Business Blogging: 5 Risks Which Needs Mitigation on Your Blog

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Business blogging – Are you the one who does a risk analysis often on your blog? Or are you one of those who considers that there is not much risk in business blogging?

What is a “risk“? According to BusinessDictionary

A probability or threat of a damage, injury, liability, loss, or other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be neutralized through preemptive action.

There can be many classifications for the risk but here are the 5 types, which we need to look and try to mitigate for our business blogging.

Business blogging always includes financial risk

Each blog requires some finance to run, it can be as little as zero (from free blogging platform) to some dollars per month. But what happens if you are not able to meet those expenses?

This is a risk which is low at the start, as there are fewer expenses. But it has a potential to grow with the growth of the blog.

As you grow you try to move towards dedicated servers from shared hosting, look for redesigning blogs, start developing your products etc. All these are expenses for your blog and if your earnings are not able to match those then you are at risk.

Many bloggers do not manage their financials and when it’s time to create their own product they realize that they are short of money.

The key is to start managing financials from start of the blog.

No Business should be run in LOSS. Even if you are doing blogging for fun you need to make sure that you are getting your costs from the blog.

You don’t need something professional for this, it can be a simple excel sheet where you just note down your earnings and expenses to check how much is your profit. You need to keep a check and make sure you run your blog in profit.

Process risk

This kind of risk includes what process you use to drive traffic back to your blog or the process to update your blog, process to schedule your posts, etc.

Traffic sources

How do you get most of your traffic? Are you totally dependent on Google to give you traffic or is it more of a referral traffic. This analysis is really important, if you depend only on one source then it’s a risk, or if only one source is growing then also it is a risk.

You need to make sure that you have a good mix of sources and all of them are growing. Many times we just go ahead and try to improve our rankings in the SERPs and we forget that there are other ways to generate traffic.

Google has just changed the way it was generating results for the first page. They started including social recommendations and if you were ranking lower on SERPs you might have already felt the impact.

Business blogging – Update frequency

How frequently you update your blog? Do you schedule your post or write them on the go?

If you write your post on the go than you are running on high risk, as if you don’t get time or if you get stuck in some other task then your blog will suffer. You should be scheduling it at least two weeks in advance to get some reserve time.

Along with the blog updation schedule, you should have a blog promotion plan. You should promote your each post with a proper schedule. I always make sure that my each post gets proper attention in terms of initial number of comments links. I also sometimes do guest posting to promote that post.

I prefer schedule posting as it will give a way to systematic promotion plan. You can have your schedule set up as such that you will have proper time to promote that post.

Time risk

This is not much of risk in blogging as you can have your own time, but if you are working with a lethargic mindset then you will not be pushing for results. You need to set yourself some targets and timeline to complete those.

Once you have targets and timeline, you need to watch. Targets can be small with small timelines like:

  • Get 100 more email subscribers in next 1 month
  • Write 5 guest posts in next one 1 month
  • Or they can be big with much bigger timelines. Once these are finalized you need to make sure you are following the timelines.
It is really important to keep track of the progress against each target, this will help in achieve those in timely manner.

Human risk

If you are the only one who is updating your blog, then you are an risk to your business. It includes your critical employee also.

You need to make sure that your blog is not dependent on one person. You should have some backup for you or your employees.

It can be your friend or somebody whom you trust, that person has to be aware about your blog updating process and the quality of content you publish.

Physical Risk

This includes damages caused to the physical resources such as your laptop, servers, hard drives etc. You need to be ready for these events.

Last time when I wrote on Problogger on what you can take from your worst day, I mentioned that we need to be ready. We should have a backup of our blog and that backup should be stored properly.

There is no use of a backup if you can’t access it when required. I always prefer 3 copies of my blog’s backup and always keep them on offline (USB backup Drive) and Online (Dropbox) along with my hosting provider. This way I can access them any time and any place.

Is there any other risk which you try to mitigate?

