from 78% in 2007. So businesses shouldn’t ignore this growing trend.

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