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Write Killer Content

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 Welcome to the tenth and the final post of the course/series; I couldn’t believe how fast we’ve moved through the series.

Don’t worry if you feel that you’ve missed the past posts.

The best way to stay tuned to this series in a more systematic way is to take up the course (free!). The course also includes the free audio version of the course material plus “home work” tasks with every module to help you get the most out of this course.

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Over the course of this series I’ve covered various aspects of writing killer content. As bloggers we need to write killer content on a regular basis.

Content is the backbone of our blogging business and we need to prove our quality, standards and authority through our content in the first place.

I hope you agree with me on that.

Coz people can see your “stuff” only through your content. Only after people realize that you’re a worthy person with solid stuff, everything else can be expected (loyal following, subscriber base, sales, etc.)

In this course, we saw various aspects of creating killer content and I hope you’ve followed the lessons closely and have done your homework.

Yes, if you sign up for the course (which is the best way to stay tuned with this course in a more systematic manner), you will receive the audio version of the lessons plus a homework task every week.

The course will take 10 weeks to complete (10 lessons – 1 lesson every week) – but there is no pressure. You can follow the course at your own pace.

In fact if you take the time to go through the course in a more thorough manner, that’ll be great!

Now that you’ve got the information and training on writing a killer post (I assume that you’ve taken the course, if not you can sign up now), let’s see how you can make good use of the killer content you write.

Pillar content for your blog

Apparently, the very first place you’d want to use your killer content is your own blog. But this is not always the case.

Let me explain.

If your blog is quite new and doesn’t have enough good quality content, you need to certainly buckle up and start writing killer posts for your own blog.

A solid base of pillar content is extremely necessary for your blog to hold up to the status of a “proper” blog.

Pillar content will also serve as a good means for you to increase your ranking in search engines.

Besides establishing the quality of your blog, if your blog’s killer content can rank for good keywords in your niche you can easily earn loyal readers and subscribers from search traffic.

But let’s see when you need to start using your killer content for the other blogs.

Guest posting

When you have decent pillar content for your own blog, it is time for you to write guest posts on authority blogs.

Make use of your killer content as guest posts.

If you’re a regular reader of Problogging Success, you will know how much I insist on doing guest blogging.

Guest blogging is one of the excellent ways to perform on a popular stage and in front of a large audience – both of which are not yours.

I mean, you need not go through the trouble of setting up a successful blog or a large audience to be able to showcase your authority in your niche through your blog post.

If you’re a newbie blogger and if you have not so many readers, it is easy to get noticed by writing a good quality guest post on an authority blog.

If you’re hesitating to start with guest blogging for any reason then I’ve written a book just for you. You can check it out here – Guest Blogging Champion.

The point is, when you put your killer content out there for a broader audience who already have a similar interest, it is easy for you to get noticed and get followed by targeted audience.

In short, using your killer post as guest post is one of the most brilliant strategies.

Create a product

Obviously, with blogging, the urge to make money never subsides.

But when you’ve put your time and effort into creating noteworthy content, there’s nothing wrong in bundling it to a product.

If your content is centred on a laser focused topic and is elaborate enough to be packed into an information product, you can do so.

Make sure that your content satisfies the crucial characteristics of killer content. Otherwise, your info-product will fail no matter what.

Creating a product for yourself is a great way to establish your brand and also to set a stream of passive income (if your product is a premium product and not a free one).

When I say product, it can be of any form. You may bundle your killer content in any of the following forms (free or premium):

1. A course

2. An ebook

3. A series post

4. Podcast series

5. Audio book

6. Video course

and so on.

The possibilities are a lot actually.

If you’re creating a premium product (in any of the above mentioned forms) then you will surely build up a stream of passive income.

If you opt to create a free product, you can use it to build list or use the product as a marketing tool.


I say it again: Your content is the backbone of your online business. You can prove your stuff, build credibility, build trust, and build a successful business only with your content.

No matter how you present your killer content, it will always speak for you. It will help you bring success to your business.

So don’t hesitate to make the most out of the killer content you create.

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  1. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says

    Hi Jane Ma’m,

    Superb Post! And Congratulations on completing the Course for us, I’d love to Thank You from my heart, though I haven’t read your series fully. But, I’m quite inspired by you, I’ll soon read whole series together.

    Thanks 😀 Wish You Best Luck. Keep writing more for us(readers).

  2. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hello Jane,

    Great post. “The last but not the least” I really like your series very much. This series taught me many things which I had not learn before.

    It is a must read series for those who has missed it!!!

    Thanks A Lot!!!

  3. BeccaBecca says

    For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. People will visit your blog to read new contents.

  4. Shalu Sharma says

    I agree, the content is the backbone of your blog. Killer content is a must to attract the spiders of the search engines. Also social engagement is very important to get the word out and to let others know about your blog. I never thought of making my killer content into an ebook, now that’s a thought.