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  1. TusharTushar says

    I would say that if your business is constantly running into losses despite trying everything that is possible and making all the tweaks; it is time to quit. I agree that there is a thing called perseverance but your cant risk your online future and credibility by being stubborn and carrying with blog. There is a fine line between wisdom and foolishness and we bloggers need to take care of that

    • Sanjeev says

      Yes Tushar, and many people make mistake of not tracking their expenses and earnings at the start of the blog. If we don’t do that then sometime we find that thing after investing so much time. I think it needs to be looked from start of the blog.

    • Sanjeev says

      Yes Amrik, Backup is really important though I have learned it in a hard way. I would say how frequently we do backup is depend on the blog updation frequency.

  2. Rizwan SultanRizwan Sultan says

    Nice article Sanjeev by the way I think to learn from mistakes is best way to get success in future.Wish You best of luck.

    • Sanjeev says

      Backup is really important and it should be available for use when we require. I do not trust hosting providers for this as it might take some time to go through them for restore.

  3. RaduRadu says

    “Get 100 more email subscribers in next 1 month
    Write 5 guest posts in next one 1 month
    Or they can be big with much bigger timelines. Once these are finalized you need to make sure you are following the timelines. ”

    Goals are what makes us tick. Either is online or offline life we need limits so we can beat them and set new ones. And so on..

  4. Stan says

    All these can be taken to a minimum by doing backups, researching before buying, and more importantly building a proper schedule for your work hours.
    Risks exist in everything we do, but get them as close to 0% as you can, and you’re good to go.

  5. StacyStacy says

    How about the content risk? A business blog should have well written articles (no spelling and grammar errors) and it should include news about the company, promotions, but also articles about products/services and their utility.

    • Sanjeev says

      Nice addition, it is also a risk along with duplicate contents. People do copy feeds and create sites. A proper feed header and footer is really important for that risk to mitigate.

  6. Ricardus says

    Another thing I might add is that, technically, if you are doing e-commerce, I think having the encrypted SSL is essential to secure your customer’s details and also provide the reliability to them so that they can come back for more.

    • Sanjeev says

      Personal information is a big Risk. You have to have proper security in place to safeguard that. I remember Sony loosing all information for their playstation network and I was one of them. They gave away free games and other things to come back, but I have yet to go back there.

  7. Juphet Mislang says

    I agree with Rizwan Sultan, we learn from mistakes. For me I learned because of mistakes when I was starting. Now I must say that I’ve improved and I also don’t stop on learning, though sometimes I still make mistakes. Nice article to Sanjeev! Good job..

  8. Matthew says

    Hi Sanjeev!

    Backing up the site is an absolute necessary step toward risk mitigation. And keeping your back up files in 3 different places is a wise piece of advice. Thank you for your article.

    • Sanjeev says

      Thanks Matthew, I started doing that after I faced a disaster and learned that how important a backup is. I still see many people taking it lightly but its something which we should give preference. This risk increases with the age of the blog as you have much more on stake.

  9. sumit rana says

    hello sir,
    it was a great post and it really helping me in developing my blogging skils,
    can you tell me some sites from where i can increase my SEO and my blog is on blogger not on wordpress.

    • SanjeevSanjeev says

      I know its hard to get SEO tools for blogger platform and that’s where wordpress is so great. Many option for SEO friendly plugins which makes it great.

  10. lilachlilach says

    Great post Sanjeev:)

    Business blogging there are many risks, particularly with hacking etc. so as you say it’s vital to have back up systems in place. I also find it helpful to go with a hosting company that has live chat or the facility to be able to contact them should there be a problem which inevitably there can be.

    Another risk of course which I’ve experienced is people copying your content, it’s very frustrating (although I guess one should be flattered) but to think about what you can do when this happens – and there isn’t a huge amount apart from copyscape…

    • Sanjeev says

      Content copying is a big risk, we can do many things like adding header and footer to the RSS feeds with the links to our blog and claiming the content, but its hard to keep it away. Not enough support and sometime we can be punished assuming we did the copy…I do add H1 header in my feed and link back saying that this article originaly appeared on my blog.

