WPSubscribers Review: Automated List Building For Viral List Growth

Building an email list is on every blogger’s to-do list. No matter what could be the number of visitors and loyal readers on a blog, if there is no list, there are quite some important stuff to lose on the blogger’s side.

First, a list is essential to connect and interact with people, in a more personal voice, outside the blog. Blog posts are for the audience of the blog and it is written in a general voice (even though it is niche specific).

On the other hand, a newsletter or one of the regular emails to your list is more personal and it gives you an option to talk to your readers even when they are not at your blog.

Second, as they say, the money is in the list. I am sure that every blogger who puts in the time and effort to provide quality content for their readers, deserve some perk. One of which is money. Making money from your blog becomes so easy when you have a list. I am not going to elaborate on how to make money with your list; that is not the scope of this post.

Third, a well-sized email list is also a good social proof.

And, fourth, it shows how popular and established you are. It shows how many people are willing to listen to you and follow your updates so closely. That shows the health of your blog and your own online branding.


There is nothing to be surprised about how every successful blogger is seriously serious about building lists. And, on a side note:

If you are a newbie and are thinking that you can build lists once you become established, you are wrong. You have to start building lists on the same day you started blogging. Period.

So now I assume that you are serious about building your email list. But then how are you supposed to do it? I am not going to tell you a way where you go about manually pushing every reader to subscribe to your blog, nah; you have much much better and important things to do as a blogger.

To me, list building is effective only if it is done with much much less effort, or better zero effort.

And that is not a dream. I use a plugin for that. No not the one you assume – not Popup Domination. No you are wrong again – not Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet.

Guess what? It is a new plugin, which has gone viral obviously for the features it offers for a really competitive price – the plugin is named WPSubscribers Plugin. This is a premium WordPress plugin, which boosts your list growth on a triple espresso without you sweating on it.

With this plugin, you don’t have to spend a dime or more time on your list building efforts. Download the plugin, install and activate it (just like any other WordPress plugin) and do the initial work. Create optin forms as you wish and put them on your site in the way you want – simple.


What can WPSubscribers do for you?

Automatically fill in subscriber’s name and email

This is one of the most useful features I see with WPSubscribers plugin. With this feature there is no need for the reader to spend time filling out the details. They just need to click on the “Submit” or “Subscribe” – you make it easy for them, they are just going to join your list just like that, really!

Exit popup

The much expected feature of any list building plugin or software is this. WPSubscribers plugin does that just right. This is not your traditional option form. You can add images, videos etc. to your exit option form – use your imagination!

And, you can also create multiple exit popups.

Comment optin

Adds a small check box below the comment form to make it super easy for your commenters to subscribe to your list with one click – Painless. Now you can also add your blog commenters to your email list very easily.

Add custom option forms anywhere

Literally, anywhere. You can create a custom optin form and put it anywhere in your blog – inside the post, inside a page, bottom of your posts, as a widget on sidebar, header, footer, and anywhere you can think of.

Facebook Integration


This one is a crazy option and I would pay for this plugin for just this option. You could put a Facebook connect button on your site (on a tempting offer or something) and when the visitor clicks the FB connect button to connect with you, they are automatically added to your list. You do not have to use this option to “hijack” your FB connect visitors, you can explicitly tell your readers that they will be automatically subscribed, if you are not comfortable with this.

Indeed, visitors will prefer to optin using this method; it takes them just one click and it is so easy for them to connect with FaceBook!

Hide content for optin

You can hide a portion of your content and you can put up an optin form so that only subscribed people can view your content. This is a great way to grow your list by using your content.

Of course your content should be of great quality for this feature to work best. And of course, use it sparingly. Don’t hide parts from ALL of the posts you publish. Do it for some in-depth guides, pillar content or on posts where you provide free stuff for download.


You can view how many times a form has been viewed and how many times the submission has been made via a particular form. The analytics is quite simple and serves the purpose, rather than giving you very complicated data.

The support

When I installed the plugin and was doing the optin forms, I had some silly issues (the problem was actually with my browser). I emailed the support that the optin popup was not working, I got a reply in about 30 mins. And then the issue was resolved in seconds.

