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As great as Twitter is, with all its features and constant news streams, it can quickly become an attention seeking infant taking up all your time if you let it.

Luckily, with the constant stream of Twitter tools being created to increase productivity on this network, we’re positively spoilt for choice on which to select to enhance our Twitter experience.

You might have yours, but here are some of my favourite Twitter tools that are also worth checking out.


ManageFlitter is a simple tool that keeps you up to date with the going ons of your followers.

From various tabs you can check reciprocal and non-reciprocal followers, bulk un-follow users, easily view the last tweets and bios of who you follow in one simple interface.

With the basic free account you’re allowed to unfollow up to 1,000 account a day. If you upgrade your account you can download all fans and follows, and mass follow back people you engage with, as well as see who  unfollowed you and when.


Timley schedules your tweets at the optimum times for your followers. It works out when your followers are most active by analyzing your last couple of hundred tweets and creates time slots based on these findings.

It’s a great way to ensure your followers are actually seeing your tweets and provides simple analytics on the dashboard as well as regular email reports with a simple summary of your reach.

You can schedule up to 9 tweets a day, see who has retweeted you and how many people you are reaching. When using this tool don’t forget to change the time settings to your local timezone.

Another great thing about Timely is that you can add other admins for collaboration with your team. Timely works for Twitter and Facebook.


Social Bro provides detailed analytics into your Twitter account.  It can tell you so much from who’s online to which accounts are the most influential.

Social Bro is helps you be strategic about which Twitter accounts to unfollow and which are worth building relationships with. A quick and dirty tool it isn’t, but if you take the time familiarise yourself with it, you won’t be disappointed.


I absolutely love KnowYourFollowers. Not only is it interesting, but it gives you qualitative as well as quantitative insights into your followers such as their interests, profession, gender, even whether or not they have kids etc.

It lets you dig deeper into the lifestyles of other Twitter users- offering more than the typical metrics like tweet frequency etc. With KnowYourFollowers you can really cater your tweets to suit your followers and encourage more interaction.

This tool has a free and paid version. The free version requires you to promote the service with a tweet to unlock its features and if you upgrade to their paid version you’re not forced to do this.

The paid version rates range from $4.95 to $19.95 depending on the number of followers you want to analyze.


Twitalyzer allows you to gain deeper insights into your Twitter account. It analyzes your account to feedback how many times you are retweeted, your influence, your impact, how you compare with other Twitter users and plenty of other metrics.

With Twitalyzer you can even set yourself impact goals and it will measure your progress.

This tool is great for marketing agencies as it allows you to create and client reports with pretty graphical representations of their Twitter account.


With itweetlive you can mass tweet people who have either engaged with you on Twitter, or have tweeted about topics you have set alerts for. The aim of this tool is to encourage engagement and activity.

Once you’ve prepared your tweets and they’ve been sent itweetlive can then tell you which tweets were more effective in receiving responses or being retweeted.

It’s a great way to gain new followers and engage with the Twitter community in a time effective way.

Bubble tweet

Bubble tweet is an innovative way to interact with your followers via Twitter. It allows you to make short video posts that appear in the form of a small bubble.

You can use this tool to add a bit of fun to your account, maybe do a rant of the day or perhaps review/product of the week. Bare in mind you only get 60 seconds of recording time.


There’s much buzz surrounding Twylah and there’s even been some mutterings about it being great for search engine optimization.

Twylah links back to your Twitter account via power tweets and pulls out your tweets, puts them in context and displays them in an attractive magazine format.

Twylah essentially adds more depth to your tweets and enables you to create tabs to promote your other social profiles such as Twitter or your blog.

So there you have it, my favorite Twitter tools so far – I say this because of the speed in which new ones are being added.

What do you think of this round-up and are there any other Twitter tools you recommend?

Rita is a marketer at London based web design agency Activate Media. Connect with Rita on Twitter @ritaauta and Google+. You can sign up here for a free 5-part course on how businesses can really get more sales and leads online.

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    Twitter is very important to get your traffic form and the targeted followers you can get.

