One Simple Rule to Supercharge Your Blog Content Writing

Supercharge Your Blog Content Writing

It’s 06.00 AM and you wake up energized: You want to get a lot of work done before going to work. More specifically, you want to create the content for your blog for the next few days.

The morning time seems to be perfect for your writing, since your home is quiet enough and you can fully focus on what you are doing.

You turn your computer and just can’t wait to get started. However, there is just one thing that bothers your mind: You don’t have any clue what to write about.

Soon you start brainstorming the possible topics and after awhile, you have found the ideas you want to cover. But that’s just a start: You still have to figure out the outlines of your posts and this takes time.

Finally, it 06.40 AM as you get started with the actual writing part. Needless to say, you are frustrated and annoyed, because you wasted almost 45 minutes on something that you could’ve done before you woke up this morning.

It’s time to change your writing habits to improve your situation.

Did you prepare for the task?

OK, so the beginning of the morning didn’t quite go as you planned. And when I look at your situation as an outsider, it’s very easy to understand why: You rushed into the writing part.

What just happened was that you turned on your computer and you assumed that you could get started with the writing part right away. But as you saw, this wasn’t the case.

Since you didn’t prepare in advance for your task, the outcome was pretty much expected before you even got started. This leads you to do brainstorming and creating the outline for your post when you should have been writing the content already.

All that extra activity took away some precious minutes off your writing and you didn’t get nearly as much done as you wanted.

Switch your mindset about writing

There are couple of probable reasons why you didn’t do the prep work in advance.

First, you just forgot to do it. Maybe something else just came up and the task of planning was postponed and then forgotten.

The even more alarming reason could be because you didn’t think that planning was necessary in the first place and in fact it was just a waste of time.

If you think so, consider which option is causing you to waste more time: Doing some planning in advance or spending your time planning when you should be writing instead?

If you answered the latter, then you are absolutely correct. The latter way is the slower way, thus it causes you to waste more of your valuable time.

Finally, you may consider that planning is a threat to your creativity.

However, I disagree with this and I would say it’s just the opposite. In fact, you have more time to be creative, as you don’t have to focus that much on the structure of the post or what to write about in general (since you have figured it out already).

Yet another rule that could change your outcome

We live in a world of full of rules and I’m here to introduce yet another rule to get your writing done more effectively. It’s called the 10/90 rule and it’s something that I picked from Brian Tracy’s book, “Eat That Frog.”

According to the book the 10/90 rule means that first 10 percent that you spend of planning and organizing before you begin your task saves you as much as 90 percent of your time in getting the job done.

In our current example, when you plan your posts in advance, you can save a lot of time by not having to do the outlining or even the topic brainstorming on the fly.

So, do you think this rule would be something you should implement in your blogging? If so, then let’s move on to the implementation part!

Put the 10/90 into action

Take action red key on a computer keyboard, business concept

To make things as smooth as possible for you before you start writing, consider the following steps:

1. Get your computer ready. Make sure that your computer is waiting and ready to be turned on. For instance, I would normally write in our son’s room, but since he is sleeping when I write (early in the morning), I have to do the writing in the kitchen.

To prevent having to sneak into his room in the morning and grab my computer, I have the computer ready and waiting for me on the kitchen table. All I need to do is to turn it on and I’m ready to do my work.

2. Get the material ready. Sometimes you might have to do some research for your post. In that case, make sure you have some additional material with you wherever you work.

For example, I have the book “Eat That Frog” on the table as I write this post – just in case I need to do some check-ups when I write.

Since I have the material ready, I don’t have to go and search for it when I’m writing.

3. Decide the time and place. This point is related to the point #1 but it’s still worth mentioning separately: Decide what the best time and place is for your writing.

For me, I know that morning time works for me as it’s the quietest part of day in my home. Also, I’ll just have to do the work on the kitchen table as it’s the only location for working at that time of the day.

Know this stuff in advance since it’s part of the preparation and you don’t have to figure it out when you should be doing the actual work.

4. Define the structure in advance. Finally, we get to the post planning part and this is very important.

Make sure you know the topic you write about and what points you are going to cover in your posts. This is very important as you are not spending your time doing it when you are writing.

In fact, to maximize the planning time, you should find more topics to write about and do more blog post outlining in one planning session.

So instead of deciding on just one post and what it looks like, decide to plan at least 3 posts at once.

For instance, I do this kind of planning on every Sunday and it helps me alot the next morning when I can just focus on writing and nothing else.

Be prepared that it takes some time to plan your posts this way (even up to 45-60 minutes), but it’s all worth it.

5. Define your outcome. Know in advance what you want to achieve after each writing session.

For instance, I know that I always want to have a post ready after I have finished writing (excluding the editing and proofreading parts).

When I have finished writing the post, I have reached my goal and that matters a lot to me. This gives me confidence to keep on working with my blog, knowing that I’m capable of creating content easily.


Planning may be underestimated activity, but it’s worth it. In fact, that’s one important reason why I’m able to run a blog and write guest posts even if I have a day job and a family.

