StumbleUpon: Use It Right For Your Blogging Success


StumbleUpon is one of those places where bloggers go for promoting their stuff. There’s usually a mixed feeling about StumbleUpon. Some bloggers absolutely want it for traffic while some other absolutely don’t want it.

Mostly the latter is the case because StumbleUpon is known to create a lot of bounces on any blog. StumbleUpon is not a place where most people stop and look. It is a portal of highly busy people, or I might even call, impatient people; myself included.

With StumbleUpon, everyone is in a hurry with just a curious eye to see if something catches their attention; if nothing does, press, press and press the Stumble button, that’s it!

So what does it mean to your blog in terms of bounce rate?

Bounce rate is nothing but a measure of how many people just rush out of your site out of those who come in to visit your site. Let’s say someone searched for “bicycles” and your page came up on first page on Google for this search term.

So that person clicks through your link and lands in your blog, just to find out that your blog is about “chocolates” and it has nothing to do with “bicycles”. Not even a bicycle with a brand name “chocolate”.

So he/she just pushes the back button and exits your site. He did not visit any other page except the page where he landed.

This is just one example of a cause for visitor bouncing, there can be more, like poor design, too much clutter, improper or too confusing navigation, irrelevant content, boring content, copied content and whatever you can think of.

With Stumble Upon, its much more easier to do the bounce because the brain is just at the perfect stage. All we do is press the Stumble button once we’re in the job.

So if it takes less than 10 seconds for a visitor to get annoyed and push the back button in normal scenario, it will take less than 5 seconds to do the same while stumbling through your content via Stumbleupon.

So the chance that an average visitor will simply jump off is so high while they are finding your site through StumbleUpon.

Well, what you need to do in order to keep your StumbleUpon visitors is a story for another post. This post is apparently not about that. This is about how you can use StumbleUpon to its fullest so that you can suck every possible way of achieving blogging success through it.

Let me now dive in.

Traffic from Stumbleupon

Quite ironical to what I just said in the intro, StumbleUpon can be a great source of targeted traffic. Even though chances are the most people will bounce off (thus increasing your blog’s bounce rate), its your responsibility to make your blog’s content and design eye catching and unique in order to make those stumblers stick to it.

In order to do so you need to know what affects stumblers the most. In order to know that you need to use Stumbleupon yourself and see what makes you stick to a website and what makes you to press that Stumble button quite fast.

You know its all about grabbing the stumbler’s attention and prove useful to them in a matter of seconds. One common mistake (or misused potential, I would say) is to submit your blog’s homepage to StumbleUpon.

Your blog’s homepage is dynamic (unless you have a static page) and it updates with your current blog posts. So you don’t know if its a killer post or an announcement post that smiles at a stumbler at a given time.

In order to demonstrate that you are useful (in a highly relevant way to what the stumbler is looking at – say through his/her keyword interest) you need to submit a specific post or a useful page to Stumbleupon.

But make sure that you don’t submit and like only pages from your own domain. If you are liking and stumbling only your own stuff, people will most likely never find what you discover!

Find new blogs (and connections)

Well, I was recently telling you about the importance of Alexa links (not the Alexa rank) and 2 easy-peasy ways to increase yours. Stumbleupon comes to picture here.

If you remember my post about Alexa links (or if you haven’t read it, please go ahead and read it when you finish this post), the key thing is to find new blogs and comment on them.

The more blogs you comment on, the more backlinks from new domains you get (compared to commenting on the same blogs again and again).

Finding new blogs (relevant to your niche or any particular niche you are looking at) is very handy and easy with Stumbleupon. Just feed in your interests (keywords) and start stumbling.

Try it for yourself and see how many new potential blogs you can find to comment on.

The most important thing here is that, it is not just about commenting for backlinks. You get to know and connect with a lot of new bloggers (and their community). Hence it is a nice way of building up connections and hence readership.

Blog post ideas

Stumbleupon is undoubtedly a great place for generating blog post ideas. Instead of subscribing to a handful of blogs in your niche and reading them again and again, you can find new blogs and fresh information with Stumbleupon.

Although, I absolutely don’t complain about reading high quality blogs on which you are a regular reader/commenter, sometimes you need fresh thoughts and voice to kindle your brain for something new.

Stumbleupon is the right place for that since you never know what you will stumble upon. You may get some fantastic “Oh what?” kinda cool stuff there. You may find some interesting videos and podcasts which might give you some new sparks and so on.

Since there is variety over there, there is much potential.

Oh but Stumbleupon can be distracting…..

I know, I know. The internet is itself a distracting place. And while I started to use Stumbleupon, I got sidetracked a lot.

Sometimes you come across a cool video or a puzzle, you start watching the video or solving the puzzle and when one ends the other begins and this can go on and on.

You may also accidentally stumble upon some games or funny pieces which you can share with your followers and friends and then you might get stuck either on the place you found the funny piece or at the social media where you get so many interesting comments on that share.

Well, you need a bit of discipline and a sense of awareness to get the most out of Stumbleupon and this is totally possible. It is indeed a no-brainer.

I will come up with more tips on how to use Stumbleupon without getting distracted. Until then start stumbling, find new connections, find new blog post ideas and get loads of Stumbleupon traffic.

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  1. Tushar AgarwalTushar Agarwal says

    my personal experiences with SU has not been very great but i have often heard that it can be a very good source of traffic if used wisely. This post is certainly handy.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Salman you got it right. They’re extremely busy. But I must say that you’d get a decent attention if you spend enough time over there. Plus you will also discover some nice stuff!