After that, Jenni was so kind enough to answer all my beginner questions; she was patient and highly supportive.

I can assure you that Jenni will provide you with the best support.

What does WPSubscribers plugin lack?

There is one small but potential feature I wanted out of this plugin – Having the comment optin above the comment form instead of below it for better visibility. Jenni has promised me that she will include the feature soon!

I can assure you that it is really worth the money and even far better than Popup Domination or Subscribers Magnet (yes, you heard me!).

Let me know your thoughts about this plugin in the comments.

WPsubscribers plugin - Viral list building made extremely easy

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  1. Cristian @ Blogging TipsCristian @ Blogging Tips says

    I just watched a couple of video reviews of it on YouTube the other days. I was blown away by the number of options you have to set up for each optin form. Definitely worth trying.

  2. Gabriella - The Stepford WifeGabriella - The Stepford Wife says

    An e-mail list is such a good way to market one’s self, too. For example, if you decided to send a newsletter to a list consisting of eight people (we are starting small) and someone of the eight forwarded the e-mail to five people, you have a total of thirteen people having read it and five people introduced to you. Winning. How great is that? :)

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says


      You are exactly right. Email marketing is the easiest way to go viral :)

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Usman@FirstHostingUsman@FirstHosting says

    If you’re a blogger then I guess list is really necessary for you, because it can help us connect more easily, because we need proper and long time relations with other to keep people visiting us back again and again.

    List is a kind of task, which let us work more easily.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says


      Exactly! We need lists to connect with our readers, in a more personal way even outside of the blog :)


  4. Valerie says

    Hey Jane,
    This is great I will definitely be looking into this plugin for my WordPress blog. I really like the Facebook opt in because you are right people are very likely to opt in when they do not have to fill anything out.
    Valerie recently posted..eDiets Coupon Promo CodeMy Profile

  5. DiTesco says

    Nice review Jane. I don’t use popup domination or Sub Magnet as I did not believe that it would actually make a difference. Nearly and towards the end of your review, there is something very interesting that caught my attention and that is the “FaceBook” integration. This is really very cool and I will most certainly keep this plugin in mind once I finish building another site I am working on. It is very relevant so “email” marketing so this one will fit in nicely. Thanks for the heads up.
    DiTesco recently posted..Ad Hunting, Finding Business OpportunitiesMy Profile

    • Juli Becker says


      I especially like the thought of Facebook integration too and have always wondered how it was done. There have been times when I’ve ‘liked’ someone’s Facebook page and all of a sudden I’m on their list. I think this is similar to that, but I wonder if it too would add people to my list if they just ‘liked’ me through Facebook. Definitely going to take a closer look at this.

      Juli Becker recently posted..How To Successfully Grow Your Business With MyVideoTalkMy Profile

  6. Catarina Alexon says

    Since I’m using my blog to do business, I don’t use email lists.

    Honestly am really tired of people sending me such emails and newsletters. The minute you accept someone’s invitation on Linkedin you get a newsletter.

    Honeslty believe that anyone using an email list or sending out newsletters should only do so to people who have opted for such information. If not, it can easily be taken for junk mail.
    Catarina Alexon recently posted..Would you, like George Clooney, trade places with Richard Branson?My Profile

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says


      You are right about sending emails only to people who have opted for it. Otherwise it is seriously junk mail. But I wonder how much you miss in your business by not using an email list!


  7. Steve@Internet Lifestyle says


    Listbuilding is a topic near and dear to my heart. I equate every bit of success I have had with starting listbuilding 4 + years ago.

    Actually years before I even had a blog!

    You said, “If you are a newbie and are thinking that you can build lists once you become established, you are wrong. You have to start building lists on the
    same day you started blogging. Period.”

    That is very true.

    List building does not need to be constrained to even having a blog, though that makes real interaction far easier.

    For those starting out, the WP plugin looks like a great tool to get that list building started.