If you are not planning your posts in advance, give these tips a try and see how it works for you. I think that you will be positively surprised to see the results afterwards.

Over to you: Do you plan your posts before you write them?

Timo Kiander, a.k.a. Productive Superdad, teaches WAHD superdad productivity for work at home dads. If you want to improve your blogging productivity, grab his free e-book, 61 Ways for Supercharging Blogging Productivity.

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  1. Salman AhmadSalman Ahmad says

    It actually depends on you how you manage or utilize time correctly,Every Weekend I put some time to find ideas for the whole week ! And it does not take long.

  2. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Writing awesome content becomes more tough when it`s not done as planned above.

    I personally follow this, initially I select the topic then I think how I love to write in my way, then I keep it on paper.

    Decide time, then start writing.
    Thanks Timo, for awesome tips.


  3. James Smith says

    Whenever any ideas come into my mind about an interesting topic for a blog posting at that instant immediately I implements these ideas to generate interesting content for blog posts. I only write when any ideas come in my mind i.e., I don’t assign any specific time to create an interesting blog content.

    So, finally it’s a useful article which guides us for writing content for blogs.

    • Timo Kiander says

      Hi James!

      That’s of course one approach, but I still prefer to do some planning ahead.

      Right now I don’t have the luxury to write whenever I wish and I have know in advance when to write, what to write.


  4. Carol Gyzander says

    Hi Timo,
    The “plan ahead” approach makes so much sense – I believe that the time invested in sitting down ONCE to plan multiple posts will save time in the long run, and result in better material! I even like to create the shell of the post ahead of time, and write the first line, so that when I sit down to actually write it I am not faced with that blank screen.

    Writing one post at a time, from start to finish, is kind of like the way my husband irons shirts… every morning he gets out the ironing board, sets up the iron and waits while it heats up, irons one shirt, then puts away the ironing board and the iron… But hey, they are his shirts and he decides how to do it!


  5. Kathryn KutnyKathryn Kutny says

    I agree planning what and when you will write is very important when it comes to writing articles for your blog. Creating a plan helps you stay focused so you get things done. Planning what topic to write about is important so you can research what you will write about. Being able to write a flawless well written and helpful article is important to keep readers coming back for more. People like reading things that will help them improve on something. So if you can write something really well to help them, than you succeeded in writing very good content!

  6. MattMatt says

    Hey TimoKiander !
    Nice advice. I had never understood the importance of planning, but this post has made me realize about its importance. I really appreciate this concept. which would be helpful for all of us.

  7. GilbertGilbert says

    Hey Timo, thank you very much for writing this awesome article, time management is one of those things that must be considered before coming up with a post otherwise more time will be wasted while trying to figure out what to write. You have really pushed me to putting up a very nice schedule. I will do something. Thanks a lot Tim.

  8. Okto says

    Hi Timo,

    Having a plan is not less important than focusing on result. Sometimes make a flexible plan is good to try. For example, instead pushing yourself to “publish 80 guest post in a year in top sites” it might be better to plan “more guest post in related blogs than you have made in past”.

    This way you won’t feel burden wit your own plan while on the flip side you are enjoying your blogging.

  9. Eric says

    Hey Timo,

    This is a great post and I can really appreciate the 10/90 rule! It seem like something great to really plan out and take action. I know just turning on my computer and pulling up email is a huge distraction that will take me probably at least 15 to 30 minutes. So without a clear plan you can really put yourself in a whole really fast with the time.

    Nice job on the post,


  10. Sekhar says

    Thanks for sharing great article about blogs content writing. Content is very important to optimize your blog in top search engines. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  11. SamSam says

    When you want to make your identity in blogging then you should keep one think always in your mind you should set your goal in advance like what you should write and on which time.

  12. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    I think in order to come out with quality content, one need to know what he want to write about and not just write anything but try to know what your readers really like to read about and try to give them the best. search for information about the topic your are about to write will really help in coming out with unique and quality content. so research for information and try to outline before jumping into writing proper.

    • Timo Kiander says

      Hi Igbalaye!

      That’s true.

      Also, you can ask from the editor/author of the blog which types of topics perform the best and write your posts according to that.


  13. Sarah ParkSarah Park says

    This is exactly what happened to me before. I always end up wasting my time for writing thinking of the topics and outlining. I didn’t have proper time and work management. But in the long run, I was able to manage things well

  14. SaanviSaanvi says

    Some really useful suggestions here – I particularly like the idea of a weekly/monthly column, and of course re-purposing old content (haven’t quite got enough old content to do that yet, but definitely something to think about for the future). thanks very much.

  15. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Really great tips, Jane.

    Content writing has always been a vital task for blogging. This can really help in producing better content

  16. Dona GuyDona Guy says

    Yes, writing with your own words and even by including your personal experiences is a great way to write a quality guest post.

  17. Jeff SmitthJeff Smitth says

    I have tried too many times to write but I never get and Good result. One thing more that is most impressive in this post is planning. I never listen before 10/90 rule. After Reading this Post, I impress but I have little problem with my schedule. The schedule is not problem, the problem how to maintain my daily task, If I will write one day, I unable to write the next day.

