Quality Blog Content: The Reason Why Quality Content is Important

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Content writing is one of the game changing aspects for websites and blogs nowadays. This has been because of the algorithm updates that Google has made recently.

Most of the updates have mainly affected on-page factors, which have been stressing on the need for blog content that is of high quality.

This has been done because Google wants to eliminate all of the websites that are known to have spam blog content and offers no value to people for the purpose of improving the overall experience for users in the search engine.

The recent updates that have been applied resulted in websites that have previously ranked high in the search engines using targeted keywords being devalued.

Others have also dropped very low in their rankings, while there are also those that have been removed altogether.

So how does one prevent this kind of situation from happening to their blogs and websites?

Avoid Spun Content Writing

This technique is already becoming obsolete. It may have been successful and have gotten past the guards in the search engines before, but this is not going to work nowadays.

You can only expect your website to lose ranking or have a hard time rising up the ladder in the search engines.

What you would want is to aim for providing quality and original blog content that will attract the attention of the readers.

Providing readers with blog content value – a.k.a content marketing

With the recent updates that Google has implemented, it is clear that the company is aiming for a better experience for their users.

Are you confident enough already to start recommending your website to family and friends?

If you are not ready to say yes to that, then there are some things that you should work for.

Place yourself in the shoes of the audience that you are targeting. By looking for targeted keywords that you have optimized, it is obvious that your audience is looking for a solution.

You should be the one to provide that solution within your website by using quality blog content writing for better readability.

Do not just write for the sake of having people to click on your ads or getting your site to rank because it is a monetizing platform for you. Instead, make your blog content for the people and give them what they are looking for.

Length of your blog content

Although there are no specific numbers that you should aim when it comes to content, one of the important factors that you should consider is the length of the blog content that you wish to publish.

This however does not mean that you should just provide a lot of nonsense blog content on your website just for it to look better for Google. It does not work this way.

You should still be taking into account some of the factors that have to do with providing original content and value when it comes to writing.

If you are able to provide content that is worth reading for visitors, they are going to stay longer in your website for quite some time.

This is one of the best signs that you can flash to Google that your website is providing good user experiences to people.

That is why you should provide your visitors with enough blog content length for them to be occupied.

If you are looking for some guidelines, take a look on the length of blog content that your competition is using in the top ten results in order to get a hang of the amount of words that you should aim for.

Always match and exceed what they are doing.

The new algorithms that have been placed in the search engines today are focusing more on giving users a better experience by making written content more relevant for websites.

If there are a lot of good content to be found in a website, then this is going to be rated higher within the search engines.

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Judene Macariola is a guest writer on topics such as business, finance and technology. Judene spends his free time researching on other topics such as high speed Internet at Broadband Expert.

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  1. MajaMaja says

    Now Google is awarding ranking to those contents that are research based and have some energy for readers. Frequency and consistency is required in posting the articles.

  2. Tushar Thakur says

    Hi JudeneMacariola,

    Well i agree with your points about the quality content and yeah google is focusing more on the quality content and we can notify that on keeping an eye on the previous algo updates. So the main thing which we need to keep in mind is quality content and social promotion too.


  3. sarika deshmukhsarika deshmukh says

    Hello Dear

    I am totally agree with your points unique and good content is most important part of blogging and now you are right google is focusing more on the quality content really thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Hammad,

      A lot of website owners have lost their ranking for the past months due to the recent panda and penguin update. But those with good content were not affected at all. So yeah, good content is the best.

  4. Reeja Mathews says

    yes Jude

    creating right and quality content only helps to get success

    we no need to worry about Google updates, if we are having Good content it will sure be rewarded

    Thanks for sharing


  5. soniyasoniya says

    Dear Admin

    Content is the most important part of the website .Search engine check your your content.Content roll is very important because low quality content and copy content is not allow for the search engine.Your Website not rank in the search engine you are use low quality content

    Thank you so much for sharing the Great information….