  11. Catarina says

    Great suggestions for people running a blog to promote their business. They cannot overlook the points you mention.

    However, if you are just blogging for fun you can get great results for next to nothing. If you pay a fortune for all kinds of “schemes” to promote your blog, it’s your fault and your blogging will be expensive. But if that makes you happy why not.

    • SanjeevSanjeev says

      Even though if you are blogging for fun, I believe in getting at least cost out from blogging. I agree about the spending, bloggers should have a check on spending and if they end up on loosing side its their fault as they have failed in managing financial risk.

  12. Srinivas Reddy says

    Hello Sanjeev! This post is good food for thought. It’s true, most of us bloggers do not do a good enough job of assessing our risks. I certainly haven’t… until recently. But it’s better late than never. :) Indeed, blogging for business is serious business. You must what your risks and what you’re doing to manage them. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Sanjeev says

      Yes, its always better late then never. Thanks for liking the post. I agree most blogger do not do that, at least not at the start of the blog which we should do.

  13. Warren says

    Hey Sanjeev, are you really using an Excel spreadsheet for tracking financials? I’m hoping to find something a bit better. I have a copy of quicken, but the problem I run into is that some of my income comes in via US dollars, while the other half comes in via Canadian dollars. Also my bank info is all Canadian funds so I get so messed up trying to track everything that I usually get it all messed up.

    Wondering if anyone else has a better solution.

    • Sanjeev says

      I also faced this situation but I always do track transactions in my native currency. Do you maintain two separate account? If not then I would suggest to track everything in the final currency, it will take the coversion factor out from it also. I am also looking for correct solution to track my finances, currently relying more on my account statements and excel only.

      • Warren says

        No I’m not Sanjeev, in fact at the moment I’m doing a poor job of tracking. I’m keeping my eye your for some “smart” software that can take into consideration some (online) business might be doing business with more than one currency and with other “fees” such as banking or PayPal etc.

  14. Lou Barba says

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I don’t think I have ever done a risk assessment for my blog. I never thought about the factors you mentioned. I suppose if I were a true professional, I would take a look at what could happen, but your post is an eyeopener. It is hard to accept that there are people out there ready to destroy your blog at any time and for no apparent reason. Thanks for your alert.


    • Sanjeev says

      There are many people out there, who want to do damage and that too with no apparent reason…I have faced it with my blog and was able to recover. Its always good to keep that risk in mind and go forward…

  15. JamellaJamella says

    Hi Sanjeev,

    This post has given me some things to think about. For instance, I never thought about the human risk to my blog. Luckily, my blog is not dependent on me. The lady who created my blog is a friend, and she regularly updates things for me. Time risk is something that I need to work on. I need to get on a regular schedule as far as creating new posts.

    Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!

    • Sanjeev says

      Time risk is one of the big item for me also, I do not follow proper schedule and still working on it. Editorial calender is working great in helping me in this.

  16. Jayne Kopp says

    HI Sanjeev, yes there are certainly a number of risks or things you have to think about … as you say from mechanical failure, to losing time, money, etc.

    You have presented so real food for thought. a few years ago, my old laptop died and I had so much information stored on that computer. I could not retrieve any of the data either.

    This in itself caused me to be more cautious going forward. It was not a heck of a lot of fun starting over!

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Sanjeev says

      I know how much data we can have on our hard drives, I have not formatted mine for past 2 years…so a lot of data which might not be backed up..hard to let go but sometime we don’t have any other option..

  17. Michael AlexisMichael Alexis says

    Howdy Sanjeev,

    re: risk, I think the “human” one is most interesting. i.e, also the idea that the success of our blog is quite dependent on our individual abilities.


    • Sanjeev says

      absolutely, its related to our individual abilities…that’s the reason of so many different blogs with different outcome…Thanks for checking the post out.