    I need a few tips, How to manage my habits. I want to become professional blogger but my habits are not leading to my task..

    • Timo Kiander says

      Hi Jeff!

      You really have to figure out how much do you want to be a full-time blogger. If you make the goal compelling enough, changing your habits should be much easier.


  18. Jeff SmitthJeff Smitth says

    I tried to many times but can’t do that in my previous few tries. One more I never settled my goals. May be this cause of failure.

    My next try will be with my goals. I will set my goals and then I will take next step to change my habits and laziness.

    Thanks for guiding me

    • Timo Kiander says

      No prob Jeff!

      That’s the way I motivate myself: I look where I want to go.

      I know that I’m able to build an online business which eventually provides a lifestyle for me and my family. That makes me to wake up early and start working on my stuff.


  19. AaynaAayna says

    Hi Timo,
    A very well written post!! You have disseminated a very vital advice through this post. I always believe in planning, for me setting an outline of what I am going to write is very crucial in order to do justice to my writing. But many a times, my post deviates from what I planned or thought, but the outcome is always loved by readers. Thanks for highlighting the significance of planning through this post.

    • Timo Kiander says

      Hi Aayna!

      Thank you :)

      I think that in some ways this is what happens to me. When I have a plan, I also have the flexibility to change it as I wish. Besides, almost every time I come up with new tweaks to the post as I’m writing them.


  20. facewomen says

    Great tips, thanks for your tips , and i am start it now … i’ll be a blogging pro, !! you must know i am 10 years old and i’ll be blogging pro on my 15 years old .

  21. AmitAmit says

    In this hectic schedule, it is difficult to manage all the things altogether. Also we do many mistakes in a hurry. Management of work is necessary to utilize the micro seconds of out time. Thanks for sharing the tips..

  22. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    I think in order to come out with quality and unique contents some task must be consider first. don’t just write anything you like, instead ask your readers to know they will like to read next on your blog. search first to know on what you want to write about and don’t forget to do outline when you are about to write because this will serve as a guild and will make you write faster. remove any distraction away from where you want to write and focus well about your writing. doing all these will make your writing perfect.

  23. Abhay says

    Excellent post. You really dialed that in. It’s the simple principles that worked for people that have already been where we are heading and desire to be that we should pay close attention to.Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!

  24. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    Maintaining strong blog content is all about having a long term plan, and a main topic or theme that is broad enough to encapsulate a large enough variety of content options to keep things fresh and interesting. If your scope is too small, you will run out of things to say, and if you do not have a plan laid out, you will be lost and without an idea.

  25. TaranTaran says

    Thanks for sharing great article about blogs content writing. Content is very important to optimize your blog in top search engines. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up.

  26. Sumbo A says

    Hi Timo,
    Thanks for the post. I remembered my first year in Uni when we were thought about writing well written essays and reports. It all about planing and mind mapping.

    This is a kind of flash back for me. Thanks again.

  27. JamieJamie says

    Great ideas about structure. Thanks a lot. It’s easy to jump straight in and write. Or, conversely, get dreaded writers block, whereby you haven’t a clue what to write about next ! :-)

  28. Steve says

    Definitely true. Writing content is the best way to super charge a blog but can also be the most time consuming. It takes a lot of careful planning and a commitment to blog consistently.

  29. johnjohn says

    Its depend on your planned time table.I set my time table every weekend and then start work with set planned time table.
    Your article are superb man.

  30. KristineKristine says

    I think another important factor is time management. We may have all these in order but without proper execution and time management you’re definitely lost.

  31. KellyKelly says

    Thank you for all the tips. I’ll be able to use them on my new posts. It’s something we all need to do each and every year just to invite new readers and keep the old ones.

  32. SamuelSamuel says

    Morning time seems to work great for me sometimes.

    Content ideas can come from what your readers are looking for.

    Also writing by seeing the right “long tail keywords” can be very beneficial.

    Thanks for the article Timo!

  33. SandraSandra says

    Thanks for this useful post. Planning is really helpful in writing. The more ahead your plans are, the easier for you to write and not waste time. Sometimes ideas just pop into your mind anytime out of nowhere, and writing down your ideas and planning ahead can save you time and risk of maybe forgetting the ideas you have.

  34. KarthikKarthik says

    Yes first i’ll plan how my post was then only i’ll start writing. Planing was more important ,while doing any kind of work.

  35. Mohammed Siadath Ali says

    Hey Tim,
    i almost follow everything on what you have pinned, but i get struck with choosing the title on writing the article. i consider wasting lots of my time on it. and i couldnt drive good traffic because of it :(

    • Timo KianderTimo Kiander says

      Hi Mohammed!

      I’d check this free report by Peter Sandeen: 101Headline Formulas (use Google to find it, this comment form doesn’t allow me to include the direct link).

      Sure, you have to join his list to get it, but it’s worth it and the report teaches you fine ways of improving your headlines.


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