  6. UphyUphy says

    Yes Jude, Quality content is a important although it can not be explained what is the real quality content. But No Problem, we just keep writing and share to everyone out there :)

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Uphy,

      Quality content could mean differently among us, but basically it is something that provide readers great information, using correct grammar, word length is sufficient enough to put in all the details to make the article complete,

  7. NarenderNarender says

    After Google November 2012 PR Update I can say yes Google loves content nor Backlinks . So i think its time to concentrate on content not back links .

  8. VivekVivek says

    Spin articles : NOooooooo.

    You can surely use it if you are spammer. According to matt cutts you should not use such contents for even article directories, since finally you are going to add atleast one backlink and it will ultimately affect your site.

    As said and promoted by hubpages ” Quality Articles Thrives “. And I completely agree this slogan. And I think everyone on this blog will too agree to it.

  9. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    With every algorithm update Google bots are getting clever. I think the era of spun content is already over. I agree to your point that it will ultimately affect your own blog.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Although some may still get through with it but it won’t be for long that they remain on top of google pages. Up until today, google is cleaning up spam so it would be a waste of time and effort and money to keep doing black hat seo.

  10. Ujjwal KumarUjjwal Kumar says

    I just hate it when someone submits spun articles as a guest post.. All they want is backlinks for free. Whenever I face such SPAMMERS I delete their profile from my blog.

  11. OlgaOlga says

    Hi there. Very interesting post. I am rather trying to be always up-to-date with what is happening in blogging niche, but to be honest I haven’t (so far) heard the term content marketing. Whether you coined it, or it existed before, this is exactly what you have to focus on now: creating valuable content. It may be harder to win in the engines now, but I think that (even though most people hate Penguins and Pandas) these updates will turn out to be good for us – the ones who value VALUE and create value.

    • Judene Macariola says

      yeah. People who value quality. Information is vital, and sporadically creating bad content is a mess. Imagine infusing bad content to the world, isn’t that insensitive? What google is doing is actually beneficial to internet users.

  12. AasmaAasma says

    Hi Judene,

    I heard that Google actually likes long blog post, by long I mean length should be around 500 words. I’m sure if that’s true or not.

    However length of course the secondary thing, you should give more importance to the quality of your content. It should be well researched, informative and easy to understand for your audience.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Aasma,
      Though length is important it does not specify that quality article should be 500 word. It can be lower than that or even 2000 words, it will not be the basis of quality content alone. What is important is you are able to explain the topic in full. Not missing some facts, or full of grammatical errors, or a nonsense topic. Although 500 word article is an ideal length to start with.

  13. Andre JoeAndre Joe says

    I always ensure that my blog content as unique as it can be and get a quality content. A good quality content will surely attracts readers. This is the main reason for to write a post.

  14. Rajesh Namase says

    I hate spun content, it’s a black hat technique. Google is now clever enough to recognize spun content. So spun content will not help anymore. I always prefer article having more than 600 words.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Rajesh,
      Very true. It’s annoying to see articles that you cannot understand. Obviously they were created for backlinking purposes. But with the recent updates, it’s easier to find better content nowadays.

  15. Iqbal Ferdous says

    Hi Macariola, agree with you. Unique Article is always king. I can not think without it. No need to worry of google any updates if your Article is Unique and informative.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ferdous :)

  16. Tom KingTom King says

    Oh I completely agree with how important the quality of the blog is. If you’re all flash but no substance then sure you’ll get people to come to your page but you won’t ever truly connect with the customer

  17. SamuelSamuel says

    Avoid as much as you can spun content!

    I was looking into it, but ohhh nooo!

    Stay away!

    Only write quality content for your blog.

  18. LisaLisa says

    I think this is one of the best symptoms that you can display to Search engines that your web page is offering excellent individual encounters to individuals…thanks for sharing me..

