Blogging In Saturated Niches: 12 Tips To Survive

concept of crowded spaceWhen exactly is a blog saturated enough not to allow scope for a fresh take? Is there such a thing? It’s a good thing to ponder, especially when the concept of saturation does not have any physical bounds when it comes to a blog.

There’s a growing market especially for popular niches – and the more the readership, the greater the number of customers as well. Here’s how you survive and thrive despite the ‘saturation’.

1. Become A Niche Subject Expert

If you want to stand out in your niche, you must know your niche topics better than others. Know it well enough to teach others, more like. Readers check out other blogs in the same niche before sticking with one or two, and that’s because the blogger knows what they’re talking about.

2. Make Your Business Supremely Pervasive

Make sure your reader or buyer is able to see and feel your presence from every possible avenue. Your presence must be felt on other blogs as commentator and contributor and you must be seen as an active networker on social media network sites. You must be active on niche-related discussion forums, always ready to offer a guiding opinion to a hesitant customer.

3. Show That You Care

When a reader leaves a comment, reply immediately and connect. Make an effort to comment on your reader’s blog and do what you can to popularize your reader’s posts. Be sure to thank your readers for their contributions, return their favors and link to their blogs. When a reader emails you, write helpful responses that show you care.

4. Connect Via Unique Content

Write about what you’ve learnt in life, whether it’s a new diet, a better health system and so on. Interview people from a unique perspective and interview those that are not usually interviewed. Offer case studies, figuring out the whys and wherefores of things – involve your readers in them as you go along.

5. Offer Enhanced Customer Experience

Your site must welcome every new or potential customer like no other. Do a complete usability test of your site and make sure that there are no hitches. Follow all customer-friendly guidelines with regard to appearance, navigation, accessibility and so on. Even if the content you’re offering is similar to that of your competitor, your customer should be happier visiting you then them.

6. Bring Out Your Funny Side

Who are you – a funny, quirky person with a great sense of humor or someone whose humor is more tongue-in-cheek and mildly sarcastic? Know where to apply your humor. If your humor is the quirky type, use it in your posts, in your comments and tweets. If you’re the sarcastic type, aim your humor against your competitors and things you don’t like. Don’t offend anyone, but keep your readers smiling and anticipating more.

7. Go Graphic!

Get out of the text mode and go graphic. If you have an artistic bone, draw a couple of cartoons to illustrate a point and include it in your post. Or, do an infographic. Don’t load your post with graphics, just a bit here and there will still make it stand out.

8. Think Video

A growing population of readers out there is all for videos. Just check YouTube’s following if you don’t believe me. Get a tool such as Cam Studio and create a simple video showing your head talking, some text flowing from your mouth along with audio. With videos, you can expect YouTube traffic as well.

9. Inject Your Personality Into Your Blog

A blog filled with the author’s personality is a must-read, not because of the content but because the way the content is written. Punchy, weird, crazy, direct, zany headlines and opening lines just tend to open a reader’s eyes wide and focus on what you’ve got to say. Don’t hold yourself back, give it all you got.

10. Think Audio

Then there are those busy multitaskers cookies in one hand, coffee in the other, and eyes grazing the newspaper.  They’d rather plug in their headsets to take in an audio podcast rather than read your carefully checked-over text. Do it for them and for you. A couple of audio podcasts, more traffic plus access to iTunes – not bad eh?

11. Stock The Right Graphics

Not for every post, but when you have a gold winner, get the graphics from iStockPhoto or some such place. You’ll get back your returns many times over in terms of traffic. Use high quality, great graphics, grab their attention and make them smile.

12. Write eBooks

…and give them away. Perhaps it’s my imagination or maybe it’s the perceived effort that goes into an eBook, but people are usually more impressed. You can make readers happy by putting out that much effort and giving it away for free. You’ll have your readers tweeting, commenting and messaging in no time.