    As time progresses and a blog progresses, the way I see it you want your list building to progress. But in those early days it is just important to get the ball rolling.
    Steve recently posted..One Niche To Rule Them AllMy Profile

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Hey Steve,

      It is very interesting to note that you have started building links even before you got a blog. That’s amazing and so vigilant of you :)


  8. Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales MarketingDennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing says

    Just don’t get greedy and leave the comment optin pre-checked (if that’s an option), you will surely tick off many readers.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      True true, that is evil; You know what? There are 3 options in the settings –

      1. Unchecked
      2. Checked, and
      3. Checked and disabled.

      See how evil 3rd option is?


      • Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales MarketingDennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing says

        I don’t understand that one, why would it be checked and disabled?

        • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

          Checked and disabled so that a commenter can’t uncheck it :) If you leave a comment you gotta subscribe! Too evil :)

          • Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales MarketingDennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing says

            I get it, yea that’s not right. i just checked mine again and see no options, it’s just unchecked.

            I guess the creator didn’t wanna deal with any complaints. lol

  9. Jeanine Byers Hoag @ Dressing My TruthJeanine Byers Hoag @ Dressing My Truth says

    Hi Jane! It sounds great!! Definitely worth trying. I agree that building a list is the most important thing a serious business builder can do.

  10. Dr. Bob Clarke says

    Hi Jane,

    Interesting review of this new plugin. I do not have it yet, but I would be interested in hearing how you feel it differs from MBP Subscriber Magnet.

    With the exception of the Facebook feature you describe, the two sound very similar. What are your experiences?

    Thanks for putting this plugin on the map. I will take a close look and see if I need to be adding this to my plugin list!

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Hi Bob,

      Since I have not used MBP Sub Mag, I cannot give you an inside scoop. But the FB integration, as you mention, is a great difference. Apart from that it seems quite similar. But Jenni seems to be listening a lot and adding more and more features often. So there are quite good addition even since I installed it :)


  11. Suresh Khanal@Bivori says

    I thought of buying Aweber today and when I tried to sign up, I discovered it required Credit Card. I can’t pay with my PayPal account. Its surprising but it stopped me from having that service.

    I read a lot of high about list building and recently reading Steve Scott’s eBook where he startles with a story of how he made $3,911 in one day. So sweet!

    Readers really hate Popup Domination sort of thing, though John Paul affirmed that the subscription growth rate is tripled with Domination. But I hate it to see every time even after I’m already subscribed.

    You have not explained much about how it looks and how it works, I hope it is not like Domination and works without irritating readers.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says


      That is with me too. I too hate pop ups, when they are annoying. I think with every popup plugin you have the option to tune it to a bit where you can keep it minimally annoying to your visitors. So it is not with the popups but with the settings.

      I am now using pop up at this blog to see where it takes me. I have set the pop up to appear 15 seconds after the page has loaded (not to bombard the reader even before they know what this blog is about) and I have set it to show 5 times in 7 days. The less intrusive they are the more will be their conversion rates.


    • Dev says

      Hi Suresh,

      I had the same issue regarding aweber of not accepting CC. I would advice you to go with Imnicamail (they accept pp) or interspire software (that’s what I’m using).

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      There is no correlation between getting traffic from search engines and not to have a list! I don’t get your point :)

  12. Dev @ TechnshareDev @ Technshare says

    Hi Jane,

    List building is something that every blogger should do from beginning. It is very powerful way to make money and build trust with your readers.

    Nice review about this awesome plugin. It looks like all-in-on plugin for the
    subscription plugin with lots of cool options.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Rowena BoloRowena Bolo says

    Hey Jane,

    Thanks for this well-written review. I have to honestly re-look at my list building efforts, as the strategy may differ with network marketing business (some people may disagree, but I can see my current ‘offering’ working for me)…

    I can’t wait to hear about the great results you’ll get from using this plugin, so please keep us posted 😉 Thanks again, Jane!

    – Rowena

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Rowena sure I’ll keep you posted. We should always be ready to experiment stuff and see what pays off and what doesn’t :)

  14. Josh GarciaJosh Garcia says

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the review of this product. There is always something that comes out. This one sounds like a winner!

