Writing Killer Content For Good Search Engine Ranking

Write Killer Content

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Welcome to the ninth post in the series “Write Killer Content” For Your Blog.

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While writing killer posts help increasing your credibility and authority in your niche, they can also do a great job in improving your blog’s search engine ranking.

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Base your killer post on keyword research

I’m sure you do extensive research when you have conceived the idea for a killer post.

In parallel, don’t forget to do your keyword research as well. I do this all the time.

Whenever I plan to write a really exclusive post, I don’t start witout knowing about the keywords. In this case, Market Samurai is my best friend.

I jump right in and put my primary keyword. I then spend about 5-10 minutes (max.) to come up with a handful of keywords based on Search volume and SEO competition.

I go for the highly searched keywords that have medium or low competition; rarely, I choose the high competitive keywords. But this is totally up to you on how you choose your keywords.

Doing keyword research before starting to write your post will not only help you get your post ranked well in SERPs but also could give you additional sparks to add more quality content.

Keywords are good idea generators.

Since keywords are the means through which your readers seek information on the internet, there is no better way to offer what your readers want by basing your killer post on keyword research.

You will make both the search engines and people happy this way.

OK by the way, when I say “base your killer post on keywords” I don’t mean filling your post with keywords.

Insert the keywords naturally in your post so that the post structure and the flow look all natural and that the quality and the voice of the post are not tampered – this is very important.

The SEO friendly ways to include keywords in your posts are the follows:

1. Include your main keyword in the title of the post, preferably near the beginning.

2. Use the long tail keywords and semantic keywords (variations of the main keyword) in the subheadings.

3. Include a good Meta title, description and keyword list to your post. Don’t miss to fill out these. If you use a SEO WordPress theme like Thesis or Genesis you will have the option to do it while you edit the post. Or you can use any SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

4. Use the main keyword in your post up to 2% density. That is for every 100 words you can use the keyword twice, at the maximum.

5. Decorate the keywords (bold, italicize, and underline once).

In order to monitor all these and to write a SEO friendly post that pleases people as well search engines, I use Easy WP SEO plugin that takes care of both these aspects – pleasing both search engines and people.

On a side note – Here’s my review about the plugin.

Deep linking

Deep linking is an excellent way to strengthen the SEO of your blog/website.

Killer posts are usually comprehensive (although this need not be the case always). Hence there is good room for doing deep linking.

If you’re not sure about what deep linking is, here it is in my own words:

 Deep linking is the process of linking to your old posts and/or resource pages in your blog, from your blog post (the one you are writing now).

Deep linking has various benefits, but the most important ones are:

(i) They reduce your blog’s bounce rate. If you refer to other blog posts from your current blog post, people are more likely to click through the linked post(s) since they are thematically relevant and go with the flow. They also contain additional supportive information about the post.

(ii) Interlinking your blog posts with one another is a great way to “tell” the search engines that you are blogging on a focused topic, and that you are relevant on the subject.

In short, deep linking strengthens your blog’s SEO and keeps your readers in focus.

Create a squeeze/landing page

If you have written quite some killer posts in your blog (or if you will write in the future) then it is good to group them (based on a common or a close topic) and create a landing page for those posts.

This is a good way to show case the resources of your blog – You can either provide a link to the resource page(s) on a navigation bar, or on the sidebar or anywhere, to be easily accessible by your blog’s visitors.

Such squeeze pages can also act as landing pages – meaning you can direct the traffic from guest blogging or other campaigns to those resource pages.

When there is relevant information all in one page, you can easily convert the traffic into subscribers or customers – whatever you are aiming at.


In addition to the above mentioned aspects, killer posts usually have a great potential to become strong with the help of social shares.

If your killer post is really a killer (and this course will help you with making one) you will naturally get a great number of social shares.

This will boost your search visibility naturally thus giving you more points on SEO score.

Killer posts are a great way to establish credibility and authority among people and search engines, if done properly!

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    All very good points Jane.

    Keywords when looked at can be such a great way to generate ideas for your next post.

    That is one of my best ways to come up with a new topic. Plus if the keyword is easy to rank for, then you get two rewards for one! What an awesome series!

  2. Dilawer PirzadaDilawer Pirzada says

    Yeah Jane, it’s right and the best way to reach your goals are keywords, through which search engine raking become good and astonishing. I really loved the article. Thanks for sharing, but there is question arising in my mind that how many meta keywords should we input for an article by using any plugin or genesis/thesis seo settings.

