My HitTail Review: Keyword Suggestion Steals The Show

My HitTail Review: Keyword Suggestion Steals The Show

As a blogger, one needs to have at least a working idea of the various tools used to increase traffic flow to blogs. The success of the blog can be attributed to a variety of factors but undoubtedly, optimization of keywords in search engines is a vital point to take care of.

Search engine optimization can be daunting to a newcomer in the field of blogging.  Even experienced bloggers tend to tread cautiously around it.

However, the fact remains, search engine optimization is an integral part of website designing and blogging. SEO helps in increasing the traffic flow to your blog by using keywords.

Use of Keywords: Long tail keywords

The best type of keyword that can help you with long term SEO traffic is long tail keyword. It is the solution to the needs of search marketing and proves its usefulness in many ways – targeting your content for long tail keywords also makes sure that you create content that is useful to people (coz people tend to search for specific queries using long tail keywords) – this in turn implies that your blog is going to be Hummingbird friendly.

First off, long tail keywords generally suffer from less competition. The highly specific nature of these keywords prevents the chances of tough competition. The chances of sale conversion are also greater thanks to these keywords because people only type in longer keywords when they are seriously browsing for something. Usually keywords are one to three words long. They are just a general estimate of what a searcher is looking for.

Long tail keywords are, as the name suggests, longer and lead to more specific searches (however the name “long tail” is not coined because the keywords are longer!). The best way to differentiate is go to Google and type “origami books” and then “origami books online sale”. One can easily notice that the second choice of keyword provides more specific results.

Long tail keywords are, afterall, the easiest and cheapest way to increase the ranking of a website or blog as well as increasing traffic flow.

To know more about long tail keywords head over to this post > What are long tail keywords and why should you care? (will open in new tab).

This is where HitTail comes in

HitTail is an application that is somewhat similar to Google Analytics that can be installed on websites. It tracks the incoming traffic and checks the keywords which are bringing the traffic to the site. It then analyses the data and reports which are the major keywords which are responsible for the most traffic.

Granted there are other analytic tools like Google Analytics and Quantcast, but most of them do not present data in an easily accessible format. They do have their strong points but for a budding blogger all that huge amount of information can prove to be cumbersome.

Sifting through all that data can get tedious even for experienced people. In this software, all the keywords are presented neatly and even a layman can easily find his way around it.

How to get started with HitTail?

Its pretty easy. Sign up for the free trial. Once you are logged in you will be presented with the HitTail Dashboard. From there, you can click on “Add Site” button to add your site.

Once you add your site, you can grab the HitTail tracking code by clicking on the little dropdown arrow near “View” besides your site (as shown below):

Hittail tracking code

You can grab the code from the box (that’s shaded in the picture). The code will look like the Google Analytics tracking code. Just paste the code in the area where you’d paste the Google Analytics code. This depends on the theme you use.

If you are using Genesis like me, you need to go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Header and Footer Scripts and paste the code in the Footer box.

From the “Sites” tab, you can also view stats of your site!

How does HitTail help?

The major service provided by this nifty piece of software is that it helps a blogger identify the keywords which are responsible for traffic – that is, the keywords that are currently getting you traffic. These keywords are used by people to visit your blog.

Hittail Keywords

Once the keywords are identified, they can be used more regularly to increase traffic flow. Users have reported an increase of nearly 20% in incoming traffic on well established websites. A growing blog on the other hand can easily see a rise of 500% in traffic flow.

The application not only identifies smaller keywords but long tail keywords as well. These keywords are ranked by popularity. It also suggests what keywords should be employed by you to increase traffic.

This can work in reverse as well. Many a time, usage of certain phrases can lead to unwanted traffic coming to the blog. Since the application shows all the keywords responsible for traffic, you can easily identify the unwanted keywords. You can then easily ensure that the future articles do not contain those keywords and if need be the go back and change them in previous articles.

Many a time, blogs do not contain articles on similar topics. HitTail can be useful in showing you what kind of articles are preferred by visitors. This is again possible due to the identification of keywords in incoming traffic.