    Have a great day…

  15. Joshua Zamora @Chris Mentor Me ReviewsJoshua Zamora @Chris Mentor Me Reviews says

    Hey Jane! First time visitor coming from Basic Blog Tips! The 2nd article I read and alreay LOVe your style!

    I have not heard of WpSubscirbers plugin! I will check it out since I know a friend who might need some of these features. Unfortunately and fortunately I own both Popup dom and Sub Magnet 8)

    Great to meet you

    Joshua the ZamuraiBlogger

    • Joshua Zamora @Chris Mentor Me ReviewsJoshua Zamora @Chris Mentor Me Reviews says

      also one last thing you can insert href coding into your author bios when you guest post so people can click through to your blog from the author bio instead of thr comment links. 8) Let me know if you need help

      • Jane Sheeba says

        Josh thanks for your kindness :) I sometimes don’t insert links in fixed author bios; this way I can vary my links for my posts :)

        Did you have a chance to try our WPSubscribers?

  16. Harleena SinghHarleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    Wow! This is the exact guideline I was looking for. Being a freelance writer, I too had thought that once I establish myself, I would get down to a mailing list etc, but your insightful article cleared all the doubts.

    Thanks so much for also sharing the way to go about doing it. :)

  17. James says

    I have niches that ALL I do is build a list. I dont even build a big site or a blog. just a squeeze page, and a few articles with links to the squeeze page.
    list building was the best thing I ever did for my business. I use pop up domination on one of my sites, never used the other ones yuou mentioned. thanks for sharing this resourse. I will definitely check it out.
    James recently posted..Do You Really Need a Niche To Succeed OnlineMy Profile

  18. Jym | Blog SpeedJym | Blog Speed says

    Heard of but never looked into this one Jane.

    May give it a look soon…. I’m over the holes in Sub Magnet, and their response time for problems has been awful.

    Thanks for the tip

  19. Google SEOGoogle SEO says

    I think the WP Subscriber plugin is remarkable judging by the features you have highlighted here. I would have gone for it if I presently don’t have one that I use at the moment and quite content with.

  20. Dave Ventura says

    Definitely true, communication is really important may it that occur inside a site or outside. The idea of creating an email list, most especially the icon tab where they can subscribe to get updates and new information whenever you write a new post would truly build a good relationship and that should be nurtured.! Great post full of brilliant ideas! Glad to find this site, I would do subscribe to regularly check updates.

  21. Eric BurnettEric Burnett says

    Great Post, Wp Subscribers is a great plugin. I really love this plugin and I use it on all my blogs..

  22. SmartySmarty says

    Sorry Jane, I just read more posts the same time. This comment was to different post (How To Get Your Blog A Sexy Alexa Rank), delete it please.

  23. MarkMark says

    I think getting auto email list is a wrong thing to do. People out there that collect there customers emails the right way are doing the right thing so sick of junk emails coming from people and business that i don’t know.

  24. arularul says

    i had just started using word press little bit difficult as it does not get more views or visitors since it is hosted on wordpress.com

  25. DannyDanny says

    It has got many great features, Jane, and I agree on the importance of email list building/marketing.
    Though, I am not too sure if it integrates with all mail systems…
    I tried it out recently(trial period) and went to integrate my current newsletter(mail) sign up code into the WPSubscribers form creation set up, though it did not work out too well, and I had to temporarily, deactivate the plugin…(parts of my site vanished)…….and no popup forms appearing anyway….

    My guess is that, the plugin is more suited to mail systems like mailchimp or Aweber, Icontact, etc….and not so much the other (lesser known ) newsletter/mail programs…..
    So, yeah it looks great, and has many options. Though, for now I cannot risk having sections of my site going MIA……

    Contacted people on both sides(newsletter email/WPSubscribers) and hopefully there is some kind of work around…and things get sorted out……


  1. Build your list on auto pilot | Watch your list grow exponentially | Find All Answers…

    WPSubscribers plugin make viral list building super easy. If you don’t get it you are missing a great offer and this plugin is worth every penny; far better than Popup Domination and Subscribers Magnet….

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