With a little bit of creativity, you can build websites and blogs in any niche and survive. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The article is written by Dean from ecommerce conversion optimization Company Invesp. Invesp is conversion optimization services provider and helps online businesses in enhancing their overall conversion rate.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis says

    No matter what you blog about, there are probably lots of other blogs about a similar topic. One way to get people coming back to your blog is consistency. If you are posting something useful every day, there is more reason to go back again. Visitors will appreciate this schedule. If you only post whenever you feel like it it will be hard to maintain steady traffic.

    • Dean says

      Hello Nick,

      According to me only positing useful content is not sufficient – You need to be a bit different to get your blog noticed. That’s why I recommended putting graphics, audios and video content on your blog

    • Dennis says

      Well said Nick! Besides from posting new & informative things, a bloggers should consistently respond to the commentators. I’ve always tried to reply to every comment because I never wanted my readers to feel that their comments are not valuable or being ignored.

    • Reeja Mathews says

      Yes Nick

      Posting regularly will get more and more visitors and at the same time it is more important to maintain quality of the content

      I feel its better to post atleast twice a week

      Reader engagement is also necessary for maintaining relationship and get steady traffic

  2. Rosemary JayneRosemary Jayne says

    I really enjoyed this post. I personally started working on number 8 – video, recently and I’m working on 10 and 12 at the moment.

    7 and 11 are something I haven’t done at all really and I ought to. I always love looking at infographics in a post, and images can really give people a great idea as to what the post is about. Do you have any recommendations of places where you can get an infographic made?

    • Dean says

      Hi Rosemary,

      Yes, We’ve done few infographics on our blog. I can recommend few designers. Please contact me at admin(at)conversionrate(dot)net

  3. MarkMark says

    I believe that there is nothing called saturated niches if you’re bringing something valuable to the table. Take a look at the internet marketing and fitness niches. There are gazillions of blogs discussing these topics, yet we see new blogs that compete with very established ones. I think the key is to narrow down your topic and find a unique way to promoting it. Thanks for the insights Dean

  4. Dean says

    Hi Mark, the main reason for this post is to understand the best way to get noticed when you’ve to compete with tons of blogs

  5. Karan LuganiKaran Lugani says

    Great ones Jane. I really like going on the creative side with a niche that is saturated. You need to think different from the crowd and people with automatically appreciate.

  6. NicksonNickson says

    So true, providing the best content that embodies interesting topic and not boring post is the best way to survive in blogging. Consistency and connection to the audience are vital quality a blogger should have.

  7. david says

    Hi Dean, great post and very good points. I especially agree with your notes about replying to comments. If a person spends time to reply, they certainly are looking for a response or feedback (if they are not spammers) and when you give it to them it makes a big impression.

    It makes an even bigger impression when it is not done. I tend to stay away from bloggers who don’t value discussion with me. It’s like starting a conversation and having someone turn their back on you.

    Great post and I liked this information. This one is worth bookmarking.

    • david says

      Dean, I just realized my comments were a little sharp – I wasn’t prodding you to reply.

      I am glad that you did, but I hope you didn’t get the former impression?

  8. Tara Walker says

    Wonderful post here – I like how you point out the need to be ourselves! As bloggers, we need to let our true personality shine. And being funny always helps, too. Thanks for the tips here!

  9. Steve says


    Great post here. It is very hard when the niche is saturated, you have to do so much more. Each and every one of those steps is essential.

    I would also add (or maybe expound on #9) that it helps if you find an interesting “twist” on the subject that is unique. Of course this is easier said than done, but it can be an essential piece the puzzle to standing out amongst hundreds of clone blogs.

    • Dean says

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Giving a unique twist can be difficult some times but one should keep trying as it will help you to get noticed in crowd

  10. Elena AnneElena Anne says

    I agree with your approach Dean. I think the website must have a character and should represent the blogger. I like when I visit some websites and feel that behind it, there is a person who wants to offer me knowledge and answers to my questions and not only to sell me.

  11. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Showing you care makes all the difference in the world Jane!

    Carers never seem to lack, for they attract readers, followers, friends and abundance, for whatever you dish out, comes back to you. You express a caring, loving nature and people will care for you too.