  19. Shalu Sharma says

    Quality of the blog content is one of those things that will be the deciding factor who survives and who perishes in this highly competitive world of blogging. Those who produce quality content combined with marketing will have huge success. These algorithms are now constant reminders to bloggers to produce quality posts.

  20. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    It is good to know that Google encourages the websites with good quality content.From now onwards,it will be good to concentrate on providing quality content rather than thinking about other ways of increasing the traffic Because quality content definitely provides a lot of traffic.Thanks for the update about changes done by Google.

  21. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    Quality always important, because if someone reading your blog only to learn something nobody visit your blog to make you wealthy, so if you are not providing quality then nobody will love your blog or your site content.
    After lots of Google Updates, now quality of content improves.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Nishant,
      Every tutorial or webinar you get to see now, they always talk about quality content. Those who are left on top of google are the one’s with informative contents in their website or blog.

  22. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    I agree that quality blog content is very important after Google have updated their search algorithm. That’s why we need to think more about how to do SEO that works, first of all is building high quality content. Thanks for share your point.

  23. MikeMike says


    This is true that after Google Panda update, You need to add quality content on your website other wise you can get hit from penguin update.
    I would suggest to add unique and long content on your websites.

    Thank you


  24. sheshnathsheshnath says

    I agree with all the points discussed here.
    But there is only one thing that will make your blog rock is the best and real quality of content.

  25. VivekVivek says

    Valuable article to learn about why quality Content is important ! After Google panda & penguin update Google just like quality & good content & there are also many reasons behind why quality content is important !

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Vivek,

      Today, there is nothing more important but great content in your website. Coupled with engaging social media marketing and proper seo, there’s nothing to worry about any updates at all.

  26. cameroncameron says

    I agree with you for what I look for in the different blogs I visit is the quality of the content. If it interests me I make it a point to visit that site again to check for more.

  27. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    I was sure that quality content is the most important even before reading this post, but still I will have a look at Jane’s course and maybe I will find some new and useful for me information

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Reasons to Send Email Newsletter On a Regular Basis

  28. FeliciaFelicia says

    Writing quality original content is always key. But there are times when you either have writers block or lack time in creating thoughtful, original posts. I have found that you can use guest blog posts when you need unique content for your blog. Usually when having a guest blogger write a post for you, you include their byline and a link in the article. It’s a small price to pay for quality original content I think. Searching google should net a few places where you can find guest posters for your blog easily.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Felicia,

      You’re right. Getting writer’s block is normal and that is also the best time to just browse around and read from other blogger’s site and hopefully get some idea. And yes, there are a lot of articulate guest posters out there nowadays to help you with your blogging.

  29. Tapha says

    I have never actually understood why someone would want to use spun content. It seems so obvious to me that this tactic will eventually go wrong for whoever is doing it.

    Great post.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Tapha,
      Well, before spinning articles to create massive backlinking was, or should I say, a great idea because it was the easiest and the fastest way to be number 1 in google search engine. Though if you closely look at it, you’re right, I don’t understand either why the need to do that – spin articles.

    • Judene Macariola says

      Hi Infan,

      I agree that quality entails time as opposed to quantity. But it’s worth the effort. What good is there to have aplenty and end up empty handed in the end, right? So let’s take it slowly and do the right approach in our online marketing endeavor and we’ll surely succeed :)

  30. ClarkmartinClarkmartin says

    Great post. I think it is good that Google penalized such a big company (JC Penney). Google has to set a precidence that the no spamming rule applies to all. I am surprised that a company that is on the first page of google isn’t just all about good quality content, so they can keep their spot.

  31. Atish says

    Content is the soul of any website. Content rich website has more chances to rank well in search engines and if you have unique and quality content then you have the sureity to get better rankings. I think the best content is that which is easy to understand and fits for all. Sometimes few writers write in too tough english which is not easier for the guys who are little weak in english language So blog posts should always be written in a way which fits for all.

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