      • Dilawer PirzadaDilawer Pirzada says

        Thank you, so much here you respond me.
        I want to ask some more questions on Keyword research sister Jane, I hope you will help me.
        Before I began, I didn’t care about keywords. And yet I’m making huge mistakes I think. I keep keywords for my each post about 3-5 keywords. was it good.
        But what about Keyword Density Checker. I have about 6.47 for each. Could you tell me how much keyword density should be for each post.

  3. Fred OwusuFred Owusu says

    Great post Jane. Doing thorough keyword research can definitely land you on the first page but that requires a little bit of link building but by the way, great point about post being shared if the post is a killer write up. Enjoyed reading it.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      You’re very welcome Fred. Surely keyword research tells us what our potential readers/target customers are looking for. Giving what they want is our best shot.

  4. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hello Jane,

    This is another fantastic post from you. What a complete guide you wrote about seo!!! Just by following these points you share one can achieve good ranking in search results.

    I have no more words to write but I would like to say that:


    Thanks, Jane.

  5. AartiAarti says

    Hi Jane,

    Nice article, By inserting your keywords on title and sub-title you can easily create SEO friendly article which could be ranked higher.

    I know many people still think by using your main keywords number of time can create SEO friendly article. However it’s now considered as spamming.

  6. ShahnawazShahnawaz says

    Dear jane, that’s great post, I think that you are absolutely right, I’m also finding to this, I really don’t know before reading your post. thanks for sharing with us that’s great knowledge………..

  7. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Hey Jane,

    I much prefer this new blog styling, it looks fresh.
    Most times I brainstorm a topic and will instantly check to see how much activity it has on Google keyword tool, from that I can gauge if the demand is there or not. Finding a keyword that has nice searches and seamlessly blending them into an articles is something that must be practised.

  8. Puneet says

    Hi Jane, at first I loved your writing. I liked about the deep linking. Deep linking is one of the great way to redirect the traffic to the older posts.

  9. Pulkit Gupta says

    hello Jane

    what a great post, you are right keywords is most important part of your site i really loved your post thank you for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards
    Pulkit Gupta

  10. Mariella Lombardi says

    Hi Jane,
    you give a lot of precious advice as usual. I have been reading about internal linking and it does seem to be very beneficial for websites and blogs.
    It improves the quality and it gives your readers a chance to see your whole website if they are interested.

  11. Kelly says

    Sadly it took a penguin update for me to focus on the content of my sites. But I have found that quality content can single-handedly make more difference in traffic than all the other SEO techniques combined. I have learnt a lot from your post. Though this was the landing page for me on your site but now I am browsing the rest of the site as well. Some great articles you have written I must say!!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Everything that happens has some “good” thing in-built. At the worst case, we always learn our lessons :) So just bootstrap and move on. Good luck Kelly.

  12. LewisLewis says

    Great post Jane. Doing thorough keyword research can definitely land you on the first page but that requires a little bit of link building but by the way, great point about post being shared if the post is a killer write up. Enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks for this

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Lewis, it goes without saying that we should do the legwork to boost our rankings. But keyword research tells us what is sought by our potential readers/customers.

  13. Rizwan Sultan says

    Keyword Research are first step that almost every SEO follows deep research give better improvement in online business mostly people have not good idea of getting keywords and start promoting there buisness on unrelated keywords that was total waste of time.Market Samurai really good tool for getting thoroughly research on Keywords and its also save our time.

  14. Sandip BhagatSandip Bhagat says

    really great post Jane. I like the things you mentioned and implement the same to see if it works

  15. MelissaMelissa says

    Search engine ranking is the key point for all bloggers who’d like to ahieve success and o promote business or activity somehow

  16. Gary Darling says

    Before I make any post, I always do keyword research. I think anyone who isn;t is really cutting themselves short. It really doesn’t take that much more effort but pays you back then times that amount in the traffic you will get in the long run.

  17. ayeshaayesha says

    latest and good posting all are very creative..Quality of post is more important than quantity.. So always try to win competition by providing best content.

  18. ManojManoj says

    Thanks for this useful post ,,keyword research is very important and newbies just tend to forget or dont know about it,which they should really learn

  19. David BurksDavid Burks says

    As you said, Keyword research and deep linking are need to ensure that webpage will rank well. Marketing the content via social media also boosts its ranking.

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