Based on the keywords which are bringing in traffic, you can showcase articles which will be favored by you readers. This leads to a rise in popularity of your blog – you can essentially expand your blog’s content in a direction that is useful to your readers.

Keyword suggestion for maximum boost

I LOVE this feature of Hittail! It takes a while for this feature to populate the keywords that the program would like to suggest you. But it is totally worth the wait.

Hittail Keywords Suggestion

As you an see above, the keyword suggestion dashboard provides you with a list of potential keywords that you could target. You could use these keywords to write new blog posts on your blog. The “Engine” column tells you that you have the chance to rank for that specific keyword on that specific search engine!

Hovering your mouse over any keyword in the list and clicking on it will help you to add the keyword to the “To Do List“. Your To-Do List dashboard will now list a set of keywords that are awaiting for your action.

The service also has a little “order” button right next to each keyword so you can order an article from Hittail for a price. I have not tried this service yet, but from the price it shows, I found it to be personally pricey! But if you are really busy and would like to outsource content creation and keep up with your fast moving competitors, you could use that service – it’s just one click away.

Hittail SEO tool: Pricing

The tool is a paid one but there is a free trial available. The free trial is applicable for 21 days. The prices of the complete package are quite cheap when compared with the other SEO tools in the market.

Moreover, hiring a SEO company can be more time consuming and expensive. Most bloggers and websites do not require them at all especially at the beginning and developing stages.

HitTail Pricing

HitTail’s plans are based on the number of hits your site gets. But they don’t count page-to-page visits from the same domain and also multiple visits by the same person in one browser session. So you can very well fit in.

You can add as many sites as you like – as long as the total combined traffic stays within the range of you plan, you are good to go.

Final verdict of my Hittail Review

Search Engine Optimization is every blogger’s nightmare. There are various analytic tools but most newcomers will not be able to get a suitable grasp on the situation of their websites and blogs by using those tools. There is an overload of information which can give headaches even to the most experienced.

That is why it is refreshing to see a software which provides information but in a much more simplified and easily accessible manner. HitTail SEO tool is a powerful weapon which if used effectively can provide the maximum boost to you blog in the context of search engine optimization.

There are many facets to this wonderful piece of software and a viable economic option for those who do not wish to invest in expensive SEO companies or tools. HitTail can prove to be a blogger’s best friend for years to come.

If you liked this review and if you decide to give HitTail a try, I’d appreciate if you could go through my affiliate link – I’ll get a commission, of course, but you won’t pay anything extra! You’ll make my day, thank you!

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  1. Kaloyan Banev says

    Picking up the right long tail keywords can be very tricky. AdWords tool certainly is not suitable for SEO purposes, especially when we are talking for long-tails. Definitley I am gonna give a try to this tool.

  2. Kaloyan Banev says

    Long-tail keywords are definitely a way to go. Highest conversion, easier to achieve high SERP. In terms of SEO, AdWords keyword tracker isn’t very suitable, so I definitely will give a try to HitTail.

  3. Hannah NormanHannah Norman says

    Thanks for this, sounds like a really useful tool. Finding Google’s keyword tool is getting increasingly difficult to use so I will check this out.

  4. Aahna says

    Hi Jane,

    I have one question here, Google is not providing keyword lists in Google Analytics anymore due to encrypted searches. So, I doubt this tool would not show all the searched keywords which brings the traffic.

  5. angel says

    Your Post is very Used full thanks for Sharing I am really enjoyed this post.really useful tool. Finding Google’s keyword tool is getting increasingly difficult to use so I will check this out.I realized that this is unique post.Thanks for sharing such great and informative post.

  6. vino says

    Hi Jane,

    Agree with your insight about Longtail keywords.If we focus on ling tail keywords we would face less competition and its easy for us to rank up fast.I always use only google keyword tool and word tracker.Thankyou for your suggestion.Will give Hittail tool a try

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