  2. Daniel says

    I haven’t really used stumble upon until now. But after reading your post I got on board. I don’t have an account yet. If I get an account will I be able to search using more specific terms and options instead of the single search term that is allowed for guests?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Daniel, glad that you took the step to check it out. Yes, once you register and get an account, you can go to settings and set your interests up. You can either “check” a number of in-built interests or you can type in your keyword and add it to your interests.

      You can install the SU extension on Chrome or Firefox (or any other browser) and when you visit a page, you can directly give it a like from the extension (or toolbar). You can also Stumble your interests (all of them or you choose certain interests from your interests) by pressing the Stumble button :)

      Hope this helps. If not, let me know :)

  3. RaduRadu says

    Hi Jane,
    Interesting post about Stumble Upon. I must admit that I didn’t use it at its full capacity. Only for sharing content (my own and the one I read too) and building a compact 100 follower base (with the bloggers and prospects I met so far mostly). The next step is to interact more with these people. Well said, it wouldn’t be bad to extract some blog post ideas while stumbling :)
    Thanks for sharing these tips. I appreciate it.
    What is your experience with Digg? It might be the SU brother after all :)
    Have a super day,

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Radu, Digg, hmmm I can’t get that much attention in Digg, given that Digg doesn’t help me effectively with browsing my interest as SU does. There’s a search option, but most of the pages returned by the keyword search are irrelevant or same kinda stuff. So I didn’t get so interested in using it as much as SU. But I’m using Digg too!

  4. Richard says

    Hi Jane,
    Great article about StubleUpon. SU is actually one of my mainn sources of traffic. The key is to write good content, with a focus on a catchy title. Stumblers are quick to leave a site if you don’t catch their attention right away. Also, you want to stumble other people’s content as well to share the wealth.

  5. Ray says

    It can be fairly easy to get traffic from StumbleUpon and sometimes a lot of traffic from it. But, like you said usually they see your page for less than 10 seconds and they leave – bounce to the next. Chances are they don’t give your site much if any thought and most will never return unless they happen to stumble across another one of your posts while they are there. I do kind of like it and it is an interesting site. Fairly easy to get short term bursts of traffic, but not that great for repeat and long term traffic. But, for free I can’t complain.
    Ray recently posted..Google Pagerank Update November 7th, 2011 Follow-upMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ray, the short bursts are in your analytics. But in fact I have captured a lot of those “short bursts” to be my subscribers and loyal readers. It is like putting your content out there to much higher number of eyeballs and then turn a lot of them to be your loyal readers. What if you don’t try it at all? You’ll lose all those people!

  6. John Garrett says

    Hi Jane,

    so it’s ok to stumble your own stuff as long as the majority of your stumbles are for other things? I never stumble my own posts so the vast majority of them are not even in the system.

    I’ve been trying to gain more influence in Stumbleupon to help my fellow bloggers out. I usually will stumble their pages but I have so few followers it probably does little good.

    Still this post helped me clear up what you can really expect out of Stumbleupon. Thanks!
    John Garrett recently posted..[COMIC] JG’s Vacation part 2!My Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey John, yes as long as you’re an active stumbler its OK to stumble your own posts. Mine usually get stumbled already, in which case I give it a like, if not I submit it myself for the first time. The point is that you should see that you don’t submit your posts alone.

  7. Audrey says

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the use of stumbleupon so using it could be a consider by us. Anyway, there are lots of ways where we can actually work on this without too much time to spend. Absolutely an important thing for everybody to strengthen their link building process.
    Audrey recently posted..4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat ReviewMy Profile

  8. adam says

    I seldom use SU but I agree its a great source of traffic but one problem with SU is that most of the time traffic from it do not convert into sales.

  9. GaurangGaurang says

    Initially SU was not at all productive for me, but these days it is showing awesome results. Much of the traffic to my site is targeted through SU. Thanks for the share.

  10. Juphet Mislang says

    Stumbleupon is what I regularly use in sharing an posts on my blogs and other bloggers post that gets my interests. I think its very effective bookmarking site! Not as effective as Facebook and Twitter though.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Bounce rate is surely a problem. Even though it is true that you can hook the visitors using compelling content, a substantial amount of SU traffic is used to merely jumping out by clicking the “Stumble” button mindlessly!

  11. SheshnathSheshnath says

    Hi Jane,
    I have a question I am getting more than 500 references from StumbleUpon and my blog’s bounce rate is 58%. Is it okay or I have to some thing please suggest.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Sheshnath, please refer to my reply to the above comment. Actually if you get a lot of SU traffic you need to expect some boost in the bounce rate. That’s unavoidable.

  12. SheshnathSheshnath says

    Okay thanks a lot. :) For this information. Will try interlinking in such a way that will help me to reduce bounce rate :)

  13. Ana HoffmanAna Hoffman says

    I am definitely one of those bloggers who don’t think SU produces quality traffic, Jane, although I do see your point of traffic for the sake of traffic.

    Need to read your Alexa post…

    Thanks for the link!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Totally agree with you Ana. Most of the times, I’ve had the thought that SU is one of those traffic exchange sites where you click click on other sites to gain credits and then use those credits to get the same type of click to your site. With SU you don’t earn credits, but you know.

      However, unlike the traffic exchange sites there is a very small percent of quality traffic that sticks to SU :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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