    • Paul LeePaul Lee says

      I think the social engagement thing is extremely important, and should be highlighted a big more. Inherent within guest blogging opportunities should be some linking with other people through social media accounts. I mean, why not? Guest blogging, I believe, is as much about increasing the scope of your material as it is developing a larger network of bloggers.

  5. SamuelSamuel says

    Yet another excellent post added to the series.

    Good work Jane. Guest posting is included in the article, and glad it is.

    So important to add this strategy.

  6. Ahmed SafwanAhmed Safwan says

    I think that this is my first comment here. Your blog is amazing Jane equipped with amazing posts.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ahmed Safwan

  7. Gautham NekkantiGautham Nekkanti says

    Hello Jane,
    I love your course, I’ve subscribed for it today. Using Killer content for guest blogging is a great way to increase exposure and high quality backlinks


  8. Travis BrownTravis Brown says

    Thinking of content as the backbone is a good way to think about it. I never thought of establishing enough content to have those “pillars.” That is a cool idea because you lay the foundation for more content on top of that. You’ve built a base which customers or readers can appreciate and share with others.

    Agree with everything about guest blogging. Without a doubt, one of the best blogging strategies to date.

  9. NawazNawaz says

    Thanks Jane this course is milestone in learning for all bloggers including me. I will soon explore it with your cooperation.

  10. Ashleen MoreenAshleen Moreen says

    Thank you for this wonderful post Jane.
    It would really be a great idea if you started your own product.
    A very thorough brainstorming will help a blogger to create a successful and killer contents.
    And yes, I agree with your thoughts about the advantages of guest posting.

  11. DipaDipa says

    Guest blogging is certainly one great way of spreading word about one’s site. I have clicked on each and every link you have provided here and needless to say; found them very useful. Thanks so much. Just wanted to know if there is any technique of finding blogs that allow guest posts? Do not wish to spend money on paid ones;-(…Thanks in advance for inputs.

  12. Chris says

    Hi Jane, thanks for your tips.
    Killer content is very important – readers are waiting for killer posts, tutorials and lessons learned. And giving them something extra is also very important – as you wrote it may be free ebook, audio book or even a link.
    BR, Chris

    • Jane Sheeba says

      That’s right Chris. And I must add that killer content is not so common as the spammy and useless stuff that is abundant everywhere. So creating killer content is an effective way to stand out! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Morning Jane,

    I’m a fan of bloggers creating their own products and promoting them to their audience. It opens up a new channel of earning revenue and at the same time help promote your brand and helps you rise above others in your niche.

  14. ayeshaayesha says

    All points are very necessary to make killer contents.. So they attract more and more users and they visit our blog to increase traffic and earn more.

  15. JoyJoy says

    Your blog is simply outstanding and is a must read for countless clueless individuals who strive to produce killer posts. Thanks.

  16. Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

    Jane – I somehow missed this series of yours and will go over each one of them for sure.

    Nicely written with good emphasis on content and guest posting. Killer content is always a necessity to hold back your reader and preventing him from hopping off your website.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. AdityaAditya says

    Hi Jane,
    Your blog got new theme han…..!
    Great its good to make things look refreshing everytime someone reads your post.
    Your post are very informative apart from the fact that you have given heading “Pillar” Content of your Blog instead of “Killer”. Hope you will correct this and apologies if i get it wrong.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Aditya, I wanted to do a slight tweak to the design to improve my conversion and it does work!

      Umm.. in that heading what I meant is, the “Killer” content you create can be used as “Pillar” content for your blog.

      Sorry if that confused you :)

  18. NaveenNaveen says

    When it comes to any product or a informational website, content is a matter and its indeed. If readers satisfy with the contents and if they feel that they gathered information’s from our content, they trust us and re visit the site often.

    Your idea of rewarding readers with FREE E book, audiobook etc will work 100% to engage with readers.

    Thanks to the post.

  19. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Hey jane,
    i have downloaded the ebook which you have recommended above. All the points mentioned in the above post are necessary for every blogger and should be followed to make killer content. i recommend guest posting for best results.

  20. Sarah MillerSarah Miller says

    This is the first article of the series I have come across and am utterly amazed at how less I know about content despite being a blogger for a long time now. I am going to read the whole series right from the start and then will give you a thorough feedback. But one thing I want to tell is that you have got a wonderful blog here. Thanks for putting it up.

  21. Mohammad says


    Research is very important in Blogging.Through research we can make our content killer.
    You are doing a good job. Keep it up. Keep providing us such a useful information.


  22. AbhishekAbhishek says

    Subscribed and gone through the first module, it surely looks interesting…thanks Jane, you are one of the few subcontinent based bloggers I follow and you always come up with something interesting.

  23. EmiliaEmilia says

    Hello Jane! I’d like to commend you first and foremost for the great work you’ve done here :) Killer content is definitely essential to keep your readers coming back for more. I immensely enjoy deriving information from other bloggers because after all I know I’m still on the learning curve. Thanks!

  24. charansinghcharansingh says

    No matter how you present your killer content, it will always speak for you. It will help you bring success to your business. So don’t hesitate to make the most out of the killer content you create.

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