    I will look into these tools and see if any of them are worth it according to my needs. I am currently using Bugger by Digg Digg, and that service is one of the best for me. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks for your comment and the tip Samuel! I haven’t come across that tool you’ve mentioned but I’ll look it up- you really do learn something new every day :)

        • Rita AutaRita Auta says

          Haha! Wasn’t gonna say but “Bugger” did sound a little rude for a social media tool, but Buffer is a tool I’ve heard of and use!

  2. Alan Tay says

    I had been using ManageFlitter for one of my Twitter account and I find it very useful to unfollow certain followers, Rita. I’m not an expert in Twitter, but I know at times when you follow someone, they will tend to follow you back, maybe 30% of them. And by using that tool, I manage to make a balance in my number of Follow vs Followers of my Twitter account.
    Alan Tay recently posted..Simple SEO setup for your blog postMy Profile

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Yay! I’ve found another supporter of ManageFlitter, it really is a quick and painless way of mass unfollowing Twitter accounts whilst also getting an overview of the quality of those accounts.

      You’re right- there is a tendency for a good proportion of followers to follow back (though I’m not sure on the exact percentage). Another tool which I haven’t mentioned in the list (because it isn’t free), but is particularly good at increasing your followers is TweetAdder. Worth a try if you haven’t checked it out yet.

  3. abhishekabhishek says

    I haven’t tried using twitter tools yet,but after reading your article i have made my mind to try them and use these tools 😀

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      You should definitely check at least some of them out. It’s amazing that some of them are free…

  4. Rizwan Sultan says

    Hey Rita

    No doubt twitter is more effective and quick way for getting traffic I only have experienced of Bubble Tweet among these tools.Can you please tell me which one is more powerful and user friendly among the highlighted list?
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..Cool GamesMy Profile

    • EzvidEzvid says


      I think all of them are effective and good to get different kind of graphs and making use of twitter effective. I would suggest that KnowYourFollowers is one of the best apps to use. It can give you a lot of information in the form of graphs.



      • Rita AutaRita Auta says

        @Ezvid : Yep- KnowYourFollowers is great for getting more in-depth analysis of your Twitter followers. Excellent for profiling for marketing reasons, or if you’re just plain nosey!

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Hi Rizwan, I’ve tried to list a cross section of tools to cover different needs so it’s hard to say which is the best. But in terms of my most used free tools on this list, I’d have to say ManageFlitter and Twitalyzer – they super quick and simple to use, and I find them useful in managing my multiple client social media accounts.

      Hope that helps! :)

  5. PrakashPrakash says

    These tools are awesome. I cant get the minimum of twitter, I don’t know how to be social. So want to learn for increasing my sociability.

  6. sheshnathsheshnath says

    Hi Rita,
    Its great post I am using ManageFlitter and I didn’t knew most of them that you have covered.
    Now will give try to these tools also.

  7. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hi Rita,

    I haven’t tried any of the above twitter tools yet. You have written a nice list of tools. I will definitely give a try to them And increase my social media credibility.


  8. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Hey Rita,

    Same here, never heard of most of these tools. my twitter following is not large so I’ve not given these thing much thought, once it grows they may come in handy but for now that a long way off.

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Hey Simmeon, thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned in a previous comment TweetAdder is great for growing your Twitter follower base- it’s not free but you can try it for free and if you like it, there’s only a one-time fee.

      I’m not an affiliate for then btw- just promoting it cos it worked for me :)

      Good luck with growing your followers!

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks Caleb for the tip off- I wasn’t aware of this new Twitter development. Question is- how much will this targeted tweets advertising service cost? And is it feasible for SMEs? I know promoted tweet prices are extremely high- and until Twitter provides some of the functionality provided in these external tools- there will continue to be a need for them.

      Great comment though- thanks for your contribution!

  9. Atish says

    I had never been into much of Tweeting, the reason is I didn’t get good response from twitter. On the other site Facebook and pinterest is doing fine job for me. I think its time to use few tools for better twitter experience. I will be giving a try to these tools.
    Atish recently posted..Do You Want Facebook Phone?My Profile

  10. Mariella LombardiMariella Lombardi says

    Hi Rita,

    a lot of great tools that I didn’t know about. Thanks for this, it will go in my favorites for later use. I have started to realize how important Twitter is, and for people like me that don’t have enough time to spend on twitter it is very important to make use of these tools.