  18. Lesa says

    No one really likes to think about the risks of being in business, but all business comes with risk of one form or another. Successful business people don’t shy away from this truth, but face it head-on and create systems and procedures for mitigating that risk.

    This is a great article that sums up most of the major sources of risk one faces when it comes to blogging. But I’ll add one more: comment spam. When you leave comment spam on your site, it is as if you are saying to the search engines, “hey, spamming is okay by me.” The result of this behavior is that you are likely to get de-listed by the search engines (and if that happens, you have to start over from scratch –there is no mitigating circumstances or “but I didn’t know” that will rescue you.)

    Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. Install the CommentLuv Premium plugin as is on this site, or the Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin, which is the free version of the anti-spam features in CommentLuv.

    • Sanjeev says

      Ohh I love GASP for the way it works and save lot of work for webmasters. Spamming is a big risk and leaving your blog open to it is a big mistake. I like the way commentluv premium or GASP handles the bots, its a big reduction in the spam numbers.

  19. Trevor Gallant says

    My blog is very much about my own experience so it has a high level of “human risk” by definition. At this stage of my project, I’ve barely begun building an online presence for this blog so some of the risks you outline seem pretty far removed from me. Something to think about though.

  20. MarryannMarryann says

    Very informative article. It has given me a lot of food for thought regarding the risks that I am taking with my blog.

  21. PrakashPrakash says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Great article really there are lots risk whatever you do. And in blogging you describe all the things nicely.
    Thanks for this.

  22. JoyceJoyce says

    These are great risk you’ve share. Blogging online is risky but still being aware of them helps us protect ourselves.

    A lot site gets hacked these days and it can be frustrating. Sometime we just need contact our hosting company to help us fix this.
    The others you’ve share are on point

    Thanks for sharing these risk

  23. Dina K.Dina K. says

    Thank you so very much Sanjeev for the great information. I have never thought of it in quite the way you have described. Your article has given me much to think about. Again thank you!

  24. Google SEOGoogle SEO says

    I must say backuping your blog is very important and we must do it on regular basis. Thanks for the info bout installing the CommentLuv Premium plugin as is on this site, or the Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin, which is the free version of the anti-spam features in CommentLuv.

  25. SaraSara says

    Hello Sanjee,
    I agree with the opinion that no business should run in loss, because it’s a marketing rule and business blogging can’t be an exception.I liked very much your post and the tips that are included,especially these which referring to updating schedule, because fresh and new content is something very important for a blog.

  26. Michael says

    Hey Hajra,

    Guest blogging is a great way to increase your online reputation among other bloggers, as well as gaining some quality link value and social exposure.


  27. Young Investor says

    I like how you mention the costs of blogging and making sure to recover them for your business. Costs in blogging can be hosting, domain name, labour for writing skills, programming, SEO, etc. These can add up very quickly. There are many costs that people often forget, not just financial. There are issues of time as well.

  28. JohnJohn says

    In any business there are risks. It is up to you to get past these risks and stabilize your business. There are also sacrifices that you have to make be it financial or personal. Every successful business takes these into account and shine at the top. With guides like these though, you might get past these risks quite easily. Thanks for the great post!

  29. Genevieve WindsorGenevieve Windsor says

    This is really informative. Most blogs are made to share fun experiences of travels, food and may more yet we should always think that we should at least earn something from it. We should always be practical. Online business could be really risky at some point but if you’ll try harder, I am sure you’ll be successful in this field.

  30. Louis GarciaLouis Garcia says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Actually I am searching for a blog to get knowledge on Business Continuity planning on Google but coincidentally I found your blog. You have made my day! Whilst I started to read your article, I drew deep in. Your article obliged me to suppose you as an expert. I agree with you that blogging is just not for amusing, it may increase your business too by holding the visitor on your website for long time. It can improve SERP of your website as well as you may get better ideas & suggestions from audience too.
    Good job, keep it up!

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