  12. WilsonWilson says

    I think that number one is the most important one. Become an expert in your niche and all the rest will follow it.

  13. David says

    Hi Dean,

    I wanted to emphasize the graphics point. I have noticed that my posts with graphics tend to do much better than those without.

  14. BestesolutionBestesolution says

    I think adequate amount of research can definitely help you become a distinguished blogger in your niche. Merely publishing common information is of no use. Thanks for sharing good tips.

  15. Bryan RingBryan Ring says

    Knowing what your niche will benefit your readers and keep them coming back for more. Guest posting on your blog will bring more consistent traffic also.
    I love the video aspect, to either show your work or “How to”. Photos too are also important, not just for people to look at but for SEO.
    Thanks Dean

    • Dean says

      Hi Brian,

      Videos and infographics are a great way to get traffic. We’re also testing infographics on your blog and results are really nice

  16. AmandaAmanda says

    Before starting blogging, you should definitely make a very deep research of the sphere or niche in which you are going to work

  17. Dr.Kavita says

    Awesome points and tips Dean. I totally agree with you in the power of video, audio and graphics. BTW I would like to inform you that the burger shaped sofa worked as a magnet for me, prompting me to click on the link and check your article out from Linkedin.

  18. Nandita B. says

    Very nice and informative article to be a successful blogger in a particular niche. Specially the 6th point – Bring Out Your Funny Side, I like very much.

  19. HarrietHarriet says

    This is really interesting. I’m thinking about setting up a blog that concerns musical theatre but in your terms, I do think its a saturated market as I read a lot of blogs that are similar to what I already want to do! I’ll bear your tips in mind!

    • Dean says

      Hi Harriet,

      There are lot of things that you can do in musical theatre niche. I hope the tips I’ve shared in article will be helpful to you


  20. Jeremy RugglesJeremy Ruggles says

    Hi Jane,

    These are all great tips for success in any niche. I really wish I had known all of this when I first started blogging. It would have saved me a lot of time and money… =)

    Thanks for sharing this much sought after information. I am still working on building my blog. I just created my first video yesterday.

    Thanks again,


  21. MelissaMelissa says

    I guess that besides following all these tips, you also need to have strong desire and definite goals that you’d like to achieve- and in this case you’ll achieve success

  22. PrakashPrakash says

    Hi Jane, in saturated niche there are some difficulties as you mention we can’t write about the fresh things if those are not related to our niche.
    But becoming expert on our niche and being unique on our content is helpful for us…….
    Thanks Jane……….

    • Dean says

      Hi Prakash, I agree that becoming expert is important But you should also know a way to represent information in a different way so you can get noticed

  23. Ricardus says

    Loved the title how do you blog with a saturated niche. And yes couldn’t agree more with all the relevant points you shared. It also provided a great insights as well.

  24. Ahsan says

    A blogger must have goal where he wants to see his site after 6 month, after 1 year etc. I have not added any video yet. But video also important to interact more with readers. I agree with all your points. These tips will be helpful for all types of bloggers specially new

    • Dean says

      Hi Ahsan,

      I completely agree with you. Goals are very important in every task. It helps you to measure your site performance with your efforts and see what works and what doesn’t

  25. Benin says

    Hi there Jane, what a thoughtful post! First off I had no idea Pinterest’s links were do follow.

    I have started using it for my employer and noticed the same things you mentioned-ppl start following you and re-pinning ur stuff immediately!

    Something else you said that struck a chord w. me is the 60/40 rule. I agree with you 100% on that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. AyeshaAyesha says

    Enormous post. It is very stiff when the niche is saturated. Each and every one of those steps is necessary. Objectives are awfully significant in each assignment. It facilitates you to assess your site presentation with your hard work.

  27. John GeroutisJohn Geroutis says

    Even though it’s really hard to become a distinguished and successful blogger in a saturated niche, it can be done through constant quality, unique and useful content. The true effort always gets recognised.

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