    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Yep- these tools definitely make Twitter easier to manage- especially for one man bands and small businesses trying to juggle many tasks at once.

  11. Tanmay SawantTanmay Sawant says

    Hey these are some really good tools to handle twitter fully.I’ve never tried using the ones you listed.Now with your recommendation,I may try few of these and see how things unfolds in getting some good targetted twitter traffic.Thanks for the share :)

  12. Vignat VoraVignat Vora says

    Twitter has always been a popular platform for launching and running campaigns . I really appreciate your efforts for this free tools. Thanks :)

  13. Jacob says

    Actually, i had ignored twitter completely in the beginning of my blog and later found it was important.. After i got my followers coming, i never had to look back. Thanks for the post!

  14. Marc says


    This is wonderful article about twitter. I can see that most of the twitter tools are really awesome. I have been using tweetmeme and other tools to get twitter tweets and followers. 😉


    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Yes, Tweetmeme is another good tool. Hopefully you’ll find some from this list which are just as helpful!

  15. fanstapfanstap says

    the idea of “KnowYourFollowers” is awesome
    but understanding people’s interest a bit more i can customize products for them and so make more sales

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Hey Fanstap- yep, KnowYourFollowers stands out from the other tools in providing more “qualitative” insights.

  16. ParipurnParipurn says

    Hi as per my opinion all these tools can give a second breath of Twitter, and maybe promote t somehow.

    Thanks for the great information

  17. Gagan AroraGagan Arora says

    i have already using ManageFlitter other are also great and wana try other also thanks for share…

  18. BellaisaBellaisa says

    How can I not have heard of ANY of these? This post made me feel like I’m living in the dark ages of twitter.

    I personally have a hard time wanting to use anything that follows or unfollows mass amounts of people like manageflitter is supposed to. I had a bad experience with a product called speedlings. It totally ruined one of my twitter accounts because of the associated twitter program that made me look suspicious.

    As for the rest, I will be checking them out. I always learn something here!

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks for your comment Bellaisa. Don’t worry – I’m always learning of other great Twitter tools all the time, so you’re not alone 😉

      Sorry you’ve had bad experiences with other unfollow tools- but I’ve been happy with ManageFlitter for this task- I think they’re worth checking out.

      Good luck!

  19. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Never heard or read about these tools, Rita thanks for sharing these tools.
    Which tool you prefer in these?

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks Khaja- I’m glad you liked my selection. As to my favourites- I’ve mentioned ManageFlitter a few times and as I don’t want to be accused of having secret shares in the company :) let me mention another favourite- Timely for its simplicity and effectiveness.

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      You’re welcome Craig. Give some of these tools a try- who knows, some of them could put on auto-pilot or simplify some of the more tedious Twitter tasks. Good luck!

  20. MikeMike says

    thanks for the recommendation on Know Your Followers tool to get “qualitative as well as quantitative insights”. I believe it is hard to manage what you can not track. this post is most helpful.

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks for your comment Mike. If you’re anything like me, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with KnowYourFollowers :)

  21. ayeshaayesha says

    Social media plays vital role.. By reading above post all points are clear thanks for giving such a wonderful post.

  22. preetpreet says

    I am using twitter from 2 years and never heard of any of the above tools.Good to know that there are so many tools to help..

  23. richaricha says

    I don’t use Twitter much, so i had least idea about all these tools. But these looks really wonderful and worth a shot. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  24. abhishekabhishek says

    Twitter is a bang on product and so are its various tools. I personally like the bubble tweet, because of the video feature. It is one of the enticing feature which adds a certain charm to the account of twitter. Thanks for providing information on various twitter tools.

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks abhishek, I also found Bubbletweet quite addictive when I started with it. Must admit I’ve neglected it a bit these days- oops!

  25. Delrio CasinoDelrio Casino says

    I never heard of manage filters before, neither did I know that the tool keeps you up to date with the going ons of your followers. Keep posting!

    • Rita AutaRita Auta says

      Thanks Delrio- ManageFlitter are ace, you should def look them up! Look out for my future posts, I’ve got a couple in the pipeline :)

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